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Shopping Omega Mart: A quick tour of the mischievous products at ‘America’s most exceptional’ grocery store

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Omega Mart is an immersive art experience set in a grocery store that conveys “nationally localized consumables to the American people.” What does that mean? You may have to visit this fever-dream of a supermarket to find out. Omega Mart’s products are one-of-a-kind. First made to consume with your eyes, they’re also real products you can purchase, use or wear. Here is a look at some of the goods you will encounter.

What to expect

Omega Mart is an eye-popping shopping experience that will exceed your wildest expectations. Shoppers have access to more than 100 original products, all of which have an uncanny ability to fulfill desires. Examples include: Wake Up Please! (energy drink), Simply Does Not Contain Spiders (breakfast cereal), Caltucky Freedom Glaze(steak sauce), and Who Told You This Was Butter? (room freshener). These products are special and can only be found at Omega Mart—and other outposts in the Meow Wolf universe.


All the produce at Omega Mart serves a dual purpose. Why have an ordinary cabbage when you can have cabbage sandals instead?

Refreshing Drinkables!

There’s no soda case like Omega Mart’s soda case. You’ll find the best soft drinks in the galaxy and possibly a secret passageway, too. Check out Omega Cola, Vegan Goat Pus (lemonade beverage),Prickly Pear Soda, Wake Up! Please (energy drink).


Grab something to munch on as you explore the intricate world of Omega Mart and beyond! Examples include Simply Burlap (granola bar), Leprechaun Kidneys (wasabi peas).

House Products!

Bring Omega Mart into your home with these unique necessities: Sweet Whispers (toilet paper), Plausible Deniability (laundry detergent).

Hygiene Products!

If you want to be fresh and clean—or at least appear fresh and clean—look no further than the hygiene section for products such as Whale Song Deodorant,Muscle Fresh (toothpaste), Tooth Slime(pencil pouch), Heavy Mellow Aura Spritzer (Post Modern Dog Freshening Spray).

Grocery Items!

Even at Omega Mart, some things just cannot be categorized. These miscellaneous items are peanut-based or peanut-free. The choice is yours: Nut-Free Salted Peanuts (table salt), P-2000 Cracker Spackle (peanut butter).