Las Vegas Sun

November 29, 2023

Guinn returns to Nevada


Gov. Kenny Guinn, hospitalized for prostate surgery Monday, is back in Las Vegas and ready to resume work.

Guinn, 66, was discharged Wednesday from UCLA Medical Center and was flown back to Las Vegas.

While he will be confined to his home for a time, it should not interrupt his campaign for re-election. Peter Ernaut, a spokesman for the Guinn campaign, said the governor has worked hard and has visited many areas of the state.

"Two weeks of rest and relaxation won't disrupt the campaign," Ernaut said. "We're prepared with what we need to finish out the campaign."

Guinn's chief of staff, Marybel Batjer, said she had talked with the governor, who wanted to make sure everything was running correctly in state government.

Guinn, in a news release, said: "Considering the circumstances, I feel great. I was able to walk around the hospital on Tuesday and I'm ready to resume working from home beginning (today)."

Guinn checked into the UCLA Medical Center under an assumed name. A hospital spokeswoman said celebrities often don't use their correct name.

Batjer said the false name "gave the governor one modicum of privacy ... a couple of days of quiet time."

Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt has been acting governor while Guinn was in the hospital. Batjer said he briefed Hunt but there were no major decisions to be made.

The removal of the cancerous prostate was done by Dr. Jean B. deKernion, chairman of the UCLA Department of Urology. There were no problems with the surgery and he expected the governor to be back on full schedule within a few weeks.