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September 23, 2017

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Letter: Major crises need U.N.’s attention

More than 30,000 people have been murdered in the Sudan and hundreds of thousands of others have been burned out of their homes and exiled to starvation by marauding gangs of racist Arab/Islamic radicals who have hijacked one of the world's great religions.

The Sudan would be a proper conflict for the United Nations to get involved in. But since there is no Saddam/United Nations kickback style "Oil for Food" program for the U.N., the French, the Germans, the Russians, etc., to reap millions in profits from, I do not see them getting involved any time soon.

The United States and our allies are already very busy fighting World War III against terrorism for the benefit of the rest of the world despite the U.N. et al.

The U.N., France, Germany, Spain, Russia, etc. who have opted out of liberating Iraq and attempting to establish democracy and inalienable human rights in the Middle East, need to get their "stuff' together and take care of several other much-needed humanitarian missions such as the Sudan, AIDS, world hunger, etc.