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November 18, 2017

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Birth announcements

Summerlin Hospital

Sept. 27: Samantha to Debra and Tim Taeger. Oct. 2: Tanner to Natalie and Britt Beckstrom; Nicole to Cynthia and Nicholas Conti. Oct. 3: Brady to Farrah and Edward Sahakian Jr. Oct. 4: Chase to Simonne and Keith Adams; Ethan to Angie and Jody Vowell; Madison to Sheila and Carlos Zamora; Rhiannen to Alisha and Glen Cox Jr. Oct. 6: Kyle to Jeri and Cliff Rumsey Jr. JOct. 7: Kora to Brandi and Thomas Kedziorski; Miguel to Leah Culpepper and Miguel Pacheco; Jeffrey to Cassi and Jock Wright; Mariah to Amanda Mayeux and Daniel Cortez. Oct. 8: Zoey to Cara and Zachary Clay; Ryan to Cheryl and Mark Misuraca. Oct. 11: Matthew to Kimberly and Jesse Castro.

Lake Mead Hospital

Oct. 5: Louis Jr to Jody Vilardo and Louis Adamo. Oct. 7: Valeecia to Toni Blood and Mark House. Oct. 8: Kael to Rebecca R. Mojeske; Adelina and Alexander to Elizabeth Caseman and Tomas Navarrete. Oct. 9: Zyaire to Jacqueline Hicks and Reginald Bingham; Kaylah to Taneil Washington and Eric Finely. Oct. 10: Ayanna to Sexia Miller. Oct. 11: Isaac to Sophia Morales and Jorge Quinonez.

MountainView Hospital

Oct. 4: Chase to Trina Witek and Douglas DeLozier. Oct. 5: Edgar to Raul and Maria Figueroa; Thomas to Scott and Sherri Hawley; Jocelyn to Michael and Susan Hoffman. Oct. 6: Nicole to William and Mary Riggs; Ariana to Dewight and Rhonda Davis; Kayla to Daniel and Kristine Jones. Oct. 7: Jaylin to Tameka Alexander and Davon Lawson; Paul to Mark and Jennifer Sires; Andrew to Darren and Christy Adair. Oct. 8: Cameron to Corlet Anderson; Lily to Charles and Susan Closson; Riley to Mark and Avey Rawson; Skylar to James and Linh Chan. Dallas Lyman; Shane to James and Angelique Wilson. Oct. 10: Elijah to Derrick and Maya Ezell; Savannah to Haley Zellner and Ali Lawrence; Alexandra to Adam and Lisa Kokinda; Hally to Alex and Jonette Hodson; Samantha to Donavon and Michele Sparks. Oct. 11: Samantha to Travis and Heather Boudreaux; John to Jerry and Jennifer Butler; Alexander to Boris and Elke Mulet.

Desert Springs Hospital

Oct. 1: A boy to Erica Johnson and James Dixon. Oct. 10: A boy to Denise and Jeffrey Maxson. Oct. 11: A boy to Lisa Hollins. Oct. 12: A boy to Linda and Charles Hunt; a boy to Regina Manning. Oct. 13: A girl to Doris and Ronald Vaeth; a boy to Cynthia and Wesley Williams; a boy to Martha Mendoza and Leonard Ross. Oct. 14: A girl to Natalie Moscotte and Jason Duckworth; a girl to Keiva Rigano and Steven McLeroy; a girl to Shivonne and Darryll Sevilla; a boy to Adaelis Garcia-Tomayo and Victor Santisteban Pons. Oct. 15: 17: A boy to Shannon and Raymond Williamson; a boy to Katsura and Charlie Quinn.

St. Rose Dominican

Oct. 4: A boy to Elizabeth Lewis and Rick Petrovich; a girl to Claudette and Mark Blaszezyk; a girl to Kristy and David Gramlich Jr; a girl to Joyelle and Robert Laubach. Oct. 5: A girl to Danielle and Ryan Wamsley; a boy to Julie and Christopher Sterling; a girl to Metissa and Marc Lippert;a girl to Monique and Michael Scofield; a boy to Jennifer and Daniel Nevarez Jr; a boy to Maria and Angel Marrufo; a girl to Lorie and Kevin Corbett; a girl Sarra and James Jordan. Oct. 6: A girl to Angela and Mark Donovan; a girl to Patricia Christner and James Holman; a boy to Tiffany and Jason Mohler; a girl to Richeal and Joseph Eale; a boy to Tuesday and Christopher Ray; a girl to Tiffany and Malakai Kaufusi; a boy to Elizabeth and Eric Judkins. Oct. 7: A boy to Danita Ferry and Christopher LeBlanc; a girl to Marie and Richard Smith; a girl to Cheryl and Howard Unger; a girl to Michelle and Victor Fieldman; a boy to Briana and Vincent Mitchell; a boy to Rosalma and Anthony Salah; a boy to Nicole Maldonado and Joseph Ochoa Jr; a girl to Shelsie Aguano and Arthur Caberto. Oct. 8: A girl to Lina and Keith Wickert; a girl to Renee Burgess and Fevaeai Roberts; a girl to Daniela Kirlin and Vernon Murray; a boy to Sandra and Gary Formicola; a girl to Marni and Anthony Indurante. Oct. 9: A boy to Wendy and Leonard Duck; a girl to Jeanne and Kenneth Kloepfer; a girl to Suzanne and Christopher Offe; a boy to Teresa and David Gallegos. Oct. 10: A girl to Audrey and Ricardo Puga; a boy to Cindy Jose.

Sunrise Hospital

Sept. 4: A boy to Rachel Young and Tommy Silas. Sept. 15: A girl to Mary and Travis Huggins. Sept. 26: A girl to Kim and James Wroten. Oct. 3: A boy to Cynthia Dickson and Jason Hymes; a girl to KimAnn Postorino and James Cobb; a girl to Veronica Sanchez and Manuel Gutierrez; a girl to Misty Goldman and Anthony Mure. Oct. 4: A boy to Jessica Hopper and Keyon Shutes; a girl to Rhonda and Gilbert Torres; a boy to Elena and Raymundo Aldana; a boy to Kristina Webster; a boy to Emely Antonio and Raymond O'Dome; a boy to Luz Soto and Oscar Rapio; a boy to Monica and Benjamin Williams; a boy to Lisette and Aaron Barnum. Oct. 5: A girl to Tammy and Michael Thiessen; a boy to Pennie Viczko and Derrek Buck; a boy to Heami and Hyuk Sohng; a girl to Rachel and Gary Jeppesen; a girl to Shirley and Orlando Caingcoy; a girl to Shontee Johnson; a girl to Crystal and Ronald Olson; a boy to Tara Campbell and Derrick Calloway; a girl to Christina and Shawn Gehrels; a girl to Lisa and Troy Kaneshiro; a boy to Crystal Jones and Carl Martin; a boy to Elaine Mirasol and Jack Wang; a boy to Andrea and Paul Kerchner; a boy to Melanie and Justin Stephens; a boy to Jihan and Samir Khalil. Oct. 6: A boy to Krysta and Daniel Lynch; a girl to Deborah and Edward Lane Jr; a boy to Mary Turner; a girl to Jenee Randall; a boy to Jessica and Gregory Kapp Jr; a boy to Tifnee Hunter and Jeffery Martin; a girl Tanya Cox and Christian Hansen; a girl to Lorraine and Ryan Gore; a girl to Elizabeth and Carlos Lopesleon; a girl to Jodie Meyer and Andrew Kallsen. Oct. 7: A girl to Jamie Ward and Ruben Ruiz; a boy to Bridget Earl and Brian Avers; a girl to Jennifer Mills and Angelo Williams; a girl to Catherine and Erik Denman; two boys to Colleen Sequerth and Paul Gambardella; a boy to Martha and Heriberto Hernandez; a boy to Melinda and Todd Bergeron; a boy to Nova and Karl Lorson Jr; a girl to Suzannah and Brad Bianco; a boy to Carolina De Los Reyes and Joel Payne. Oct. 8: A boy to Teresa and Raymond Griffin; a girl to Renette and Jose Ezifre Galvez; two girls to Pamela Crader; a boy to Maria De Lourdes Tovar and Juan Hernandez; a boy to Elizabeth and Christopher Fitten; a boy to Maria and Juan Santos. Oct. 9: A boy to Jasmine and Daniel Wesley; a boy to Diane and Thomas Nesci; a girl to Maria and Hector Farias; a girl to Jessica Harris and Daniel Stephen; a boy to Rosealta West and William Preyer; a boy to Lisa and Adam Gallegos; a girl to Hind Bakir and Wisam Abulhuda; a girl to Michele and Kevin Nordstrom; a boy to Claudia Vazquez-Perez and Eduardo Yerena-Martinez.

University Medical Center

Oct. 3: A boy to Nora and Freddy Mendoza; a girl to Margaret and James Poulos. Renna and Harry Gates Jr; a girl to Maria and Jason Paavola. Oct. 5: A boy to Araceli Chavez; a girl to Shaunene and Sherrill Edwards; a girl to Angela and Paul Embrey; a boy to Guillermina Felix; a girl to Brandy and Vincent Gennuso; a boy to Vanitaben and Rajeshkumar Patel; a girl to Christina and Walter Plourde; a girl to Gloria Rodriguez. Oct. 6: A girl to Frances Irene Bison; a boy to Guadalupe Garcia; a boy to Dalila Lopez; a girl to Jennifer Martie; a girl to Daphne Powell; a boy to Abigail Solano. Oct. 7: Two boys to Towanda and Terrence Brooks; a girl to Mercedes and Walter Hernandez; a girl to Nia Orme; a girl to Lisa and Allen Pravato; a boy to Grisel Rodriguez; a boy to Venus Sehausen. Oct. 8: A boy to Maegan and Daniel Bockelmann; a boy to Brentney Cameron; a boy to Melissa Cardinalli; a boy to Minerva Dunn; a boy to Elida Flores Rodriguez; a boy to Yolanda and Jose Gonzalez; a boy to Maria and Javier Gutierrez; a boy to Melody and Danny Hunsaker; a boy to Lori and Mark Jenkins; a boy to Alma and Jesus Rivera; a girl to Tiffany Santa; a girl to Anyona Swann; a girl to Susana Velazquez; a girl to Francine Whalin. Oct. 9: McKenzie; a girl to Lakeitha Boney; a girl to Valesia Davis; a girl to Marta Fernandez; a boy to JaieLyn and Joseph McCoy; a girl to Maria and Jose Ramirez; a girl to Hortensia and German Salvador; a boy to Teresa and Zachary White.

Valley Hospital

Sept. 1: A girl to Michelle and Tony Salazar. Sept. 14: A boy to Pamela and Michael Balconi. Oct. 6: A girl to Joanne and Tommy Walker; a girl to Gina and Steven Bush. Oct. 7: A boy to Leslie and Jeffrey Victor; a boy to Heidi and Miles Costolo; a boy to Joellen Schoolfield and Dominic Isabella; a girl to Heather and James Lambert Jr. Oct. 8: A girl to Angela and John Etue; a girl to Amber and Sal Solis; a girl to Candace Hagan; a girl to Wendy and Jose Lopez; a girl to Tiffany and Ryan Le Pore; a girl Erin and David Kaufman. Oct. 9: A girl to Cornesia Bundley and Daron Williams; a boy to Ema and Juan Fuentes; a girl to Charlene and Steven Sweikert; a girl to Katina and Willie Scott; a boy to Jacqueline Carrion and Angel Matos. Oct. 10: A girl to Mary and Donald Ross; a girl to Holly and William Smith; a boy to Angelette Butler and Charles Lee; a boy to Christen and Craig Yamagata; a boy to Donna and David Cook. Oct. 11: A girl to Jennifer and Richard Coulthard; Diane Gagne and Bernard Winter.