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October 17, 2017

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Birth announcements

Desert Springs Hospital

Dec. 1: A girl to Manuela and Everardo Arias; a boy to Sandra and Lynn Woodrum; a girl to Kristina Council and Torrey Walker; a girl to Kathryn and Timothy Gegen; a boy to Patricia and Kevin Ulrey. Dec. 2: A boy to Dannielle and Gerald Read; a boy to Traci and Peter Aguilar. Nov. 3: A girl to Wendy and Charles Shulkusky; a girl to Amy Scruggs and Billy Llamas; a girl to Lonnie Williams and Matthew Sanson; a girl to Diana and Derrick Ward. Nov. 6: A boy to Jennifer and Paul Johnson; a girl to Darla and Joshua Cyriacks; a boy to Jessica and Burnard Parker.

Lake Mead Hospital

Nov. 22: Rayzhanie to Johnnie Johnson. Nov. 23: Sequoia to Bernadette Barnes; Aubrey to Grissell Hernandez and Antwone Washington. Nov. 24: Manuel to Silvia Arias and Alejandro Cuevas; Darion to Zena Lavender. Nov. 25: Jerold to La'Nita Bennett and James Person. Nov. 26: Amaya to Talina Kearse and Robert Toldson. Nov. 27: Mason to Darlene Cooper and Anthony Mikes. Nov. 29: Isaac to Rachelle Coronado and Jeffrey Jones; Nautica to Anglia and Torris Heckard; Steve to Leticia and Cesar Ortiz; Margarita to Maribel Lopez and Sergio Amaya.

Mountain View Hospital

Nov. 22: David to Tammy Lucero and James Jordan; Madelynne to Christopher and Michele Cipollone; Elizabeth to Michael and Carole Merrill; Miya to Carl and Tammy McCabe. Nov. 23: Logan to Steven and Jill Smith; Eden to Dennis and Erika Whitmore; Lauren to Brian and Debra Olson. Nov. 24: Haylee to Keith and Dana Thompson; Cameryn to Jasen and Candace Reasbeck. Nov. 25: Kalan to Shawna Stock and Luis Rodriguez. Nov. 26: Sydney to Douglas and Jennifer Messinger; Michael to Alysha Ryan and Frank Quintero. Nov. 27: Kaitlyn to Todd and Judith Gibson; Alexis to Stacy Folkman and Jason Huddleston; Mina to James and Jennie Smith. Nov. 28: George to George and Bernadette Tribble.

St. Rose Dominican Hospital

Nov. 18: Tracey to Jessica Crabtree and Justin Perkins. Nov. 22: Summer to Teri Halliday and Robert Gibbons; Kassie to Kristina and Paul Walsh; Kekaniokoa to Kawehi Holomalla and Joel Gonzalez; Destony to Angel Rodriguez and Michael Cook. Nov. 23: Mya to Beverly and Chad Mitchell; Brandon to Ruby and Don Chalmers IV; Dylon and Camron to Marci and Stephen Hinchey; Nicolle to Jonelle and Bryan Scott; Malina to Teresa Wear and Brian Gosshorn; Lauren to Aracely and Leon Vigil. Nov. 24: Robert to Shannon and Robert Potter II; Ronald to Tabatha and Ronald Carpenter; Dylan-Kane to Sabrina Valcente and Joseph Plourde; Samantha to Brandie and Russell Smith; Cayla to Rosa and Daniel King; Kaley to Kristin and Eric Waugh; Ce'zanne to Alice Kyle and Akira Brown. Nov. 25: Nicole to Amy and Raphael Pfeifer; Noah to Maria and Joseph Meyer. Nov. 26: Dylan to Hope and Matt Talmon; Brendan to Tonya and Jimmie Aghas. Nov. 27: Brennan to Nicole and Charles Berti Jr.; Grace to Monica Bell; Jaymi to Julie and Roy Stewart; Adam to Laura and Christopher Chapel; Kaitlyn to Andrea and Peter Booker. Nov. 28: Andrew to Sejan and Frank Rapoza; Coley to Piper and Mike Levin; Tiana to Rachelle Norwood and Derck Mangrum. Nov. 29: Rachal to Vicki and John Casados; Vaughn to Misty McMillan and Raymond McNamara.

Summerlin Hospital

Nov. 19: Jennifer to Maura and Roger Schenk. Nov. 23: Jocelyn to Megan and Anthony Perez. Nov. 23: Jordyn to Denise and Omer Marion III; Brianna to Susan and Brian Russell. Nov. 25: Brayden to Michele and Phillip Dodge. Nov. 26: Riley to Christina and Matthew Huch; Alexis to Mynda and Fred Smith. Nov. 27: Kylee to Tammy and Michael Henriksen; Gillian to Joan and Carl Weatherford. Nov. 28: Madison to Lynn and Raymond Matchke. Nov. 29: Echo to Mindi Gladman and Randall Fruzza II.

/bf University Medical Center

Nov. 21: A girl to Ma de Lourdes and Roberto Barrios; a girl to Geny Citalan; a boy to Myah Dawn Dunham; a boy to Krista and Darran Jergensen; a girl to Veronica Ortega. Nov. 22: A boy to Maria and Rafael Borjas; a girl to Lorena and Oseas Medina; two boys to Gwenisha Robinson and Rafael Gorritz; a boy to Sonia and Alejandro Rodriguez; a girl to Stacy and James Welch. Nov. 23: A girl to Petra and Nemecio Chavez; a boy to Claudia and Martin Garcia; a girl to Maria Isabel Hernandez J.; a boy to Samara McCarroll; a boy to Sabiha and Sheraz Raja; a girl to Martha Vasquez; a boy to Joanna and Jason Vognar. Nov. 24: A girl to Olga Cruz; a girl to Lourdes and Jose' Cuevas; a boy to Kelly and Christopher Decolati; a boy to Maria Elena Diaz; a girl to Melanie Ellsworth and Michael Lundy; a girl to Kathlynn Rose Perkins; a boy to Tiffanie Rainey and Alan Stockdale; a boy to Selene Suastiqui. Nov. 25: A boy to Rowena and Ronaldo Bengson; a boy to Ruby and Jose Espinoza; a girl to Brenda Esquer-Valenzuela; a girl to Seble Gebreyes; a boy to Crystal Lea Godfrey; a girl to Lisa and Ray Herndon; a boy to Amanda Hurd; a girl to Rosario Jimenez Barreras; a boy to Elizabeth and Vlad Nedelcu; a girl to Moncerrat Quinones; a boy to Anna romero and Ruben Tiscareno; a girl to Mandesia Shanks. Nov. 26: Alma Estrada; a boy to Fuatino and Jakarta Kumasi-Nakuru; a boy to Rachel Ortega and Michael Hain; a girl to Martha and Adrian Romero; a girl to Becke and David Smith; a Viola and Ronald Thomas. Nov. 27: A girl to Maria and Melchor Betances; a girl to Jenny and Christopher Davis; a girl to Heather Farquhar and David York; a girl to Veronica Flores and Robert Arvizu; a boy to Rosa and Jesus Moreno; a girl to Desiree and John Van Leer.

/bf Valley Hospital

Nov. 11: A girl to Veronica Garcia and Abraham Pulido. Nov. 12: A girl to Janet and Guy Lemoine. Nov. 20: A boy to Danielle and David Matthews. Nov. 21: A boy to Maria Alma and Gerald De Leon; a boy to Carrie and Jade Thomson; a girl to Angela and Pete Thompson; a girl to Jacqueline Eason. Nov. 22: A boy to Juanita and Jose Cruz; a girl to Melanie and Alan Miller; a boy to Janet and David Jimenez Jr. Nov. 23: A boy to Lakecia Ramey and Terrance Hughes Jr.; a girl to Nadia and David Williams; a girl to Megan Kerfien. Nov. 24: A girl to Karen and Larry Williams; a boy to Monica and Patrick Gray; a boy to Melissa and Thomas Walls. Nov. 25: A boy to Kristin and Kevin Sharrer. Nov. 26: A boy to Nicole and Mario Gray-Whitaker; a boy to Rosa and Freddy Espinoza. Nov. 27: A girl to Gina Morales and Anthony Moreno. Nov. 28: A girl to Annette and Anthony Iwanski. Nov. 29: A boy to Cheryl Pierro and Raphael Truyen Sr.; a boy to Kenya and James Johnson Sr.; a girl to Ana and Carlos Ortiz; a girl to Natanda Jackson.