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Dwayne Polee Jr. set to announce college choice Saturday night

LA standout expected to choose between UNLV, St. John’s and Georgia; Findlay’s Cory Joseph returning to town next week


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

Los Angeles Westchester High forward Dwayne Polee Jr. joins the UNLV student section during a Nov. 28, 2009 game against Louisville at the Thomas & Mack Center. The Rebels upset the 16th-ranked Cardinals, 76-71.

Dwayne Polee 2008-09 Highlights

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Los Angeles Westchester High forward Dwayne Polee Jr. is escorted to the UNLV student section during the second half of UNLV's game against Louisville Saturday, November 28, 2009 at the Thomas & Mack.

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Cory Joseph

The wait for Dwayne Polee Jr.'s decision on where he'll play college basketball next season will end Saturday night.

Polee, who led Westchester (Calif.) High to a second consecutive Division I state title last month, will announce his choice at halftime of Saturday's Collision All-Star game in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times first reported the story, as the boys' all-star showcase will tip at 6:30 p.m. at El Camino College.

It is expected that Polee will decide between — in no particular order — UNLV, St. John's and Georgia.

Recent attempts made by the Sun to reach Polee have been unsuccessful.

At 6-foot-7 with an impressive skill set that includes a near-40-inch vertical leap, Polee caught UNLV's attention long ago.

Polee took an official visit to the UNLV campus in late November, as he watched the Rebels knock off then-No. 16 Louisville at the Thomas & Mack Center, 76-61.

There were rumors late last month that Polee was about to make a commitment to UNLV, but his huge senior season for the Comets — including being named the Los Angeles City Section's Player of the Year — brought on quite a bit of buzz for the forward who ranks as a three-star prospect.

Polee recently took a visit to St. John's, which last month hired former UCLA head coach Steve Lavin to take over.

For a moment, Polee was believed to also be considering New Mexico and UTEP.

UTEP earlier this month hired Tim Floyd, the former Southern California head coach who had drawn an early commitment from Polee as a high school sophomore. Polee, however, re-opened his recruitment after Floyd and his staff resigned following the 2008-09 season.

Joseph to return to town next week

According to, Findlay Prep point guard Cory Joseph is now the highest-rated unsigned player in the 2010 senior class.

There's a chance that might not remain the case for much longer.

After helping the Pilots claim a second consecutive title in the ESPN Rise National High School Invitational on April 3 in Baltimore, Md., Joseph has been in the home stretch of his recruitment.

Findlay coach Mike Peck confirmed that Joseph is spending the week back at home in Toronto and will return to the Henderson foothills in time for school next week.

Joseph long has said that following his senior season his intent was to sit down with his family and make a final decision from the five schools on his list. That list includes UNLV, Texas, Villanova, UConn and Minnesota, with Joseph never having indicated that any one of that group was more of a favorite than another.

Rivals ranks Joseph as the No. 7 prospect in the 2010 senior crop, and he is fresh off of appearances in both the McDonald's All-American game in Columbus, Ohio, and the Jordan Brand Classic in New York City.

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  2. We better get one of these two players. I'm counting on polee more then joseph. I think joseph is not coming but we have a good shot at polee.

  3. Come on Polee trust your parents......You and your old man, legacy. California is a 4 hour drive, 50 minutes by flight, your far enough away to have some freedom but close enough to be home for holidays and weekends your parents can come out and see you play. Don't get caught up in the east coast hype..the market there is saturated. Be a star and stay in the city of lights...UNLV.....Vegas aint' go anywhere its a great town and they love a winner and UNLV is the only game in town that unites everyone...JUST SIGHN will handle the rest...

  4. Polee to St. John's. I hope I'm wrong..

    Has anyone seen what NM has coming in for it's 2010-11 recruiting class... woow

    Why can't we get guys like that?

  5. When it is all said and done I think it is going to be New Mexico who will be envious of our recruiting class this year if we land both Polee and Joseph.

    WE will own the MWC the next couple of years if we get these guys...fingers crossed !!!!

  6. I'm all for Black kids attending UNLV. I even sent my young'n there. BYU, SMU (musty-rats), ASU (devils), and AU (mildcats), not so much. These are racist institutions (PLANTATIONS) that all Black athletes should boycott. Fact is, extend the boycott which includes competing against these plantation massas. Any Black parent that let their baby accept an athletic scholarship from these KKK members, needs a battery of UAs (urine analysis).

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    Ditto for BYU. Bishop Mitt, Hatch, and Bennett are also draftdodging felons, and I think those old stale-a$$ moron-elders in SLC, Planet Eutaw, they hate us too. "Blacks won't get into Heaven unless they are slaves o Earth." "They have tails." "Devils".

    The mehodist (meth-heads) allowed GWB, 40+ years UCMJ felon * AWOLee * deserter, to build his presidential library (GOP mob museum) on SMUs campus. Why not Hitler? GWB slaughtered 500K innocent and unsuspecting Iraqis. GWB, "Iraq is a CRUSADE". I'm outta here to wipe my rear-end with the barbaric-laced bible.

  7. My gut is telling me that Polee is going to be a rebel if it is coming down to UNLV, St. Johns, & Georgia. CJ on the other hand who really knows cuz he has played everything close to the vest the whole season. I would like to believe that the rebels chances are just as good as the other 4 schools. If CJ didn't love the atmosphere at the Mack he wouldn't have attended so many games IMO. UNLV shoots a lot of 3's & CJ is a great 3 pt shooter, perfect fit for both CJ & UNLV.

  8. Rivals shows UNLV behind Georgia and St. Johns.

  9. Rivals shows UNLV behind Georgia and St. Johns for Polee.

  10. Those listings on Rivals are in no particular order. Who's listed where has no bearing on anything.

  11. We have a good shot at Polee. Because of the weak home schedule, I would love to see a show of dunks to keep me and fans going back the Mack. CJ in the other hand, i hate to admit it because of the timing,but a better fit for texas. We have already a solid guard line up in which texas has like 1 guard, which works in Cj's favor in playing time, which he may start right away. I'll love to keep him here but i think of the timing, is working against us. We just need one of these guys. Also, what will happened if they BOTH choose UNLV? If we only have 1 scholarship, what can happen? Just curious.

  12. "Those listings on Rivals are in no particular order. Who's listed where has no bearing on anything."

    No Ryan- Go look again. Georgia and St Johns are listed as "Heavy Interest", UNLV is listed a rung down at "Medium Interest". Usually that information comes from the recruit, his family, or his coach. I understand that anything can happen but Rivals just doesn't just make it up...

    Now the Joseph kid has all his schools listed at "Medium" so it that case, theoretically, no school is in the lead.

  13. Minor correction- Polee's interest is listed as "High", not Heavy with the two schools in my pervious post.

  14. St. Johns being involved scares me. Lavin is a slippery one. Would not surprise me if he swoops in and steals Polee. Really hope he joins the Rebs because he is just what we lack. An explosive wing player that can give us an athletic dimension that currently only Marshall posseses. Having that in a 6'7 frame would be awesome. Runnin' Rebels!

  15. @logic_should_rule ... or it's assumed. There's no confirmation that it came from anyone with Polee ... He's cut off contact with almost everyone on the outside when it comes to his recruitment. There's good reason to believe it's still even across the board.

  16. Mike Moser Baby!

  17. Come be part of the excitement boys, or you'll miss the fireworks this upcoming season!

  18. In my opinion neither player will decide to be Rebel players

  19. William- I, unfortunately, agree with you. I had thought Polee was a lock, but I have a feeling he is not coming here. Kruger is a good coach, but I don't think he is a good "closer". Part of being a head coach is being a good bullsh---er- ala Levin.

  20. Good question...what if both guys CJ and Polee want to come here?

    I don't think we are getting either one for the record. We have to ask ourselfs why guys don't wanna come here?

  21. Kruger is a good coach and very good x and o's guy but he can't close the deal.

    I agree with rose1414.

    Take a look at what NM has coming in next season. Then look at what SDSU has coming in.






  23. hoops,

    Are you serious? If both go elsewhere, it doesn't matter. Kruger still puts a Top-25 team on the floor next year and if you're wanting to judge the staff's recruiting, hold the judgement until next season, when they actually have needs. 9 of 11 rotation players and all five starters back next year from a team that was in the NCAA tourney. There was no urgent needs in this class. The 2011 class is bigger, because the Rebels will have 4 or 5 spots to fill ...

  24. I'm dead serious Ryan. Is UNLV in this for a top 25 team? Are we in it for a sweet 16 or elite 8 team?

    No, we are not, or I should say I hope we are not. We're not going to do much better than that if Krugar and staff don't start recruiting with the likes of SDSU and the Lobos. Look at what the Lobos have coming in. We are getting killed in recruiting.

    If you know hoops like I think ya do then ya know we should land one of there kids. If we don't the writers like yourself and fans need to look at why!

    If we don't get one of these kids it's the beginning of the end for the Kruger.

    We need to do better than retreads my friend. We need to if we ever plan to win a NCAA Championship again.

    quote: 9 of 11 rotation players and all five starters back next year from a team that was in the NCAA tourney

    That's what I'm saying we will always be good under Lon BUT WE NEED TO START RECRUITING TOP SHELF PLAYERS. Not just transfers.

    Why don't you do a stoy on SDSU,NM,BYU and UNLV. Compare the teams on who they have recruited in the last 3 years. That should be VERY interesting.

    I hope I'm wrong. We can use this kid Polee bad.

  25. I know it's a very long shot, but in answer to the question of what would happen if both players want to come here, Wallace has already made it known that he'd give up his scholarship for such a scenario.

  26. once again, somebody has gonna running off out of the brown puckered hole.

    Get a clue.

  27. Hoops, although I would love to have Polee, we don't "need him bad" to win. From what I gather people want Polee because he is a very exciting athlete who can/will dunk on anyone he wants and will bring you to your feet 4 times a game. However, a dunk, no matter how exciting, is still worth 2 points.

    In other words people want Polee for selfish reasons, not because it will make us drastically better. I have seen him play at least 4 times and, although he is a very good player, will not make our team next season that much drastically better. CJ is a much different story. He cannot create his own shot and his man-to-man defensive skills are lacking. However, his help defense is amazing which I do admit.

    Thos who think Polee is the turning point of our program are delusional, and Mr. Greene is right, the turning oint comes in the 2011 class. We will have 4 or 5 spots left open and some ood players that have shown a lot of interest.

    Finally, as of now we still have 2 spots open. Buckley still has not passed his college entrance exams, and he has a verbal from last year. I don't think Kruger would just leave him out in the cold because that's not his style, but I doubt Buckley's ability to pass. I heard he just took them or he was taking them in the very near future.

  28. reagan, your right on. Polee has a very low basketball IQ at this point. Reminds me a little of Deshawn Mitchell. He could grown into a great player someday though.

    My concerns about Kruger's recruiting will be confirmed if he can't land a 3 star recruit like Polee after having our foot in the door. I mean its not like were recruiting against Kentucky or North Carolina.

  29. By the way, "hoops" is probably Sufferin.

  30. Hoops is a clown if he thinks that is the case. Over reactions and ingnorance come from a lot of people on this site. Next year is the big year for recruiting and Glaze is a good start. Even that team will have:

    Chace, Brice and Oscar as Sr's
    QT, AM and JHawk as Jr's
    Lopez a Soph
    Glaze Fr. plus our recruiting class.

    So slow your role fellas. That being said here is some info on Polee I came across:

    Last week, we wrote that still uncommitted top recruit Dwayne Polee Jr. had visited the Big East campus and was a fan. Adam Zagoria of reports Polee Jr. has settled down to two final choices: Georgia or St. John's.

    This news is somewhat stunning, considering UNLV was thought to be the 6-foot-7 forward's destination all season. However, it would seem like Polee has eliminated them from his final choices, despite what some other accounts have. Polee is announcing his decision this weekend and if he does make his way to the Big East, that would be a major get for Lavin and Co.

    St. John's hired a West Coast coach in Steve Lavin and now he's hoping to land a West Coast player as his first recruit.

    Dwayne Polee, a 6-foot-7 forward out of Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester, will announce his college choice at halftime of Saturday's Collision all-star game at El Camino College.

    "St. John's and UGA," Polee wrote Thursday in a text, referring to his final two choices of St. John's and Georgia.

    A source close to Lavin said Polee was the "best athlete" he's ever recruited.

  31. CJ's man to man skills are lacking. Reagan21, I would totally disagree. Jerry Meyer of rates Joseph the best defender of the point guards in this class. You are off in your analysis of Joseph. He just led one of the very best Prep teams in the country to what a 60 something and 3 record? He has played against the best teams in the country with the best players and won. I agree with a lot of what you say about Polee, but stick to bashing kids that are not superstars. There are only 2 point guards in the nation rated ahead of Joseph.

    Without a doubt Hoops is a NM fan trying to guise as a Rebel fan. UNM has four 3 star rated recruits in the next two years with one top 100 recruit, who is only rated in the top 100 because he is 6'11". Remember Beas Hamgas burger the 5 star, same deal. Your tall you get extra stars. Carwell of SDSU who sucks was rated higher than the NM recruit. Why 6'11" 300 fat lbs. The kid Green they picked up from UCLA is a disease that will destroy the chemistry of NM. Other than that you have four 3 star recruits of which one is in the top 100. You might want to reach back and take another look at UNLV's team. Stanback, Jasper, Thomas, Marshall, and Glaze in 2011 were/are all rated in the top 100 in either ESPN, Scout, or Rivals. Lopez was just outside at 109. So how are you so amazed with NM? SDSU's recruiting has 2 recruits who are so wonderful they are not even rated for 2010 and none for 2011. SDSU picks up Santa Clara (powerhouse) guard Rohan as a transfer and loses Billy White(thats a decline). BYU has the best recruit so far in 4 star Collingsworth. One of the problems with matching up with NM was 6'7" guard Martinez, he's gone and if Hobson leaves, then they are going to be the fourth best team in the conference. Billy White single handedly led SDSU to a victory over NM, he's gone. Dream on Hoops NM fan. Research before you open mouth and insert foot. UNLV is fine and will compete for the MWC title.

    Reagan21, please don't post about student athletes and whether or not they pass/fail a test without first hand knowledge. That is not right. Just say he hasn't qualified yet, that's enough. Taking rumors off the Rival board and posting them in the newspaper is bad for UNLV. The reputation of the Rivals board is bad because of the ridiculous meltdowns over recruits and posting of information that you do not know is true. Are you embarassed, I am sure Buckley is if he read this.

  32. good stuff

  33. Just sent text to Dwayne Polee Sr.:

    What up BIG Dwayne hope all is well u & family, das is Curtis Davis, Kurt Davis father he signed to play football for UNLV 6'6WR. It would be nice to sit next to you & the family @ Thomas & Mack Center, what ever school he chooses we wish de best. GOD BLESS, got number from Duke.

    I hope Polee ends up in a UNLV uniform, mutual friend says up in the air. GO Rebels! See u guys at the football games.

  34. @ rebeldad_unlv

    any chance your son joins the team as a walk-on?

    * Side note - Congrats to Corey Joseph. Wish him the best of luck at Texas.

  35. It's nice to see Texas come into Findlay Prep & out recruit us in our own backyard. Which player(s) will they out recruit us for next year?

  36. Kruger and staff are weak in the recruiting dept. Face the facts folks.

    This is going to be another example of it if we don't land one of these kids.

    Sorry, to burst your bubble. If your content with the top 25, sweet 16 or elite 8 team then you'll be happy I'm sure.

    If UNLV is gonna win a NCAA Championship we need to get more top shelf recruits not just retreads and a token solid recruit here and there.

    We are being out recruited in our own city even.

    No Polee no CJ means third in the Mtn West next year at best. We make the big dance, win one of two games and it's wait till next yr. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    I'm sick of wait till next year.

    This will never change unless we can lock down better recruites.

    Pull your head out of where the sun don't shine :)

    FYI.... I hope I'm wrong and I'm a huge UNLV fan who's getting tired of waiting till next year. How much longer do we settle for top 25 or sweet 16's? Am I the only fan out there who is growing tired of "wait till next year"

    Years and time are passing.

    We have got to do a better job with recruiting. Get of the golf course Kruger and work the phone and knock on some doors because the job your doing in recruiting isn't going to cut it much longer.

    The natives are beginning to get restless. I know I can't be the only one.


  37. Look at this BS.

    You can't be a true fan and turn a blind eye to it much longer....

    Get some stones and call it for what it is Kruger and staff are doing a horrible job with recruiting.

    Next Polee will be off the board as well. Hello third place in the Mtn West next year.

    "but wait till next year"


  38. I thought Joseph would chose Uconn or nova actually, then Texas. I think he's in for a big wake up call going to Texas and isn't going to impact that program as much as he might think. I see TX having a mediocre season as they did last season.

    Polee is also a long shot, but like others have said, UNLV is not in dire need of recruits for next year. Furthermore, if we do sign Polee, I see him coming off the bench his first year for sure. Joseph probably would have started.

    Either recruit would be icing on the cake for next season. Glaze coming in is big, and I have absolutely no problem with transfers, as you know what product you are getting from the get go.

  39. The great Lon Kruger lost both of these kids. The guy is a complete joke of a recruiter.


    How long until the obligatory Lon Kruger defense article from you? You know, because this means nothing, right? Pathetic.

    He lost Polee to St Johns to Steve Lavin who got hired 15 minutes ago. Please defend that Ryan.

  40. How come North Carolina and UCLA struggled so bad this past season with their 4 and 5 star recruits with some McDonald's All-Americans? Getting those type of recruits don't guarantee NCAA Tournament berth anymore. If Kruger is weak in recruiting, did Steve Fisher won any NCAA tournament games since he coached that San Diego State team in 1999? OK Steve Fisher recruited the Fab 5 in Michigan (Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson, Juwan Howard and Jimmy King). But I don't think Steve Fisher is out recruiting Lon Kruger since they started coaching in the Mountain West.

  41. And from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

    Polee, a 6-foot-7 wing player from Westchester High School in Los Angeles, is going to choose between Georgia, UNLV, Oregon and St. John's. The L.A. City Player of the Year will make the his announcement at halftime of a high school all-star game at El Camino College Saturday night, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Las Vegas Sun is also reporting it. is reporting it's now between Georgia and St. Johns, but Polee would not confirm that in a telephone conversation with the AJC Friday afternoon. He would not offer a hint between the four.

    "They're all good basketball schools that are going to help you get to the next level," Polee said.

  42. Some of you guys could find a silver lining in eating dog sh!t.

  43. Well if we did lose both the heat must be turned up.......can't have people paying season ticket prices and private donors providing first rate facilities with a less than attractive home schedule and losing out on 3 and 4 star recruits. Just win one MWC Title...time for that, that's for sure!

  44. 2011 recruiting will be our greatest need. we are off to an excellent start with Glaze. If we do lose Polee I do not believe it will be the end of Kruger. Signing CJ would have been epic and Polee also is an excellant recruit but neither of these guys will make or break UNLV or Kruger. 2011 is a very important recruiting class because we are filling in 5 spots and hopefully we can get in players that potentially will either equal or succeed those being replaced.


    Really, Apparently the headline should read the Rebels are on course to be the worst team in college basketball because Lon Kruger cannot recruit...


    and still


    Seriously you all need to catch your breath and realize we are going to be a great team next year... All we are doing is upgrading what we had this year...We are replacing Chop and Santee with QT and Lopez, so that should satisfy one of the gripes we heard again and again and again... Oh yeah and some of the kids will not be injured as well... This is going to be a great year for the rebels regardless of the recruits we get...

  46. I concur ChickenLittle - Im calling it - hoops is sufferingsucatash reincarnated. Claims to be a rebel fan but spews negativity with a complete lack of rationality. The fatalistic nature of Hoops and others have written is mindblowing.

  47. I would rather take 3-star recruits that will play at least more than two years. Junior college is another option for recruting. Transfers are working so far for UNLV. I like those transfers by Lon Kruger (Trevon Willis, Chace Stanback and a healthy Derrick Jasper). Keep up the good work on transfers Lon Kruger. Hahaha!!!

  48. Go-Rebs- First off Mr Know it all- the UCLA transfer to NM is not named Green- it is GORDON. ANd he is NOT a cancer- just couldn't stand Ben Howland- not hard to understand.

    2nd- Billy White is a junior- he will be back at SDS next year.

    3rd- hopefully Buckley won't qualify- the guy is a stiff- Hamba re-incarnate.

    4th- try getting your facts straight before you start bashing other people. Dolt.

  49. sct2k6

    quote: spews negativity with a complete lack of rationality.

    Get some stones sct2k6. Pull your head out of your #%$

    We are losing the battle of recruiting top players.

    You can still be a fan and question what's happen with your team.

    Don't ever live in a place like NY or Boston cause you'll get your @$$ kicked.

  50. Recruiting. Recruiting. Recruiting. UNLV just needs 7-8 good players from Los Angeles area and Las Vegas area as a competitive NCAA basketball team. Bunch of players from Los Angeles would like to play for UNLV like Dwayne Polee, Jr.

  51. amen- letsgorebs

    Gotta remember we' re in Vegas. If this where NY or a real sports town the fans and writers would call it for what it is.

  52. It's sad to see the lack of true basketball knowledge being spewed from hoops. You talk a lot but you aren't really saying anything. You are on here to try and ruffle feathers and it really isn't doing much. You and your boy toy letsgorebs like to bad mouth Kruger but at the same time, Kruger has absolutely no reason to be forceful at the moment. UNLV doesn't NEED to recruit heavily this year. This has been stated several times now and is known to true college basketball people. Not landing Polee and Joseph means nothing. These two kids are going to go where they think is best. Joseph thinks UT will be a good fit because his boys told him so. Well, you saw how good Texas was last year huh? How'd they finish that season? And Polee... He would have been fun to have here but if he goes CLEAR across the country for school then more power to him. You will see him transferring schools in a year to get closer to home. He knows what UNLV has to offer him and if he overlooks it then so be it. It is no fault of Kruger if he doesn't sign. It was all but certain Joseph wasn't coming here with the guards we already have and Polee knows the bigs we have here and coming here.

    Enough for the "fans" that want to bad mouth Lon and his recruiting skills. Learn the sport and what teams actually need people you continue to ramble on. You are just wasting bandwith for the LV Sun right now.

    And the UNM fans hiding under screen names, go back to your own papers and stop worrying about UNLV and their "third place team".

  53. NY a real sports town or a town full of idiots like hoops and letsgo. How are you a real fan if you are negative and irrational? Most of those crazy fans are 5'6 300lbs and never played a sport in their life except on a Xbox. Fit that bill hoops? Always going to have tools like these guys posting wether it be Cleveland, Philly, NYC, or LV. They are idiots where ever they call home!

  54. Mike Moser sounds alot like Polee but was rated higher coming out of HS!

    Espn had him the #13 sf and #55 overal last year.

    December, 2008: Moser is one of the most underrated prospects in the country. He can impact a game at both ends with equal aplomb. Defensively, he has the athleticism, length, and moxy to defend all three perimeter positions at the next level. He's a tough rebounder despite his wiry frame and he's able to lead the break and deliver a solid pass. His jump shot needs work, but he makes his fair share of 3's. Overall, Moser plays every possession with a purpose in mind. Despite his lack of strength, his defensive prowess and savvy should garner early playing time at UCLA next season

    July, 2008: Moser isn't a shooter just yet, but he does have many other attributes to his game that make him intriguing. His frame is awe-inspiring, including a lengthy wing span. He can guard any of the perimeter positions with equal aplomb and he slides his feet as well as any wing in the country. His athleticism is off the charts, but overall his offensive game needs a lot of polishing before he arrives in Arizona for college.

    May, 2008: The biggest surprise of the event was the emergence of Moser. He has the prototypical wing-type frame with extremely long arms and overall excellent length. He's a tremendous athlete who is very bouncy and quick. His skills are quite good, especially his passing and handle. He has a solid feel for the game as he delivered a number of assists in transition that were quite nifty. His jump shot is a work in progress -- he gets if off quick, but it's erratic. Defensively he is quite versatile (may be able to guard a 2 and a 3) with his ability to slide his feet and quick hands. Overall, he is one of the top five wings in the West.

  55. LV-Born-N-Raised,

    Your a real genius for sure!

    Did it ever occur to ya that one can be critical of a team and still be a fan? True sports fan know that.

    Do yourself a favor and move outta your mom and dads house and grow up...

  56. Im a grown a$$ man son. 6'3 225 if you want specifics! Wife and a family. Season ticket holder and UNLV grad! Yours is a comment of a guy living in mom and pops basement so lets keep this about CBB and you lack of knowledge on the sport.

  57. Moser couldn't impact squat for a terrible ucla team last year. He averaged 5 min a game. When Stanback sat the bench at Ucla, at least it was on a final four team. Jasper was actually a good player for Kentucky with an injury. Moser is nothing more than another Lamar Roberson. Don't get your hopes up. By the way, where is Rebelsfan11 with all his "insider" information about how we were going to land these recruits. If I was you, I would cancel all your so called "insider" subscriptions, your getting ripped off.

  58. UNLV should never get out-recruited by any school in the MWC, no matter who the coach is, what year it is, how far this program fell for 18 years, who is coming back, who isn't, who we need now or dont need until 2011. Should UNLV really be challenged by UNM, SDSU, BYU, & Utah in the recruiting dept? There should be no competition....

  59. Vegasguy80,

    quotes: It's sad to see the lack of true basketball knowledge being spewed from hoops

    It's sad to see fans who can't be critical of a team and feel they need to be a bunch of brown nosers.

    Bottom line....We just lost both these guys. We didn't recruite them. Kruger mainly gets transfers. His strong points are not recruiting.

    We will be good but don't hold your breath for a NCAA Championship soon.

    Sorry, if I'm not part of the "wait to next year bunch"

    Well, all that being said, NOW is "wait to next year" from LAST YEAR. What part don't you understand?

    Kruger and staff needs to do a better job with getting guys like CJ and Polee to come here. He is a great X and O's guy but not getting top ranked recruits will be his demise.

  60. Well other schools have the right to recruit in the MWC. There will be competition in the recruiting, UNLV is not the only school in America or in the conference. The words of "should never get out-recruited or "there should be no competition" sounds like being too spoiled.

  61. I'm done posting's been fun. Don't get to do it much anymore. Keep in mind you can be critical of your team. It's part of being a fan. Have a great night...

    Peace and GO REBELS!!

  62. Could someone explain to me why I should be so impressed with UNM's recruiting.

    I keep reading that (probably NM fan pretending to be a Rebel fan).

    I see a couple of 3 stars.

  63. TRUE_FAN....Hobson was a 3-star also. Kruger was given the golden goose in Findley Prep and the best he could get were the scrubs. It is pretty obvious that the tide it turning in the MWC. Kruger needs to step up his game to stay in competition.

  64. "pretty obvious that the tide is turning"


    UNM has STILL never made the sweet 16. And Hobson is a punk who showed ZERO class with his comments after being DESTROYED by Washington in the ncaa tournament.

    SDSU has STILL never even won an ncaa tournament game.

    BYU has STILL never made the sweet 16 in the MWC and needed double over time to beat the only team Lunardi DID NOT project to be in the field of 65. And that was their first ncaa tournament win in almost 2 decades.

    Let me know when any of them have matched Kruger's success at UNLV in the ncaa tournament. Until then, spare me the "tide is turning" talk.

    UNLV did not represent well in the ncaa tournament last year.....but neither did anyone else.

    And your example of Hobson and UNM was the biggest choke job this confernece has ever seen. They didn't even show up for that second round game. What a WASTE of a THREE SEED!

  65. Can someone explain to me what Kruger did wrong in his recruiting of Joseph and Polee? And just saying he didn't get them isn't enough. I'd like to see specific examples of where he went wrong.

  66. Tarkus,
    Cory Joseph probably chose TEXAS because Avery Bradley entered his name in the NBA Draft, that leaves the starting point guard spot for Joseph. Second, Joseph's close friend and Findlay Prep teammate Tristan Thompson also committed to TEXAS. Avery Bradley, Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson played together at Findlay Prep. Chemistry now developed on these 3 players.

    About Dwayne Polee, he probably feels that playing in the BIG EAST would get him a lot of exposure to national television especially playing against Villanova, Louisville, West Virginia and other BIG EAST contenders. A lot of coaches in recruiting talks about playing in power conferences and NBA scouts watching.

  67. True_Fan, How many MWC regular season titles does Kruger have? A sweet 16 run from a 7 seed sounds more like cinderella to me. Face it bud, Alford is CRUSHING Elmer Fudd in recruiting. Dude cant even recruit his own backyard. Time for UNLV to get someone new. Its actually kind of embarrassing.

  68. Your buddy Alford, who yells explitives at an opposing player and gets reprimanded by the league, is the ebarrassment.

    His classless, trash talking, sore loser players are the embarrassment.

    Hobson letting Kendall Wallace drop 21 points on him in the almighty pit is an embarrassment.

    A THREE seed getting HUMILIATED by an ELEVEN seed is an embarrassment.

    And I am still waiting to see any evidence of this supposedly stellar recruiting for the lobos.

    Look it up on Rivals. They have a couple of 3 stars coming in. yipee.

    At least UNLV has one 4 star player committed.

  69. Vulcan, BYU won three straight regular season titles in 2007, 2008 and 2009. BYU won 5 regular season titles in ten years and what happened to them? 1 NCAA Tournament win since 1994 or since 2000. Regular season titles don't mean anything. Steve Fisher brought SDSU to the NCAA Tournament in 2002, 2006 and 2010 and produced "0" wins on those NCAA appearances. Kruger will not get 4 players in Las Vegas area every year but he can get 4 or more in Los Angeles area or 6 players in the state of California. UNLV is always attractive to Los Angeles players.

  70. St. John's would definitely get more national exposure, but is it that much more for him to actually decide to go across the country? A lot of kids these days stick close to home, Vegas is less than 300 from LA.

    I have a gut feeling Polee is coming here, but then again I thought maybe we would get Joseph, too. Call me Mr. Optimism.

  71. Belen: Precisely my point. People love to bash Kruger's recruiting, but never explain what exactly it is he's doing wrong. He heavily recruited Joseph and especially Polee, but as you pointed out, they had very good reasons for going elsewhere. What is Kruger to do, kidnap them?

  72. Tarkus, when it comes to recruiting any coaches are doing their job to recruit. Kruger did nothing wrong on losing Cory Joseph or Dwayne Polee to other coaches. We can see how UNLV fans are treating Joseph and Polee at the Thomas & Mack when they watched the games. It is not Lon Kruger's fault that we are not in the BIG 12, BIG EAST, BIG TEN, PAC-10 or ACC Conferences. It is not his fault that UNLV don't get a lot of national televised games like on CBS or ESPN. So maybe fans are asking Lon Kruger to kidnap them and you are probably right. LOL.

  73. Season ticket holder here and alumni row M sec 108, I'm in it for the long haul. I'm aware of the pros and cons of recruiting here. The product on the floor has been improving no doubt.However, to want a better home schedule against other high profile universities, to want a share or outright MWC title, and to land first option recruits is the by product of a up and coming program and fans that want success. I see nothing wrong with that.
    You want to charge me $525 per ticket for the RAF fund that doesn't include price of ticket and price increases each year. I WILL HOLD YOUR FEET TO THE FIRE!...Let's go Rebs 96'

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  75. Polee now to visit Oregon before making a decision. Says UNLV is still in the running!

    Dwayne Polee Jr., the City Section player of the year from state Division I champion Westchester, was scheduled to announce his college choice Saturday night at halftime of the Collision all-star game, but he said prior to the game he would not make an announcement after speaking to Oregon officials earlier in the day. He has set up a recruiting visit for Oregon on Friday.

    Oregon has apparently selected Creighton Coach Dana Altman to be its new coach, and he has gotten immediately involved in a last-minute bid for Polee.

    The 6-foot-7 Polee originally committed to USC four years ago as a freshman but opened up his recruiting after the resignation of Tim Floyd as Trojans coach last year.

    Georgia and Coach Mark Fox have made a strong bid for Polee, as have St. John's after the hiring of former UCLA Coach Steve Lavin. Polee said Saturday night UNLV is the other school that he continues to consider.

    Sounds to me like he wants to play right away and he will get 0-10 minutes/game next year at UNLV.

  76. True_Fan, relax bud, you may give yourself a heart attack. Win a MWC title that isnt held on your homecourt and then get back to me. I am just not that impressed with a sweet 16 run from a 7 seed. It sounds more like good timing to me. Do it all season long if you want to earn some respect. As for the future, my money is certainly on the LOBOS baby!

  77. Not a big deal if Dwayne Polee don't sign with UNLV. Nine players returning from 2009-2010 team with the addition of Quintrell Thomas, Carlos Lopez and Henry Buckeley if Buckley will be on the team this upcoming season. Kruger can worry about three more recruits for 2011.

  78. I am relaxed. YOU are the one that is obviosly worked up enough to come over here and argue on an OPPOSING TEAM's forum. It's seems like the TRUTH is getting to you. Maybe you should head back over to homerlair before YOU have a heart attack.

    And I can see why you would devalue SUCCESS in the ncaa tournament having NEVER experienced it with your team. You have no frame of reference. After the way Washington took you guys to the woodshed, I'm sure even thinking about the ncaa tournament gives you nightmares.

    I guess you'll just have to take my word for it until your sorry program can actually make it to the second weekend of the tournament for the first time in its history.

    And I'm STILL waiting for someone to explain why I should be ultra impressed with UNM's recruiting class that consists of a couple of 3 stars........