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August 25, 2019

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2008 Nevada Press Association Better Newspaper Contest winners

The following are the results of the Nevada Press Association 2008 "Better Newspaper Contest" announced Saturday night in Mesquite at the newspaper organization's annual convention.

Story of the Year

“Pace is new peril”

Alexandra Berzon, Las Vegas Sun

“Well-written, deeply researched piece that takes the reader behind the daily news to read like a construction site. Human Impact of progress.”

Honorable Mentions:

“Indentured doctors” - Marshall Allen, Las Vegas Sun

“Imprisoned by Meth” – Teri Vance, Nevada Appeal

“Leaving Colorado City” – Brian Haynes and Glenn Puit, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Editorial of the Year

“Where mediocrity is king”

Michael Campbell, Las Vegas Sun

“Nice summation of the issues facing your state. Good, tight writing.”

Photo of the Year

“Deshira Selimaj”

Leila Navidi, Las Vegas Sun

“This is a big-time photo – the big-time photo – in a big time category. It’s got it all – perfect composition, perfect reproduction and the kind of emotion that can keep the readers’ eyes glued to it. At least I couldn’t stop looking at it.”

Ad of the Year

“Lazy Boy”

April Miler, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Amazing layout. The ad catches your eye from a number of different angles. Great information and an offer that put people in the store.”

Freedom of the Press - Dailies

Las Vegas Sun

“Construction deaths on strip”

“Reporter’s determined street-level reporting pays off. Results of investigation stories are broad and significant. The winner in a very competitive category. Good stuff!”

Freedom of the Press – Weeklies

Pahrump Valley Times

“Technology center (etc.)”

“Great job of laying out the facts after getting the information. Not sensationalized. Gave all parties opportunity to speak. Nice job.”

Outstanding Journalist- Dailies

Marshall Allen, Las Vegas Sun

“In a category loaded with talented reporters and investigative pieces, Marshall’s depth of reporting and the quality of his writing set his work apart. His indentured doctors stories were extraordinary, but over the other submissions were terrific examples of what journalists are charged with – to be a watchdog for our readers.”

Outstanding Journalist- Weeklies

Valerie Miller, Las Vegas Business Press

“Valerie’s extensive reporting is what makes her stories stand above the others. She takes reasonably standard business stories and makes them extraordinarily informative and interesting, making crisp, tight writing and great data sourcing. Congratulations to Valerie for weathering a difficult time in our industry and for producing such strong business content in the competitive Las Vegas market.”

Best Headline Writing – Dailies

1. Matthew Crowley, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Clever, clever, clever! Good job.”

2. Dave Mondt, Las Vegas Sun

“Clever leads that capture the essence of the stories.”

3. Verna Mays, Las Vegas Sun

“This was a competitive category with many entrees. Yours was close to the top.”

Best Headline Writing - Weeklies

1. Craig Peterson, Boulder City News

“Close-knit group – nice play on words. Dog was my favorite and tickets to get Speedy was great. Nice wordplay without being obvious.”

2. Cassandra Keenan, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“These were nice. Very creative if not obvious. Definitely made me want to read the story.”

3. Lisa Valentine, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“These were fun.”

Editorial Cartoon- All Newspapers

1. “Super Delegate”- Alex Raffi, Boulder City News

“Hits home on a key issue in the Democratic selection process.”

2. “Water” - Jim Day, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Unique way to show the challenge of water supply in the desert.”

3. “Wildfire” - Rex Norman a.k.a. “Killbuck”, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Excellent in raising question of preparedness in case of fire.”

Honorable Mention:

“Iraq to Iran” - Jim Day, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Scary thought well presented.”

The rest of the awards are divided among five classes: Class I, daily newspapers with circulation of 15,000 or more; Class II, daily newspapers with circulation of less than 15,000; Class III, weekly newspapers with circulation of 6,000-19,999; Class IV, weekly newspapers with circulation of less than 6,000; and Class V, weekly newspapers with circulation of 25,000 or more.


General Excellence

1. Reno Gazette-Journal

“A clearly designed and packaged newspaper with an overwhelming local flavor and strong digital engagement. This is a good newspaper.”

2. Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Strong headlines and good use of photography. Local report has appropriate balance with national news report.”

Journalist of Merit

Michael J. Mishak, Las Vegas Sun

“Revelatory and probing campaign stories – which is rare coupled with thoughtful labor pieces. Signs of a curious mind at work. Keep it up.”

Honorable Mention:

Abigail Goldman, Las Vegas Sun

“Solid Work.”

Community Service

1. “Public health crisis” - Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Besides reporting and tracking the news, the paper doggedly followed up with all conceivable angles and leads – and got out ahead in some cases – to exhaustively cover this health crisis. Great investigative reporting and important reader information throughout.”

2. “Building permits and safety” - Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Reporter spent two months investigating the city’s behemoth industry, and took extraordinary measures to uncover public safety issues on behalf of her readers and the millions of tourists who come to Vegas annually.”

3. “Brianna Denison” - Reno Gazette-Journal

“Great coverage of a sad story. Paper helped inform readers, offered tips, provided resources and took an active role in trying to catch the killer.”

Best Spot News Story

1. “Tourists take down shooter” - Francis McCabe, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Nice description of the event. Great quotes. I enjoyed reading this.”

2. “Canine land shark” - F.T. Norton, Nevada Appeal

“This is the essence of spot news reporting – a quirky event, reported immediately and well with great writing.”

3. “Simpson back in Florida” - Brian Haynes, Lawrence Mower, David Kihara, Carri Geer Thevenot, K.C. Howard, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Good reporting. Funny and factual.”

Best Feature Story

“The quality of writing and depth of reporting was consistently outstanding. In the end, it came down to appeal, so I feel it’s necessary to note that on one afternoon, I liked these best. In truth, there wasn’t a single losing piece.”

1. “High school lunchrooms” - John Przybys, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“A fresh and different topic! Would never have thought of it.”

2. “Burning man sees green” - J. Patrick Coolican, Las Vegas Sun

“Within the context of all the various newspapers in different classes, etc., this angle on this subject was definitely a stand-out – in addition to it simply being an interesting read in this class.”

3. “All the king’s men” - Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“I’m not an Elvis fan, but I couldn’t put this down.”

Honorable Mention:

“Big tastes in Northern Mexico” - Johnathan Wright, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Delicious writing!”

Best Business Coverage

1. Las Vegas Review-Journal

“No searching for markets – they are right at the top of page 1. Stellar local business coverage. I now know there are more than just casinos in Nevada!”

2. Reno Gazette-Journal

“Good overall coverage of regional economy. Good use of visuals – graphs, charts, etc.”

Best Business Feature Story

1. “Nevada a scam haven” - J. Patrick Coolican, Las Vegas Sun

“Great, thorough business reporting coupled with often entertaining writing – and the unfortunate, sad human element.”

2. “The state bird of Nevada” - Hubble Smith, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Hubble delivers a fine piece of writing, reporting on a topic few would consider (and others would decline.) Nicely done.”

3. “Hey buyers, all aboard” - Brendan Buhler, Las Vegas Sun

“A unique bus tour, which Brendan turned into a fun, clever ride for his readers.”

Honorable Mention:

“Subprime cleanup” - Alexandra Berzon, Las Vegas Sun

“It’s not often you can find a subject like this. Her story stands out in the wash of standard foreclosure stories.”

Best Explanatory Journalism

1. “The warming Sierra” - Jeff Delong, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Great reporting, fabulous graphics, thought-provoking timely issue. What helped set this apart from the rest was the initiative to tackle a challenging global issue and bring it home for the readers by clearly showing why they should care.”

2. “Illegal immigration: counting the cast” - Frank Geary, Alan Maimon, Margaret Miille, Joan Whitely, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Staff took a national issue and didn’t just write anecdotal features with stats, but explained to readers the impact that illegal immigration has on its communities and schools.”

3. “Foreclosures in the silver state” - Jennifer Robison, A.D. Hopkins, Margaret Miille, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“This series didn’t just share the horror stories and stats of the state’s housing crisis, but it offered advice and solutions for its readers.”

Best News Feature Story

1. “Pace is new peril” – Alexandra Berzon, Las Vegas Sun

“There could have been a dozen first place winners in this class. This one stood out because of the obvious depth of research, excellent writing, great amount of solid reading, wonderful graphics and pure of the story.”

2. “You just don’t steal from the dead” – F.T. Norton, Nevada Appeal

“Shocking. Greed and embezzlement always make a good news feature. But when the crime involves a county administrator it becomes a NEWS feature. Nice use of short, hard driving paragraphs that pounded nail after nail into the case.”

3. “A look behind Reno’s white curtain” – Ray Hagar, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Not breaking news but tied nicely to Black History Month. In an age when we think we’ve come a long way in race relations it is good to look back at just how recently so little has really been done. Great supportive photos.”

Best Investigative or In-depth Story or Series

1. “Indentured doctors” - Marshall Allen, Las Vegas Sun

“Gripping investigative journalism on an issue which many have never considered before. Great research and reporting which led to action on behalf of foreign doctors and the rural communities in Nevada.”

2. “Hotel rooms” - Joan Whitely, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Not only did Joan own this continuing saga, she went above and beyond with her investigative initiative.”

3. “Imprisoned by meth” - Teri Vance, Nevada Appeal

“What was a gripping look at the devastation of meth became extraordinary with the colorful, sad main character and the surprising end to this study of a human addiction.”

Best Local Column

1. Corey Levitan, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“These were great. I sympathized. I chuckled. You lead an interesting life and report it well.”

2. Francis McCabe, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Great topics that read well. The article about your accident was well done – personal without being self-serving. You have a nice style.”

3. Kathleen Stebbins, Reno Gazette-Journal

“I enjoyed these travel columns. I look for good, pure flow and entertainment value in column writing. Yours had all of that.”

Best Local Non-Staff Column

1. Steven Kalas, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Writes in a gentle straight-forward manner. The reader is drawn in and feels like they’ve just heard a story from an old friend.”

2. Doug Nielsen, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Even though it is an outdoor column, it is written in a way that all readers can relate. Excellent focus on the emotions beyond the hunt.”

3. Jon Ralston, Las Vegas Sun

“Written in a manner so as to draw attention to serious issues and create action. The columns made me want to change the world, which is always needed.”

Honorable Mention:

Linn Mills, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Very informative but lacks the personal touch.”

Best Local Sports Story

1. “Rebels revert to ugly losing ways” - Mark Anderson, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Great lead; I appreciate the fact that you gave the outcome early on. The way the stats are sprinkled throughout is great. Keeps my interest until the end. Nice piece.”

2. “Army interrogator returns from Iraq, watches brother ride @ NFR” - Jon Gold, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Great job recreating the event – bringing it to life. The ending was a perfect way to tie it all together. Talented writer.”

3. “Korean boxer’s death after 1982 Caesars bout staggered Mancini” - Steve Carp, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Very interesting story. Story flowed well. Nice use of quotes.”

Honorable Mention:

“Gilbert tests positive for handful of illegal substances” - Steve Sneddon, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Good story on an interesting subject.”

Best Local Sports Feature

1. “Tyrone Hanson’s story: the Halloween party killings” - Steve Sneddon, Reno Gazette-Journal

“ Completely engrossing story; very good writing; effective story-telling.”

2. “Kelvin’s journey” - Mike Houser, Nevada Appeal

“Really close to being first; another very well presented story; writing is solid, but a little wordy in spots but overall very nice.”

3. “Tomato cans ripe for picking” - Steve Carp, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“A very interesting topic; good lead; nice tight writing.”

Best Local Sports Column

1. Jon Gold, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Great series of column. Great first-person take. Really made the racing scene personal and an enjoyable read for both racing and non-racing fans. Good job!”

2. Ron Kantowski, Las Vegas Sun

“Great one-liners throughout the columns. Interesting subjects; writing flowed to make them an easy read.”

3. Ed Graney, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Opening paragraphs really grabbed attention. Did a great job of creating images. Watch the length.”

Honorable Mention:

Jeff Wolf, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Leads are outstanding. Tough category.”

Best Entertainment Writing

1. Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Great storytelling, capped off by the best single story in the division, ‘All the kings men.’ Jason does a splendid job of providing color, emotion and news all in one well-layered piece.”

2. Joe Brown, Las Vegas Sun

“Joe’s personality is what makes his stories such an enjoyable read.”

3. Kristen Peterson, Las Vegas Sun

“Great grasp of her subject and very insightful style.”

Critical Writing

1. Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“I liked the catty, but fair way you dealt with Josh Groban. The Beyonce piece was nice – descriptive but to the point.”

2. Joe Brown, Las Vegas Sun

“The Miller piece was my favorite. It moved right along in its thoroughness. Nice writing.”

3. Forrest Hartman, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Nice, concise style.”

Best Editorial Writing

1. Dave Clayton, Las Vegas Sun

“Good, clear call to action. Editorials are well written, to the point. Opinions are backed by the facts and research.”

2. Michael Campbell, Las Vegas Sun

“Editorials reflect solid research and perspective. Thorough.”

3. Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“I like the writer’s style; quick good reads with clarity.”

Best Editorial Page

1. Las Vegas Review-Journal

“A wealth of locally generated content on editorial pages. Excellent variety. Nice packaging and presentation.”

2. Las Vegas Sun

“Strong package of letters in each submission. Good emphasis on local issues in editorials, columns.”

Best Overall Design

1. Las Vegas Sun

“Outstanding design, great graphics, wonderful choice of typography…nearly every page had its own unique design personality.”

2. Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Really solid fundamental design with a few great moments (fire coverage, candidate cover, borders) sprinkled throughout.”

Best Page One Design

1. Reno Gazette-Journal

“Nice use of dominant photos! Headline hierarchy is easy to follow; however, some pages are too busy. Outstanding use of color and graphics.”

2. Las Vegas Sun

“Great job with photos and graphics. Color in headlines is not overdone. It is easy to see what story goes with what photo.”

Best Page Designer(s)

1. Ched Whitney, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Loved your designs and photo use. You are not afraid to try new things and it shows. Great work!”

2. Lauren Miller, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Loved how you made the photos pop on layouts. Great use of fonts and color!”

3. Jackie Green, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Lots of elements on a page – but you made the look work every time. Great job.”

Honorable Mention:

Rachel Perkins, Las Vegas Sun

“Clean, organized layouts.”

Best Special Section (Editorial)

1. “UAW-Dodge 400”

Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Awesome cover. The picture draws the reader in, especially with an intriguing headline. Some of the inside pictures could use more life – maybe someone working on the car.”

2. “Decision ‘08”

Reno Gazette-Journal

“I liked that both parties were side by side. The front has a nice graphic appeal. Front story could use a better lead. Very informative. Good work!”

Best Information Graphic

1. “Colorado River watershed” - Chris Morris, Las Vegas Sun

“Very informative – clean, crisp – nicely done!”

2. “Exposure feared – unsafe injection” - Mike Johnson, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Clear, concise – easily understood.”

3. “Tragic missteps” - Mike Johnson, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Wonderful use of graphics – clearly explained.”

Best Illustration

1. “Are you really wearing that” - Mark Antonuccio, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The drawings telegraph the sense of the message of the story in a way that assures readership. What more could you want?

2. “George Carlin” - David Stroud, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The color cover drawing (for neon) captures the one-time rage and maturing spirit of Carlin, leaving no question you have to read the article.”

3. “Cranes” - Mike Johnson, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Gives me a visual of what could not be put in words but ten clip and paste trucks wasted space that surely could have been used for something else.”

Best Spot News Photo Coverage

1. “Flames – The Angora fire” - Staff, Reno Gazette-Journal

“The highest marks go to the photographers who effectively captured this stunning fire from all angles. No other paper came close to this quality. A well-deserved first place.”

2. “Parking lot shooting” - Brad Horn, Nevada Appeal

“This set of photos makes you heart pound and your palms sweat. Good for Brad Horn for getting the shots, as tough as they may be to look at.”

3. “Fernley levee” - Marilyn Newton, Tim Dunn, B. Parker and Liz Margerum, Reno Gazette-Journal

“All angles are covered in this well-done series of photos. All show the impact of water with power and emotion.”

Honorable Mention:

“Condo complex burns” - John Gurzinski, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“A big-time photo that shows the size and impact of a big-time fire. I love all the elements. “

Best General News Photo

1. “Answers bring more tears” - John Gurzinski, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“There is emotional and then there is emotional. A powerful moment, extraordinary expression, and the mother’s look and gestures add to a tremendous photo.”

2. “Signing up for a revolution” - Kevin Cannon, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The lighting, body language, late night effort exemplify the Ron Paul campaign. Composition was great, but the underlying message was better.”

3. “Daredevils in Reno” - Andy Barron, Reno Gazette-Journal

“This is one of those photos that sells papers and has everyone asking, ‘How did he get that shot?’”

Honorable Mention:

“Air Guard wing returns from Iraq” - Marilyn Newton, Reno Gazette-Journal

“There are plenty of these reunion and military images, but this one has the Air Guard sign framed in the background. Nice moment, nice positioning by the photog.”

Best Feature Photo

1. “Bear ‘Chug’” - Chad Lundquist, Nevada Appeal

“In a tough and competitive field of photogs, this was the shot I kept coming back to. It’s a once in a lifetime picture, really, and one I have never seen. Thank goodness you chose this particular route to work, and it is a good thing you had your camera. A true winner. Ever think of sending it to Pepsi?”

2. “Out of Step” - Ronda Churchill, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Love it. This picture tells a story by drawing the readers’ eye to the element that makes an otherwise ho-hum lineup unique. This was the picture at this emotional event, and you got it!”

3. “Celebration – graduation” - Andy Barron, Reno Gazette-Journal

“An absolute grinner. The good crop, clean background, nice light (and those glasses) make this a top three selection in a very competitive field. It’s a great shot at what can be a cliché shoot.”

Honorable Mention:

“Eddie Powers as Elvis” - John Locher, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“I just couldn’t let this go in the discard pile. It’s a great shot – ‘Elvis,’ isolated, alone as illustrated by the great composition. Never knew Elvis was a burger and fries kind of guy! This is a photo I have never seen. Thanks!”

Best Multiple Feature Photos

2. “Nevadans sound off on policies” - Jeff Scheid, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Everybody’s favorite 2008 topic. Great photos, excellent presentation of many themes and positions and exceptional editing.”

2. “A long way gone” - Tiffany Brown, Las Vegas Sun

“Except for the depth of Nos. 1 and 3, this would be the winner. Clear, concise and beautifully illustrated.”

3. “Half way around the world” - Jeff Scheid, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“What a topic and what a presentation of sights and emotions. Wonderful.

Honorable Mention:

“Drugstore lunch counter” - Leila Navidi, Las Vegas Sun

“Sometimes the simple things close to home are just worth celebrating.”

Best Portrait

1. “Michael Grimm” - Leila Navidi, Las Vegas Sun

“Sweet shot – a clinic in lighting and composition wrapped up in a single photo. I just wish the schedule wasn’t printed on top of this world-class picture.”

2. “Arena project” - Tiffany Brown, Las Vegas Sun

“There’s a lot of power in this photo; you did a great job of capturing a darker culture of America and showing it to your readers – effectively.”

3. “Dice dealer” - Steve Marcus, Las Vegas Sun

“Picture perfect lighting and a great idea for the portrait – and double sixes too! Was that luck?”

Honorable Mention:

“Flavor of fashion” - Duane Prokop, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Nice tight shot pulls the reader in and provides an up-close look at an unusual subject.”

Best Illustrated Photo

1. “P-Funk” - Chris Morris, Las Vegas Sun

“Striking visual style – this illustrated photo has it all, original and creative, great attention to detail – the best of the best!”

2. “Contemptibles’ Collectibles” - Chris Morris, Las Vegas Sun

“So much conveyed in this image – placement and detail perfect.”

3. “Heavenly scents” - Duane Prokop, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Beautiful photo, technical quality and outstanding – wow!”

Honorable Mention:

“Did you see that” – Chris Morris, Las Vegas Sun

“Photo comes to life – your work captures the imagination. Great job!”

Best Sports Photo

1. “Keeping the faith” - John Locher, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Non-typical sports photo, beautifully done. The lighting is perfect and is what makes this photo a first place winner.”

2. “3A title match” - Andy Barron, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Great photo – too bad it couldn’t have run bigger so readers could enjoy more. Felt like I was right in on the action. Great job.”

3. “Spikes the ball” - Marilyn Newton, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Great angle - interest drawn mainly because of the positioning by the photographer. Watch to make sure pictures don’t look too digital.”

Honorable Mention:

“Upset barely out of reach” - Kevin Cannon, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Wonderful action shot. Great picture – really tough category.”

Best Large-space Ad Prepared by a Newspaper

1. “Driving a car you hate?” - Patrick Finn Jr., Reno Gazette-Journal

“Loved this ad! I liked the different look – whimsical yet held much information and an easy read.”

2. “Memorial Day 2007 (Nevada Backyard)” - April Miller, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Even considering all the content, this ad is neat – very well done. Good job!”

3. “The Pizza Café” - Ria Marris Reddica, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Great layout and photo use. Clean and crisp.”

Honorable Mention:

“Congrats to ACE High School” - Robert Henson, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Nice layout. Great use of graphics.”

Best Black and White Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Eat your heart out!” - Jesse Dunaway, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Very eye catching. Gets your attention and pulls you into ad.”

2. “We bring the world to the classroom every day” - Mike Miller, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Nice use of white space and the picture draws you into the ad.”

3. “Is there someone in your life who needs help?” - Kathy Webb, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Good graphics.”

Honorable Mention:

“An eye on the entertainment” - Mike Miller, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Nice use of white space.”

Best Sport-color Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Lasik Experts” - Teri Hogue, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The blue eye in the center of the ad is very catchy. Good information on both sides of the ad.”

2. “American Lung Association” - April Miller, Reno Gazette-Journal

“The line of cars across the top is unique and grabs your attention. I like the ‘V’ formation with a simple font.”

3. “Reno Buggie Barn” - Ilyse Bottinick, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Bright red Beatle is appealing. I like the retro red border.”

Best Multi-color ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Any car. Every car” - Mike Miller, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Few words yet powerful.”

2. “Carson City Basque Festival” - Robert Henson, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Loved how artwork theme used in every page. Very nice clean design.”

3. “Honda summer kickoff sale” - Kerry Garrett, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Car ads usually all look the same. This one, however, jumped off the page. Nice job.”

Honorable Mention:

“Silver spoon” - Kathy Webb, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Nice design and use of photos.”

Best Special Section (Advertising)

1. “2008 Health and Wellness Directory” - Nevada Appeal

“Beautifully designed. Great layout. Great information. Information for all ages. Great color. Easy to read. Very creative. Very impressed.”

2. “Sierra Nevada Boomers” - Nevada Appeal

“Fresh ideas! Great layout. Good information. Appealing ads. Beautiful color. Great cover.”

3. “The Great Reno Balloon Race” - Nevada Appeal

“Beautiful glossy cover. Great color. Entertaining. Good information. Great layout.”

Honorable Mention:

“National Finals Rodeo” - Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Nice cover. Wonderful ads. Great photos! Good information.”

Best In-house Advertising Promotion for Circulation, Advertising or Editorial

1. “High school sports: full coverage inside” - Robert Henson, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Rack cards were a great promotion – awesome design, simple message. Great job!”

2. “Full coverage rack cards” - Rutilio Martinez, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Another great promotion, eye catching design. Nice job!

3. “Classified promotion: You’ve got it. Somebody wants it.” – Lynette Cameron and Joanna Vernarecci, Nevada Appeal

“Very thought-out campaign. I liked the multi-media approach; simple message but well conveyed.”

Honorable Mention:

“Community Awards contest” - Lynette Cameron and Betty Jo Heaton, Nevada Appeal

“What a unique service to your community. Nice ads promoting the event.”

Advertising General Excellence

1. Reno Gazette-Journal

“Wonderful ad ideas. Great color. Good layout. Interesting ads. Lots of ads. Great paper.”

2. Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Beautiful color. Fresh ideas. Lots of ads. Beautiful front page. Great layout. Big paper.”

Best Newspaper Web Site

1. Reno Gazette Journal

“I really enjoyed the layout; everything is contained yet it’s easy to navigate to more content. The calendar is prominently displayed along with the top news stories. It has a sleek user-friendly design.”

2. Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Contains a lot of information but is still easy to navigate. The readers have an opportunity to get involved via the Website, ensuring repeat (and even daily) visitors.”

3. Las Vegas Sun

“The top news stories are easy to get to and extras such as blogs and cartoons are featured. It could use more opportunities for user involvement to draw people to the site repeatedly.”


General Excellence

1. Tahoe Daily Tribune

“This is an engaging, well packaged newspaper with a strong sense of its local mission – and it is a lot of fun to read!”

2. Elko Daily Free Press

“Good design and powerful local flavor.”

Journalist of Merit

Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“What a tremendously gifted and versatile journalist. His designs are compelling with nice use of white space, images and typography. His photos were among the best in this class, his portraits and use of light are among his strengths. And he showed off his versatility by producing some very colorful, descriptive stories as well. How fortunate a small daily is to have such a multi-talented staffer in their newsroom.”

Community Service

1. “Wells earthquake”

Elko Daily Free Press

“Not only did the Elko staff produce splendid stories covering this frightening moment for Wells residents, but they showed their heart as well by raising money to help in the relief. And the special section was a tremendous piece of community journalism, a touching emotional piece of work that admirably recapped that scary morning. Outstanding team effort by the Elko staff”.

2. “Angora fire”

Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Nice continuing, complete coverage which included helpful information and resources for the community.”

Best Spot News Story

1. “Fernley floods” - Brad Horn, Kim Lamb, Christy Lattin, Andrew Pridgen, Kevin Todd and Mary Jean Kelso, Lahontan Valley News

“Excellent team coverage. Stories and photos give context to scope of flooding and impact on community.”

2. “Tahoe burns” - Susan Wood, Jeff Munson, William Ferchland and Elaine Goodman, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“A close runner-up to the first good package.”

Best Feature Story

1. “Kirkwood celebrates” - Jeremy Evans, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Interesting read, good sources, nice blend of historical information with personal stories.”

2. “Seeking shelter” - Ali Helgoth, Elko Daily Free Press

“Moving without being overly sentimental – honest, good angle”

3. “Homeschooling in Sparks” - Sarah Cooper, Sparks Tribune

“Readable, informative, good blend of facts and anecdotal information.”

Honorable Mention:

“Nomadic woman passes through” - Christy Lattin, Lahontan Valley News

“Nice job of letting the woman speak for herself; must have been tempting to editorialize a little.”

Best Business Coverage

1. Elko Daily Free Press

Best Business News Story

1. “Gold tops $1000” - Doug McMurdo, Elko Daily Free Press

”McMurdo brings everything together with this story – local economy, national economy, the weak dollar. A wonderfully structured news story.”

2. “Say it with gold” - Marianne Kobak, Elko Daily Free Press

“Interesting. Wish there was a graphic of actual coin. Kobak tapped some good sources in her reporting, Concise.”

Best Business Feature Story

1. Sarah Cooper, Sparks Tribune

“Wireless in the air”

“Balanced, relates to both the current user and the person seeking more information.”

2. “Church turns to heaven for power” - Marianne Kobak, Elko Daily Free Press

“A ‘green’ story that actually covered something happening rather than ‘we need to go green.’”

3. “Statistics detail number of commuters” - Michael Maresh, Lahontan Valley News

“A good demographic story that becomes more relevant due to rising gas prices.”

Honorable Mention:

“Weathering the storm” - Marianne Kobak, Elko Daily Free Press

“Localized national issue.”

Best Explanatory Journalism

1. “Increased training keeps Hawthorne Depot viable” - Steve Ranson, Lahontan Valley News

“Good, sharp, tightly-edited information. Written with authority thanks to in-depth reporting and thorough knowledge of subject. Stats help support writer throughout.”

2. “Mining reform” - Doug McMurdo and Marianne Kobak, Elko Daily Free Press

“Nice multi-component presentation and helpful timeline. Very technical.”

Best News Feature Story

1. “I go, you go, Blue go, slow go” - Charles Sizemore, Elaine Goodman, Adam Jensen and Johan M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“The criteria says 40 points for depth of reporting, 40 for quality of writing and 20 for local relevance. This news feature scored a perfect 100 percent, proving four heads are sometimes better than one.”

2. “Frustrated by fire” - Sam Brown, Elko Daily Free Press

“This is one of three stories entered by the Free Press covering the major effects of the nearby fire. But this was the best, however, with a good lead, lots of facts and an easy-to-read presentation.”

3. “POW memories” - John Sents, Elko Daily Free Press

“Not every reader cares about a presidential visit but everybody would care about a local connection like Kathy Long. From the Nebraska opening to the Nevada conclusion, Sents makes this a perfect example of worthy news feature writing.”

Honorable Mention:

“Local photographer loses his negatives” - Debra Reid, Sparks Tribune

“Almost a sidebar to the above front-page story, ‘three die in north Reno mobile home fire,’ this story becomes a feature because of the loss of history rather than the loss of lives. It is an experience everyone can relate to, either because they’ve experienced something like it or worry that some day they will. The headline is overwritten, telling too much of the story up front. The first paragraph is a beauty, sharing the bad and the good in one well-crafted sentence.”

Best Investigative or In-depth Story or Series

1. “Living in a state of endless transition” - Janine Kearney, Sparks Tribune

“Interesting topic with good voices of the people living in the motels. The people make the story.”

2. “Neighbor vs. Nurture” - Courtney Maddock, Nathan Orme and Debra Reid, Sparks Tribune

“Tapped into what people are concerned about in neighborhood.”

3. “Mines and mercury” - Doug McMurdo, Elko Daily Free Press

Honorable Mention:

“Fighting back against bullying on new playground” - Janine Keanney, Sparks Tribune

Best Local Column

1. Doug McMurdo, Elko Daily Free Press

“You have a great writing style. Your sense of humor and pacing make these great reads”.

2. David C. Henley, Lahontan Valley News

“Witty. Fun topics.”

Best Local Non-Staff Column

1. Andrew Barbano, Sparks Tribune

“Writes about social issues in an entertaining, easy-to-read manner. Encourages readers to get involved and voice their opinions.”

2. Emily Harris, Elko Daily Free Press

“Helpful advice worded in a way that doesn’t make you feel like a failure, as advice columns sometimes do. The advice is simply stated and leaves the impression anyone could do it.”

3. Glen McAdoo, Lahontan Valley News

“Reading this, I felt like I was sitting at the local café overhearing everyone’s stories. Light-hearted, enjoyable reading that brushed on current events but didn’t dwell on it.”

Honorable Mention:

Rick Seley, Lahontan Valley News

“Walks the middle of the road between humor column and rambling. Well written but lacks the hook that makes me want to read more.”

Best Local Sports Story

1. “South Tahoe’s dream season ends in PKs” - Steve Yingling, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Really captured emotion. Getting quotes from the coach and the athlete really made the piece. Great job.”

2. “NIAA tables issue of state tournament expansion” - Dan Eckles, Sparks Tribune

“Great job of getting an important issue out to your readers. The proposed expansion was explained very well.”

3. “The flip of a card” - Jeremy Evans, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Great job reliving the action. Brought the story to life. The sidebar was a nice addition. Tough category.”

Honorable Mention:

“Tears of true champion” - Ryan Hope, Elko Daily Free Press

“Good overall look at a controversial story. Don’t bury the quotes and would have liked quotes from the athletes.”

Best Local Sports Feature

1. “Through the eyes of Corey Rich” - Jeremy Evans, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Wonderful piece of writing. Jeremy is easily the best feature writer in this division. Colorful, compelling storytelling.”

2. “Elko High’s gridiron history” - Martin Harris, Elko Daily Free Press

“A tremendous amount of work, research and reporting went into this series, which captured the essence of Elko football for readers.”

3. “Warriors, Vikings struggling with numbers game” - Steve Yingling and Jeremy Evans, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“The best news feature in the group, these two took a troubling issue facing two programs, added good reporting and produced well-written enterprise.”

Honorable Mention:

“Enduring a road trip” - Steve Ranson, Lahontan Valley News

“An enjoyable first-person account of a dreadfully long team bus trip. Kudos to Steve for agreeing to ride with the team (whew) and giving his readers an account of a typical road trip from the inside.”

Best Local Sports Column

1. Steve Ranson, Lahontan Valley News

“Informative, easy read. Has something to say even on personal columns.”

2. Thomas Ranson, Lahontan Valley News

“Local columns are good, better than his national ones.”

3. Don Eckles, Sparks Tribune

“Has good local appeal.”

Honorable Mention:

Ryan Hope, Elko Daily Free Press

“Soccer column complimented the game story.”

Best Entertainment Writing

1. Dan Thomas, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Nice, tight writing style.”

2. Tim Parsons, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Great research and style. These could be tightened. Typo hurt you.”

3. Cortney Maddock, Sparks Tribune

“You have a nice descriptive voice.”

Critical Writing

1. Dan Thomas, Tahoe Daily Tribune

Best Editorial Writing

1. Josh Johnson, Lahontan Valley News

“Your editorials are direct and to the point. Reader knows where you stand. Editorials take strong, sensible positions.”

2. Paul Dunn, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Stories woven into your editorials work well – give readers all the facts and background to understand your position.”

3. Jeff Mullins, Elko Daily Free Press

“Well written, concise editorials. Expresses an opinion well with facts to back it up.”

Best Editorial Page

Lahontan Valley News

“Good packaging. Good variety on issues. Locally generated content. Perhaps more emphasis to foster more letters?”

Best Overall Design

1. Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Dynamic covers, top-notch center spread design (weekend edition), nicely labeled paper. Really solid photography, good use of color and well-organized.”

2. Lahontan Valley News

“Nice, clean, understated design, highlighted by the paper’s tremendous photography in covering the Fernley flooding.”

3. Elko Daily Free Press

“Nice design and coverage of the campaigns, though the design and typography is dated and inside pages are cluttered and tough to follow.”

Best Page One Design

1. Elko Daily Free Press

“Consistent clean design. Good use of large photos and type-faces to make it interesting to the eye.”

2. Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Nice layout, great photos, loved the creative mastheads with photos.”

3. Sparks Tribune

Best Page Designer(s)

1. Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Enjoyed your work. Clean, crisp designs, great use of typography.”

2. Sam Brown, Elko Daily Free Press

“Clean, crisp, well organized and reader friendly.”

3. Martin Harris, Elko Daily Free Press

Best Special Section (Editorial)

1. “24th Annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering”

Elko Daily Free Press

“Nice variety of stories, very handy guide to this event; everything tied into one very well produced section. I would bet this was pretty popular.”

2. “Mining Quarterly – The Next Big Thing”

Elko Daily Free Press

“A very nice product, pictures are very good quality; good selection of writing on the topic of mining, but a bit overwhelming.”

3. “Boomers and Beyond”

Lahontan Valley News

“Good, tight writing; nicely done; interesting topic that is explored very well.”

Best Information Graphic

1. “The Sierra firefighter” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Nice Photoshop effects used! Clean layout.”

2. “The Sierra bear guy” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Loved the dog photo!”

Best Spot News Photo Coverage

1. “Angora fire” - Dan Thrift, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Great series of photos showing the devastation brought on by wildfires. Great composition in each photo.”

2. “Washoe fire” - Dan Thrift, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Every picture in this group tells a story. Allows readers to see what it’s like in and around a forest fire.”

3. “Buckle up for safety” – Debra Reid, Sparks Tribune

“Well composed photo. Unique perspective.”

Honorable Mention:

“Fire from the sky” - Ross Andréson, Elko Daily Free Press

“Very unique photo catching lightning bolt above a tree fire.”

Best General News Photo

1. “Wells quake” - Ross Andréson, Elko Daily Free Press

“Nicely composed photo using quake damage as a backdrop to a news conference.”

2. “Coming home” - Debra Reid, Sparks Tribune

“Nice emotion shot of young boy greeting his serviceman father.”

3. “Military expands roles of local range” - Steve Ranson, Lahontan Valley News

“Very unique look at military in action. Interesting photo.”

Best Feature Photo

1. “Flying high” - Debra Reid, Sparks Tribune

“A clear winner, thanks to a dramatic sky and the photographer’s great timing. This crop makes a great image even better. A well-deserved first place.”

2. “Sloshing toward recovery” - Kim Lamb, Lahontan Valley News

“This is a photo with a ton of impact and showcases the photographer’s great eye. I actually like the fact there are no people; it gives it an eerie quality that adds to the drama.”

3. “Day one” - Jim Grant, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Normally, emotional stories are told through faces; not in this case. The fact it was shot from behind helps illustrate the uncertainty of what’s ahead, and that’s what make this a top three selection.”

Best Multiple Feature Photos

1. “The will to live” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Outstanding series of photos detailing the harsh reality of a rare medical condition. Series really helps tell the story.”

2. “Desolation wilderness” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Beautiful photography really makes this a nice piece. Overall, very well done.”

3. “Mountain lion prowls keys” - Dan Thrift, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Interesting photo series. Something you don’t see every day.”

Best Portrait

1. “The will to live/deep cavity” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“A stark and in-your-face look at the reality of Tanya Gludau, told through dramatic lighting and terrific composition.”

2. “Isolation in desolation” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Good, soft lighting and a profile perspective make this a top photo. And it shows the expansive environment of Keith’s Dome.”

3. “The will to live/Lake Tahoe” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Completely different from the other winning portrait of Gludau, yet equally as eye-catching. Once again, great use of light.”

Best Illustrated Photo

1. “Kirkwood” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Awesome - flawless design, great job!”

2. “Domestic violence” - Kim Lamb, Lahontan Valley News

“Great illustration, ghostly face really adds a dramatic effect to the photo.”

3. “Bullying” - Dan Thrift, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Really brings feeling to the story – great job capturing that.”

Honorable Mention:

“Halloween” - Jonah M. Kessel, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Creepy and creative – great job with text layering.”

Best Sports Photo

1. “Spring has sprung” - Dan Thrift, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Great color, action, and emotion make this photo an excellent shot.”

2. “Smith reaches rarified air” - Jim Grant, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Nice shot, the color, hair and action make this photo great.”

3. “Grizz ace stymies cougars” - Debra Reid, Sparks Tribune

“Excellent action shot. I love the action and the dirt flying.”

Best Large-space Ad Prepared by a Newspaper

1. “We have the people” - Staff, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Good use of fonts and artwork”

2. “Your link to distinctive properties” - John Simon, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Nice layout, nice color, bolder font could have been used as type gets washed out and lost, then hard to read.”

3. “Friday night @ Montbleu - John Simon, Tahoe Daily Tribune

Best Black and White Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Fabulous Christmas gifts” - John Simon, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Nice photo and graphics to pull you in.”

2. “50% off” - John Simon, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Reverse ad makes it very eye appealing.”

Best Multi-color Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Hot cha cha” - John Simon, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Unique design with great use of multiple colors. An absolute fresh idea.”

2. “Tulip” - Loretta Shirley, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“The purple is strong and the yellow is a fine compliment.”

3. “Sidestreet boutique” - Keigh Marusor, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“The headline is strong, but the color is what makes the ad great.”

Best Special Section (Advertising)

1. “Travel Lake Tahoe”

Michelle Morton, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Appealing cover. Great photos. Unique colors. Good information. Nice ads.”

2. “Discover Sparks”

Sparks Tribune

“Great cover and photo. Good ideas. Good layout.”

3. “Tahoe Ski & Board”

Michelle Morton, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Beautiful cover. Good information. Good color.”

Best In-House Advertising Promotion for Circulation, Advertising or Editorial

1. “The Angora Fire Book”

Staff, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Photos used in the ad are amazing – they show the readers why they should order today. Great promotion!”

2. “American Century Championship”

Staff, Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Really shows advertisers what they will get – nice details.”

Advertising General Excellence

1. Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Very deserving of first place. Ads throughout the paper are well designed, original and eye-catching. Great job!”

2. Sparks Tribune

“Some very nice half-page – full-page ads, smaller ads need updating.”

Best Newspaper Web Site

1. Elko Daily Free Press


General Excellence

1. The Record-Courier

“Overall the best traditional newspaper. Great cover design, more news than many others, strong photos, and editorial, nice ad volume and design.”

2. In Business Las Vegas

“I have trouble with a specialty publication winning in general excellence. But, this is a well designed, edited and marketed publication with many non-business sections to attract the builder, sports fan and food fanatic. It had to get the number two spot.”

3. Fallon Star Press

“Best front page but it falls short inside. Allow more room for non-advertising space, wonderful photos, well-written headlines. No editorial and too much commentary from purchased national columnists. Get more local on your opinion page.”

Journalist of Merit, Medium Weekly Newspapers

Kevin MacMillan, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Kevin’s stories grabbed my attention and held it throughout. He was very thorough in his work. I was extremely impressed with the variety of subjects he displays expertise in. He brought stories to life for readers.”

Community Service

1. “Ready for disaster” - North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Well-written, very informative and useful, and some great graphics helped elevate this series. Thanks to reporter Tom Meyer, many more people are prepared for a potential disaster.”

2. “Red means stop” - Henderson Home News

“Very unique campaign for a newspaper. Smart planning, interesting story angles, informative breakouts…very good staff-wide coordination on this project.”

3. “Red, white and Tahoe blue” - North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Great community event was hatched during a newspaper-led forum. What a tremendous sense of pride for the Bonanza staff.”

Best Spot News Story

1. “Judge upholds election results” - Bob Challinor, Desert Valley News

“Writer nails it concisely. Well-written story on judge’s decision. Covers all the angles.”

2. “Pahrump picked for fed center” - Mark Waite, Pahrump Valley Times

“Big breaking story covered well. Good job!”

3. “Plea deal in McCay slaying” - Jeff Pope, Henderson Home News

“Third place bodes well in a category with many entries.”

Best Feature Story

“Lots of really good stories, hard to choose.”

1. “Bundy clan’s roots” - David Bly, Desert Valley Times

“Delightful read!”

2. “Close-knit group” - Beth Dickman, Henderson Home News

“Unique subject, well-written.”

3. “Lessons of fatherhood” - Becky Bosshart and Tim Mullin, Henderson Home News

“Wonderful tribute to fathers – interesting to read, which was wonderful because it would have been easy to fall into clichés.”

Honorable Mention:

“Slide Mountain hand crew” – Kyle Magin, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Interesting, well-written. (Lucky you have such great photographers too.)”

Best Business Coverage

1. In Business Las Vegas

“In Business knows business, hence the clever name. If something is happening that has to do with the local economy, this paper’s got it covered.”

2. Las Vegas Business Press

“Connects local issues to national economic trends.”

3. Henderson Home News

“Lots of front page business headlines. Thorough community business coverage.”

Best Business News Story

1. “Village Square tenants fight back” - Mark Hansel, In Business Las Vegas

“Great story. Mark Hansel drew a clear picture of what’s going on in Village Square. Broken promises, potential fraud and lawsuits came together to make an all-encompassing news story.”

2. “A gritty side of Las Vegas Sands” - Matt Ward, Las Vegas Business Press

“Ward went beyond expectations – all the way to Hong Kong – to write this investigative business piece. Great work.”

3. “Valley Electric tacks on fees” - Mark Waite, Pahrump Valley Times

“Waite conveys exactly how the fee hike will affect residents. Great story structure.”

Honorable Mention:

“Painters protest Pete King Nevada” - Nicole Lucht, In Business Las Vegas

“There was stiff competition, but this story stands out because of emotion and sources.”

Best Business Feature Story

1. “Burned hands $10,000 reward” - Mark Waite, Pahrump Valley Times

“A good news story that tells the inside problems of a specific business. Good research and tight writing.”

2. “Franchise frenzy” - Valerie Miller, Las Vegas Business Press

“The trials, lost dreams and fears of an expanded business owner. Well-written, good quotes and simply interesting reading.”

3. “Mompreneurs” – Nicole Lucht, In Business Las Vegas

“Really interesting. A bit of insight sure to be quoted in years to come. Good research and nicely tuned writing.”

Honorable Mention:

“Rainbow looking pink” - Beck Dickman, Henderson Home News

“I can’t help myself, I just liked this story – the conflict, the passion, the possible outcome. Well done.”

Best Explanatory Journalism

1. “Beach access” - Andrew Pridgen, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Great example of explanatory journalism, which included a historical sidebar and a look ahead to possible resolutions.”

2. “Zoning” - Mark Waite, Pahrump Valley Times

“Good issue that affects the entire community, and the reporter showed a deep knowledge of the details which helped make this an informative piece.”

3. “Family income” - Jeff Pope, Henderson Home News

“Jeff did a nice job taking stats and a survey and explaining to readers what they mean.”

Best News Feature Story

1. “In four years, DUIs increase 63 percent” - Kyle Magin, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“This is newsworthy of being a feature. Up 63 percent! Parents should be concerned. So should everybody else. Lots of points of entry. Good reporting. Nice graphics. A sure winner.”

2. “The killer next door” - Sheila Gardner, The Record-Courier

“Really two stories in one; lived in the valley 24 years – and agrees to return to Colorado. The first paints a picture of the ‘guy next door’ and the second of his earlier crimes. Both are excellently written and seem to jump right out of last night’s television fantasy programming. Great details and lots of color.”

3. “Vandals keeping BLM officials busy” – Jeff Pope, Henderson Home News

“This gem was almost buried at the bottom of the front page. A great story – cleanly written – about the removal of cultural artifact from the Red Rock Canyon. Not only a good feature, it is also an excellent warning to the paper’s readers to be ‘on the watch’ for further crime.”

Honorable Mention:

“Dogs of Gabbs” - Sheila Gardner, The Record Courier

“Everybody has compassion for animals, and this story about 140 dogs brought out of the desert for adoption touches the heart. Neat lead. Lots of good entry points with listings, exceptional photos and an additional story on one of the recently adopted dogs, Buddy. Heartwarming and satisfying feature.”

Best Investigative or In-depth Story or Series

1. “Traffic stop turns violent – plus folos” - Dave Clark, Henderson Home News

“Good job rooting out sources in the folo stories. That’s what elevated the series. One of the most difficult stories to do is challenging the police version of the facts.”

2. “Web of deceit ensnared Southwest” - Matt Ward, Las Vegas Business Press

“Complicated topic with many players. Good digging.”

3. “Bear’s death highlights problem” - Kevin MacMillan and Tanya Canino, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

Honorable Mention:

“Where there’s smoke there’s trouble” - Valerie Miller, Las Vegas Business Press

Best Local Column

1. Tanya Canino, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Great column ideas! I loved all four of your interesting columns. They all had humor to keep the reader interested. The word play was fantastic.”

2. Stephanie Tavares, In Business Las Vegas

Great leads! You can captivate an audience fast. I loved the bear column! Keep up the good work.”

3. David Bly, Desert Valley Times

“Good column ideas. You took an idea and made it more interesting with your great comparisons.”

Local Non-Staff Column

1. Judy Miller Gerard, Henderson Home News

“Well-written, straight-forward and easy to comprehend. Contains helpful information for all ages.”

2. Jon Ralston, In Business Las Vegas

“Excellent writer, but the subject is too dry. Nevertheless, the column is reasonably entertaining.”

3. Ryan McGinness, Fallon Star Press

“Manages to take facts, figures and politics and produce an entertaining non-biased column”.

Honorable Mention:

Margaret Caldwell, Desert Valley Times

“Delightful bits of history with a personal view.”

Best Local Sports Story

1. “Defensive stand clinches victory in wild shootout” - Bob Snell, Desert Valley Times

“Great description of a very exciting contest. It made me wish I had been there to see the game. Well done!”

2. “End of the drought” - Brent Hinckley, Henderson Home News

“Well presented. Good use of quotes. An enjoyable read.”

3. “Gorman comes out on top” - Christopher Drexel, Henderson Home News

“Great storyline with lots of quotes made this a pleasure to read.”

Honorable Mention:

“Gorman soccer coach leaves legacy” - Sean Ammerman, Henderson Home News

“Nice reporting on a tragic story. A nice tribute.”

Best Local Sports Feature

1. “It’s playoff time” - Joey Crandall, The Record-Courier

“Great description of practice sets up the whole story nicely. Good quotes from coach help cap it off.”

2. “Coaches confident turnaround is imminent” - Kevin MacMillan, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Unique angle, nice lead for a football preview.”

3. “Blazing the trails” - Christopher Drexel, Henderson Home News

“A one-of-a-kind athlete, making for an enjoyable read.”

Best Local Sports Column

1. Don McDermott, Pahrump Valley Times

“Asks good questions in a civil manner. Makes his point.”

2. Kevin MacMillan, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Very easy read. When personalizes makes it relevant.”

3. Joey Crandall, The Record Courier

“Creates a situation where it seems like the reader is in the conversation.”

Best Entertainment Writing

1. Kirk Baird, Henderson Home News

“Engaging topics, well-written leads and good sourcing.”

Best Editorial Writing

1. Matt Hufman, In Business Las Vegas

“Catchy opening paragraphs. Good use of quotes to make his point. The editorials leave no question on where the writer stands.”

2. Steve Green, Henderson Home News

“Good editorials overall. Liked use of bullet points to provide facts in editorials.”

3. Jean Reid Norman, Henderson Home News

“Good editorials but not quite the same ‘pizzazz’ as the top two winners.”

Honorable Mention

Kurt Hildebrand, The Record Courier

“Editorials are good but need a stronger finish in second and third example.”

Best Editorial Page

1. The Record-Courier

“All the entries in this category had good, meaty pages. Your clean design and crisp editorial writing put your paper in first place.”

2. North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“I like the mix of elements on this page. Get to your editorial stance more quickly. Nice overall layout.”

3. Henderson Home News

“Good editorial and various elements. I would mix up the layout a little. Try breaking up the copy with some brackets.”

Best Overall Design

1. Henderson Home News

“Above average photography, well-packaged sections, and a little creativity thrown in make this the best in the division.”

2. In Business Las Vegas

“The most contemporary design and fonts in the division. Sharp graphics, data lists are easy to read and follow.”

3. Pahrump Valley Times

“Though one of the primary fonts is a little thin and tough to read, this paper shows it understands good basic design and uses breakout information exceptionally well.”

Best Page One Design

1. The Record-Courier

“Nice visual appeal. Dominant photos show personality. Nice inside and outside bar – very well organized. Great job!”

2. Henderson Home News

“Awesome headline hierarchy and dominant photo! Nice use of teasers at top – be sure the photo is not facing off the page.”

3. Fallon Star Press

“Great wood duck package! Headlines on lead stories could be bigger. Teasers at the top are nice. Campaign package was put together well. Good job.”

Best Page Designer(s)

1. C.J. Drago, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Creative use of photos and breaks make for eye-appealing pages. Great use of color.”

2. Josh Primack, Henderson Home News

“Attractive use of photos and headlines makes for clean, concise pages.”

3. Joey Crandall, The Record-Courier

“Nice combination of photos and graphics. Excellent use of white space.”

Honorable Mention:

Jason Scavone, Henderson Home News

“Clean, crisp pages with nice photos and graphic elements.”

Best Special Section (Editorial)

1. “2007 Carson Valley Almanac”

The Record-Courier

“The must-have guide for the area; a day in the life stories and photos really make this a special issue; very well-planned and produced.”

2. “2008 North Shore Almanac/50 things you need to know”

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Wow, great idea; extremely well put together guide, very informative. I liked the advertiser index in the back.”

3. “2007 Southern Nevada Football”

Henderson Home News

“What could have been an ordinary sports preview is a very impressive product. Photos really made this issue stand out. Writing gets to the point quickly.”

Best Information Graphic

1. “US 395 in 2030” - Kurt Hildebrand, The Record-Courier

“Clean and informative layout.”

2. “How to caucus” - Kurt Hildebrand, The Record-Courier

3. “Tee it up!” - Lauren Shearer, Tahoe World

“Simple but informative. I liked the club/ball art!”

Honorable Mention:

“Northern 4A schools” - Joey Crandall, The Record-Courier

Best Illustration

1. “Enough to feed an army” - Alex Raffi, Henderson Home News

“Who can’t relate to this illustration, either from some past Thanksgiving or a time you wanted everything to be perfect without stress. Great work.”

2. “Mompreneurs” - Chris Morris, In Business Las Vegas

“Clean, neatly drawn. I would have liked more detail representing ‘business ownership’ and not just a female ‘business professional.”

Best Spot News Photo Coverage

1. “Two die in structure fire” - Horace Langford, Jr., Pahrump Valley Times

“Good spot news photo showing rescue efforts of a fire victim. Nicely composed photo.”

2. “Digging through rubble” - Mona Shield Payne, Henderson Home News

“Unusual setup makes for a great photo. Nice, tight cropping adds to appeal.”

3. “Car goes over edge” - Carrie Richards, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Nicely executed series of photos. The photo itself tells a lot of the story.”

Honorable Mention:

“Fire leaves family bereft” - Horace Langford, Jr., Pahrump Valley Times

“Nice photo showing lots of emotion.”

Best General News Photo

1. “We’re ready for it” - Mona Shield Payne, Henderson Home News

“Photographer captured the moving expressions on the faces of the daughter and her dad perfectly.”

2. “Technically perfect” - Heather Cory, Henderson Home News

“A very close second. Another perfect shot of what could have been a mundane shot a few seconds earlier or later.”

3. “Woman buried…” - Jerel Harris, Henderson Home News

“Touching photo that helps draw readers into the story.”

Honorable Mention:

“Clinton and Tahoe can be an example” - Jen Schmidt, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Photo quality not the best but it’s the sunlight that makes this an award-winner.”

Best Feature Photo

1. “Pahrump Valley Winery” - Cary Edmondson, Henderson Home News

“I look at this picture and I can feel the environment, and I can smell the wine. Why? Great use of light and fantastic composition. A flash would have destroyed this picture. Thanks for not using it.”

2. “Class of 2020” - Carrie Richards, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“You can’t look at this photo and not smile. There’s a clear entry point/focus thanks to good framing/crop, and I love the paper graduation caps! Great shot.”

3. “4th of July fireworks” - Jen Schmidt, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“A photo that jumps off the page. Adding a grounded element to this shot keeps it from being just another cliché fireworks picture.”

Multiple Feature Photo

1. “Great Reno Balloon Race” - Carrie Richards, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“Very, very nice, excellent use of different angles, cropping, composition.”

2. “After the burn” - Ryan Salm, Tahoe World

“Some difficult shots that look great; good variety; nice angles, composition.”

3. “In vino veritas” - Cary Edmondson, Henderson Home News

“Good work; nice angles; some difficult low-light shots that look good.”

Honorable Mention:

“The Xenophobes” - Shannon Litz, The Record-Courier

“Good emotions, action; nice tight cropping.”

Best Portrait

1. “Reagan the missing pup” - Shannon Litz, The Record-Courier

“A simple, classic portrait that tells the story perfectly. Good lighting, clean background and a good crop make this the winner. Love the shot.”

2. “Soothing music” - Brittany Duncan, Desert Valley Times

“It’s not a true portrait, but its close, and a great shot. Tight, but not too tight, with all the elements nicely framed.”

3. “Bound for nationals” - Shannon Litz, The Record-Courier

“The subjects fill the frame and it’s a good exposure in what appears to be a difficult lighting situation. And I love the in-your-face aspect of Doc the horse.”

Best Illustrated Photo

1. “Tahoe chefs” - Paul Raymore, Lauren Shearer, Emma Garpard and Ryan Salm, Tahoe World

“Great job! Creative and original, clean composition. Very deserving of first place.”

2. “Scrabble” - Jason Scavone and Jummel Hidrosallo, Henderson Home News

“Nice photo, smooth design, worked well in layout.”

3. “Piece together winning formula” - Shannon Litz, The Record-Courier

“Creative idea to use a lot of local athletes – nice job!”

Best Sports Photo

1. “2007 Reno River Festival” - Keith Sheffield, Tahoe World

“Outstanding photo. The angle is perfect - the water is stopped yet you still get the illusion of movement from the photo. Great job!”

2. “McCullough mayhem” - Horace Langford, Jr., Pahrump Valley Times

“Photo captured at the perfect time. The bulls and cowboys legs match perfectly. Great job capturing that. Almost a first place photo – tough category.”

3. “She’s safe!” - Bob Challinor, Desert Valley Times

“Action-packed photo with the dust, the ball and the facial expression. Good job.”

Honorable Mention:

“Breakaway win” - Shanon Litz, The Record-Courier

“Nice movement. You have captured a moment that makes you feel the ‘excitement.’ Very tough category to judge.”

Large-space Ad Prepared by a Newspaper

1. “Summer special” - Manuel Duran, Desert Valley Times

2. “Thank you – loyal clientele” - Lauren Shearer, Tahoe World

“Great choice of background art and color use – nice fresh layout.”

3. “Pahrump Fall Festival” - Heather Adams, Pahrump Valley Times

“Nice, clean layout.”

Best Black and White Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Early Bird Special” - Audria Ruscitti, Henderson Home News

“Nice use of space, good graphics, nice appeal.”

2. “Third Thursday” - Audria Ruscitti, Henderson Home News

“Nice layout. Attention getter.”

3. “Lee’s Tavern” - Manuel Duran, Desert Valley Times

“Good graphics.”

Honorable Mention:

“Cyber-Cup Café” - Jessica Beaudoin, Pahrump Valley Times

“Nice graphics, nice layout.”

Best Spot-color Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Uncorked” - Lauren Shearer, Tahoe World

“The red wine bottle with the reverse type really makes this ad stand out. The fonts are youthful and the information laid out simply, yet catchy.”

2. “Robert Gregory” - Audria Ruscitti, Henderson Home News

“The font and pink color of the word ‘sexy’ would make any reader look twice. I like the creative descriptions of the furniture.”

3. “Chambers Landing Bar” - Lauren Shearer, Tahoe World

“Great use of color to accentuate the vintage look. I love the old photo.”

Best Multi-Color Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Odyssey” - Audria Ruscitti, Henderson Home News

“Great choice of products with unique colors. Simple but yet great-looking ad.”

2. “Southwest Spirit” - Manuel Duran, Desert Valley Times

“Great bright colors throughout the ad. Makes me think summer which makes me want sandals.”

3. “Summer Solfest” - Lauren Shearer, Tahoe World

“Bright yellow and the calm blues make a great connection in this ad.”

Best Special Section (Advertising)

1. “2007 Business Profiles”

In Business Las Vegas

“Beautiful magazine. Very professional. Great photos, great ads. Beautiful color. Highest quality. Very informative.”

2. “2007 Carson Valley Almanac”

The Record Courier

“Great cover. Great color. Full of information. Great photos and ads. Great magazine.”

3. “Truckee 2008-09 Visitor Guide”

Tahoe World

“Beautiful cover and beautiful photos. Good info. Good ads.”

Honorable Mention:

“Tahoe Summer”

Tahoe World

“Great magazine. Fresh ideas. A lot of good information. Good ads.

Best in-House Advertising Promotion for Circulation, Advertising or Editorial

1. “Tahoe Summer Promo” - Keith Sheffield, Tahoe World

“Great use of photo and creative copy makes me want your summer guide.”

2. “Chow” - Lauren Shearer, Tahoe World

“I love the Chow logo at the top; the entire ad is eye-caching – great job!

3. “High School Football Preview” - Lori Rester, Henderson Home News

“Nice layout, great headline placement.”

Advertising General Excellence

1. Henderson Home News

“Page after page of great ads! Nice headlines, eye-catching design – even classified pages original. Nice job!”

2. Tahoe World

“Great advertising throughout – nice use of color and some very creative ads.”

3. Fallon Star Press

“Some great ads in there – tough category.”

Best Newspaper Web Site

1. The Record-Courier


General Excellence

1. Boulder City News

“Strong reporting and visual impact give this newspaper a breadth of coverage not often seen in communities this size. Excellent newspaper!”

2. Battle Mountain Bugle

“Excellent range of local news and names and faces. Strong photography.”

3. Ely Times

“Strong local reporting, good effort to package lots of information on the front page. A good newspaper.”

Honorable Mention:

The Humboldt Sun

“Remarkable spectrum of local faces is a hallmark of this good local newspaper.”

Journalist of Merit, Small Weekly Newspapers

Cassie Tomlin, Boulder City News

“For someone new to the field, Cassie shows she has her Boulder City beat completely covered, with an array of well-written stories from every aspect of news reporting. Cassie delivers very informed content on a wide variety of issues and can switch comfortably between straight news leads and anecdotal news features. What an asset to have a versatile reporter like Cassie in the newsroom of a small weekly.”

Community Service

1. “USFS Santa Rosa Ranger District” - The Humboldt Sun

“Wonderful initiative by staffer Heather Gula resulted in a very informative, reader-friendly series.”

2. “Cost of combat” - Boulder City News

“A lot of work went into this touching tribute. Boulder City staff made a lot of military families proud with this package.”

Best Spot News Story

1. “School, homes evacuated following gas leak” - Heather Gula, The Humboldt Sun

“Reporter captures scope of what happened, as well as reaction of those working on leak.”

2. “Explosion provides shower of spare cash” - Cassie Tomlin, Boulder City News

“Concise, well-written news story. Captures uniqueness of what happened.”

3. “Flames damage McElroy home” - Bob McLaughlin, Tonopah Times-Bonanza & Goldfield News

“Good reporting. Good writing. Good use of quotes in story.”

Best Feature Story

1. “Yacht club…” - Cassie Tomlin, Boulder City News

“Solid writing, incorporated details from individuals nicely, good background.”

2. “Top rock expert…” - Janice Hoke, Comstock Chronicle

“Interesting subject, informative.”

3. “Drug court stuff” - Forest Newton, The Humboldt Sun

“Solid coverage of important program – solid writing.”

Best Business News Story

1. “City not worried about solar plant’s other woes” - Kate S. Alexander, Boulder City News

“Good details. Stock is down, questions of fraud, SEC involvement. Alexander covered every angle.”

2. “City ‘allows’ Limon paint job to remain” - Howard Copelan, High Desert Advocate

“Painting is illegal now? Great coverage. Headline should read, ‘Mayor tries running one of few local businesses out of business.’ Copelan points out how city impedes economic development in is coverage. Poor punctuation usage, but great story.”

3. “Midway eyes ‘bonanza system’” - B.L. McLaughlin, Tonopah Times-Bonanza & Goldfield News

“Thorough coverage of a complex situation/topic. Lead needs work, sentences too long throughout. Important community story.”

Best Business Feature Story

1. “Midway eyes ‘bonanza system’” - B.L. McLaughlin, Tonopah Times-Bonanza & Goldfield News

“Good detail – water issues, end product, why small company?”

2. “Young Frenchman makes custom hats from the Old West” - Janice Hoke, Comstock Chronicle

“Good story for any parent or student that a path to a career may have many turns – explains a unique product.”

3. “Geothermal project moving forward” - Heather Gula, The Humboldt Sun

“Needs break – headlines to keep reader interested.”

Best Explanatory Journalism

1. “You’ve been arrested” - Forrest Newton, Battle Mountain Bugle

“Far and away the leader in this category. Very in-depth series on the ‘law and order’ process.”

2. “Fire prevention” - Angela Mann, Comstock Chronicle

“Good combo of stories (past and present) and fire tips.”

3. “West bracing for water supply cut” - Dave Clark, Boulder City News

“Good story on lake’s water level, the drought and the impact.”

Best News Feature Story

1. “Conforte ‘visit’ Mustang reopening” - Angela Mann, Comstock Chronicle

“A nationally-known landmark takes on a new owner. The former owner shares memories of an earlier era. Like the lead says, ‘it was a reunion of the old and the new’ about a place most of us would never visit but all would like to know more about. Nice, long, detailed story. Great feature box of important historic dates. Good variety of ‘reopening’ pictures.”

2. “Eastley invited in, ushered out” - Mark Smith and Mark Waite, Tonopah Times-Bonanza & Goldfield News

“This one stands on the topic and writing alone. An interesting story about who can and who cannot join the club. Factual, but more important, fun to read. Isn’t that what a news feature is supposed to be?”

3. “Sending a message” - Forest Newton, The Humboldt Sun

“Almost overwhelming, this piece on Domestic Violence Awareness Week, two lead stories, quotes from community leaders, a list of the warning signs of abuse and that’s just on the first page. Descriptive, it captures the emotion of an entire community.”

Best Investigative or In-depth Story or Series

1. “War taking a toll” - Joan Patterson, Nicole Feneberg Lucht, Boulder City News

“Comprehensive look at Iraqi war toll with first-person stories and capsules of those who died.”

2. “Ownership dispute” - Rudy Herndon, The Humboldt Sun

“Informative story about brand transfers and the law.”

3. “ACLU, seeks national healthcare standards for Ely Prison” - John Plestina, Ely Times

“OK story but more first-person interviews would have helped.”

Best Local Column

1. Morris Workman, Mesquite Local News

“Awesome story ideas! I think I might have to start showering more. Your sense of humor gives your column interesting personality and gives the pieces good flow.”

2. J. Carmen Kofoed, The Humboldt Sun

“You have great topics. You seem to try and add a creative touch to each piece. Keep it up!”

3. David Gouger, The Humboldt Sun

“Creative name. Your sense of humor keeps the reader interested. However, your column on the vacation…I wanted to hear more about your vacation.”

Best Local Non-staff Column

1. Bill Erin, Boulder City News

“His passion for his town is conveyed through his columns. His writing grabs the reader and it feels as though you’re sitting on a porch with him.”

2. Dennis Cassinelli, Comstock Chronicle

“Very informative, although a bit dry. The material could be much more engaging if written differently. It’s clear he has a love for the area and the history, but it’s hard to feel that same excitement.”

Best Local Sports Story

1. “Dixie JV slaps varsity Bulldogs in the mouth” - Morris Workman, Mesquite Local News

“Fun account of the unpredictability of high school football. Enjoyed the writing style.”

2. “Mucker ‘D’-rails Carlin Express” - Don McDermott, Tonopah Times-Bonanza & Goldfield News

“Great account of a small-school football team’s success. Nicely done!”

3. “Hafen a hero in 42-24 playoff win” - Morris Workman, Mesquite Local News

“Nice story keying on an obviously very talented athlete.”

Honorable Mention:

“Anemia puts Craddock’s career on hold” - Brent Hinckley, Boulder City News

“Interesting story about a young athlete battling illness. Nice use of quotes.”

Best Local Sports Feature

1. “Local boxer battles for Junior Olympics spot” - Morris Workman, Mesquite Local News

“A great story line told extremely well by Morris, who uses sentence structure for impact and tone. His descriptive style and seamless flow bring you into the story and keep you there.”

2. “One for grandpa” - Tony Erquiaga, The Humboldt Sun

“A touching story with nice quotes.”

3. “Carving the canyon” - Brent Hinckley, Boulder City News

“Nice mix of news story and feature. Brent captures the passion of this trail master.”

Best Local Sports Column

1. Brent Hinckley, Boulder City News

“Does a nice job giving a local focus, then expanding on it.”

2. John Plestina, Ely Times

“Gives an in-depth history of education, much more than rambling opinion.”

3. Morris Workman, Mesquite Local News

“More of a series – local appeal”

Best Entertainment Writing

1. J. Carmen Kofoed, The Humboldt Sun

Best Editorial Writing

1. Jean Reid Norman, Boulder City News

“I like that all three editorials are focused on local issues. Your editorials state the problem, provide the background and offer an opinion. Good job!”

2. Kent Harper, Ely Times

“No question about where your editorials stand on the issue. Direct and unbiased in taking a position.”

3. Howard Copelan, High Desert Advocate

“Well-written editorials with perspective and context.”

Best Editorial Page

1. Boulder City News

“Nice layout although serif headline fonts aren’t my favorite. But you write real editorials, not columns. But you could get to the point quicker in some of them.”

2. Battle Mountain Bugle

“Nice layout and elements – guest column, cartoons, etc. You should work on writing a designated editorial.”

3. Tonopah Times – Bonanza and Goldfield News

“Nice layout. I like the use of photos on the editorial page, but I would lose the classifieds and obits and write an editorial, not just columns.”

Best Overall Design

1. Boulder City News

“Easily the best design in the division. Good use of photos, well-organized, easy to follow…overall an enjoyable read thanks to an uncluttered design.”

2. Tonopah Times-Bonanza & Goldfield News

“Proves you don’t have to be a large paper to be well-designed. Strong above-the-fold, good use of white space, nice packaging/labeling. Clean, simple makes this design work well.”

3. Battle Mountain Bugle

“Did a nice job of presenting its special content (graduates, election, Veterans Day) by being creative with its cover.”

Best Page One Design

1. Boulder City News

2. The Humboldt Sun

3. Comstock Chronicle

Best Page Designer(s)

1. Josh Primack, Boulder City News

“Nice big photos and headlines make for attractive pages; line breaks help separate stories. Very nice!”

2. Craig Peterson, Boulder City News

“Liked everything about these pages. Clean, easy to navigate and just enough color to give a nice look. A very close to first finish.”

3. Angela Mann, Comstock Chronicle

“Lots of photos dropped around the pages make for a unique look.”

Best Special Section (Editorial)

1. “Damboree 2007”

Boulder City News

“Nice consistency with the fireworks. The mayor did a great job opening the section. The pictures really gave the section personality. Great job!”

2. “101 things to do in Northern Nevada”

The Humboldt Sun

“I liked all of the information! The sidebars were great! Splitting the section up by county is a good way to organize the section. The cover could use some life.”

3. “Mining 2007”

Battle Mountain Bugle

“The variety of stories makes this section come alive. Interesting ideas! The cover could have had a less posed picture. Nice job.”

Best Illustration

1. “2007 Scariest Halloween costume” - Morris Workman, Mesquite Local News

“This was a close category. I had to go with this one because it made me laugh the moment I saw it. Rough, overdrawn, but truly wonderful.”

2. “Flying solo” - Alex Raffi, Henderson Home News

“Good drawing that tells the story. The hearts may have taken away from the real illustration that was below the fold rather than featured.”

Best Spot News Photo Coverage

1. “Suicide arson” - Francie Aufdemorte, Betty Ghigia and Howard Copelan, High Desert Advocate

“The clear winner. Photo clearly shows the devastation and emotion of such an event.”

2. “Flood” - Richard Booth, Betty Aleck and Patrick Abanathy, Fernley Leader

“This series does a good job of showing a range of ways the public stepped up to help.”

3. “Playing through” - B. Ellestad, Mesquite Local News

“Yea! Looks like the photographer was at the right place at the right time to get this shot.”

Best General News Photo

1. “By the light…” - Patrick Abanathy, Mason Valley News

“A winner in just about any category. Nice contrast between flames and people.”

2. “Soldier laid to rest” - Mona Shield Payne, Boulder City News

“Nice composition – can see all six pallbearers and their expressions.”

3. “Winter wonderland” - Michael Michaelsen, The Humboldt Sun

“Nice picture of kid in snow. Too bad snow stopped when the picture was taken.”

Honorable Mention:

“Welcome home” - Michael Michaelsen, Battle Mountain Bugle

“Nice picture of welcome home kiss, but somewhat standard.”

Best Feature Photo

1. “Battle makes a splash” - Cary Edmonson, Boulder City News

“Love it! It’s got a playful, entertaining feel and is technically sound. Great photography should make you feel something – and this does.”

2. “Ahead by a nose” - Mona Shield Payne, Boulder City News

“Good all the way around; timing, composition, depth of field and crop. And it was the right dog for this photo.”

3. “Perfect precision” - Heather Cory, Boulder City News

“The photographer was at the right vantage point to make this an interesting photo, which she did by using depth of field to perfection.”

Honorable Mention:

“Full tummies” - Betty Aleck, Fernley Leader

“Tough to go wrong with babies! The oversized plate and fork give an otherwise boring picture a lift.”

Best Multiple Feature Photos

1. “Bottle makes a splash” - Cary Edmondson, Boulder City News

“Good quality photos, nice crops and presentation on page. Reflects some thought and planning.”

2. “Celebrity Fourth of July” - Angela Mann, Comstock Chronicle

“Nice color pix and presentation. A good variety.”

3. “Welcome home” - Michael Michaelsen, The Humboldt Sun

“Captures essence of the troops coming home – the joy and happiness.”

Best Portrait

1. “Zach Nolan, self portrait” - Michael Michaelsen, The Humboldt Sun

“A cool picture that use good lighting to give it punch.”

2. “Dixie Potter” - Mona Shield Payne, Boulder City News

“Nice perspective/rule of thirds.”

Best Illustrated Photo

1. “Shooting the West” - Michael Michaelsen, The Humboldt Sun

“Great photo - capturing the reflective image so impressive. Nice job!”

2. “Tradition” - Patrick Abanathy, Mason Valley News

“Unique composition – showcases the basket, nice job.”

Best Sports Photo

1. “Gridiron heating up” - Mona Shield Payne, Boulder City News

“Great shot. The facial expressions captured are great - makes this shot stand out from the rest.”

2. “Wrestlers” - Tony Erquiaga, The Humboldt Sun

“Captured at just the right time, giving movement to the picture. Interesting angles created.”

3. “Using the left” - Patrick Abanathy, Fernley Leader

“Nice, clear, crisp photo. Good job getting the faces of both players.”

Honorable Mention:

“Making the catch” - Keith Trout, Mason Valley News

“Nice photo – good action on the defender – would have liked it a split second earlier – right before both hands were on the ball.”

Best Large-space Ad Prepared by a Newspaper

1. “Dyson & Dyson Real Estate” - Donna O’Callaghan, Boulder City News

2. “Whole House Water Treatment” - Lori Rester, Boulder City News

“Lots of information – nicely packaged. Should have held reverse black phone number box in from touching border to keep from looking like ad ended there or else put it at very bottom of ad.”

3. “R.B. Stone” - Cindi Delaney, Mesquite Local News

Honorable Mention:

“First Annual Winter Fest” - Heather Gula and Linda DeRoest, Battle Mountain Bugle

Best Black and White Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “The Bull Stops Here” - Ellen Aker and Terri Chism, The Humboldt Sun

“Great title/heading. Good graphics. Appealing.”

2. “Sidewalk Sale” - Ellen Aker and Terri Chism, The Humboldt Sun

“Nice layout. Good graphics.”

3. “Join us in our sports bar” - Shelly Gerhard and Dawn Christiansen, The Humboldt Sun

“Nice border – graphics draw you into ad.”

Honorable Mention:

“Call Pat Clark” - Paul Huntsberry, Boulder City News

“Nice graphics.”

Best Spot-color Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Johnny Mac’s” - Paul Huntsberry, Boulder City News

“Great use of the different shades of green. Very eye friendly with an excellent use of white space. Nice layout and fonts.”

2. “Mountain Family RV” - Heather Gula, The Battle Mountain Bugle

“Excellent use of the green color with the rounded fonts. Layout takes you through the entire ad.”

3. “2000 Sofa Factory” - Sandy Vong and Paul Huntsberry, Boulder City News

“I love the border. Very catchy.”

Best Multi-color Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Brighton Collectibles” - Paul Huntsberry, Boulder City News

“Amazing use of colors. Fresh layout and design. Lots of information, but the layout keeps you reading.”

2. “All creatures” - Jill Thacker and Dawn Christiansen, Nevada Rancher

“A western look with a creative and comical edge.”

3. “Grand opening – Aar Motorcycles” - Shelly Gerhard and Rosalind Ellifritz, The Humboldt Sun

“Catchy action scene with great red headline and wording.”

Best Special Section (Advertising)

1. “101 Things to do in Northern Nevada”

The Humboldt Sun

“Very nice layout, great graphics and photos. Very inviting. Good ideas. Great color.”

2. “Winnemucca Nevada”

The Humboldt Sun

“Great layout. Awesome photos and ads. Nice appeal.”

3. “Gift Guide 2007”

The Battle Mountain Bugle

“Very nice layout, ideas, ads. Everything ties in.”

Honorable Mention:

“Lovelock – Where your love remains locked”

The Lovelock Review Miner

“Nice layout. Nice photos.”

Best in-house Advertising Promotion for Circulation, Advertising or Editorial

1. “Pets on Parade Campaign” - J. Carmen Kofoed, The Humboldt Sun

“Great local appeal! Creative and original idea – nice ads promoting the page and need for pictures.”

2. “Are you taking my picture” - Shari Gilson, Ely Times

“Great use of photo - ad really pops!

3. “Dear Santa” - Audria Ruscitti, Boulder City News

“Nice thank you to the community.”

Advertising General Excellence

1. Boulder City News

Best Newspaper Web Site

1. Mesquite Local News

“A lot of information but easily navigated. I enjoyed the implementation of video elements and the user area. A site like this will draw readers back again and again.”

2. High Desert Advocate


General Excellence

1. Las Vegas City Life

“Strong local enterprise, deep local content which is well-packaged. Quality of staff and contributors was way above what you may expect with a lively, smart style that made this a must-read.”

2. Reno News & Review

“Sharp graphics, fresh design, great ads, tremendous reproduction. RN&R serves its time-starved readers well with quick hits, topical lists and eye-catching visuals.”

Journalist of Merit

Laura Tucker, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Indispensable. It’s how one of her editors described Laura and you can see why. She oversees sections, designs and edits very clean and eye-catching pages, manages reporters and is a pretty gifted reporter herself. Laura’s ability to manage significant content for the View makes it clear that she has a big future in this business.”

Community Service

1. “Pets” – View Neighborhood Newspapers

“This page has helped find homes for animals, and the View staff takes their role in helping save animals seriously. Great cause, even better results.”

Best Spot News Story

1. “New ordinance means no deal…” - Lauren Romano, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Story fits definition of this category. Gives readers what they need to know about this ordinance.”

2. “Landfill operator may be in violation” - Fred Couzens, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Writer cuts through the clutter, distills the facts into a well-written piece.”

Best Feature Story

1. “Creature discomforts” - Andrew Kiraly, Las Vegas CityLife

“Interesting blend of local color and background controversy – dynamic writing style.”

2. “Lobsteriffic” - F. Andrew Taylor, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Unexpected topic – enjoyable read.”

Best Business Coverage

1. Reno News & Review

Best Business News Story

1. “Growing out: Activists…Truckee Meadows” - Carol Cizauskas, Reno News & Review

“Carol really captured the arguments surrounding the issue of the development. She didn’t just say ‘there was a protest.’ She went in ready to cover every angle – and she quoted the word ‘freakin!’ That takes courage. Great source.”

2. “Eat your greens” - Kat Kerlin, Reno News & Review

“Kerlin shows that being green is more than food. Wish she had room to address a solution - from a city official, etc. Good coverage for the space provided. Issue impacts lots of people and an entire industry. Packed with information. Good use of numbers.”

3. “Grinding competition” - Molly Hoffman and Dennis Myers, Reno News & Review

“Packed with information. Needed more numbers/stats, but great use of sources made up for it. Details a plus.”

Best Business Feature Story

1. “Fired for cancer” - Jay Jones, Reno News & Review

“Balanced article, challenge of covering personnel issues is clear when employers cannot speak.”

2. “Galleries consider options” - Laura Tucker, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Noted challenges of redevelopment plus how to maintain a specialty group of retailers like artists and galleria.”

3. “House of the rising sun” - Kat Kerlin, Reno News & Review

“Good ‘green’ story.”

Honorable Mention:

“Family tradition lives on…La Puma Bakery” - Lauren Ramano, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Every family wants a bakery. Story gives the uniqueness of this one.”

Best Explanatory Journalism

1. “With this bling…” - Kat Kerlin, Reno News & Review

“Very comprehensive look at weddings and how to save money. Broken up nicely into all aspects from A to Z (or at least B to W).”

2. “Open house” - Kat Kerlin, Reno News & Review

“Another good entry. Gives first-person experience and small, easy-to-read steps on lending, etc., to help people get info.”

3. “Stalkers” - Rebecca Eckland, Reno News & Review

“Another in a line of strong entries from this paper.”

Honorable Mention:

“The end of Las Vegas” - Kevin Capp, Las Vegas CityLife

“Very comprehensive story. Like the graphics and pull quotes but may lose some readers by its length. More sidebars and bullet points would have helped.”

Best News Feature Story

1. “Fired for cancer” - Jay Jones, Reno News & Review

“This is the kind of story you don’t believe can happen. It did, and Jones presents it in great literary style, nicely broken into a series of sections with subheads to reclaim the reader’s attention. There is absolutely nothing that isn’t ‘absolutely right” about this entry.”

2. “Moving on” - Laura Tucker, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Some of the best news features are more about the person and his or her relationship to a community or endeavor. This is the perfect example providing a parting look at the feelings of a retiring councilwoman. Lots of great quotes from her peers.”

3. “Residents want streets finished” - Lauren Romano, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Serious stuff brought to the news front with new hopes of a commercial development. Readers had to go way inside the paper to find this story, but those who did were rewarded with a fact-filled solid story peppered with a number of enlightening quotes. Great reporting, writing and editing.”

Honorable Mention:

“Boy saves dog from drowning” - Laura Tucker, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Ranks right up there with everybody’s ‘dog bites man’ dream story. Dog. Boy. Escape. It has all the heart-touching key words written in a story that makes the reader personally know and love the dog as well as her rescuer. The comfortable writing style matches the pace of the story.”

Best Investigative or In-depth Story or Series

1. “Dump fees…series” - Fred Couzens, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Consistent coverage on controversial city issue. Good work.”

2. “Ethics reform” - Steve Sebelius and Andrew Kiraly, Las Vegas CityLife

“Good research. Teamwork worked out.”

3. “Caucus sections” - Dennis Myers, Reno News & Review

“Myers saw the news value of this issue. Good job.”

Honorable Mention:

“Tropicana series” - David McKee, Las Vegas CityLife

“Great investigative value, but parts were editorialized.”

Best Local Column

1. D. Brian Burghart, Reno News & Review

“I like the personal experiences. It makes the column really about you and lets readers get into your mind. Add a more personal welcome to the column – for a welcome, it is too generic.”

2. Steve Sebelius, Las Vegas CityLife

“Good topics to write about. At times I felt you were writing about other peoples’ opinions rather than your own.”

Best Non-Staff Column

1. Chip Mosher, Las Vegas CityLife

“I like your writing style and honesty. I also laughed out loud a couple of times which, to me, is the test of a good column.”

2. Cory Farley, Reno News & Review

“These were informative and well-written. You can make even the nearly tragic sound humorous.”

3. George Knapp, Las Vegas CityLife

“Very well-researched. You’re quite knowledgeable about your topics. These could be a little tighter.”

Best Local Sports Feature

1. “Olympic flames” - Jay Jones, Reno News & Review

“Great reporting, good writing, highlighted by the anecdotal sidebar on the 1960 games. Easily the most researched, deep story in the division.”

2. “Swimming for his life” - Krystal Bick, Reno News & Review

“Krystal took a standard type of story (overcoming adversity) and made it sing thanks to her writing talent. Great descriptive copy, good quotes, a real enjoyable read.”

3. “Marathon woman” - Rebecca Eckland, Reno News & Review

“A wonderfully poignant, honest, personal piece of writing from Rebecca.”

Best Entertainment Writing

1. Brad Bynum, Reno News & Review

“Nice descriptive writing – tight writing. Burning Man story is interesting and hilarious.”

2. David McKee, Las Vegas CityLife

“Informative, well-written. Nice, easy style.”

3. Dave Surratt, Las Vegas CityLife

“Gets a ton of info in. Nicely written commentary.”

Critical Writing

1. Jeannette Catsoulis, Las Vegas CityLife

“These pieces get to the heart of the criticism required in this category, and Jeanette’s lyrical writing keeps the reader interested throughout. These were a pleasure to read.”

2. Tod Goldberg, Las Vegas CityLife

“’Get up girl’ had the right mix of wit and sarcasm and a good deal of social conscience. The wire piece was comprehensive but it and Dirty West lack the easy flow of the first piece.”

3. Ivy Hover, Las Vegas CityLife

“Nice writing style. Great descriptions. These articles had a nice pace.”

Best Editorial Writing

1. D. Brian Burghart, Reno News & Review

“Your editorials speak directly and personally. Connect with the reader. No template writing here.”

2. Dennis Myers, Reno News & Review

“Good work. Well written. A close second place finish.”

Best Overall Design

1. View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Great use of color, solid eye-catching design, modern style, nice breakouts and info boxes. The layout makes the View a real pleasure to read.”

2. Las Vegas CityLife

“Well thought out, creative covers and a must-see center spread highlighted this paper. Though much is formatted, you could also see designers taking advantage of opportunities inside.”

3. Reno News & Review

“The freshest looking in the division. Real contemporary, nice use of white space, lively fonts.”

Best Page One Design

1. Las Vegas City Life

“Front pages were ‘edgy’, ‘rockin’ -very, very fun to look at and read. Wish I had the rest of the paper to read the stories.”

2. Reno News & Review

3. View Neighborhood Newspapers

Best Page Designer(s)

1. Ginger Meurer, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Creative layouts and use of photos makes the pages enjoyable to look at. Nice use of color.”

2. Laura Tucker, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Large photos and use of color produces clean, easy-to-read pages.”

3. Lisa Valentine, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Photos dropped into stories make for a nice look. Use of different fonts adds to pages.”

Honorable Mention:

Maureen Adamo, Las Vegas CityLife

“Large photos and graphics made for interesting pages. Enjoyed the white space.”

Best Special Section (Editorial)

1. “Bars & Clubs/RN&R”

Reno News & Review

“Writing is very strong, pulling the reader in, lots of locally-produced stories; very nice total package.”

2. “Bridal Guide/RN&R

Reno News & Review

“Not your ordinary guide; yes, it has some predictable elements, but personalized stories made it interesting."

Best Information Graphic

1. “New life for old books” - Maureen Adamo, Las Vegas CityLife

2. “Rough trade” - Maureen Adamo, Las Vegas CityLife

Best Illustration

1. “Bosshole” - Aaron McKinney, Las Vegas CityLife

“In a division where the cover is designed to ‘get my attention’ this one got the most, rightfully.”

2. “Illegal” - Terry Biddle, Reno News & Review

“A great illustration that strongly supports tag heading and calls the reader to want to pick up the tabloid to get the details.”

3. “A year to remember” - Michael Grimm, Reno News & Review

“What do I like about this cover? The dozen little details, from razor to cherry pie, that make me want to read this story.”

Best Spot News Photo Coverage

1. “Melting down in Las Vegas” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“This shows the chaos of the caucus, but has a focal point in the man with the microphone. The photographer did a good job showing both.”

2. “Protester” - David Robert, Reno News & Review

“Photo tells a great story – but why so small?”

3. “Zoning woes” - Larry Cruikshank, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“If this guy’s face tells the story, then there are some furious people in North Vegas. Good shot.”

Best General News Photo

1. “Kucinich speech” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“Great photo! Nice tight cropping, serious yet playful.”

2. “Winter break” - David Robert, Reno News & Review

“Nice composition and lots of emotion make this a great photo.”

3. “How safe?” - Bill Hayes, Las Vegas CityLife

“Interesting composition makes this photo grab the reader’s attention.”

Best Feature Photo

1. “Boo the Clown” - Louie Traub, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“We don’t see what they’re reacting to, and I like that. This is a terrific shot with great composition and a clear focal point.”

2. “Plaza Gallery” - Jenna Dosch, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“This photo works because of the stool and the girls’ hands on her hips. The photographer did a good job of recognizing this and pulling off a neat twist on an otherwise boring subject.”

3. Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“A stylized photo without Photoshop, pulled off by a photographer who knows how a camera works. A really cool picture – just wish it had a cutline.”

Best Multiple Feature Photos

1. “Trapped on Lowry Ave.” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“Great work; composition fantastic for the accompanying story; cropping and use of household items very well portrayed.”

2. “Acting up” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“Another fine effort, especially capturing actions and emotions.”

3. “First Friday” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“Good photos despite low-light conditions; good use of action shots.”

Best Portrait

1. “Left standing/reflection” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“A clean sweep for a great portrait photographer. What a cool idea for this shot, and done effectively. Worthy of an album cover.”

2. “Baldonado/lawsuit” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“A pleasing photo all around; nice background, good lighting, and the cards fit perfectly.”

3. “The paper chase” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“Harold Krieg is buried in paper and this photo shows it. A great way to illustrate this tough issue; it draws the reader in well.”

Best Illustrated Photo

1. “Under wraps” - David Robert, Reno News & Review

“Photo conveys message instantly. Great use of color – powerful image!”

2. “There goes the neighborhood” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“Dramatic photo - creative and flawlessly done! Awesome!”

3. “Dry run” - Bill Hughes, Las Vegas CityLife

“Perfect backdrop for the story – artistic and simple. Great job.”

Honorable Mention:

“Crime scene” - Todd Lussier, Las Vegas CityLife

“Loved the chalk outline – great detail!

Best Sports Photo

1. “Winter Guide Cover” - Chris Carnel, Reno News & Review

“Amazing action shot with good balance and beautiful background.”

2. “Marathon woman” - David Robert, Reno News & Review

“Nice angle to show the uphill run. Great contrast.”

3. “Facing the future” - Jim Miller, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Nice angle with a neat reflection of her peers on the subject’s helmet.”

Best Large-space Ad Prepared by a Newspaper

1. “Reno Celebrates America” - John D. Murphy and Jennifer Schellack, Reno News & Review

2. “Into Every Wedding” - Katherine Murphy and John D. Murphy, Reno News & Review

3. “Whole House Water Treatment” - Jesse Dunaway, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Good use of color and photo elements.”

Best Black and White Ad Created By a Newspaper

1. “Why be a plain Jane?” - Erin Sierchio and Linda Brown, Reno News & Review

“Good headline, good graphics. Font is appealing to ad.”

2. “Braces” - Staff, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Good graphics draw you into ad. Appealing.”

3. “Pirate tattoo” - Erin Sierchio and Bev Savage, Reno News & Review

“Good use of ad space. Nice background.”

Honorable Mention:

“Tent sale” - Jason Pribble and Ad Operations, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Good graphics draw you into ad.”

Best Spot-Color Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Ceol Irish Pub Happy Hour” – Marianne Mancina and Martin Flynn, Reno News & Review

Best Multi-Color Ad Created by a Newspaper

1. “Romance and Dining” - Ben Savage and Marianne Mancina, Reno News & Review

“Love the design, especially the logo in back of the wine glass. Creative, simple and elegant.”

2. “New Image” - Marc Schnepper, View Neighborhood Newspapers

“Nice, bright ad. I like the reflection of the subject being half the ad. Very catchy.”

3. “Divine Ultra Lounge” - Ben Savage and Jennifer Schellack, Reno News & Review

“Amazing use of color. Love the butterfly behind the glass. Great shots of food. Very appropriate.”

Best Special Section (Advertising)

1. “Rollin’ on the River” - Reno News & Review

“Beautiful cover, great information, nice layout, great ads. Great idea. Great color.

2. “Artown preview” - Reno News & Review

“Nice cover. Great information. Great layout. Nice ads and ideas. Beautiful color.”

3. “KN&R Kids News & Review” - Reno News & Review

“Nice idea. Cute cover.”

Best In-house Advertising Promotion for Circulation, Advertising or Editorial

1. “Calendar” - Anne Lesemann, Reno News & Review

“Great ad layout – promotes online calendar and website. Nice job!”

2. “Promote Your Event” - Anne Lesemann, Reno News & Review

“Great artwork and font choice – striking design.”

3. “RHPS Promotion” - Katherine Murphy and John D. Murphy, Reno News & review

“Edgy, fun and original, not sure what you’re promoting though.”

Advertising General Excellence

1. Las Vegas CityLife

Best Newspaper Web Site

1. Las Vegas CityLife

“Great pictures with nice and simple layout.”

2. Reno News & Review

“Interesting layout.”

3. View Neighborhood Newspapers

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