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UNLV football:

Hauck, Franchione set to interview for UNLV football coaching post

Montana coach, former Texas A&M leader will be in town Sunday and Monday, respectively

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A file photo of Dennis Franchione, who was a finalist for the UNLV head coaching job three years ago.

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Bobby Hauck

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UNLV has lined up two interviews in the next three days for its vacant head football coaching position, a source close to the situation confirmed to the Sun on Friday.

Montana coach Bobby Hauck led the Grizzlies into the Football Championship Series title game Friday night in Chattanooga, Tenn., where they finished the season 14-1 with a 23-21 loss to Villanova. He will be in Las Vegas on Sunday for an interview, while Dennis Franchione, who last coached at Texas A&M in 2007, will be in town Monday for his interview.

The quick turnaround from the school's Thursday hiring of athletic director Jim Livengood falls right in line with what the former Arizona AD preached at his opening press conference in terms of immediacy in filling the post.

Franchione has been a known, top candidate for the job since late November. He most recently worked a five-year stint in College Station, Texas, where he was 32-28 with three bowl appearances in the loaded Big 12 South.

His most notable work, however, came in reviving a pair of programs now in the Mountain West Conference — New Mexico and TCU.

Franchione took over a dormant New Mexico program in 1992 and capped his six-year run in Albuquerque with a 9-4 campaign in 1997. He then headed to TCU, where in three seasons he went 25-10. The Horned Frogs went 10-1 in his final regular season in Fort Worth. He left before the bowl game that season to take over at Alabama, handing the reins to Gary Patterson, who this season led the program to a 12-0 record and a berth in the upcoming Fiesta Bowl against undefeated Boise State.

"I'm really familiar with the conference and the area, and I feel like (UNLV) is kind of a sleeping giant," Franchione told the Sun in November. "And there's no reason I can see right now that it couldn't be successful and win some games.

"Well, you know, it's got a marquee town. It's close to population for recruiting. I think that's always important. I know that the state is not heavily populated, much like New Mexico was for me, so I'm familiar with that. I think they would like to have a college football program, and it's in a conference that I know well, and I think UNLV has somewhat of a national name out there maybe because of Jerry Tarkanian and what he did and the basketball program and how successful it's been, as much as anything. When I was even in Texas, I would see them have the ability to go in and recruit, and their name identity was very good."

Franchione took over at Alabama in 2001, but left after just two seasons when the program was facing NCAA sanctions because of infractions during the Mike DuBose era, prior to Franchione's arrival. In his second and final season in Tuscaloosa, the Crimson Tide went 10-3.

Since his buyout from A&M, Franchone's worked for ESPN Radio as a color analyst on college football broadcasts.

He said in the same interview that the break has helped refocus him and allowed him some breathing room, priming the 58-year-old for a return to the Football Bowl Subdivision ranks.

"It's been good," he said. "It's been a little bit of a sabbatical from coaching, but I've still been involved with football and Friday practices and see a lot of different programs and how people do things and see a lot of different games. It's been really great from that standpoint. I've kinda recharged my batteries, and I've enjoyed doing the games with ESPN, and I have a great love for college football."

Franchione may have a leg up on Hauck in one aspect, and that's recruiting for next season. Whoever is named UNLV coach will have a small amount of time to deal with, as the dead period for recruiting ends Jan. 1 and signing day is only a little more than a month away.

Franchione's son, Brad, led Blinn (Texas) Junior College to the National Junior College Athletic Association Championship on Dec. 6. The program is stocked with talent, and the elder Franchione surely would have a good in.

He carries a lifetime record of 187-101-2, with a 4-3 mark in bowl games. UNLV, which announced during its November bye week that coach Mike Sanford and his staff would not be retained for the 2010 season, hasn't made a bowl appearance since 2000.

Meanwhile, as Franchione looks to get back into FBS coaching, the 45-year-old Hauck is simply looking for his first crack at it.

UNLV fans were able to catch a glimpse of him on Friday night, as Montana battled Villanova on ESPN2 in the FCS title game.

A Missoula, Mont., native, Hauck is 80-17 in seven seasons with the Grizzlies, including three berths in the FCS championship tilt.

Prior to landing at his alma mater as a head coach, Hauck served as an assistant under Rick Neuheisel at both Colorado (1995-98) and Washington (1999-02).

Livengood hinted Thursday that a coaching hire could be made before the end of next week, and that now appears to be the likely scenario.

"The most important thing right now, just from an immediacy standpoint, is to have a head football coach hired yesterday," he told the assembled media. "Not today, not tomorrow, not by Tuesday, but yesterday. That has to happen immediately, and we're working on it right now."

He added that the decision would be made by a small, core group, including himself, university President Neal Smatresk and Jerry Koloskie, who served as interim athletic director prior to Livengood's hire and laid a good amount of groundwork on the search.

"Any consensus you try to build right now in a short period of time just doesn't happen," Livengood said. "And you know what? What's amazing about coaching searches is that if they turn out great, everyone in the free world takes credit. When they don't work out, you can't find someone who was on that committee. The timing of this dictates that it needs to be done right now."

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  1. Either of these guy's would be a good choice. However, Hauck is much younger and likely would be better for the program long-term. Franchione has shown a tendancy to jump from program to program. We'd probably be looking for another coach in a year or two if we hire Franchione. Hauck has a tremendous winning record and seems a better choice.

  2. Bobby Hauck's undefeated University of Montana Grizzlies are playing in the FCS National Championship tonight (12/18) on National Television against the Villanova Wildcats. If anyone is interested to see his coaching. You can watch the game on ESPN2 at 5 PM (PST).

  3. Ryan - will my man Koetter get an interview?

  4. I'd be happy with either of these guys, but for some reason, Hauck intrigues me the most.

  5. Rebelious,

    Not sure yet. As I've learned, these are the only two candidates lined up to interview. I'd think that if one of them impresses Livengood & Co. enough, a coaching announcement come Tuesday wouldn't be the world's biggest surprise.

  6. This ia a no-brainer Hauck or Franchione? That is like being stuck with the decision between a Porche or a Hyundai. Livengood don't mess this up -hire Hauck!! He is going to be the next great D1 coach to come up from D2, he's 44, a brilliant football mind, can recruit, hires great assistants, and he's full if energy.

  7. Franchione is a proven winner in the Mountain West Conference. If the Rebels can seal the deal, this is the guy to take them to the next level.

  8. I'll be watching the game. Definitely pulling for Hauck!

  9. Either coach is impressive. Franchione's track record indicates he'd be here three or four years, and improve the program substantially for the next guy. Hauck would be the same if he's successful, because UNLV would just be a stepping stone for a guy like that.

  10. Franchione would be a terrible choice. He's the Jim Calipari of college football. Scandals and violations at his last two stops. Ask an Alabama or Texas A&M fan what they think about his tenures at their programs.

    Google "Dennis Franchione NCAA violations" and do some research.

    He's not going to take the program to the next level. Reading through the violations and allegations, it seems as if Franchione was looking for the easy way out instead of putting in the hard work.

    Not to mention that this is most likely a retirement contract for him.

  11. Dirk Koetter!

    Call him and interview him. He is the right guy for UNLV.

    Hauck and Francione are acceptable hires but Dirk Koetter is a HOME RUN!

    Don't settle. Call Koetter!

  12. I like the Hauck route... He will want to prove something making the jump from D2... Plus I think building a great D1 program from the ground up will be something of interest to him...

    Franchione has a lot of potential, but then again so did John Robinson as far as being highly respected, but even though Robinson could beat Reno, he just never really seemed to breath life into the position...

    This will be interesting, I just hope whoever ends up as coach takes a page out of Krugers book and has an active involvement in the community...

    In any case overall both have some pretty nice credentials as head coaches...

  13. Stage,

    Alabama was put on probation because of violations during the Mike DuBose era, not Franchione's tenure ....

  14. Thanks Ryan. I stand corrected. Just at his last stop, not his last two stops.

  15. Kruger only interacts with the community to put money in his own pocket. Kruger strong armed UNLV into paying for his personal outside marketing people who book Kruger to do speaking engagements for a fee.

    Part of Krugers contract involves public apperances and that is the only reason he or his wife ever involve themselves in publicity stunts to stir up positive press.

    Good people don't need a press release everytime they visit a sick kid in the hospital or do a public speaking event for cancer survivors. Those who publicize such charitable events are selfish, arrogant worthless human beings who steal millions of dollars from a University only to produce an NIT quality product.

  16. Ryan, wouldn't agree that Coach Fran did not make the most of his tenure while at College Station. With that being said, Coach Fran can recruit pretty strongly, but since UNLV (football) is a tough draw to get quality recruits, who do you think would actually be better to entice top quality recruits to stay in state or to leave California, AZ, etc, Coach Fran or Coach Hauck?

  17. UNLV is not a tough draw to get quality recruits.

    First time UNLV has a winning season you will see the recruiting skyrocket to unbelievable levels.

    Las Vegas/UNLV is an easy place to recruit to when you are winning and nobody in the MWC will be able to out-recruit us once we put back-to-back bowl games together.

    UNLV is a sleeping giant in Football who will reach heights that no other MWC program could even dream about reaching. UNLV Football is unstoppable with the righ coach.

    DIRK KOETTER! Pay him whatever he wants.

  18. Get over Kruger firing you and shut...the hell....up.

  19. Phil Fulmer (former Tennessee coach who won national championship) and Tommy Tuberville (former Auburn coach who went undefeated) are both available. How about them?

    Franchione will do something, he always does. Remember, he left A&M because he was selling a newsletter to wealthy alums.

  20. Kruger fired me? Where is my unemloyment check?

    LMAO. Rumors are my favorite part of UNLV Athletics.

  21. Btw that gambling newsletter thing wouldn't be a good idea here in Vegas. Just sayin'

  22. I hope Franchione sells me a newsletter. The least he could do is open up practice so the five REAL FANS can come watch the team and punch eachother when we get mad. LMAO!

  23. I wouldn't mind either guy. Seems like they both have very strong suits and not many weak ones.

    Also, after seeing how the Livengood hire went down, I have to admit that it seems UNLV did what they could to get Moos but just couldn't get over the hump with the contract clause. They must have considered Moos and Livengood as close to equal hires and in the end, not worth the extra money to buy out Moos, which, I wouldv'e preferred but.....it's understandable.

    I will back Livengood all the way as the newest Rebel and consider his slate clean. Especially after listening to his interview on 840 this morning he sounds energenic in his persuit to improve UNLV athletics.

  24. I've never heard you deny it in all the years people have stated it so it must be true. Doesn't matter one way or the other, you're opinions are still unsubstantiated and moronic.

  25. Livengood the hair, anybody else seen that piece? Seems energetic but could fall down dead any day at 65 years old.

    As UNLV fans we will wish for the best but expect the worst. The worst it what we will likely get so why fool ourselves?

    Now is a crucial point in the history of UNLV Athletics. The landscape of College Athletics is changing and the Big Ten, PAC-10 and Big-12 could all be looking to expand/preserve themselves in this tumultuous time.

    With a strong Athletic Director, Big Time Football Coach, Top 25 Basketball Program and a New On-Campus Football Stadium... UNLV would be a lock to find a secure spot during the inevitable upcoming expansion process.

    With incompetent, tired, lazy leadership UNLV is destined to be left behind in the coming invasion and shakeup that will take place in College Football. UNLV Admin who was asleep/inept failed to provide the needed base in Athletic support and when the time came, UNLV Athletics found themselves left in the dust during the conference upheaval of 2011.

    For years UNLV fans talked about what could have been if only we would have had a competent president and real Athletic Director back in 2010. All UNLV had to do was build a $100 million dollar ON-Campus Football Stadium and hire Dirk Koetter for Football and Bob Huggins/Reggie Theus for Basketball and we would have made the cut for Big Time College Athletics.

    Instead, UNLV is a lowlife nobody in a conference that gets table scraps. Playing teams like Idaho, San Jose State, Utah State, New Mexico State and North Texas. Oh what could have been for the great UNLV if only they would have realized sooner what their true destiny was. Instead they killed their Athletic Department and will forever dwell as an outsider and small time NOBODY.

    This was a quick look at UNLV's future. It is up to us what we become. Now is the TIME!

  26. SufferinSuccotash

    I changed my mind. Can you please put a lid on my beer next time so it doesn't spill as I walk to my seat!

    Thank you

  27. As long as that lid is union approved and has PERS benefits attached to it, I would be happy to do so.

  28. DO NOT HIRE FRANCHIONE. Don't hire the re-tread out-of-work coach who calls you for the job! And what are you gunna pay the out-of-work re-tread coach who calls you for a job?!

    Montana is loosing with 1:16 to go in the game, by the way...

    Can we get anybody else.

  29. So to "loose" one game makes you unqualified?

  30. Here's a quote from Hauck's bio on wikipedia: "He is the fourth coach to guide Montana to the semifinals; the other three all coached in a national championship game."

    Gee, is he a football genius, or just the current placeholder coach in a historically good smaller division program?

    And, he's never won the big game. Including tonight...

    I do like his youth, and would rather it be him than Franchione in the absence of anyone better.

    I guess we're shopping for "bargain" coaches, because, again, if you pay out-of-work re-tread Franchione any more than Sanford the fix is on...

  31. I think anyone of these guy's will breath a fresh air into the football program!!

  32. @tysuave77

    That's the right way to think. No matter what anyone may say, either of these two guys being looked at will be seen as an upgrade by the public if hired, and results should come quick. It's the same with the hiring of Livengood -- it's an upgrade, no matter which way you slice it or how much you criticize it.

  33. You know... I wasn't too big of a Livengood-backer for the AD position, but after hearing him talk and seein how quickly he is getting after it, I'm definitely throwing my support behind him. The important thing to remember is that all of these people have a lot more knowledge, experience and investment in the hiring of people to run the football team or athletic department as a whole. Even more knowledge than our self-proclaimed seer Sufferin'.
    I like Franchione from the aspect of his kid coaching one of the best JUCO football teams in the country... that won't hurt recruiting. I like Mauck as a younger, up-and-coming coach that would probably stay longer. And anyone talking about how Mauck has never managed to win the big one, so what? His team competes for a championship year in and year out; if he gets our team to simply COMPETE year in and year out, I'll take it. Regardless of who ultimately gets hired, it'll be an improvement.

  34. Everything is falling into place. With the administration coming in, starting with the president, there has only been an increase in UNLV talk.

    NOW they should be putting on the advertisement "Rebels on the rise!"

  35. Hauck is more likely to leave noting his age. He has not recruited Vegas kids as a West Coast school. He also has a rough edge which has not provided
    help getting job interviews. Koetter is a great offensive mind and I don't see how he leaves the NFL mid year, the week withd Jags just playing gives him a chance to interview. I am all for Tuberville, young enough and would not go anywhere if landing the job. If he and Fulmer could not get the Louisville job they need to set their sites to a MWC job. He and Coach Fran are too far along in their career to leave unlv and not old enough to pack it in like Robinson. I just don't want to see Coach Fran ask for his son to be on the staff. Jabozinski of BC is sitting out there, had winning teams at BC with pro experience at Green Bay. If Livengood is so connected let's see how large of a candidate pool he will interview from. Can he pull a suprise candidate like Tuberville or steal a Pat Hill out of Fresno. No Robb Akey yet, which is a mistake. Recruits Vegas and is a defensive coach. Just make sure we have the money to get quality assistant coaches as the OC and DC to get the Rebs over the hump. Interesting how being so late lost UNLV candidates and in those searches were any of these potential candidates considered? No they were not, so why is UNLV not looking at the runners up for the Louisville or Kansas job. Could have had Turner Gill and Al Golden remains out there still.

    Show us Jim that you have contacts and don't just look at a list from an Asst AD in Koloski who did not get your job. No Karl Dorrell or Gary Crowton as contender either. Moos said it right pay the right guy and his asst coaches the right money and you will see results at UNLV. Don't be cheap for once and get rid of the silly unlv football jerseys once and for all.

  36. hauck is the answer, hey ryan is there any word about upgrades at sam boyd?

  37. Why would UNLV hire a coach who isn't currently coaching? Hauck is the best fit for this program now and for the future. To judge Hauck by his loss last night would be insane.

  38. @ Kirkland I feel you on the jerseys.
    All Black everything with red numbers. Rebel style.

    Hauck and Frans interviewing so fast to me is the new AD showing the press and community that he is working already!

    I do not expect him to stop there. This press is just something to chew on.

    I like Hauck, but i like him for Montana!
    I do not know if he can get our players hyped up to play with his attributes.
    I did not see too many Somoans on his squad. A team usually seems to take on the personality of the coach. I see UNLV being more serious and well coached with a Hauck but not hype and exciting.

    The other thing is high school players do not know these coaches names usually.

    If you say the OC of the Jags go the job at UNLV, that could help recruiting. Imagine telling a top reciever from Crenshaw that the head coach from Montana got the job. He may have to think hard where Montana is located.
    I don't care what your record is. Montana does not have much hype.

    If a guy like Randall Cunningham gets a HC gig, atheletes will want to play for him because of his hype as Randall. He could have no wins.

    I hope my point is well taken.
    I like Dykes over all i have read about. At least you will get to say the OC from U of Arizona who beat USC this year to an athelete who most likely does not know any of these coaches that are being listed for the job.

    Lastly, Coaching success is based on personality. Head Coaching experience helps your half time speeches. If you have the personality of a General, once given the position to run the squad you can do well with no prior experience as a Head Coach. I do not know if Dykes is that type of guy. I'm just saying he is a better personality than Dirk and Hauck to name two prospects.

  39. The new AD needs to look for a coach that knows something about Las Vegas. Hauck does not have a single Las Vegas recruit on his roster. Not ONE. While Robb Akey has 6. Mr. Livengood why don't talk to the coaches at those local high schools about which college coach to hire instead of the boosters! As for Franchione, when was the last time he went on a recruiting trip? Has he ever recruited from Las Vegas?

    Robb Akey is the best coach for UNLV, hands down.

  40. If UNLV hires Bobby Hauck, I predict the Rebs will win 8 games starting next season.

  41. are there going to be public style interviews for the coaches similar to what they had for the AD's? Has Moos' camp made an official statement after this and the oregon drama? I'm way biased but i am not too thrilled with either hauck or francione. i like Banker, the oregon state defensive coordinator that recruits the hell out of vegas. but they always forget to call me and get my 2 cents.

  42. Whoever they pick as coach better have some idea as how to stop the run and be able to run the football on the other side. Otherwise you going to have the same result as last season.

  43. The proper selection on the LV Sun poll is "Other"...

  44. Last year during the Vegas banquet at BIG DOGS on sahara, Utah's Head Football Coach was there hanging out so every recruit could know that he wanted Vegas kids while Sanford stayed home and sent Cink. What would impress you more- a Utah Head Coach coming off a Sugar Bowl win and being there or an Asst Coach? We need a guy who can draw attention of these kids and while Hauck has a good record, his failure to recruit Vegas is an issue. A Tuberville, Koetter or Fulmer hanging out at the same place with the Utah Head Coach would make a statement. Not sure that Coach Fran would have that same recogntion. That is what we need for recruiting and to get the UNLV fans who are sitting on the sideline to jump back into the program. Current boosters have not rebuilt the locker rooms at Sam Boyd and the team still has had to bus to games. Hiring Livengood was about his experience and fund raising. But, with everyone paying so much attention to this hire - he needs to make a big splash. With Tuberville and Koetter they would carry more at this moment. Coach Fran might be a guy who has built programs, but a Tuberville can talk about all of the first round draft picks he has developed while Hauck can not. Look at Washington, they hired late last year Sarkesian. He was able to land recruits by showing how him and his staff can develop them. Coach Fran being away can't say the same thing like Tuberville could. Neither recruited Vegas so they are on equal ground on that issue. Koetter with being a OC in the NFL can speak to this and had winning teams at Boise and ASU while recruiting the West. Settling on these two interviews while both are miles better than Sanford, Livengood needs to spend more time listening to the Vegas sports fans on this issue. Taking resumes off Koloski's desk is not using the experience that we hired him for. The new Coach can develop new jerseys that kids and fans would actually like to wear.

    We need someone who can stand in the room with the Boise and Utah Head Coach and not have to ask who is that guy. That won't drive dollars to the program or recruits. All we need is one more win better than the last two to go bowling and that win needs to come against Nevada! Give us some more names than this, it just looks like interviewing under fire without any thought about the big picture. Koetter, Fulmer, Tuberville and Coach Fran all have something to prove and not making a call out to all of them is a mistake. Coach Hauck or Fran won't make the headlines on Sports Center. Give us someone who will and Tuberville would do the job. Otherwise get Guy who recruits Vegas with energy - Robb Akey.

  45. face it these two guy's are the best unlv can come up with unlv is not a elite football school so asking for some of the coaches you guy's want is just wishfull thinking that's why i'm happy with the two that's going to intervew for the job..We just want need a coach that can get us to a bowl game not a national championship cuzz it's not going to happen!Another reason why college football needs a playoff system without it teams like unlv will never have a chance..

  46. if people with more football smarts than us are calling Hauck the next Coach Fassell and Coach Kelly, I'm not gonna argue.

  47. Akey has a snowball's chance in hell. Livingood is smart not to touch that buyout clause in this economy at a state funded school like UNLV.

    There is only two choices under consideration. I could like either choice. I would prefer Hauck. I would like to see what he can do at UNLV. If he has the same success here as he has had at Montana that would be something.

  48. I like the optimism that a lot of people are showing, but let's be realistic. Like Tysuave said, UNLV simply is not an elite football school and will not be able to land one of those big-time coaches who were most recently in a power conference. While your at it, lets just call John Madden... he's not doing anything, right? We've got Franchione, who is still a name and has head coaching experience, not to mention a pipeline to one of the top JUCO programs in the country. Then we've got Hauck who is viewed as one of the top up-and-coming young coaches and has sustained success at his current job. I'm not sure how one can fault Hauck for not recruiting Las Vegas... HE IS IN MONTANA. Let's use the same logic, shall we? Urban Meyer has no Las Vegas players on his current roster... if he wanted to come here, we shouldn't take him. If the coach is a good coach, the recruits will come! Sanford and his staff did a good job recruiting, its just that the coaching side was a bit "off." We have more talent than we have had in a long time and a good coach will have success right away, leading to improved recruiting and so on.

  49. Wyoming just one. That is good for the MWC. Keep it going.

    @ Kirkland I feel you bro. A guy like Tommy Tuberville would bring the hype. Key word someone "like" him. A known face from a nice program.

    Hype is so key right now. Sure Hauck can bring wins. Wins bring recruits. However that is all long run strategy.
    UNLV is buzzing right now with BBall and the new AD hire. If we add the right coach that buzz can have a nice sting.

  50. All good points but one thing that should be considered is that Bobby Hauck has been good friends with Steve Stallworth for 16 years and from my understanding they talk all the time. If Hauck gets this job I promise you Stallworth will be in his back pocket showing him Vegas and all the talent in this valley. Hauck has pipelines from the Seattle area as well as SoCal where his coaching roots are. He will recruit Vegas if given this job.

    Franchione, I'm not so sure about he said that Vegas was close to population for recruiting purposes. The way I translate that is "he knows nothing about Vegas or the local talent". Either way this thing plays out UNLV will end up with a huge upgrade from Sanford and his staff.

  51. It would be awesome to get someone like Tuberville or Fulmer, imagine the type of recruits they would bring to Vegas? Unfortunately I believe we are stuck with the short list of 2. UNLV has already lost a lot of time on the recruiting trail but I don't think it will make a huge difference next year. 99% of that great freshman class redshirted last year and they are waiting in the wings to shine.

    Does anybody know what kind of defensive schemes Hauck & Franchione run? I looked up the D-coordinator from Montana but it said nothing about his schemes. We have the athletes to run a 3-4 and I would love to see the switch. Put local big Nate Holloway at NG, he was unblockable at Spring Valley high and is real fast for 320 lbs. I could see it right now BJ Bell as a hybrid pass rusher coming off one edge, move Ronnie Paulo to the other side coming off that edge, move Jordan Barrett back to his original ILB position along with Nate Carter and that's a dang good LB core. Move Starr to safety along with Di'Giacomo, Charles Childers, & Reggie Umoulo who is a big time hitter from a prep power in the Phoenix area. Bridget at one corner it will be operation "lock down" on his side, make the other corner spot up for grabs during camp.

    I know this is all speculation but it makes for good football talk during the waiting game...

  52. If they do not move Starr to safety, CJ Cox may need to see how his safety skills work out in college. That also may be his best shot to get to the next level. CJ has great feet.

    A 3-4 sounds lovely.

  53. Franchione please!! He has won at "this" level and higher, Hauck not.

  54. I can't think of anyone who would be more of a fish out of water than Phil Fulmer in Las Vegas. Kinda the same for Tuberville, and I think he is a bigger coach than the UNLV program.
    Koetter double crossed Oklahoma State in 2 days for a better job, and I don't see any reason to think he wouldn't jump from UNLV after the first sign of success. Beside, an NFL coordinator job is a higher level position than UNLV head coach, he would be going backward.
    I wonder why Hauck has won for so many years at Montana and isn't getting a better job, what is the downside we aren't being told about? There's gotta be something, good coaches are always a hot commodity.
    I share the concerns about how Franchione did at A&M, but that is a very difficult sitaution right now. They are fighting many of the "chasing the past" issues that Notre Dame is. If you compare College Football to the Gaming biz, the Big 12 South is the Las Vegas Strip and the Mountain West is kinda like Laughlin. There are many fine people in Gaming who failed on the Strip, for any number of reasons, who could be giants in Laughlin, and I feel Fran fits that category. Living in Oklahoma City, I have watched Fran for close to 20 years, and my observation is he is a very good Coach, and a good father figure. He is much better at being a big fish in a small pond than fighting in the big pond. If you want a guy who isn't gonna embarras the University through personal scandal, stabilize the program and leave a solid foundation to build on in 6 or 10 years, than Fran is the man. He's 58, he knows that it'll 4 years to get UNLV to the level that would make him attractive at the major level again, and the majors NEVER hire 62 year old coaches.

  55. A couple of things that I am fimiliar with is that:
    1.Coach Fran had his hands full at Alabama and fell for him while he was there.In Tuscaloosa they live ,breath and worship the Univ.of Alabama Football.
    2.Coach Fran leaving Alabama was a smart move especially with sanctions comming down due to the Albert Means scandle.I know all about it because Albert Means is fron Memphis and so am I.
    3.Coach fran was an excelent Coach at Alabama but coaching their is brutal to your spirit.His 10-3 record at Alabama was not good enough for their alum and fan base and if he lost to Aubrun he was out.
    4.Coach Schula,Don Schula's son took over after the sanctions were over and had a really decent record except his last year I believe he was 9-4 but lost or almost lost to Mississippi State and I know for sure Schula lost to Auburn and he was out quickly.In the off season before that season Schula was offered an extension and he accepted.To things in Alabama you dont lose to Auburn more than once in a row and you better win 10 to 11 games.
    4.As far as Tommy Tuberfield he is a snake in the grass look what he did to Ole Miss.Then was a masterful jerk at Alabama.Tuberfield is a good ole boy and will not fit in with this city or region.You guys will despise him after a couple of seasons.

    I know the UNLV Alum.and fans want to bring in a coach that is going to develope a winner and i=I truley believe Coach Fran is the guy for the job.He knows how to build programs and he is a teacher of fundementals.You guys sign him and he will give you all he has.Coach Fran will take his time and he will build a solid program with a strong foundation.That takes time and you should give him a chance.I believe he would retire here and develop a coach to hand the torch to.Coach Fran is your best bet.

  56. C' Mon Man new Coach I hope they do something about the DB's man you have one of the best Corner's around in the MTN.WEST who was better than every Corner that played last year on UNLV. I seen this kid Bridget up here in Ely and he was killing , you can't teach 6'4" 190 lbs with a nack for being a ballhuck. If he play's one Corner like you said BETONBLACK that would be shutin down one whole side of the field. Cut this kid loose no need to hold him back, hell the kid only lost 3 high school football games in 4 years.

  57. I've followed UNLV athletics for 30+ years and UNLV football is a program that is far from being a "diamond in the rough." People keep saying that but history does not validate that belief...

    I have always felt that the UNLV administration wants a head football coach who's a miracle worker. They keep looking for a guy who can do more and more with less and less. I wonder how UNLV stacks up with money spent on that program, compared to money spent say at Utah, BYU, or TCU?

    Maybe someone on this board knows that answer...

    The Silver Bowl is not a great place to play and the location sucks! It's not very impressive when much of the main parking lot isn't even paved....

    Maybe I'm wrong about that but that was the case for many. many years...

    Vegas isn't (as many people believe...) an easy place to recruit. For one reason or another, most of the best high school players coming out of Vegas end up going some place other than UNLV.

    Remember the running back from Eldorado High School a few years ago that went to Oregon? He was a starter at Oregon and if memory serves me correctly, he's still in the NFL. There's many other examples...

    Actually, UNR (I can't make myself say Univ. of Nevada)
    has, over the year's, out recruited UNLV when it came to getting southern Nevada kids...

    I don't know how many games that have played between UNR & UNLV where the key kids in the game for the winning Wolf Pack team were southern Nevada products...

    I'm not a Chris Ault fan but he kicks UNLV's butt on a regular basis using many southern Nevada kids.....Many of those kids aren't even recruited by UNLV....

    I could go on and on but my point is that UNLV football is a long, long way from being a strong program that is capable of being in the hunt for a bowl game each year....JMHO!

    I like the Montana guy. Those 1-AA coaches get a lot of mileage out of average high school kids. More than likely, Montana would have kicked UNLV's butt this past year! The coach at Montana has won 94 games in seven years. He must know something about coaching football.

    By the way, the head coach at Ohio State, Jim Tressel, spent some 10 year's coaching at Youngstown State, a 1-AA school, before going to Ohio State.

  58. I would not want to play for a guy who looks like Hauck unless i was from a place like Montana.
    I say that because I am from an urban city and feel like people from the same place I am from may feel like Hauck looks mean.

    When you are going to college many wonders and fears occur.
    As a baller you want to play right away. Let us not forget that as a recruiting tool.
    You may believe that you can start right away at UNLV at a spot like Reciever. Whoever, if you are from Texas and are looking at TCU, you do not expect to start over a guy like Kurley. UNLV may be your best bet to shine right away.

    If you are a baller you also believe you can change the program single handedly if given the time to shine.
    All of the recruits we had last year lost their buzz and have to start from scratch.
    I am certain that potentially starting right away was a recruiting tool.
    Maybe that is why LB recruit Barrett played TE this year just because he wanted to get on the field anywhere and was told he would play right away.

    I feel like if Hauck gets a shot, some players down the line will think sure they are winning more games but i don't know if i want to play for a guy who i have not seen smile.
    That's just me, but i believe others think like me somehow. I like Hauck as a winner and charater builder. I am just wondering who will say yes to having Hauck coach their character...

  59. Either way this thing plays out UNLV is going to get a real good coach. At first I was like Franchione "are you kidding me" but now I like this thing either way it goes.

    If Franchione gets this gig I believe he will build UNLV into a consistant 7-9 win team yearly and then retire turning this program over hopefully to good coach who has been put in place. Fran is a great offensive mind, has connections in the juco ranks as well as California and hopefully still the deep south. We would see an immediate turnaround of the level of play by these Rebels. Fran had a 9 win season at UNM, a 10-1 season at TCU, and another 10 win season at Bama. Who believes that he wouldn't win in Vegas?

    On to Bobby Hauck - In my personal choice I have Hauck as my #1 choice and Fran as #1A. I personally believe Hauck has a lot of fire and something to prove on the D1 level. He would change the culture and mindset of this university and not accept losing. He is being compared to Brian Kelley, & Jim Tressel who both came from D1-AA schools. Hauck would bring a disciplined style of play that we have never seen here in Vegas, while bringing out the best of our talented players. A plus is he is only 45 and who's to say that he would bolt after a few successful seasons? Who knows what the true motives of a man really are? Hauck is a flat out winner and another genious football mind that would improve the level of play here by leaps in bounds. I refuse to believe that Hauck couldn't recruit good D1 athletes for UNLV. His Montana team would have spanked the rebels last year had they played, I really believe that. Read his profile, he was instrumental in recruiting athletes at UCLA & Washington in the early 90's when both schools were in the hunt for Pac-10 titles.

    Either way this is the dawn of a new era here in Vegas and I think the only way UNLV can go is up from here. Hopefully we will all know within the next 24 hours who will be at the helm.

  60. I am a U of Montana fan and graduate, if you get Coach Hauck, it will be a very good day in LasVegas. He is a great coach and a great recruiter. All of the legal stuff is blown way out of control, with little or nothing to do with him. He graduates a very high number of his players and would be a great fit for UNLV.

    Dont get mw wrong I hope he stays at UM for a very long time, but we know what the truth is, a $800,000 dollar salary is about 4 times what he makes now. His 80-17 record is nothing to sneeze at.

    BTW... Please quit saying its Division 2, that really shows your lack of knowledge. Its Division 1 FCS. Division 2 are teams like Chadron State, Western State, Dixie State and Central Washington.

    I hope Hauck stays and if he doesnt get the UNLV job atleast we will have him for another year.

  61. @bet

    Look, the Rebels struggled mightily at times against good football programs this year, no question. But to say that Montana would have beat the Rebels is a major stretch. Be honest now and think about that. UNLV finished 5-7, hence a struggling team, but not a bad one (see CSU and UNM). That means that they beat 5 FBS teams but they couldn't beat Montana? Come on now. I watched them play in the championship game a couple of nights ago and the FCS is way way behind the FBS (including the Rebels) in every physical category I could think of. That's not a slam on the FCS, but they are considered a lower level league for a reason.

    That being said, I completely agree with you about both coaches being good for UNLV and would be happy with either hire.

  62. Great discussions! I live in Missoula and graduated from UofM in 1985. I bleed Maroon and Silver.

    Can Hauck recruit, yes, a no brainer. Is he a motivator, yes, undoubtably. Is he a disciplanarian and tough guy, yes, right out of the Bob Knight mold.

    Many of us in Missoula can't even believe he interviewed for the UNLV position. I know this will annger the locals, but UNLV is a coaching graveyard, much like Idaho, Utah State, New Mexico State...you get the picture.

    Hauck has a hugh ego and has his sights set on the much bigger prizes,i.e., Washington, Wazzu, Colorado, CSU, UCLA...you get that picture also.

    It is time he moves on though... he has nothing left to prove in Missoula. Much like Brian Kelly at Grand Valley State/Central Michigan and Jim Tressel at Youngstown State, he must move on to provide his assistant coaches with greater earnings.

    Missoula has a love/hate relationship with Hauck. We love how he recruits, develops talent, motivates, and WINS. He is a winner.

    Coach Hauck also has a chip on his shoulder, a rough edge if you will. His way or the highway. He runs a tight program but makes no excuses and never whines or complains. He does not mix well with the media.

    If it were only him, Hauck would stay at Montana indefinately until a bigger program, as stated above, became available. But he has a responsibility to his staff and their families to move on.

    If UNLV gets Bobby, you will win and Rebel football will become exciting again.

    As for Division 1 football, excluding the top 35 FBS teams, the top 20 FCS teams are right in there and competitive. The Griz, this year, had more talent than Wyoming and would have given Utah everything they could handle. I know that is difficult for the locals to accept, but on any given Saturday...

    Regardless of who is hired, good luck to Rebel football and their fans. I hope you will be successful next year.

  63. Fast Cameron I respectfully disagree with you. Montana would have beaten this current rebel squad had they played and there is no doubt in my mind on that one. Hauck would have coached circles around Sanford and his staff by himself and had his players ready to beat UNLV. I believe most fans would agree with me on this one, this current rebel team has a lot of talent but they had the heart of their coach and they quit in how many games last year? You cannot win at any level when your are a quitter.

  64. First of all, I could care less if the Montana coach, Bobby Hauck, NEVER smiles. I can't remember seeing Bobby Knight smile in some 40 years of coaching, but what did that have to do with Knight being an outstanding coach?

    I don't remember Woody Hayes grinning ear to ear or Bo Schembechler being the life of the party. They simply coached football and won big time...

    As I said earlier, I like Hauck as a possible future UNLV coach. More power to him if he runs a tight ship. In my opinion, that's what UNLV needs at this point in time. If hired, I wonder how many of his current staff will come with him. Hopefully most of them....

    Another plus for Hauck is the fact that he graduates his players......that would be a big thing for UNLV! Changing the image of UNLV football is not only about winning games on the field.

    The other possible hire, Dennis Franchione, has a proven record at the Division I level and would probably do an outstanding job, but he reminds me of John Robinson in some respects.

    Nothing against Robinson but I always felt that Robinson came to UNLV to retire... By the time coach Robinson arrived at UNLV, his best coaching year's were behind him.

    I think UNLV needs a coach who is very ambitious and wants to win big at UNLV and as a result, get a shot as a head coach at a Notre Dame; a USC; a Texas; or an Alabama.

    Once the program is up and running and winning, (winning 8-10 games a year & a few bowl bids) it will be real easy to replace a very successful coach with another successful coach....that's like attracting bears to honey!

  65. Elenor articulates the thoughts of Griznation: Why is Bobby Hauck even considering the HC job at UNLV? Because it pays comparatively well, has a lot of untapped potential, and is a stepping stone to big time college football. Why should he consider declining an offer and staying in Missoula? Because UNLV football facilities are inferior to Montana's, he gets more national TV exposure at UM, his 2010 Griz team is probably better than the Rebels, and other than the pay, UNLV is at this point barely a step up in coaching prestige. Hauck has never hid his ambition to be a big time college FB coach, and he is not likely to stay at UNLV after he builds it into a winner.

    Those of you who refer to Hauck as a "D-II" coach betray your superficial, at best, knowledge of college football. Every high school coach and potential recruit knows about NCAA Division I FCS, the Division that gave us Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Brian Westbrook, Steve McNair, Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, etc. As for being able to recruit Vegas? I count 14 players from Clark County (pop 1,900,000) on the current UNLV roster. Hauck has at least 7 from Missoula County (pop 90,000) on his current Griz roster....Local recruiting will not be a problem. He's also successfully recruited for UCLA and UW in the PAC-10 environment, and continued to mine California, Oregon and Washington for talent while at Montana. He knows the coaching business, and his contacts are deep, wide and current. He also hires assistant who are good people, as well as smart football people. He has a big chip on his shoulder (never played college FB, although little brother Tim had long NFL career), which makes him less than charming at times. He got into a childish dispute with the student newpaper in 2009, and took about 6 weeks too long to admit his mistake. Once he did, we saw a much more human and civil public side to him. He apparently has learned that coaching football is largely a public relations job and perhaps not the most important position in the world. In finally learning those lessons, he became the complete package. Good luck.

  66. I am for the students. Some are for UNLV as a brand. WHen it comes to UNLV as a brand, hands down the students NEED Hauck.
    GOD knows who will get the position. I just believe that it will pan out best as it is written to benefit the atheletes. This is because i believe that UNLV has its turn coming because of the students.

    Seems like this is the first time UNLV has had a president that understand how important FOOTBALL is to its status and revenue. That along with the AD on the same page combined with stronger recent recruits. All of this makes me believe in the rise.

    I feel like Vegas fans would love to see exciting ball being played like the hype and fun style i saw on the 30 for 30 spotlight on The U of Miami team back when they had Mike Irvin.

    I had a vision of exciting football coming to vegas with the new guys that can take it to the house on any given screen play. Last year it seemed like Mike Johnson was the only guy on O that was that threat.
    Now we will have Bradley Randle, Irshad Stolden, Marcus Sullivan, and Mike Johnson.
    Maybe i just feel like if Hauck is the coach he may not get the free spirited recruit in the future because Hauck does not seem like the kinda of guy that celebrated after a score.
    That's just me. But maybe our players dont need to celebrate anything but a win under a guy like Hauck at this point.

  67. I think the players here would just be happy to win on a consistant basis. I believe that this team needs a lot of discipline, way too many mental errors and breakdowns last year on both sides of the ball. What I saw countless times last year was players showing no fear of facing any of the coaches on the sideline after a costly mental error, or breakdown on the field and that shouldn't be so. You think any player on the Niners wants to run off the field to face Mike Singletary on the sideline after a costly error or penalty? I understand football is a violent, emotional game and sometimes you have to let the players display that on the field or they will explode inside because there is so much adreneline rushing inside of them but this is really about UNLV trying to turn the corner with its program. I think we all can sense and have seen enough to know that this team can be good we have just lacked the head coaching leadership that will bring out the fire inside of these athletes. I think Hauck is the guy that will do that.

  68. @UNLVbcs,

    Brutha I don't mind the discipline aspect of Hauck simply because I come from a family of Marines so that has never been an issue with me but I see where you are coming from.

  69. @bet

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Some games the defense did quit but they also showed some resiliency by getting down early to SDSU the last game of the season, that meant little, and then came charging back for the win.

    This in no way takes away from Hauck....When I watched that championship game it was VERY obvious to me that the game was much much slower than the FBS due to less naturally talented players. Besides that, if Montana really could be compared to the FBS they would have moved up years ago.

    But again, would love to have Hauck.

  70. Former UNLV head coach Mike Sanford will be introduced as Louisville's assistant head coach/offensive coordinator on Tuesday, Rivals.com has learned.

    Sanford will join Charlie Strong, who took over as Louisville head coach after Steve Kragthrope was fired after three seasons. Sanford was fired after five seasons at UNLV, where he compiled a 15-43 record.

  71. UNLVbcs.......

    Are you the same poster who was concerned because Bobby Hauck doesn't smile on the side-lines? Now you're not happy with the fact that he doesn't show much emotion on the side-line when his team scores.....do I have that right?

    My reply to you concerning your reservations about such trivial things is who cares? Your concerns have little to do with winning football games...

    The UNLV program needs a major kick in the butt....I believe Bobby Hauck can provide that much needed kick. Not every player presently on the UNLV roster will be happy with Bobby Hauck if he is chosen to be the coach, but who cares? Transferring out is always an option!

    I personally believe that there's enough talent coming back for next year that UNLV could win at least 6 or 7 games....that is if the players play up to their potential, and are willing to buy in to what a coach like Bobby Hauck is selling...

    I think the UNLV administration should give Bobby Hauck a shot at turning the program around. What do we have to lose?

    The 1-AA programs such as Montana have 30 less scholarships to deal with and more times than not, a heck of a lot less money to spend on the program......recruiting & travel for example.

    The present UNLV situation seems to be tailor-made for a Bobby Hauck....Let's bring him on board!

  72. FastCamron said....

    "Besides that, if Montana really could be compared to the FBS they would have moved up years ago..."

    Sorry but it doesn't always work that way. Many of the 1-AA schoools simply don't want to move up to the 1-A (FBS) level. Some might like to but they simply don't have the money or the fan base to do so....1-AA schools in areas that are sparce in population can't move up becuase they don't have the numbers to fill their stadiums each & every Saturday..... The number of fans in the stands determines the amount of money that can be put back into the program for recruiting, travel, etc.....

    Many times, the administrations at those schools don't want to move up. They're happy having a very successul program at that level. Villanova and William & Mary come quickly to mind. Marshall finally moved up after many year's as a 1-AA program. Middle Tenn. State did the same thing but not until the population around Murfreesboro doubled & then later tripled...

    Since 2000, the population of Murfreesboro as increased by 50%. That's true with the entire area around Murfreesboro.

    Divison 1-A athletics is simply about money....mountains of money!