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MMA terminology

Tap out — when a fighter submits to his/her opponent by physically tapping the opponent, their own body or the mat. A fighter may also verbally state "tap out"

Ground & Pound — This strategy is when one fighter takes the opponent to the ground, forcing them into an inferior position. They then continue to continually strike them until they can force a knock out, tap out, or submission.

Guard — there are several different guard positions. It is where a fighter is partially defensive or trying to maneuver his opponent into a controlled position.

Mount — A controlled position where one fighter is physically on top of the other.

Armbar — A submission move where one fighter uses his arm and straightens it; hyper extending the elbow. Its most commonly done with one fighter's legs trapping the opponent's arm and extending the hips upward.

Kimura — A submission move where the fighter uses an arm-lock position. The arm is bent behind the fighter. This move is used to cause an arm break or shoulder dislocation. It was named after a Japanese fighter, Masahiko Kimura.

Guillotine Choke — A submission move where a one fighter chokes his opponent and is applied from the reverse headlock position. The fighter uses the forearm in an upward motion to apply pressure to the opponent's neck.

Triangle Choke — A submission move where the fighter chokes the opponent with either his arms or legs. With the arms, the fighter pushes his shoulder aggressively into the armpit of the opponent and wraps the same side arm around the neck of his opponent grabbing his other hand to create pressure. When using the legs, the fighter has the opponent's neck in the back of his knee using the other leg under the opponent's opposite arm. The foot is hooked under the crux of the other knee and the hips are raised in an upward motion while the opponent's head is pulled downward, thus creating pressure.

Superman Punch — This is a punch where the fighter is overhead of the opposing fighter. The fighter leaps in attempt to avoid the opponent's defense.

Flying Knee — The fighter is jumping while he has his knee extended in front of his body . The intent is to penetrate the opponent's defense.

Takedown — When one fighter brings the opponent to the mat.

Sprawl — A specific take down where the offensive fighter spreads his legs away from the attacking fighter and applies all of his/her own weight to the opponent's back. This is done to deny the opponent's ability to get to the offensive fighter's legs and maintain a superior position.