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January 19, 2018

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Readers have opinions and fill my e-mail box, letting me know when mine are right (sometimes) and wrong (often). From time to time, I'll share their comments.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article on the roller derby ("Not your old man's roller derby," Aug. 14). In 1939 we were the first troupe to go to Europe and introduce the sport to the European people. We started out in Paris, then on to Lille, France. From there we went to Brussels, Belgium, and finally our last stop in London. We had to come back early because of the war breaking out.

Las Vegas

Nina: I guess you could blame the Axis for one more thing: Cutting off the jam.

You insult the sport by calling what these flat track women play "roller derby." The resemblance ends at roller skates - it is not and never will be roller derby. Roller derby is played by mixed gender teams on a banked track with a specific set of traditional rules.

It is not played with women only on a flat track, wearing (outrageous) costumes and sporting stupid nicknames.


Joe: I agree about silly roller derby nicknames. I have always preferred K.C. Carr to "Kansas City Bomber." Even if the zipper on her jersey appeared to be broken.

You sure plucked a memory out of my head in your item about "Pacman" Jones ("The Elevator," Aug. 15) when you asked if Dick The Bruiser might have been one of the guys who "attacked" him at his TNA wrestling debut.

I never thought I'd hear that name again. Thanks for the memory.

North Las Vegas

Kerry: If it wasn't The Bruiser, perhaps it was his "cousin," The Crusher.

I saw your article about spam ("The junk isn't all from you, sports fans," Aug. 16) and thought I would include a link to an article that was written about our company a few years ago. Let us know if we can assist in eliminating the issue of spam in your in-box and (message deleted)

Well, what do you know? It appears my spam filter is working after all.

The NBA may need Las Vegas, but we certainly don't need (or want) them ( " the betting scandal is yet another reason the NBA needs Las Vegas," July 27).

Mayor Oscar Goodman's attempt to spin this story is disturbing, which shows further evidence of criminal behavior in the NBA. We simply don't need professional sports here.

We have a unique city, with the world's greatest casinos providing quality entertainment. The UNLV Rebels don't even sell out the Thomas & Mack Center, so why do some people see the need for even more sports teams?

Ron Gregrich

Las Vegas

Ron: You are preaching to the choir about Las Vegas and pro sports. The NBA needs us a lot more than we need it. Now would somebody please throw the hymnal at the rogue referee before they move the Clippers here?

I read your article on the Wahoo Nebraska basketball team ("Basketball, pure and simple," July 25) on the plane ride back to Omaha from Las Vegas and I just wanted to say thanks for writing it.


Bryan: Thanks for saying thanks. Tell Bob Gibson and C.W. McCall I said "hello."

Excellent article on the Wahoo Bisons. But there was one error, not basketball related.

Darryl Zanuck was not the founder of 20th Century Fox. That honor belongs to a Hungarian-Jewish immigrant named Velvel Fuchs, who later changed his name to William Fox. Zanuck was his later partner and head of production.

Unfortunately, Fox was convicted of income tax evasion in the early 1930s and spent some time in prison. He was released because of health reasons and never regained his notoriety.

Los Angeles

Stuart: Thanks for clearing that up. Now I'm wondering if Nellie Fox, the old White Sox second baseman, was really Nelson Fuchs.