Las Vegas Sun

November 29, 2023

Guinns move into new Reno home, buy time share in a private jet

CARSON CITY - Former Gov. Kenny Guinn spent his first day out of office unpacking boxes and sweeping out the garage of his new home in Reno.

And his wife, Dema, says, "It's a wonderful feeling. I feel so free."

As any couple moving into a new home, the Guinns are getting organized. "I feel relaxed. I've had no responsibility since 12:01," the ex-governor said, referring to the transition that occurred at the moment 2007 began.

Gov. Jim Gibbons broke with tradition and took the oath of office in a private ceremony outside of the state capitol. He was sworn in at his home in Reno.

Guinn said both he and his wife were "very tired" from the rigors of two terms but he added, "It's been a great eight years."

The couple spent New Year's Eve at dinner with friends at Lake Tahoe. And Dema Guinn said they will probably go to San Francisco in the next day or two to meet with some of Guinn's classmates from when he was at Stanford.

They have purchased a time share in a Beechcraft jet so they can fly one when they get the urge.