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Ron Kantowski:

Frustrated UNLV football fans reveal what keeps them from stadium

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UNLV vs. Hawaii

UNLV players celebrate their 34-33 defeat of Hawaii. Launch slideshow »

UNLV vs. Hawaii

Omar Clayton hit Phillip Payne for a 15-yard touchdown pass with 32 seconds left in the game as UNLV beat Hawaii 34-33 Saturday night at Sam Boyd Stadium.

If Mike Sanford builds it, will they come?

Well, apparently not if the parking lots aren’t paved.

Last week’s column on the lack of local turnout at UNLV football games generated a lot of lively e-mail discussion, with most of it centered on the dirt parking lots at Sam Boyd Stadium and the difficulty fans encounter while trying to get in and out of Rebels games.

Other than renting John Winger’s EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle as seen in the movie “Stripes,” there’s basically no way around it: If you drive your car to Rebels games, it will get dirty, and if you drive your car to Rebels games, it may get dinged up in the unpaved (free) general parking lots — that is, if you can ever get out of them.

There is a workaround, however. I discovered it myself this weekend. It made getting in and out of the stadium a snap, although you might have to walk a little bit.

But I’m not telling where I parked, for fear all of you will try it for the BYU game on Oct. 10. And then I’ll get stuck in one of the dirt lots.

Here is a sampling of what the readers wrote:

You ask why nobody goes to the UNLV games? Because the stadium and parking situations are awful. There’s no tailgating atmosphere. Everybody chokes on dust from the passing cars. In the stadium, people yell at you if you stand, and all anyone cares about is the (point) spread.

— hongkongphooey2465

As a loyal follower of the Rebels and a former UNLV player the problem with people attending the games is not the Rebels but the mess getting in and out of the stadium. The limo companies are completely out of control with double parking while the drivers chat on cell phones and super-stretch limo trucks completely block the roadway so you can’t leave the parking lots. There is no reasonable traffic control after the game.

— Crayton Jones

I can tell you the reason that my husband and I didn’t buy season tickets this year. We foolishly assumed that if we purchased season tickets we could park on the pavement instead of the rock-strewn field that UNLV calls a parking lot.

— ackermta

I would like to offer one reason why the Las Vegas community doesn’t embrace Rebel football: The parking. It’s beyond terrible for a team that screams for support.

— sgmccune

As an old soda salesman at the Oaks Ballpark in Emeryville, Calif., home of the 1946 Pacific Coast League Champions Oakland Oaks with Casey Stengel, Jackie Jensen and Billy Martin, people come to a game to see a sporting event — not stand in line for a soda, beer, hot dog or soft pretzel. The problem at UNLV is that at the concession stands “one place serves all” and they are manned by local service clubs.

— mrwonderful98

Why should I pay $50 for tickets, park my nice car in the dirt, pay another $50 for pretzels and beer when I can sit at home on my comfortable sofa and watch the game on a big-screen TV in HD? You gotta love any university that televises its half-empty home games and can’t televise its biggest rivalry road game.

— newyorkrebel

Families hate attending UNLV games because they sell alcohol inside the stadium. Football aside, the crowds in Sam Boyd Stadium are often not family friendly.

— DocRebel

Pave the dirt lot. Charge me $20-$30 for parking to pay for it. I don’t care. I have to spend more than that to get my truck washed after going there, anyway.

— True_Rebel

The crowd for the Oregon State game was sad and embarrassing. The ones who were there were quiet and not rallying around their team.

— debinvegas

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  1. It'd probably help if they won a few games, too

  2. How about using the fees that are attached to EVERY SINGLE ticket to pay for paving? I do not understand how the stadium gets around the country or city ordinances that prohibit generating that kind of air pollution.

    I used to think that Ticketmaster charged outrageous fees and welcomed UNLV Tickets as a break to the robbery. That is just a joke, my two $32.00 tickets were almost $90.00 when I bought the tickets through the website. It's just adding insult to injury that they charge you $1.00 to print the tickets at home also. Let me see, I'm using my own ink, not requiring any effort of anyone at the stadium to will-call pick up (which is free!!) and I pay for saving them time and money.

    Don't get me started about how ignorant it is to have an off-campus stadium so far away from the university. The field is much better than it used to be, when it was ~10 feet below the stands and bowed in the middle of the field. It is still all hard metal benches with HORRIBLE concessions and lines.

    All that being said, I did give up my season tickets because of the scholarship "donation" requirements, but I have been going to every game the past 3 years.

  3. Sitting at home because my car might get dirty. Nice way to support the team. I know winning cures all and its been tough being a Rebel football fan. I have been a season ticket holder for 6 seasons.

    This team is improving and deserves our support. Maybe if we fill the stadium consistently with "OUR" fans week in and week out, it would give the University and City a real reason to pave the dirt lots. If we only have near capacity crowds for BYU, Hawaii, Wisconsin, ect.. what reason do they have to fix it.

    If the fans show the support, and the team can put together a good season maybe we will see some actions being taken to fix our dirt lot problem.

  4. Sell the stadium and the land. Have no football team for ~5 years. Use that time to generate some money and build a real stadium ON CAMPUS instead of another parking garage.

  5. its very simple, fans will come when they win. Look at basketball, when they werent good, no one came. Now they get 15,000. UNLV football wants support, start winning games they are supposed to.

    I have gone to every football game and basketball game for the last 5 years, and I have come to realize that this is Las Vegas, people arent going to go watch the home team lose, so put up some W's and watch the masses come.

  6. Rebelbuck, if that were the case the parking lot would have been paved after the 2000 season

  7. I am not saying one good season would fix it by any means. We need to win and sustain a level of good play. A bowl game this year would go a long way to get the ball rolling.

  8. i agree with throughthewire.... attendance will be there if the rebels start winning. or at least keep games competitive.... look at the rays for instance... they couldnt barely keep the lights on then suddenly they beat the yankees a few times and voila'.

  9. Las Vegas should build a domed [doomed?] stadium with a retractable roof and lease it out to the Rebels and the 51s plus any other major events here [bowl games?]. How many of us transplants can sit in 100 plus degree heat for 3 hours?

    The casinos should be happy to assist in such an enterprise as bigger stadium capacity mean more tourists.

  10. Winning helps attendance, no doubt about it.

    If the Rebels were consistently 10-2, it would sting less to park my nice car in the dirt and pay to watch a game live that I could watch for free on TV.

    But Rebel football has a long way to go before it reaches that level of success.

    Winning games improved attendance for Lon Kruger's team, but basketball has the advantage of a history of winning and a proud tradition.

    By reviving that history and tradition with winning, Lon was able to win back a few thousand fans who were already inclined to support the Rebels but stopped supporting them years ago.

    Football doesn't have that advantage. It has to build a winning history and tradition from scratch, just as Tark did 35 years ago when he took over the team.

    It took Tark nearly 10 years of winning before a new arena (the Mack) was built in 1983 and another 5 years or so to fill it every night the team played.

    It could take that long or longer for football to achieve that success, even if the team wins consistently.

    The focus should be on what can the athletic dept. do NOW, today, with the team it has (rather than the program it would like to have) to make attending the games a positive experience that prospective fans would like to repeat on a weekly basis.

    A paved parking lot, zero tolerance policy for misbehavior, limited or no alcohol sales, reduced fees for on-line ticket purchases, these are some things that can be done immediately to make the experience better.

    These are things football will HAVE to do in order to run a profitable program and survive financially.

  11. @ NYR

    That was probably the best post I have ever seen on the Las Vegas Sun. Has the University processed your application for the AD job?

  12. Let's cut k-12 so that they can pave the dam parking lots.

  13. @ SgtRock

    The Hoover Dam parking lot is paved. Now if we want the damn parking lots paved...cutting K-12 would be a horrible idea.

  14. Plain and simple: It's time to start the process of building an on-campus stadium. Sam Boyd is just too far away. It takes me 45 minutes to get out there and you don't even feel like you are in Las Vegas. UNLV's campus is a nice central location for people in Summerlin and Green Valley and it has relatively easy access to the 215 via the airport connector and it's just 2 miles from the strip.

    Can you imagine what type of events you might be able to have in an on-campus stadium? It could be a major tourism boost for Las Vegas. You can upgrade the LV Bowl, host concerts, soccer, motocross, you name it. When the event is over, those people are a stones throw from the strip. Yeah we would need to do something creative to handle the traffic, but where there is a will, there is a way. Ticket sales, naming rights, help from the LVCVA, slot tax revenue (which helped build the Thomas and Mack and is about to become available again in a few years), and even help from the Strip could get this thing built. The Thomas and Mack is the #2 most profitable arena in the ENTIRE country next to Madison Square Garden. It is because its proximity to the strip and size allows it to host just about anything. UNLV's on-campus stadium presents a very similar opportunity.....sky is the limit. What other university in the COUNTRY has that kind of money making opportunity? NONE. Imagine the strip views from the open end of the stadium. Incredible.

    Just think of the tailgating we could have on campus like USC does. Also, when the game ends, think of all the fans spilling onto the street and heading out to the strip or some of the bars and restaurants that will one day line Maryland Parkway when the Midtown UNLV project gets going soon. That would be a true college game day atmosphere unlike any in the entire country. The type of atmosphere that could help UNLV with student recruitment and retention.

    College Football isn't about the actual game, its about the atmosphere. It is an event. It's about creating a rallying point and a sense of community. Sam Boyd is a nice little stadium, but it's not the total package that Las Vegas or UNLV deserves.

    It would be interesting to know just exactly what the powers that be were thinking in the 1971 when Sam Boyd was built out there. WHY? That should be your next article Kantowski, as well as the possibility of an on-campus stadium.

  15. A new stadium???? Are you guys living in Las Vegas? We are in a depression, 13 percent unemployment and rising. The economic conditions are not changing in the next few years and when they do it will not be the boom we were used to. A stadium costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Paving that lot would cost millions, its not a shopping center size lot.

    Bottom line: No money, no changes. If you like watching an up and coming exciting team, suck up some dust and come out. If not sit on your couch.

  16. There's no LAND to build a stadium near campus. Sam Boyd is a decent stadium, but absolutely rediculous with mainly one-way Russel access and seemingly no traffic control!

    And, yes, the dirt surrounding the stadium is a problem. And what's with the 3-4' high, fenced-off area of dirt on the east side of the stadium?

    I've taken my kid to the game for several years and never had a problem. Football games will get rowdy, no doubt. Don't go if you can't handle it.

    Ever hear the old cliche': you're either a basketball school or a football school? I think UNLV is playing very competitive football (so far) in a conference that will probably be next in the BCS. Let's hope there's no letdown.

    P.S. I can't watch the games at home because I'm too cheap to pay for that stupid digital sports tier. That was a dumb idea.

  17. @bam

    I was under the impression that the land was given to UNLV by the Boyd's. Also, Boulder Highway was supposed to be built up into a new strip back in the 1970's. As we know, it never happened that way.

    Don't get me started on Carol Harter's brilliant idea of the Midtown UNLV project. That was almost as bad as the big dig project in Boston. We are a commuter school and nothing more, and I doubt it will change. Building restaurants and bars next to UNLV is silly. The only people who live on campus or hang out on campus are poor 18 and 19 year old dorm kids/students who cannot legally drink and can barely afford In n' Out. Harter put the cart way in front of the horse with the midtown project. Get people to stay on campus by using tax dollars to build a new stadium or other ammenities and let private companies develop around the new additions. However, do not, as Carter did, use tax dollars to buy land accross from the University and try to get people to come to the campus. It's backwards in my opinion.

    We are in a recession and this would not be the time to build a new stadium. Suck it up, for now, and come see the Rebels as is. I have been going to the games for almost 30 years and every couple of years I move further north west. UNLV should not have to build a couple hundred million dollar stadium to appease our choice in home location.

  18. The future of UNLV - not just sports, but also the University - is the 2000 acre campus planned for the Northwest side of town.

    It will take 20-30 years to finance and build it, but when it's complete, it can put UNLV in position to be a top 100 university someday, like a University of Maryland, Arizona or Arizona State U.

    That's where you will see both on-campus football and basketball arenas ... someday ...

    Until then, the Rebs will have to make do with SBS, and in the near future hopefully a multi-purpose stadium in the center of the city will get built and house Rebel football as well as other events ...

    Our grandkids and great-grandkids will someday have the classic USC like on-campus experience at UNLV, but it won't be on the Maryland Pkwy campus.

    We'll see that area likely house certain graduate and professional schools (law, dental, etc.) while the undergrads spend their time in the northwest campus.

  19. That's quite a utopian vision for that Northwest land. The grandkids and great-grandkids can spend time while they tailgate (or study) sifting for spent shells and other toxic waste from Nellis AFB.

  20. If UNLV ever plays in a facility that we don't own, that will be the absolute and complete death of UNLV Football. I will chain myself to a building on campus before I allow UNLV to play in a stadium facility OFF CAMPUS that we don't own! Playing in a mulitpurpose Municipal Stadium would be the worst thing that could ever happen to UNLV Football. Anyone who evens considers this an option or considers it a positive move for UNLV Football is ANTI-UNLV and should be treated as a traitor to the school! UNLV MUST NEVER PLAY IN A MUNICIPAL STADIUM IN LAS VEGAS THAT WE DON'T OWN!

    UNLV must build an on-campus facility. It is not expensive and the land is available. Anyone who tells you otherwise is anti-UNLV and only looking to hold DOWN the UNLV Football program.

    Paving Sam Boyd Stadium is a waste of time and money. Wasting money to improve or fix sam boyd stadium would only be approved by MORONS who are anti-UNLV and have no interest in what is best for the UNLV Football program long term.

    The only thing that should be discussed, planned or looked into is an ON-CAMPUS STADIUM, anything else mentioned or considered by anyone is ANTI-UNLV and against what is in the best interests of REBEL FOOTBALL.

    Space is available on campus. The airport would not stop an On-CAMPUS Stadium. Money is not a factor which would prohibit building the On-Campus Stadium. The current economy does not have anything to do with the ON-CAMPUS STADIUM which MUST BE BUILT for the long term survival and thrival of Rebel Football.

    A real President and real Athletic Director would make an On-Campus Facility for Football the #1 priority and would not rest until it was built. It is the answer to everything that is wrong with UNLV as a UNIVERSITY and as an Athletic Department. The On-Campus Stadium would make UNLV legit FINALLY and we would not be able to be stopped. THE ON-CAMPUS STADIUM must happen and anyone who says otherwise is ANTI-UNLV and should be treated as the rat that they are.

    The North Las Vegas campus is a joke and if it is ever built every REGENT should be fired and the University system should be shut down. UNLV should be built on Maryland Pkwy and remain there. They don't need more room now or in 20 years from now but if the day ever comes that they do, THEY SHOULD BUY LAND AROUND THE MARYLAND PKWY campus and forget this silly idea about NORTH LAS VEGAS. DUMB DUMB and DUMBER!

    Build the On-Campus Stadium at UNLV and we are legit and unstoppable. Without it, we will always be a mediocre nobody that is NOT RESPECTED. Sam Boyd will always be considered an embarrassment no matter how much money you throw at it. STOP WASTING MONEY ON SAM BOYD and finally do the right thing by building an ON-CAMPUS STADIUM. If the University of Central Florida can do it, NOBODY WILL EVER MAKE ME BELIEVE THAT UNLV CAN'T!

  21. i like you bam

  22. "A new stadium???? Are you guys living in Las Vegas? We are in a depression, 13 percent unemployment and rising."

    No work?

    Then a new stadium sounds like jobs to me ... how about Boyds gaming donate the old stardust site for a stadium ... plenty of room and it will be years before Sam restarts his building project [ unless he spends all of his cash buying stations casinos.

  23. Eminent domain & bulldoze those apartment buildings, shops, gas station and elementary school on the southwest corner of Maryland and Flamingo. Develop some of the dirt area, and eminent domain the Target shopping center and adjacent buildings on the northwest corner of Maryland & Flamingo for stadium parking.

    Add state-of-the-art amenities to the facility such as tavern-style restaurants (al a McFadden's built into Citizen's Bank Park in Philly), and...

    Presto! UNLV becomes world class.

  24. You can't just eminent domain something...you have to buy it from them.

    Further, if you take a shopping center by eminent domain you have to pay them for reasonable and projected profits for the duration of the lease.

    For example, if the Target has a 30 year lease, the government would have to buy the land from the owner and then pay the franchise owner of that target what he would reasonably make durin the duration of the 30 year lease.

    It would be cheaper to bulldoze a lot of buildings, put them under ground and have the parking structure for the stadium be on top of the subterranean classrooms.

    Also think of the costs to re-restructure the whole rad system on Maryland, Flamingo, Tropicana, and Paradise. A 500 million dollar stadium would suddenly cost 1 billion dollars. I, as a taxpayer, would not flip the bill for this thing. I would rather pay the cash to get a little more gas and have my kids wash my car 6 or 7 Sundays per year after each game.

    If you were playing a drinking game and took a shot every time Sufferin said On-campus Stadium you need to get to the hospital stat...you may be dying from alcohol poisoning.

  25. What I do is park in the parking lot (paved) by the soccer fields and walk the short distance to the stadium. Then after the game I walk past the cars idling waiting to get out of the stadium lots and walk to my car and quickly get onto Russell Road and I'm on the freeway in just a few minutes. This works especially well for soldout games.

  26. rad=road

  27. At least Sufferin is consistent with his inane comments. Let's hope he chains himself to a building so we can all walk by and kick him. That would be better than reading his daily nonsense.

  28. That was mostly tongue in cheek reagan; a juicy, salivatory pipe dream. So, I apologize that my commercial real estate language was not up to snuff.

    UNLV ain't changin' squat. SBS, baby. Get used to it.

  29. Ha! That was funny tweet. Reagan, you had some good ones too.

  30. The main problem with Sam Boyd stadium is obviously the parking. If Libonati can't handle the parking flow out there just imagine what a disaster he would make of parking at an on-campus facility.

  31. Hmmm, spend a tens of millions the university doesn't have buying Target and apartments around campus ...

    Or ...

    Build on 2000 acres in the northwest ...

    Where the land is FREE. F.R.E.E. Free.

    That's a difficult choice, even for the ANTI-UNLV crowd like me.

  32. Top 10 Reasons Not to Attend a Football Game.

    1. It's a one hour drive for many of us
    2. No atmsophere and no good bars or restaurants nearby
    3. It's by a stinky sewage treatment facility
    4. The fans are rude and disrespectful
    5. Not always a safe place to take the kids
    6. Dirt parking stinks
    7. Concessions stink more
    8. Very uncomfortable seating
    9. A terrible place to tailgate
    10. Ingress/Egress a joke

    I laugh when ya'll say we have to start winning to draw interest for a new stadium. Wake-Up People! How many top recruits want to sign with UNLV to play in the land of mullets and half-shirts? Put a nice product on campus and the recruits will follow. Enrollment would increase and we all win.

    In the meantime, could someone please do something with the TV coverage? Watching the Hawaii game was trying to say the least. The lighting was so poor, I could hardly make out the jersey numbers. If you want to attract top recruits, put us in a better light!

  33. Not a bad idea newyorkrebel. Im fact, let's move the entire campus and build a real collegetown with bars, restaraunts and businesses that fit the culture. And let's leave room for growth!

    That's the one thing I miss about the Midwest, the buzz in the air and the atmosphere. Not too much of that along the spit stained sidewalks of Maryland Parkway.

  34. Has anyone even seen where the land is proposed for the North Las Vegas Campus? BFE!

    People complain about driving to Sam Boyd? Nobody is going to drive out to Aliante! Ever been out there? It is a ghost town and will be for years to come!

    UNLV is built in the perfect location. It will not be moved. You build a stadium on-campus at Maryland pkwy and all of a sudden we are a legit urban University that has PAC-10 quality facilities RIGHT NEXT TO THE LAS VEGAS STRIP!

    I was born on Maryland Pkwy and I will die there. So will UNLV.

  35. If you want an on campus stadium, just go over onto Paradise. The area where the failed driving range complex would be a good starting point. It is as close as Arizona's stadium is to it's University, well within walking distance.

    All we have to do is convince Obama that it is a stimulus project and we can have a Jerry Jones stadium. :)

  36. @ Grayback

    I knew it was tongue in cheek by the way you wrote it...however, I have heard that exact idea time and time again. I wanted to nip it in the bud before someone (i.e., Sufferin') ran with it.

  37. Ok, so why was the stadium build so far away from UNLV in the first place?

  38. General Question: What is across the street from the Thomas and Mack? On the northwest corner of Trop and Paradise? I was just looking at the campus and the surrounding area on google maps and that looks like a perfect stadium location to me. Seems like a no-brainer. There doesn't appear to be anything going on there, and with it being across the street from the T & M, we wouldn't need a ton of additional parking.

    I don't know what is actually going on with that land, but doesn't it seem like the ideal location, if it were feasible?

  39. @Wispy

    That is the exact location that I was referring to. I think it would be perfect and the traffic can't be any worse that the mistake by the sewage plant.

  40. NCAA teams with losing records do not warrant new stadiums.

  41. For once (and I can't believe I am saying this) I absolutely agree 100% with SufferinSuccotash!!! An on-campus football stadium is a must for UNLV! For soooo many reasons"

    OK first of all enough with the idea that there isn't sufficient land. Perfect spot is just to the northwest of the T&M. Utilize the area tha includes those intramural fields, those slum looking apartments and facility sheds. As for parking, we already have the T&M parking lot and that new parking garage next to the Student Rec center.

    On campuse stadium! This is a no brainier and 1st order of business for the new AD. emagine the gameday atmosphere and experiance that will come along with a stadium actually @ UNLV!!!!

  42. Man this is why Las Vegas will never have a professional team, ever. I can't believe people actually blame the stadium and its parking of all things as the reason to not go support "their" team. Car gets a little dirty are you serious? This team deserves more fan support. They are getting better, and the MWC is getting a whole lot better. The wins haven't been there, but games are much more competitive. TCU and SDSU were the only 2 games that rebs weren't really in last year. And thats saying something.
    There are way too many people in the Valley for a good team not to sell out its small stadium. I know that Vegas is a translant town, but there are enough people with local ties to make it out to a football game, especially this year.
    Yes Sam Boyd is not a great venue to watch a sporting event for all the reasons already listed. And an on campus stadium will be exponentially better, but for any of that to happen, the fans need support the team where it is at to prove to the University and the tax payers that a project, wherever it is would be worth it.
    I think a blackout of the games locally could help, but I'm not sure if that would actually work given the excuses that are given now.
    It shouldn't matter how good the team is it deserves 30K plus every game, because fans are supposed to support their teams.

  43. I cant wait for when the County takes out those dirt parking lots and puts in softball and baseball diamonds like they were talking about a year or two ago.

    You complain about not liking to park on dirt? Wait until this gets build (if it still will), you'll get there and you find that parking has been reduced by 60%! You get to park on asphalt, if you get there a few hours early!

  44. To Wispy and Louis:

    The land you are referring to on the NW corner of Paradise/Tropicana was once public land but now owned by Mccarran Airport. They have had plans since 95-96' to aquire the land and build more offices and stuff like they did on Russell/Eastern.They had to move all the people who use to live in the mobile home park there and start a study on the land. Besides who would want to sit outside next to the airport during a football game. If a campus stadium were to be built (never will happen) they would have to get the land nearest Flamingo/Maryland. The strip mall,shotty apartments,the elementry school and the flamingo high rise apartments would have to be removed to open enough land and space. I say build it on the 2000 acres in NW, soon we will have built out that direction anyways. Also the dirt parking lots at Sam Boyd is on Clark County land, Sam Boyd's only responsible for grading and watering the lots prior to usage,and the county will not pave them. Also the softball/baseball fields will not happen either.

  45. I think moving UNLV to the NorthWest is a ridiculous idea. Hopefully, if you're an alumni too, you agree. Part of what made UNLV such a great experience for me was it's location and proximity to the Strip.

    I don't think that expanding the current UNLV campus to the North is a good idea either. Eminent domain requires that fair market value is paid for the property in question. Purchasing commercial property is not feasible, because as Reagan stated, the owner must be compensated for future revenues in a lease situation. However, there is ample residential land on the East side of Maryland all the way to Spencer/Eastern. There are a few apartments in the area, but I think the University should let the owners operate them as student housing. The airport took all the property off of Russell and Maryland, UNLV should do the same. Part of the reason why it wasn't probable in the past was due to the artificial inflation of real estate in town. But the bubble has burst and it could be time for UNLV to buy low.

    Funding is major concern for a project so big. It would take some major donations and issuing municpal bonds (which I would gladly invest in). I'd also say sell that property in the Northwest. I doubt it will happen, but one can dream.

  46. A problem with the area by the Thomas and Mack has anyone not seen or heard the planes that fly over head that would be ridiculous to hear at football games and just give another excuse as to why people still would not come to the games

  47. ummmm, the planes, really! Come on man, weak excuse! Many events have taken place on or around the UNLV campus and the sound of planes have never been a problem or issue. A lowly plane landing at McCarran will have no effect on 20 or 30 thousand plus cheering fans in a football stadium.

  48. Excuses are signs of weakness. I'm a season ticket holder. Sure, the care gets a little dusty in the parking lot. Big effen deal! If that's what is keeping people from going to the game, they should go to the game in one of the many shuttle buses that pick you up and drop you off in front. UNLV ought to post info on those bus services just the same in case this issue really is what is keeping some people from going to support their home team. Maybe charter a few buses themself and have them leave from UNLV's Cox pavilion parking lot 30 minutes before each game so that people can part at cox pavilion's nice parking lot.

  49. WOW, a lot of comments from the lunatic fringe. Be honest, a show of hands please, how many people really pay for tickets??? The last time I can recall was the Las Vegas Bowl of 2002 New Mexico vs UCLA man was it cold that day and I think I spent 25 bucks for tickets and sat on the 30-yard line lower seats. Like slots are aplenty in this town so are people and vendors trying to give away tickets for FREE and the stadium is still half empty most of the time. In regards to parking your right the dirt lot sucks but believe it or not I've seen a Ford GT parked in that pit. So if that person is willing to park a 140k car you should be able to park your family's pimpmobile or Geo Metro or whatever. Funny side note when I get extra FREE tickets and do not need them I give them away to either an older couple or families with kids and get the strangest looks like I'm giving them fake ones or something, a awesome testament to the character of the local residents. Piece Out

  50. Maybe Las Vegas Paving could donate a paving job.

    They are making a killing with a virtual monopoly on the paving business in Las Vegas through their political cronies.

  51. Rebels football is terrible. Why invest money into losers. They should give all the investment money to basketball team, at least they win games.

    The stadium seat are horribly uncomfortable. Bad team + Bad seats = no reason to go to the games.

  52. Half the posters here need a pacifier.

    Support your team. If they pave, get great concessions and etc., you still won't come because of some other whiny excuse.

    I have two season tickets and also have 10 seats for the bowl game in december. I love it at game time. Instead of whining about not having this or that get with the program and support your team. If they consecutively pack the Stadium they will have money for your whiny projects.

    Don't want to park in the dirt? Don't want to walk for miles? Pony up and get good season tickets with a parking pass.

    Go Rebels.

    Stuff it whiny crybabies.

    The location is just fine. Ask a fan of Dallas how far they drive to Arlington?

  53. Seriously, who enjoys driving all the way out to Henderson to park in the dirt, breathe in the dust, and smell the sewage plant? Sam Boyd stadium is a craphole. That place needs to be firebombed and a new stadium built on campus.

    Build a new stadium on the current location of the music center, the theater, and the fine arts building (since no one actually takes classes at those buildings anyway), and make the Cottage Grove parking structure 30 stories tall. BOOM, problem solved. Put the useless music, fine arts, and theater majors in some portables across Tropicana or something.

  54. Please don't get rid of K-12, the spelling is bad enough on these posts as it is.

  55. It is my understanding there is land in Northwest where a research park is planned (private/university offices and research space).

    There is a larger parcel of land near the Northeast located next to Nellis Airforce Base that is slated for another campus developement. However, the land is also supposedly shared with the (Community) College of Southern Nevada and Nevada State College. Oh, and the land has waste and spent shells and needs to be remediated...

  56. There is so much potential land around UNLV for a stadium it is just ridiculous. Anybody who says a stadium is not a possibility is just INCREDIBLY short sighted. This is LAS VEGAS! We built an entire city out of NOTHING! We can and we WILL build an on campus stadium.

    Not including parking, but including a large tailgating area, an on campus stadium would take up 17 acres for its footprint. Go on google maps and check out all the run down apartments within a quarter mile radius of UNLV and measure them. There are more potential sites than you can shake a stick at.

    All the naysayers are going to be proven wrong. UNLV is on a collision course with destiny to be one of the top 100 research universities in the world. You can't do it without football.

    Think of it this way: Texas, USC, Ohio State, and Florida have a few things in common. They are all top 100 mega research universities and they play world class football in on-campus stadiums. Heck, the LA coliseum basically has no parking and is right in the middle of about the most densely populated urban area LA has to offer. They pack 95,000 people in there like no tomorrow. We are talking about putting 60,000 in a UNLV stadium with relatively good roads surrounding it.

    Put the stadium in place of the run down apartments on the south west corner of Maryland and Trop and as you leave the stadium by car, only two stoplights separate you from the 215: Maryland and Russell (make a right onto Russell) and then Russell and Paradise (make a left onto airport connector). They just widened and realigned Russell for the airport expansion and Maryland is already about 10 lanes wide there.

    Message to President Smatresk: You have been setting the world on fire and doing an absolutely tremendous job in your first few weeks as President. This is your next conquest....the future of UNLV and Las Vegas for that matter depends on it.