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October 19, 2017

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Letter: Consider Mexico as the 51st state

There is a viable solution to the present immigration controversy, rather than the unproductive and inhumane persecution by mostly "compassionate conservatives" of our neighbors to the south. Why not invite Mexico to become our 51st state? This would result in advantages to both the U.S. and Mexico.

The U.S. would no longer be dependent upon Middle East oil, as Mexico is rich in oil still to be developed. This would provide decent jobs with sufficient pay instead of the shameful wages paid to most Latinos today. And since many of our products such as TVs and refrigerators are already made in Mexico, these skilled workers finally would earn a living wage.

This would eliminate the destructive resentment on both sides that exists today. And there would be no reason for the Mexican people to risk their lives desperately attempting to seek hard work and provide a better life for their families because there would be no border!

Family-oriented Latinos are wonderful, patriotic Americans as citizens of our country. They, of course, would be subject to paying taxes and dealing with the same problems as Americans, uniting and blending both cultures in the common goal of improving our country.

So isn't it time to finally display our humanity and exhibit a bit of common sense? The only strong objections would emanate from the ugly, thinly veiled racism unfortunately still existing in a marginal number of uninformed and easily misled Americans today.

But the majority of Americans would do well to at least seriously consider Mexico as our 51st state as a sensible and beneficial solution for both countries.