Anthony good to go, Beauchamp unknown

Senior receiver’s foot well enough for action. Linebacker’s ankle still in question

Next game

  • Opponent: Oregon State
  • Date: Sept. 12, 8 p.m.
  • Where: Sam Boyd Stadium
  • TV: CBS College Sports
  • Radio: ESPN Radio 1100 AM
  • The Line: Oregon State by 7
  • Series History: UNLV leads 3-1
  • Last Meeting: Oct. 14, 2002 — Oregon State won, 47-17

UNLV senior receiver Rodelin Anthony, who caught two passes for 73 yards in last weekend's 38-3 season-opening victory over Sacramento State, practiced at full speed from start to finish on Tuesday at Rebel Park, and will be good to go when the team faces Oregon State at 8 p.m. on Saturday night.

Anthony sprained his right foot and was walking in a protective boot on Sunday, but has been cleared. He also caught a 55-yard fourth quarter touchdown in the victory.

As for senior linebacker/defensive end Jason Beauchamp, his status is still in question as he nurses a sprained right ankle.

Beauchamp said in his Sun blog, Now or Never, that the injury occurred when he was hit from behind on Saturday with his foot planted firmly in the turf.

He was also in a boot on Sunday, but on Tuesday came out for practice in full gear. However, he didn't drip a bit of sweat, as he was held out of action.

"If I have any chance of playing, I will be playing," the 2008 Mountain West Conference tackles leader said in the weekly blog entry. "I want to practice so the coaches know I'll be ready, just try to come out early and maybe get some practice in on Wednesday. But, either way, I think I'm off to a speedy recovery. I've been resting it. I've been in the treatment room every day, non-stop, including Labor Day.

"I'm doing what I've gotta do."

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  1. That is good to hear about Rodelin. We will need him and Payne to come up big as we can exploit the hell out of the short Oregon DBs. If they even try to double Wolf or play a Cover-2 against the deep threat the middle of the field should be wide open for our bigger receivers.

    I know Jason will be out there. That guy is a beast and will not miss this one unless he is shackled to the bench by Sanford and the Metro SWAT team. Even then he might bite through the chains.

    Good luck Rebels. DO NOT COME OUT FLAT!!! The Beavers need to be hit in the mouth early. Just not the way LeGarrette Blount did, we do not need any season ending suspensions.

  2. D better tackle/wrap up.Offense will be fine if the line continues to improve. Go Rebels!

  3. he doesnt need to come back too early (jason). after all this is a non conference game. a win here would be really nice, but we need handsome healthy to pummel reno or byu.

  4. Uh, reagan21, are you thinking of the university of oregon (small cap intentional) or Oregon State University, when you make your comments about the height of our CB's, Cover 2 scheme and LeGarrette Blount?

    You may want to re-read your schedule or carefully re-read the article you replied to.

    Oregon State's DB's are not short, they're all 6'0" or taller. We don't play Cover 2, that's for athletically challenged secondaries. We play press coverage. And lastly, the Duck thugh Blount does not play for the Beavers.

    Our playmakers are named Rodgers, and I suggest you get familiar with your opponent on Saturday.

    Oh, yeah, thank you Las Vegas for Richard Seigler and Steven Jackson. They were great players for the Beavers.

  5. @ Sonomabeav

    1 - The reference of the punch was for fun not a shot at the Beavs but the Ducks. You should like that

    2 - The two receivers of which I speak are 6'4" and 6'5", and each has a vertical of 35. You DBs would classify as a shorter than that becuase your tallest DB is Brandon Hardin at 6'2", and he's doubtful to play.

    3 - I don't know if you understand what the word "all" means. On your roster you have 10 CBs and 6 are under 6' tall.

    4 - The doubling of Wolfe came from your coach's own mouth. If you double Wolfe you will have to play a zone or a cover two to defend the deep threat because we usually put 5 men out as receivers. Unless you drop your linebackers into coverage which would not be wise since Omar is very patient and accurate in the pocket

    5 - I suggest you learn your own roster and the concept of "greater than" and "less than". I know about the Rodgers brothers and I have seen both of them play on multiple occassions. They are very good and we will have a lot of trouble stopping Jaquizz.

    6 - Have fun playing press coverage with four receivers and a running back coming out of the backfield.

    7 - May the game be well played and may you learn to research and read before you open your mouth.

  6. Reagan21.

    Your opponent this week is Oregon State. We've finished in the top 3 of the PAC 10 the last 3 years, have beaten USC 2 out of the last 3 years and finished in the top 25 three years in a row. We've won 5 bowl games in the last six years.

    Tell me, what are UNLV's recent credentials?

    I am very familiar with our roster, and your comment about the height of our DB's is just semantics. Who cares?

    We play press coverage and with so few people blocking our DLine, you are going to be challenged to get off enough accurate throws to sustain drives.

    As far as my ability to research, I'm having a really hard time finding the year of your last winning record or bowl game appearance. Your last significant victory was against....who?

    Your right - I guess I'm "researched challenged".

  7. Just an FYI because I can't stand arguing with false facts. Here is the Oregon State (not Oregon) depth chart at DB.

    4 James Dockery | 6-1, 180, Jr., 2V
    3 Patrick Henderson | 5-10, 187, Sr., 3V

    21 Tim Clark | 6-0, 180, Sr., 3V
    17 Brandon Hardin | 6-2, 210, So., 1V

    10 Lance Mitchell | 6-2, 205, So., 1V
    47 Anthony Watkins | 6-1, 211, Fr., RS

    28 Suaesi Tuimaunei | 6-1, 207, Jr., 2V
    5 Cameron Collins | 6-2, 220, So., 1V

    Everyone over 6 foot on the two-deep, except Mitchell. Not that it really matters. DB's are usually a little shorter than WR's because they need to be more agile. Take a look at the NFL rosters. The OSU two-deep is very much in line and may even be considered tall.

    Two words. Stephen Paea. Learn it. Love it. Mention those words to your C and your G. They probably just pissed their pants. ESPN reports he may be the strongest player in college football. Jerry Glanville, PSU coach, said they had to triple-team him with the RB every passing play. Runs like a llama, hits like a truck. I can't believe UNLV is talking trash!?! Man, we actually root for you guys against the Eastern teams.

  8. I meant everyone over 6 foot on the two-deep, expect Henderson. Mitchell is obviously well over.

  9. I'm always bewildered by idiot fans from opposing teams who trawl the web looking for articles to comment on before games. This reminds me of the (oh man) Kentucky basketball game.

    I'm sure most Oregon State fans are great people who can't wait to see this game play out. "Studke" and "SonomaBeave," however, feel it necessesary to come onto the hometown newspaper and chastise UNLV fans for "talking trash" and correct (incorrectly) UNLV fan's comments.

    If you don't want to hear UNLV fans supporting their team and getting excited about Saturday's game you should go to Google and type "Oregon State" there is enough smoke being blown up Oregon State @$$ by your own media to keep you busy until long after this game is over.

    And Studke, although a win this weekend is nowhere near certain, it is certain that no UNLV player is going to piss their pants over anything OSU (Oregon- not Oklahoma) is bringing- even if the idiots over at ESPN or Portland State (lol) say we should.

    There's some trash talking sucka!

  10. Until the year 2000 Oregon State had not had a winning season since 1964. During that time you were the worst team in college football with a .210 winning percentage. Don't think because you have had success as of late that you are gifts from the football Gods.

    Are you attempting to compare the Portland State line to the UNLV line? We return 4 of the 5 starters from last year and we had one a top 20 line in the country in 2008. Don't think we will have to triple team any player on your line, beccause we won't.

    Your safties are pretty tall, but you said it yourself. That's your two deep coverage. If you play your 4 corner backs against our 5 receivers (4 receivers and running back out ofthe backfield) you will have to bring one safety of the up to press cover. If you decide, as coach Riley said, to try and double Wolfe you have man on man coverage for the others on the field unless you play a zone underneath. If you play a zone, AKA the cover two, you will get burned by our taller receivers against your smaller CB's in the zone or over the middle by our taller receivers. We did this against every team we played last year and our receiving corps is better and more experienced than last years squad.

    Nice 2 point victory against ASU last season, on your home field and your homecoming game. The same team we beat on the road in Tempe. To me it looks like these teams are pretty evenly matched. I guess that's why they play the games. The Vegas Experts have the game at +7 for UNLV which, to me, sounds about right. Don't expect to come in and blow us out because you will not. Now go back to Corvallis and do...what ever ya'll do in Corvallis. Cheer for the Beavers I guess.

  11. Hey OSU fans on this board nice name for a mascot a "Beaver" which is also used in place as another name for coochie. Nobody is pissing in their pants, you know nothing about UNLV but you will after Saturday night. Remember these names, Omar Clayton, Channing Trotter, Ryan Wolfe, Philip Payne, Rodelin Anthony, Starr Fuimaono, Ronnie Paulo, & Jason Beauchamp because they will be all over the field as we beat down your overrated team and send you back to country's capital of hippie lettuce. When UNLV wins this game it will not be an upset, they are the better football team.
    P.S. - Make sure your players wash their "Beavers" before they come!!

  12. I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers with my Stephen Paea comment. It was more of an excited about him as a player and his 530 lb raw bench press than a knock on UNLV. Again, we actually like you guys and I think you got a good team, so no hard feelings. The rest of my post was simply pointing out who plays for us at DB.

    I actually enjoy the Beaver as a mascot and it makes us one of the top teams for selling gear nationally. I know we didn't have a winning season for a long time until 1999. We've had 10 years of good football though, including a run in the final top 25 rankings the last 3 years (one of only a handful of teams to do that). We also had the second most players (next to USC) drafted last year, five of them on D. That could leave us open on D this year. Eugene (U of Oregon) is actually the hippie town, the rest of the state (aside from aspects of Portland) is pretty different.

    I'm not trying to boast OSU and I think UNLV could easily beat us. I suspect your WR's will probably face a lot of our LB's. We have smaller OLB's that can run and we leave them in for a lot of passing situations. It should be interesting. The secondary is the least experienced unit on our team. It will be a fun game between two good teams. My post is more for information, as I like to learn about the opposition before a game. I know that others feel the same way.

    I apologize for my pissing the pants comment. It was in bad taste and was more about my mancrush on Paea than anything else. Not sure why I added that to my otherwise tame post. Here's to a good, clean game on Saturday. Later guys.

    P.S. This article was linked on a message board I go to, which is why I commented. I will leave you guys alone, just wanted to apologize and clear things up.

  13. You are a stand up Beaver studke. I too think the Beaver is not that bad of a mascot, but I cannot begin to imagine the crap the womens teams get.

  14. I don't care who you are a fan of the Rebels or the Beavers you cannot tell me that you didn't laugh about the "Beaver - coochie smack".

    I can just hear it right now - "Summers Eve is the proud official sponsor of lady Beaver basketball".

  15. BetOnBlack,

    Still a little sore from the butt whoopin we put on USC 2 of the last 3 years? Sounds like it.... I thought Trojans we're supposed to be 99% effective...guess not