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August 22, 2019

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Flight Delays

Sun, Feb 17, 2008

UPDATED: August 4, 2009

This interactive map shows how frequently individual direct flights were delayed by 15 minutes or more when traveling to and from McCarran International Airport in the last 12 months.

Choose an airline and flight number for statistics on the percentage of late arrivals and the average delay in minutes for that flight. You can also roll over individual airports on the map to see the overall percentage of flights that arrived late when flying to and from Las Vegas.

If you know the day and approximate time you plan to arrive at McCarran for a departing flight, choose a departure gate to find the average and maximum wait times at security checkpoints, calculated monthly by the Transportation Security Administration.

All flight-specific figures come from the Bureau of Transportation Statistic's airline on-time performance data, which tracks flight delays for most major U.S. air carriers. Rankings are based solely on how freqently flights have delayed arrivals when traveling to and from McCarran.