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Search committee to narrow UNLV athletic director list

Group will send list of finalists to UNLV president after 2 p.m. meeting

Neal Smatresk

Neal Smatresk

The UNLV athletic director search committee will begin the final phase of its task today when it convenes at 2 p.m. on campus.

The committee will pore over more than 70 applications it has received from candidates since it first met Nov. 3. It will ultimately send a list of finalists to UNLV President Neal Smatresk for his consideration.

Preparing that final list could take an hour today, a few hours or another day or two.

Applications received by Monday get priority attention, but committee chair Gerry Bomotti said candidates can still apply by the end of this week.

“I think we’re moving ahead with our process,” said Bomotti, a UNLV vice president of finance and business. “It’s a pretty strong group.”

The post became vacant in July, when Mike Hamrick bolted for a similar position at Marshall, his alma mater. Longtime UNLV administrator Jerry Koloskie has been serving as the Rebels’ interim athletic director.

Before the UNR basketball game at the Thomas & Mack Center, Koloskie had just presented a game ball to a sponsor at halfcourt and walked to the scorer’s table when some in the student section serenaded him.

“We love Jerrrr-eeeeee!” yelled about half a dozen UNLV fans in front of Kruger’s Korner. Koloskie raised his left hand and gave them a thumb’s up.

Koloskie and South Point arena manager Steve Stallworth, a former Rebels quarterback who has worked within the UNLV athletic department, are both in the running for the permanent job.

Bomotti twice headed search committees that found a new athletic director at Colorado State, and he said he initially figured this search would establish a primary pool of 70 candidates.

Today the UNLV committee will begin sorting through its pool, eliminating candidates and establishing a hierarchy of finalists.

“This will be the first cut list of those who have sent in applications,” Bomotti said. “We will follow up with these people, get references … it’s a strong candidate pool.”

Then the committee of about a dozen, from various UNLV departments, will take its next charge from Smatresk – either talking with prospects in person, over the phone or via video conferencing.

“We’ll see what he wants us to do next,” Bomotti said of Smatresk. “There’s still a good deal of due diligence and work to do.”

After that round, Bomotti said he expects Smatresk will want to interview a select group of finalists on campus.

According to Bomotti, Smatresk would like to wrap up the search by the Christmas holiday, but others have indicated it would be finished sooner.

UNLV needs to hire a football coach, and the upcoming football recruiting period makes moving quickly to hire a permanent athletic director – who will hire the new football boss – of paramount concern.

Search committee members signed confidentiality agreements when they first met Nov. 3, but Smatresk told the Sun he has been disappointed that information from some of those members has leaked out.

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  1. As soon as Koloskie took away one of our student sections for a big game to sell more tickets he went to the bottom of my list!!!

  2. If it was Koloskie that did that, then he moved even lower on my list!!

    I think the former Oregon AD is a good choice

  3. They allot 2500 seats for students for every game. The students never use that many.

    If 24 hours before a game students haven't gotten tickets, they project how many walk ups will come and sell the rest (all upstairs).

    This happened three times last year, Arizona, BYU, and Wyoming. UNLV is one of the few schools in the country where students still get free tickets. No student (up to 2500 of them at least) will ever be denied a ticket if they pick them up a few days before game time.

    What would you propose? They have huge empty sections and miss out on revenue in this economy just in case, for the first time ever, a thousand students get walk up tickets on game day?

  4. Students do NOT get free tickets at UNLV.

    $2.4 million (2009-10) is given to the UNLV Athletic Department by the UNLV Student Senate and that money comes from STUDENT FEES. Those seats are bought and paid for by UNLV STUDENT FEES.

    The tickets are NOT free.

    If a UNLV student shows up at the game and is denied entrance because UNLV sold one of those student section seats, that is unethical in my opinion and should not be allowed to happen.

    The Students DO pay for those seats. Those seats should be available to the students at gametime. They should not have to pickup the tickets days in advance.

    If the UNLV Student Senate catches wind of the UNLV Athletic Department selling off students seats before gametime, they could easily pull their $2.4 million in funding which would result in the collapse of several Sports on the UNLV Campus. The Athletic Department should not screw with the students and should not sell their already paid for SEATS! Giving the Athletic Department $2.4 million dollars makes the students the #1 booster of UNLV Athletics and they should not be treated disrespectfully.

  5. The student section is usually mostly full behind the basket. I wish the student section could be moved a little though so it's not stuck in the corner (think Duke's student section all along the sidelines, even a graduate section). The upper deck is never full though, and what happened at the Louisville game is they directed students to another upper deck section that was not full. (read as nosebleeds).

    Anywho, I'm interested to see who will be the new AD!

  6. Should have followed my advice on the proper way and proper timing on hiring an Athletic Director. This entire process has been bungled by the inept administration who can't even put together a list of candidates for the AD job.

    We need an Athletic Director NOW! Pick one immediately so that we can hire Dirk Koetter and get this Football program turned in the right direction!

  7. Many moons ago the student section was on the sideline. The Student Body President "sold" the rights to those tickets, with his soul, so UNLV could sell them at a high price as season tickets and the students were pushed behind the basket.

  8. @ Reagan:

    I hope they bring that back, it's not like the Mack isn't big enough to hold everyone. Although the tickets are free, you always get what you pay for. I'd rather spend some $$$ for a decent seat then free tickets.

  9. so we have known since july we needed an athletic director... also probably knew sandford was going to be let go and now we are scrambling to interview and hire an AD by end of christmas break? ugh hopefully we make a good decision here and not a rushed one.

  10. For crying out loud, how the heck does a guy that manages a horse arena have ANY qualifications to run a multimillion dollar college athletic program? Why not save money and hire the greeter at WalMart instead, because the results would be the same.

  11. No Tina is a really good thing. The good old boys network would have continued for years on end if this took place. Take one look at the Las Vegas Bowl Committee and see so many familiar faces - vast majority with no real involvement in College Football or Sports.Don Logan and his Wife on the committee = huh? Think about why this couple is on a board to make decisions about a bowl game. What do they bring to the table regarding this subject. If it involved minor league baseball - that is one thing. But - this is about football and putting them on this board (say what you want about being ceremonial) it just proves that in this small circle your back gets rubbed. This is what long time locals say is the good old boy network, something that needs to be done away with by the new AD.

    As far as the student basketball ticket situation, this really has been a long standing problem. From the Tark years to now, the students (supposed to be around 24,000 on campus) seem to either be not interested or not made interested in coming out to basketball games. I dont see how graduating from UNLV would provide so much loyalty to bring these Alums back to support the program when so little was really done for them while they were on campus.

    Bill Moos has got to be the pick here. This town is looking for someone to bring UNLV into the main stream. How many times have we seen UNLV of late play in a Great Alaska Shootout or Maui Invitational? UNLV is not as much on the national radar screen when it comes to hoops as even a Utah is at this point.

    It is sad to say that UNLV has been searching for a strong front man for a long time. Someone who can get UNLV headed in the right direction in all sports. Someone who says that just because it has always been this way is not an excuse to why it should be continued.

    Someone who can lift football up to where it should be. Someone who gets that 10 year old baseball players play year round and that UNLV has a poor baseball program smack in the center of a talent hotbed.

    No one has provided a single answer on what Koloski does day to day in his current role. What could he have done at UNLV to create change It is hard to give a guy a job where no one can point to his accomplishments while being at UNLV, except for being a trainer on the UNLV Hoops team in the glory days

    I hope the committee understands that there is more to learn from those outside of the community.

  12. kirkland, I agree with you. Bill Moos is the man..unless we can somehow snag Florida or Texas' AD (both are good at every sport!!)

    sufferin- I agree with your first post until you say the students are the biggest booster..remember the $12million donation less than 2 months ago?? And no they could not pull their funding, but that is IMO.

    If getting your tickets a day early is the way to avoid this, then do it!! Damn, I'll go get the seats for you if you want

  13. @me
    Most students wait till the day of to get tickets and they always come out for big games(especially against ranked opponents) I refuse to believe they took that section away because of lack of student ticket demand for that game and if they did than the person who made that decision obviously has no understanding of demand for student tickets. I also heard from multiple people that they started selling that section like 4 days before the game which leads me to belive that they just wanted the money and didnt give a crap about the students. Also dont give me that crap about free tickets we all pay to go to school there and pay those fees. What MWC school charges students to go to games?

    BTW I sat in that section for the BYU and Arizona game last year so im not sure how the same thing could have happened last year when I sat there?? If you want to take away a section take away a balcony section. Do I think thats fair no but taking away the lower bowl section just screams greedy. Also there is no way there would have been an empty section the sections they gave us in the lower bowl were full 40 min before the game started.

  14. Hire Stallworth pronto

    He has the local connections to raise money and he's a football guy and former Rebel quarterback.

    He knows more about sports and so what if he does manage the South Point Arena for Michael Gaughn.

    Check out his managements skill running the Orleans Arena and at one time the Thomas and Mack

  15. A question to everyone

    What's your favorite Bjork song?

  16. I am a UNLV Grad and the students do receive free tickets. UNLV's tuition is low, especially in state compared to other schools who's students pay for their tickets to school sporting events (Not with their tuition but out of their pocket at the gate). Have some perspective! I have been attending games my whole life and MOST of the students look at the game as a social event. It is almost embarrassing to look at the idiots in the student section who know nothing about basketball, sit in a seat and don't watch the game, or spit out ignorant comments. I was out of state for the Louisville game and was screaming at the TV "what are you doing running on the court" "Act like you expected to win" It is embarrassing to beat the #16 team and run on the floor. Most students want to party, not watch the game!
    UNLV Grad 2004 and season ticket holder

  17. @kirkland & reblesfan11-

    Nothing more amusing than delusional UNLV fans. Bill Moos is not a finalist. His interest was overplayed in the media according to Oregon newspapers.

    The student support of UNLV sports is at the very heart of the problem. No school in the MWC has weaker turnout. I recently sat, on a flight to Fort Collins, next to a young man from San Diego who recently transferred from UNLV to CSU after one semester because he was so disappointed with the faculty and atmosphere of UNLV. He was appalled at the lack of students showing up to either football or basketball and couldn't understand how UNLV could call it's freshman level coursework college-level. "I felt like I was back in high school, but all my friends were gone," were his exact words.

    Read LV-Born-N-Raised's comment. Very telling about the quality of student UNLV attracts.

  18. Wow, I am completely shocked! Another pointless, idiotic and negative comment about UNLV from the loser of all losers: The Pink Dragon. Once again you've proved that you have some sort of personal problem with the University that your simple and damaged brain cannot solve. Good comment Pinkie!

  19. Why would anybody transfer from one school to another after only one semester because not enough fans show up to the games?

    That sounds like b.s. to me, but if it's true, it's not a very intelligent reason for leaving one university for another.

    You will get out of UNLV what you put into it. It's not Harvard, but on the hand, you don't leave undergrad with $160,000 debt either.

    If you're willing to work hard and challenge yourself, you can leave UNLV with an excellent education and well prepared for a quality graduate or professional program that you will actually be able to AFFORD with the money you save from attending UNLV for 4 years.

    Isn't that more important than the size of the student section at football or basketball games?

  20. You people are delusional if you think that Moos will step into this cesspool. 1- Refer to his buyout conditions at UO; 2- He already has had the extreme displeasure of working for an incompetent president at UO and would not work for an even more incompetent president at UNLV. Please give Moos just a bit of credit for knowing that this place is not worth it. Yes, a proven and successful fundraiser is definitely needed at UNLV. With the worst facilities in the MWC, UNLV is almost too far back to catch up. UNLV is not the place that you think that it is or could be.

  21. "There's still a good deal of due diligence and work to do." Are u kidding! What are they waiting for, they have known since July that they needed an AD. Smatresk is handling this terribly. Get an AD and a coach and start recruiting! This wasted time is helping in no way at all.

  22. @FastCamron-

    Ah, UNLV's valedictorian of mediocrity responds to my very pointed (contrary to his comprehension) comments. Fact is, FC, I was just echoing what one of your own stated earlier. How typical of a UNLV grad to resort to personal attacks rather than refute the points. Oh, wait, perhaps you couldn't refute them, even if you knew how.


    Again, a great example of the reading comprehension of a UNLV alum. It was a combination of a lack of a collegiate atmosphere, most brightly illustrated by the non-crowds at UNLV sports events, and unchallenging coursework. And while CSU doesn't have the academic reputations of AFA, Utah, or Wyoming, it is a far cry from the University of Maryland Parkway.

    jack865 speaks truth too.

  23. Green_Dragon_Regular

    You're full of it...obviously a fan of another MWC school. The fact is, our student section, for bball games, probably gets more in the seats than every team in the conference except MAYBE BYU and UNM....I've been to most arenas, I've been to the Utah vs UNLV game the past few years and I can count nearly on my hands the students that showed up...okay not that low, but its been probably 2 dozen or so to the basketball games I've been to.

    Football is another story, and yet our students DO go to big games, despite the fact they either have to drive 20 miles to the stadium or take a free bus. Our students show up to games....they won't show up to see a crappy football team playing a crappy football team...they're young and want a winner, and supporting a football team that's been horrendous over the past 20 years, is hard for anybody, and you can't expect the students to do it until you win.

    I've always been impressed with UNLV's attendance at bball games, especially big games and conference games....we have solid attendance and to say that its easily the worst is referring to our football attendance....which would be the EXACT SAME at any conference school if they had our current success in football. Even when your teams are dominant in football, its tough to sell tickets to YOUR games and have students show up to YOUR stadiums when our crappy football team has been there...TCU, BYU, and Utah had piss poor attendance the past few years for the UNLV game.

    Don't call our students out when they're at the top of the conference in attendance for basketball. If you don't know that, then you haven't paid attention or just speaking out of your...well...you know

  24. oh..and btw...I love the line, "I was talking to a guy on an airplane"....you know how many people use that line to get a point across. "It wasn't me that said it!!!...it was some guy on a plane!".

    You know that's a lie to try and get across a point you want to make. We all know it, you know it, so fess up. Because, if he did indeed leave UNLV for CSU, then it makes no sense....your students don't show up to basketball games. I've seen games of UNLV vs CSU at CSU where there were a few dozen students and empty seats everywhere....and if he felt like UNLV was like High School...what the $(*%& is he going to feel like when he steps into your basketball arena? That is essentially a High School arena....just because your you get it half full of students (250 students), doesn't mean they support more...we get upwards of 5-8 times that many at our games. Get out of here with your lame CSU nonsense....seriously, we probably get more students to some games than your lame fan base gets fans to games. Seriously.

  25. bad grammar, but I was ticked and didn't proof it...but you understand what I'm saying

  26. worst facilities? You've got to be kidding me...

    You guys really have no idea.....we have, far and away, the #1 basketball facilities in the conference. No questions, and with the practice facility, nobody in the conference will ever catch up.

    Football's practice facilities just had 2 separate $1 million fields put in under Robinson. Our stadium was just upgraded, but its an exact replica of (I believe) Ohio State's stadium minus the upperdeck, its the same stadium. Its location sucks, the parking lots suck, the locker rooms are embarassing...but put even the current stadium on our campus and its still in the top 5 of the conference....the facilities are the worst?!?!?! LOL!! You guys are delusional

  27. Pink Dragon

    I've refuted your points dozens of times and because of your hatred for UNLV it is meaningless and pointless to try. So, I go right at you for the loser that you are.

  28. @unlvrebelx-

    Typical delusional, uninformed, and in-denial UNLV student response.

    Here's what I'll "fess up" to. It was an Allegiant flight #464 to Fort Collins on Friday, September 11th. And, you, like your UNLV brethren, seem to be reading-comprehension challenged. The paltry student attendance at UNLV football AND basketball games (that's right) was only a part of his reason for leaving for CSU. The kicker for him was the low bar, academically speaking, of the coursework and indifference of the faculty.

    The students show up for "big" games? C'mon, there weren't even 500 students at the homecoming game! As for basketball, sorry, but Utah, BYU, Wyoming, and New Mexico all put more student butts in seats, on average, than UNLV. It's also pathetic that the students are relegated to the corner court and behind the goals. As for CSU, which, by the way, is hardly the MWC school I support, it has always been a football school. I've been to CSU basketball games at Mauby where the nearby visiting fans well outnumbered CSU's. However, they are a smaller school than UNLV and, even in a losing year, had 5,000 students at their final home football game. CSU also traveled far more fans to see their team lose at UNLV this year than UNLV students traveled to all the road games combined. The long and short of it is, in a city of 1.5 million and with a student population of 24,000, UNLV should have far more students at both sports than they currently do, a huge part of the problem being the location of the stadium.

    Which brings us to facilities. Are you seriously trying to say UNLV's athletic facilities are better than Utah's and BYU's? Ever hear of a small event called the Olympics? The T&M isn't a bad arena, but that's about the only thing UNLV, athletically has going for it (by the way, you've obviously never been to the 'Shoe in Columbus, if you had, you'd be embarassed by your comparison). UU, BYU, UW, AFA, TCU, and NM all have ALL of their athletic facilities on campus. In addition, they all boast state-of-the-art training, conditioning, and admin facilities and donor fan clubs whose donations dwarf those of UNLV. Not to mention the fact that, of all nine schools in the MWC, UNLV's stadium simply has the ugliest, least scenic setting of all. With the exception of the T&M, the only school, facility-wise, UNLV compares with is San Diego State, whose student attendance is on a par with UNLV.

    I haven't even touched on academics. I feel a bit like I've been having way too much fun clubbing a baby seal.

  29. Correct...The worst facilities. Those so-called $1 mill practice fields have not been kept up; reference Ryan Wolfe's broken foot. EVERY MWC school except UNLV has new/improved FB facilities under construction or soon to be under construction. One example: The student athlete study facility is laughable at UNLV...check out those facilities at UU, BYU, TCU or ANY other MWC school. In addition, NO other school in America has a member of its Board of Regents questioning the viability of FB at its school. DO NOT think that these few examples are not GREAT negative recruiting tools being used by other staffs. I do not understand why those who would like to see UNLV FB succeed do not DEMAND the same accountability from administrators at all levels at UNLV that they demanded of Coach Sanford, his staff and will of the future staff.

  30. Pink Dragon:

    Blah blah blah blah....I hope, blah blah, that no one, blah blah, fact checks me, blah blah. I'm talking, blah blah blah, out of, blah blah, my a#*, blah blah. Cuz I blah blah, have no, blah blah blah.........proof of anthing, blah. Blah blah, I've just said, BLAH!

    That....is how painful it is to try to read your idiotic hate. One thing is for sure though, the Rebels are good in basketball this year and I don't hear you attacking anything about that yet, you moron. Where's the debate on that fool.

    Jack, I couldn't agree more and I think Sanford tried to tell everyone that at his press conference but....in all likelihood it was bad timing. Nonetheless, he spoke true words and I seriously doubt the commitment by this University towards the football program. What good will a new coaching staff do without the support of the University? We'll be back here again complaining that the coach couldn't get it done again just as Sanfords predecessors have experienced.

    Everyone is screaming for Mike to take full responsibility for UNLV's failures over the past five years and some of it is his. But, I wonder when the University is going to step up and admit that they weren't committed to Mike and his team.

  31. Just hire Chris Ault as Athletic Director, then he'll hire himself as the new Head Football Coach. He did it at UNR, so let him do it again at UNLV.

  32. @FastCamron-

    Obviously it wasn't a nimble mind that earned you your nickname- probably a moniker your girlfriend, or boyfriend, laid on you for another reason.

    Sorry to hear reading's painful for you. It might explain why you, in the same breathlessly confused comment post, assail my observations while agreeing with most of what I've said. There is no support or commitment from UNLV faculty or students, nor is their any community support for UNLV athletics in general, and football in particular. Scaled to other cities in the MWC, UNLV's basketball crowds and TV viewing audience is paltry. Walk into a local bar when there's a televised Rebel game available and you usually have to ask for it to be turned on from reruns of past years' NFL games.

    You should get a little less in touch with your feminine side and let the emotions you have go down a bit and listen to what people are saying about UNLV and its athletic program. The criticism of the fans, the community, the university, and the facilities is coming not just from a small handful of emigres, but from a good cross-section of students and alumni as well.

    The views I've shared here are are commonly held by people involved with athletic programs around the rest of the conference. UNLV simply lags the rest of the conference in alumni loyalty, fan base, and donor support which creates a vicious continuum that is exacerbated by a lack of facilities and a poor academic image.

    These were Sanford's observations, which you agree with and are echoed in Jack865's comments. So, which part was I wrong on, rocket scientist? You simply reinforce a stereotype about UNLV and probably would best serve the advancement of the school's image by realizing how much you don't understand and going from there. That's step one, step two would be to keep your mouth shut until you do understand what the men in the conversation are speaking about. Speak up when your skin's thickened a bit, your ovaries don't ache, and you've gained an educated perspective that demonstrates you understand the valid points that have been stated here. Everyone who had the dishonor of being afflicted by your blather is dumber for it, and I apologize to those readers for having put match to your emotional gunpowder.

    You're not even intelligent enough to come up with a clever, insightful mockery of my screen name, FastCumron.