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Best Keto Diet Pills: Top 3 Ketogenic Supplements in 2021

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The ketogenic diet has become a popular go-to program for its many benefits, one of the most notable being weight loss. The basics of the keto diet can be spelled out using the three main macronutrients: high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate intake. While most people consume carbohydrates at a moderate to high rate, the keto diet requires you severely restrict your carb intake, replacing it with fat to keep you feeling satiated. 

When you cut your carb intake and replace it with fat, your body enters ketosis, a metabolic state that turns your body into a fat burning machine. In addition to providing you with sustained energy, ketosis also shifts your fat into ketones inside your liver, which provides sustained energy for your brain. Plus, when you cut out carbs and feed your body with healthy fats, you notice reduced blood sugar and insulin levels. 

Maintaining the metabolic state referred to as ketosis can be challenging, particularly if you’re new to the ketogenic diet. Carefully tracking your macronutrients can help you stay on track, particularly because exceeding recommended protein intake can cause your body to convert the protein to glucose, throwing you off the ketosis track. Because the keto diet is so filling, many also incorporate intermittent fasting along with their daily goals, which can assist with achieving the state of ketosis more quickly. 

Like with any new diet regimen, your body will take time to acclimate. Some people may experience some unpleasant side effects when starting to take keto diet pills, including foggy brain, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, and problems sleeping. With just a little bit of time, these symptoms subside and disappear on their own; however, since the start of ketosis can be bumpy, having a keto supplement on hand can help you stay committed to the lifestyle. Not only that because when you eventually get tempted to fall off the wagon, you’ll find that keto diet supplements can keep you from reaching toward those cravings. 

Below, we present our top three recommendations for keto diet support. We give you the skinny on each product, including their ingredients, and let you know what some of the pros and cons of each product are. The weight loss journey isn’t easy, but with a little extra support, you can be well on your way to meet your fitness goals. 

Best Keto Pills - Finalist Summary

  1. Keto Trim - Best Choice for Preventing “Keto Flu”
  2. Raspberry Ketone Plus - Top Product to Support Fat Breakdown
  3. Keto Super Powder - Complements Keto Diet with Immune and Gut Support

How Did We Create The List?

After looking through different keto diet pills, we decided to create a set of criteria to ensure we provide you with a transparent, unbiased, informational review. Our aim is to provide accurate information for you to consider as you conduct your own search for the right keto supplement that supports your lifestyle. 

First, we took a look at the ingredients that make up each of the formulations. We researched each ingredient to ensure it is ideal for support of the ketogenic lifestyle. Plus, we ensure there are no unnecessary fillers or artificial colors and flavors because a keto supplement should help you, never harm you. Transparency is an important part of what makes a brand reputable, so we expect them to be forthright about their formulations. 

Second, we looked at customer experiences and industry expert analyses. Positive feedback from independent parties points to the efficacy of products and the trustworthiness of the manufacturer. A brand can declare all day how great their product is, but the true test comes with third parties who have no vested interest and can share true experiences and results.   

Finally, we looked at the affordability of the product. High prices don’t necessarily point to high quality, so we considered products that offer benefits while also being budget friendly.  

Keto Diet Supplements - Detailed Overview

1. Keto Trim - Best Choice for Preventing “Keto Flu”


  • Top quality, patented ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA and trusted worldwide
  • Non-GMO and gluten free
  • Supports ketone bodies and provides energy


  • Though some consumers report near-immediate effects, your results may vary

Keto Trim was formulated to help you jumpstart ketosis through provision of the exogenous ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate. With this dietary keto supplement, you can accelerate your weight loss journey, support your blood ketone levels, and ease your overall transition into ketosis. If you’re already practicing the ketogenic diet, you know that in order to be successful, you must drastically reduce your intake of sugars and starches. Only then does your metabolism get the boost it needs to use your stores of fat for energy. 

When you enter ketogenesis, your liver begins to convert your fat into ketone bodies, which fuels you throughout your day, both mentally and during physical exercise. With Keto Trim, the secret ingredient is goBHB® (β-hydroxybutyrate), which is essentially a ketone body that’s ready to be used and provides you with immediate energy for you to utilize during your day to achieve your fitness objectives. If you’ve ever embarked on the ketogenic diet on your own, you know how challenging it can be to get and stay in ketosis. At times, you may feel your energy levels lacking, which may make you feel unmotivated and cause you to deviate from the strict diet regimen.

What makes Keto Trim a helper in your journey is the goBHB® that directly supports ketosis, preventing you from suffering through the “keto flu,” and keeping you from reaching toward carb-heavy cheat meals. Along with supporting ketosis and keeping you on track, Keto Trim also supports optimal hydration levels through magnesium salts, sodium, and calcium. With the right support, your weight loss goals become more attainable, as you’re encouraged and supported, and are able to stay strong and on track. 

What’s Inside?

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • goBHB® Proprietary Blend

This formula consists primarily of the three healthy salts to support electrolyte replenishment along with the secret ingredient that provides you with ketosis fuel. It doesn’t matter if you’re just about to start the ketogenic diet or if you’ve been committed and need that extra fuel source, Keto Trim is a supplement you can count on to support your goals.

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2. Raspberry Ketone Plus - Top Product to Support Fat Breakdown


  • Exclusive offers available for US residents
  • Vegan friendly formula
  • A total of six supporting extracts
  • Made in the US inside an FDA registered facility


  • Product is manufactured and packaged in a facility that may also process common allergens

Raspberry Ketone Plus is like a springboard that catapults you on your keto journey with a botanical extract, raspberry ketone, that is naturally formed inside red raspberries and is the reason behind their powerful scent. Carefully combined with other extracts for their synergistic properties, this dietary keto supplement provides you with a balanced formula that supports your weight loss journey. 

Raspberry ketones have become a hot topic because of how they cause fat inside your cells to be broken down more easily, assisting you in your efforts toward burning fat more quickly. In addition, raspberry ketones are thought to boost levels of adiponectin, which is a hormone that assists in the regulation of your metabolism. 

What’s Inside?

Along with a proprietary blend that combines grape seed extract, kelp, and caffeine, Raspberry Ketone Plus also contains:

  • Raspberry Ketone - a compound found in red raspberries that is used in foods for both its pleasant flavor and noticeable scent. In addition, it assists with the breakdown of fat and metabolism regulation. 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - rich in acetic acid with a usually strong vinegar flavor. However, within this formula, it is flavorless so you can enjoy the benefits, including supported weight loss and reduced cholesterol, without the unpleasant taste. 
  • African Mango - including beneficial fatty acids and polyphenols to aid you in your weight loss journey. 
  • Green Tea - known to be high in antioxidants, green tea assists with your defense against free radicals, supports your metabolism, and encourages your overall health. 

In addition to keeping up with your low-carb diet and regular exercise routine, you can incorporate Raspberry Ketone Plus into your health regimen by taking two capsules per day with food. If you are the type of person who struggles with swallowing keto pills, no problem - simply open the capsules and empty the contents into your favorite beverage or mix into your food. The taste may be too strong for some, but it is an option should you require it.

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3. Keto Super Powder - Complements Keto Diet with Immune and Gut Support


  • Dairy free and gluten free
  • Includes prebiotics for gut health
  • Vegan friendly and keto friendly
  • Mix with coffee, shakes, and other recipes


  • Women who are pregnant or nursing should first consult with their doctor

Keto Super Powder was developed for health-conscious folks who lead an active lifestyle and want to support their health, mental performance, and immune defense with a once per day scoop of super powder that provides unshakable, sustained energy. With zero net carbs, this Keto Super Powder contains extra virgin olive oil powder along with prebiotic fiber that supports your gut health.

Olive leaf extract is a key supplement that contains bioactive compounds to provide you with several therapeutic benefits. It contains powerful antioxidants that support your immune system and help you fight off free radicals. In addition, olive leaf extract supports optimal heart health while reducing cholesterol levels and encouraging a healthy balance of blood fats. 

The olive trees used for Keto Super Powder are grown in rich soil that encourages the healthy development of olive leaves. They select only specific varieties of olives to ensure high antioxidant potency along with vitamin E, biophenols, and squalene. Immediately following picking, olives are packed within six hours to provide you with the best extract that supports your nutrition plan. 

With only one scoop per day blended into your favorite drink, Keto Super Powder energizes your body, and increases your focus throughout the day. It’s a vegan friendly option that also omits dairy and remains gluten free. With a specialized process, Keto Super Powder contains a powder form of extra virgin olive oil to support your health and provide a keto-approved, heart healthy fat source. With Keto Super Powder, you have an ultra-convenient method of delivering heart healthy fats and gut supporting ingredients into your daily regimen to support your overall health. 

What’s Inside?

  • Olive leaf extract - to provide you with a great source of heart-healthy fats
  • Acacia gum - to support your digestive and gut health

If you love to start your day with a shake, just add a scoop of this dietary supplement and enjoy! Or, if you prefer a strong cup of coffee in the morning to start your day with a caffeine boost, you can also just add a scoop and head out the door. The beauty of this Keto Super Powder is how versatile it is - you can add it to just about anything you choose!

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What to look for in Keto Diet Pills & Keto Supplements?

Keto diet pills should support your low-carb lifestyle, providing you with nutritional aid that complements your diet. In addition to supporting your diet, they should also assist in the reduction of symptoms associated with the keto diet, such as lethargy and fatigue and other “keto flu” related side effects. Keto diet pills that provide you with sustained energy are ideal to keep you motivated on your weight loss journey. 

One key ingredient that alleviates “keto flu” symptoms and provides you with plenty of energy to tackle your days is magnesium. It is also shown to assist with blood sugar regulation and support your immune system for overall health. Electrolyte support is another important component of keto diet pills, to ensure you are keeping your body well hydrated as you transition into the keto diet. 

Antioxidant support is another key consideration when reviewing keto diet pills. In studies, antioxidants were found to shift the production of triglycerides in fat cells, which improves heart health, particularly in people with obesity. Losing weight is not an easy task and extra weight on your body doesn’t just affect your physical appearance; it takes a toll on your heart and other organs as well. With antioxidant support, you encourage better heart health and ensure they fight free radicals within your body. Free radicals are volatile atoms that lead to a host of illnesses and diseases, which makes antioxidant support vital for your complete health. 

While keto diet pills are an ideal complement for a keto diet, it’s important you consider how else they may benefit your health. Heart-healthy fats like those delivered via olive oil extract not only provide antioxidant support, but they also protect your digestive system, your central nervous system, and they reduce your risk of inflammation. Along with assisting you with your weight loss journey, keto pills can also support your heart. Look for comprehensive support in your keto diet pills to ensure you are supporting your low-carb diet and your regular exercise routine.   

What are the Benefits of Keto Weight Loss Pills?

Keto weight loss pills provide different benefits, depending on their formulations. The primary benefit is the assistance provided toward weight loss endeavors. The ketogenic diet in and of itself is a fantastic method that aids with weight loss and keto weight loss pills provide the support you need to stay in ketosis, which is the metabolic state that results in such drastic weight transformations. Previously, low fat diets were purported as being the best diet to lose weight but recent studies show that ketogenic diets help people lose more weight over the course of a year

Along with aiding in weight loss, the best keto diet pills also assist with appetite reduction, reducing cravings for carb-heavy and sugar-laden foods that used to have a hook on you. When your body is functioning optimally in ketosis, you also experience enhanced cognitive function, which helps you stay focused and concentrated for longer periods. Plus, you’re provided with a sustained source of energy to help you handle your personal demands, work tasks, and still have enough energy left over to tackle your workouts. 

Overall, keto diet pills add to the keto diet, which is known for providing several great health benefits that include lowered blood pressure and lowered cholesterol levels. And since obesity is linked to heart disease, when you follow the keto diet and begin losing weight, you’ll have a reduced risk of both heart disease and diabetes. 

Do Keto Pills Work?

The fact is maintaining ketosis isn’t an easy task. With keto pills, you have the extra support you need to keep you in this metabolic state. Achieving the state of ketosis can take a few days to over a week, depending on your body, and any time you accidentally come out of ketosis, your body needs that buffer time to go back into the ketosis state. You can imagine how this see-sawing can completely thwart your weight loss efforts. 

However, with a keto pill that supplies you with ketone bodies, you can stay in a state of ketosis more easily. Studies have shown that adding ketones from an external source, such as with keto pills, results in the number of ketones in your body becoming elevated. Also, since carbs are what hold water inside your body, when you follow the keto diet, you may experience dehydration. Keto diets that replenish your electrolytes keep you hydrated while your body adjusts to the reduced number of carbohydrates in your diet.  

Keto diet pills are meant to supplement the keto lifestyle; they are not a quick fix or magical fix. Consider what you would value most in a keto supplement and choose a product that delivers the ingredients you need, whether they be exogenous ketones, electrolytes, or other support for your other important body functions, like immune health and digestive health. It’s crucial you commit to a lifestyle shift, including nutrition and exercise and only incorporate keto pills to support your efforts. 

How fast do the Best Keto Pills work?

Keto pills can reduce the number of days it takes to achieve ketosis and can continue to keep you in a state of ketosis for longer, so long as you are following the ketogenic diet’s recommendations and taking the recommended dose of the keto pills. 

Keto Pills Side effects

When you use keto diet pills as part of your keto diet regimen, you’ll notice the side effects are most noticeable only while your body is adjusting to the shift in your lifestyle. This is especially true if you’re embarking on a massive change and are looking to shed a significant number of pounds. The beginning of the keto diet is the hardest part because it’s when your body switches from using glucose for energy to using your fat for energy. This is when you’ll notice the effects of the diet change. Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Dry mouth / excessive thirst / dehydration - to avoid feeling this uncomfortable side effect, be sure you are drinking plenty of water, even before you begin to experience thirst. Additionally, reach for an electrolyte replenisher to keep your body from feeling this diuretic effect. 
  • Fatigue / sluggishness - while your body figures out that it’s supposed to be using fat for energy, you may feel a drop in energy levels. With a supplement that provides sustained energy, you can skip past this feeling to stay on track and ensure you get your physical exercise in. 
  • Headaches - when you cut out sugar, your body will be a little upset because it’s not getting its usual fill. Drink plenty of water, limit your alcohol intake, and eat electrolyte-rich foods. If you like coffee, drink it up to get a caffeine boost. During the first couple of days of starting the keto diet, incorporate easy to moderate exercise. Give your body the time to adjust before trying any intense workouts to avoid post-workout headaches. 
  • Irritability - oftentimes, food is associated with comfort. Sometimes, you may reach for a sugary treat or a carb-heavy meal to ease feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, or loneliness. Without your usual food to turn to, you may experience irritability. The good news is the feeling is short-lived. Before you know it, you’ll have clear, focused energy that provides you with a natural high.
  • Constipation - to prevent or alleviate constipation, incorporate walks after every meal. Studies show that exercise is a great therapy for patients who experience constipation

You may not experience all of these symptoms depending on how your body adjusts to the low carb, high fat lifestyle. However, within just a couple of days, you’ll be in the clear, experiencing all the benefits associated with keto pills. Keep yourself hydrated, choose the best supplement for your needs, and take in a little caffeine to keep you from experiencing the discomfort of the side effects listed above. Should you experience an unusual symptom or if the side effects last longer than just a few days, it’s always best to request your medical provider’s guidance.

Can Keto Diet Pills Help Decrease Belly Fat?

Yes and no - keto diet pills are formulated to help you on your keto diet journey; they are not formulated to target belly fat. However, when you stick to your ketogenic routine and incorporate keto diet pills to keep you feeling strong as you work toward your goal, you will eventually lose belly fat along with the fat in other places of your body. Intentional workout routines that target different muscle groups can also assist with tightening skin and letting your underlying muscles, including your abdominal muscles, shine through. 

Are Keto Pills a Good Supplement for You?

If you’re ready to boost your diet with the right keto supplements, then yes - the best keto diet pills can be the perfect choice that can help you achieve your goals with more confidence and greater support. You can do it alone, certainly; however, keto pills are created for a reason and as a response to the many woes people have faced when trying to stick to this effective but challenging diet. If you’re convinced and committed to your new life and your ideal physique, the best keto diet pills can help you get there more easily. They’re easy to implement into your daily regimen and they deliver the results that improve your enthusiasm in front of the mirror. Enthusiasm increases your motivation, which keeps you going! Ultimately, that’s the goal - to stay the course. 


If you’re considering using keto supplements, you’re in good company. Many people just like you are working toward improving their health one diet regimen, exercise routine, and supplement at a time. Although each of these can exist independently - you’ll achieve the most beneficial outcome when you incorporate all three. 

A lot can be completed through the use of self will alone; however, if you’ve reached a weight that surpasses your healthy or usual weight - especially after this last year - you can benefit from incorporating good keto diet pills into your health routine to get you back on track, looking good and most importantly, feeling good. Health is an inside job and an outside job. Put all the good stuff in and enjoy strutting your stuff out in the world. It’s all at your fingertips and you never have to go at it alone.