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February 17, 2019

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Columnist Susan Snyder: Analyst can really face facts

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Rose Rosetree can spot a potential fibber a mile away.

Or, in this case, 2,400 miles away.

The Virgina resident, who has appeared on ABC's "The View," says she can tell a lot about a person's character by reading their facial features and their auras. Auras, she says, are the electromagnetic energy fields all human beings carry around them.

We are not going to discuss the validity of such claims because, frankly, what Rosetree has to say about our two U.S. presidential candidates and a handful of Las Vegas Valley officials is way more interesting. It's Sunday. Let's have fun.

Rosetree read Stiff Boy and Junior's features and auras during their televised debate earlier this week. Al Gore's aura outshone George W. Bush's hands down. Bush's aura was brightest when he spoke of drilling for oil in Alaska.

"He's really excited about it," Rosetree said. "But there was a cold spot I haven't seen before. There's a part of him that believes it is not such a good thing."

Gore's aura shone brightest in matters of truth -- "much stronger than Bush," she added.

Rosetree also studied photos of Las Vegas City Councilman Michael McDonald, Clark County commissioners Lance Malone and Erin Kenny, Mayor Oscar Goodman and entrepreneur Steve Wynn. She wasn't told who they are or what they do.

In perusing the local pusses Rosetree says it looks as though Malone, McDonald and Wynn could have some trouble with the truth.


"More than anybody here, (Wynn) would have to work to earn my trust," Rosetree said.

Malone can be "a little evasive" but very persuasive, she said.

"He could sell ice to the Eskimos."

McDonald's verbal communication can be "a little slimy," she says. He is a good strategist but is so optimistic he has a hard time seeing what's real.

"When things aren't going his way, he's the last to see it," Rosetree said. "He's hiding his sensitivity. He's open-hearted but doesn't live there much."

No, she knew nothing about these people. Honest.

Wynn's narrow nose indicates he likes to work for himself. He'd rather tear something down and start over than step into someone else's version. He's rigid, she says. He makes a decision and sticks to it.

Getting kind of freaky, ain't it?

Goodman's nose and eyelids show he is frugal and hard-working, respectively. His aura shows he is genuinely open-hearted and compassionate but would be more so if he didn't harbor some sorrow from his past. He may not be an eloquent speaker, but you can believe him, Rosetree says.

Kenny's wide-set eyes show she takes a broad view and is likely to include others in solving problems, Rosetree said. Kenny comes across as highly tolerant. Her aura shows her to be "solidly truthful" with a strong analytical awareness.

OK, OK, but we weren't going to discuss the method's validity, remember?

All five are extremely bright, Rosetree says. Each has at least twice Bush's intellect, and Goodman is four times smarter.

And that's saying a lot or a little, depending on what you read.