Moving stones and roaming dead zones

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The moon rises over Alamo, Nev., on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013.

Day 2, Nevada Heartland trip – morning update

One of us (ahem) woke up with the Wagners this morning for a spot on KSNV Channel 3’s morning show. Actually, I woke up with a call from Channel 3 senior producer Kenny Ramis, an amiable guy who sounds cheer at way-too-early o’clock.

“You don’t sound enthusiastic,” he said. At least that’s what I think he said. It’s was all a little fuzzy. Seriously. Who knew 5:30 had an a.m. companion?

Well, Kenny did. And so did the Kim and Dana Wagner, who were ready to do a piece just before 6:15.

Due to sporadic Wi-Fi, a Skype interview was scrubbed in favor of a phone call. The cell service had four bars and the signal was clear when we did a sound check just after 6. And then the segment opened. The cell service broke up, and the piece was quickly ended. Kenny later said it sounded as if I was in a wind tunnel.

One of the hotel staff noted there are dead zones out here, which there are. But I hadn’t moved. I was standing in the same spot with the same phone – indoors.

Perhaps there are roaming dead zones. (If so, there’s surely an extra charge for that.) Or, perhaps it was something on the Nevada Test Site that blocked the signal. Or, dare I say it, Area 51? Maybe even aliens?

Or not.

But something strange happened. Perhaps it was the moving rocks of the Pahranagat Valley. Wait for Mike Smith’s sketch on this. It’s good, unlike the cell service and Wi-Fi.

Regardless, we’re headed out of Alamo this morning and driving toward the Extraterrestrial Highway. Before we get there, we’ll hit Crystal Springs, which was once a haven for horse thieves. (See the almanac entry.)

The plan today is to get to Tonopah, but we hope to stop at a few intriguing places along the way.

Stay with us on the web and Twitter - @MattattheSun and @Smithtoons. Assuming we have a signal. And aren’t abducted.

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