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August 24, 2019

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Condo finishings that are trending

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Homebuyers are looking for ways to live smarter, more sustainably and more simply. “We’re always elevating what buyers want—new materials, advanced appliances and what makes sense in the desert climate,” said Uri Vaknin, partner at KRE Capital, which owns the DK Las Vegas portfolio of condos. “Ultimately the question is: How do people want to live within their home?” Choosing the right upgrades, those that are aesthetically appealing and highly functional, can make a huge difference in your lifestyle and day-to-day habits.

Window treatments

Sun shades offer the right amount of protection from heat and light while still maintaining a bright space. Blackout shades and curtains keep a room dark and make it easier to fall and stay asleep in Las Vegas.

Smart appliances

There are many smart appliances that can make your life easier. From Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers, dishwashers, washers and dryers to dual ovens that maximize temperature options, consumers can tailor their space to their needs. “In The Ogden, we put in smart Samsung refrigerators that have a camera inside the fridge. You can connect to it while you’re grocery shopping to see what’s in there,” Vaknin said. They also feature a touchscreen display that allows you to plan meals and create shopping lists, set food expiration notifications, coordinate family schedules, play music and watch TV.

Automated features

As with smart appliances, there’s also an increasing demand for automated features and smartphone connectivity. “People want their homes to be as technologically advanced as their lives are,” Vaknin said. Some common examples are Nest thermostats, in-house video cameras and Wi-Fi-enabled light switches, which allow people to control those functions from anywhere in the world via their smartphone. Keyless entry is another desirable option, using instead an app or fob.

Floor materials for the desert

The look of hardwood floors is popular, but maintaining hardwood in a dry climate can be challenging. “I recommend porcelain tiles that look like hardwood. People love this option because it doesn’t dry out, doesn’t scratch and is easy to clean. It’s great for people with pets, and it even makes moving furniture easier, because you can slide it over the floor without tearing up the finish,” Vaknin said. Tile that looks like hardwood is practical, durable and aesthetically pleasing.


Quartz is a sought-after option for countertops. “We’ve upgraded thousands of condos in Las Vegas, and granite has become passé in many ways. It’s a natural stone, but it’s porous. So is marble. Quartz is less porous, much more versatile and made with recycled materials,” Vaknin said.