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How to maximize your open living space

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Open floor plans are a desirable feature for many homebuyers.

“People choose open floor plans because it exemplifies how they want to live—light, airy and not blocked into little rooms,” said Uri Vaknin, partner at KRE Capital, which owns the DK Las Vegas portfolio of condos. Open floor plan condos often feature high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and uninterrupted expanses of space, ideal for creating the home of your dreams. Because these spaces are so versatile, there are countless decorating options, but they can also present challenges. Follow these tips when designing within an open floor plan.

Set goals for the space

Deciding what you want from the space is step one. “People may struggle to visualize the space because it’s so open, and it can look smaller when empty,” Vaknin said. “The big question is how to delineate the space. In some cases, people want the fully open feel, whereas others want to divide it.” Spend time in the space and clarify your ideal, overall vision. Knowing where you want to demarcate the space will inform your other design elements moving forward.

Create dividers

Once you figure out where to divide the space, start considering how to do so. “Some people want to create walls. There are custom-designed room dividers that can be great options, including Lego-like building blocks that can be used anywhere. Sliding and frosted glass doors are also popular due to their look and versatility,” Vaknin said. Temporary dividers, such as curtains or folding room dividers on a track, are nonpermanent alternatives that can be kept open or closed depending on the circumstance.

Furniture and decor placement

Well-placed furniture and decor elements can create visual dividers. An area rug is a great way to designate zones. Similarly, placing furniture to create a perimeter around a focal point—think couches surrounding a coffee table—can help demarcate a room as well.

Choosing the right furniture

An increasing number of furniture companies design products for open living spaces and multiuse areas. When choosing, look for options that complement the space and how you’ll use it. For instance, if you want to entertain, an expandable dining table might be in the cards.

To maximize bedroom storage and maintain a minimal aesthetic, a bed frame with built-in compartments may be a solution.