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Report: Dismissed Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli could be headed to UNLV


Associated Press

In this Dec. 3, 2009, file photo, Oregon quarterback vlooks downfield during an NCAA college football game with Oregon State in Eugene, Ore. Masoli, who helped lead the Ducks to the Pac-10 Conference title and a Rose Bowl berth last season, faces a burglary charge in connection with a theft at a campus fraternity house in late January

Scout.com is reporting that former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli could be transferring to UNLV.

Masoli, who was suspended for the 2010 season following a guilty plea to a burglary charge and kicked off the team in early June after being cited for marijuana possession during a traffic stop, would be eligible this fall at UNLV.

The 5-foot-11, 220-pound Masoli threw for 2,147 yards and 15 touchdowns last season in helping Oregon win the Pac-10 title. He also rushed for 668 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Before the legal problems, which happened during a six-month span after Masoli quarterbacked Oregon in a Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State on New Year's Day, he was considered a Heisman Trophy candidate and potential NFL draft pick.

Chris Courtney of Educk.com, Scout's Website dedicated to Oregon sports, tweeted the following today: "Hearing whispers that former Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli could be bound for UNLV and be eligible to play this upcoming season."

Masoli had been reported to be headed to Hawaii and Mississippi. However, both programs denied those reports.

ESPN Insider also has a report on Masoli coming to UNLV, but questions how Masoli would fit into first-year coach Bobby Hauck's offense.

"Seriously, could there be a better match for the legally challenged former Oregon QB than Sin City? And on the football side, new Rebels coach Bobby Hauck certainly needs all the help he can get," ESPN wrote.

"However, Hauck ran a ground-based, possession-oriented attack (albeit a high-scoring one) at Montana; would he be willing to adapt to the freewheeling Masoli, an ideal spread-option QB?"

Hauck did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment. Masoli would be eligible because he finished requirements for an undergraduate degree at Oregon this summer.

UNLV primarily used three quarterbacks during spring practice — senior Omar Clayton, who started most of 2009 before being injured, junior Mike Clausen and redshirt freshman Caleb Herring.

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  1. Bad news. Oregon turns out some great QBs, but this one comes with a price. Dunno if I like this at all, but only time will tell.

  2. ESPN Insider obviously doesn't know anything about UNLV, which is both fine and understandable, but they shouldn't pretend like they do. Hauck runs what ever offense that fits his players and hass already stated that he will run a spread type offense but with more of a ground game.
    Masoli would be the best QB probably if he came, though QB is arguably one of our deepest positions. So saying that we "need the help" is a little ignorant. If he were a DT, that would be a different story.
    I heard that Hauck was not afraid to open up his arms to questionable players. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I was skeptical about Eric Wright, but his year here went really well and he was kicked out of USC for worse reasons.

  3. Dang, I wonder what John Denton would say about this. Denton set numerous NCAA freshman passing records, but was kicked off the team for what I think was just marijuana possession. And now they school has brought in Eric Wright and (possibly) Jeremiah Masoli?!

    Well since the team is going to be on national television a few times this season, maybe it's for the best so we can actually be competitive in those games that potential recruits will be watching. It's only ones season, and if we become bowl eligible, Hauck can sell that on recruiting visits.


    Get your season tickets now!

    Rebel Football!

  5. Well look at it like like this, if this goes through we will have at least one quality athlete at UNLV. Maybe then we will win a game and actually hold the football for a down. Go Rebels

    We finally get a real coach, now let him recruit so we can win!

  6. He could room with Tre'Von!

  7. You guys don't want this guy. No way. I'm an Oregon die hard who follows the program closely, and travels to a few road/home games a year.

    Masoli could do things with his legs, create some magic when plays broke down- that's where you get all your YouTube highlights. But what you don't see is his inability to throw the football downfield with consistency. Teams just stack the box with 9 guys, and force him to find targets 10+ yds down the field. Most of time Oregon's pure athleticism and just having more talented athletes won them games in spite of this; but see Boise State/Rose Bowl vs. Ohio St and Masoli could not take advantage of favorable matchups down the field and on the edges.

    He's a bad apple. He got A TON OF CHANCES at the U of O. Kudos to him for getting his degree, but he's a sad story and I wish would go away. Had he come back with a clean nose, Oregon is a pre season top 5, and he's even on some dark horse Heisman lists. It's too bad. We'll be ok, and we'll still challenge for the Pac-10 as probably favorites and with a little luck we'll be in the national title hunt.

    UNLV, you've got 2 quality QBs, some nice depth at RB and WR and you don't need Masoli. Go focus on beating nationally ranked Wisconsin when they come to town 9/4.

  8. Oh we will beat Wisconsin when they come to town. You can count on that.

  9. If Masoli will play half back, full back linebacker or safety, let's take him. If he is just there to compete with Omar Clayton, I would pass. I do like Hauck's moxey: high risk, high reward.

  10. .... another Rocky Hinds?

  11. A perfect fit for SinCity U.

  12. He's perfectly SUITED for UNLV... it's a natural fit.
    Run son, Run!!!

  13. Ha! Ha! It's so funny how this article proudly says that UNLV is going to get this guy. The guy is trash - not GOOD ENOUGH for Oregon's program but UNLV is excited to get him? Wow.

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  15. Are you guys actually serious?! Did you guys see what he did to USC last year?! Wow!! We can easily go to a 7-5 team this year with him. Our defense is the worst ever, no fixing that...so we need the best offense and obviously with him we can decimate the majority of our foes in the MWC....for the ill-knowledgable, idiotic americans who say "no" to this are the biggest fools probably in all of America, on the side of the fascist part animals on fox five. Rebels are going to go at best, 5-7 this year.....with masoli, we're bowl eligible. Nuff said. Sign him, put him over garbage Clayton and get it going. You losers will be praising him when we beat Wisconsin and UNR for the first time in 7 years.

  16. Rocky Hinds baby

  17. You actually had the gall to remove my comment because I compared someone who's been convicted of burglary and marijuana possession to a vintage Tark recruit? Does the truth hurt so much that you had to censor that?

    Touchy, touchy aren't we?.......

  18. By the way, why censor me? I didn't recruit the criminal(s).

  19. Vegas thug fest! 1st ENSWINE, now this clown.

  20. Fire a coach without proof? Wait and see the outcome of coviction of a BBPlayer? Now entertaing the possibility a player convicted of charges? Look, i want to win, and I belive that we can, and belive we are on the right track. Get with it Jim! Set a standard that we can live by, and no one is special. Go! Rebels!

  21. hes a natural fit for vegas; UNLV can get him some gold chains, coupons for the tattoo parlor and all the drugs and women sin city is famous for. give him a weekend at the palms w/ his fellow thugs and hes good for another 300 yards. dont forget the lease on the mercedes or escalade. college football, vegas style; you gotta love it!

  22. Isn't great to have a head coach you can be proud of? Good to know he's building a winner the right way.............

  23. While Masoli may be talented, his addition to the UNLV team does not seem congruent with the direction of the program.

    First, while I love Omar Clayton, I believe that Mike Clausen is ready to effectively direct the offense for the next two years.

    Second, as has been mentioned by several of my intrepid co-commenters here, Masoli comes with a ton of baggage. Consider this: Masoli was considered a Heisman Trophy candidate coming into this season and he still could not avoid trouble with the law. I see no evidence that when he gets here he will behave appropriately.

    Third, the perception of UNLV as being the refuge for Pac-10 ne'er-do-wells is not what I want for my alma mater. I think it hurts UNLV in the long run.

    Good luck to Jeremiah Masoli in his future. I hope it does not include spending a year at UNLV.

  24. Immediate street cred, baby. Bring him in.

  25. Back off Hauck and Livengood; it has been reported that HE has interest in coming to UNLV...I have yet to hear any comment from anyone at UNLV about the interest on our side. There may be some but let's give them a chance to respond before throwing them under the bus!

  26. Don't allow Jeremiah Masoli to be a Rebel He will just be trouble

  27. RebelAlum44- Don't be so naive. The scholar/athlete/convicted criminal didn't just pick UNLV out of the phonebook. While no legitimate,self respecting program will touch him, be sure that the conversations are getting serious.

    Oh and his life of crime didn't begin in Eugene. He was a two bit mugger who got kicked off his high school team. Looks like that really an impression on him, ya think?

  28. This kid does not deserve to be allowed on a college campus. It is BS that universities have no character any longer. If he were an average student and busted for drugs he would no longer be eligible for a Pell Grant. He should have to pay his own for college, if he knows how to spell UNLV.

  29. Sounds like Tark recruited him.

  30. This boy belongs in Vegas!

  31. All you peple bringing up Rocky Hinds, BIG DIFFERENCE. THis guy is a senior. He gets hurt, oh well. Honestly, we have 3 QBs and our best is probably the redshirt freshman so I am not sure if Hauck wants to mess with this.

    And Htown, you really don't know what you are talking about with Hauck. College coaches don't just "run whatever offense they want". Unreal.

  32. How fitting....Jeremiah Masoli is a rebel.....without a cause or clue. Look at the problems he has brought on himself. He has no one else to blame but himself. Joining UNLV may be his only chance to get his life in order. If UNLV does offer you this opportunity, make the best of it Jeremiah. Get yourself together, get on track and make something of your life. Snap out of it. Wishing you the best of luck in your future.

  33. Make this happen Coach Hauck!

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  35. I love how indulgent and forgiving we are when a person convicted of burglary and marijuana possession can throw a football or run like the wind.

    How would you feel about him if he didn't have athletic potential? Don't answer that.

    Everybody deserves a second chance and the Rebs have a history of doing just that. It would probably be a good choice for him. This town would take him in.

  36. Second chance? Where have you been? He's had multiple chances already.

    With QB one of the strengths of the team, and we'd only have him for one year anyway, I really don't see the point. I'm sure Clayton and Clausen have developed relationships, so all this would serve is to split the team and give the program a black eye. Not a good way for Hauck to start.


  37. Ed Graney at the RJ said that UNLV wasn't good enough to compete the right way so it was ok to bring in a criminal like this.

    I hope Masoli robs his house..oh, and plays good QB too!!

  38. okay... I wasn't counting misdemeanors only felonies...

  39. Has Graney looked at our schedule? Again, it's only for ONE year. Exactly what good can come from this?

    And for those who act like UNLV has only won a game or two in recent years, in fact, they've been one win away from a bowl game the last two years. The program is in not near as bad of shape as the critics suggest, but this is the type of thing that would be self-fulfilling.

  40. Of course Hauck would want this guy, he's a criminal. He signed a lot of them at Montana. He doesn't care how many felons he has on the team as long as he wins, which he will never do at UNLV. He will strip the extremely small thread of integrity that program has left, all for the sake of his career.

  41. Not saying this is right but if Masoli wants to come to UNLV he will be on the field next year behind center criminal record or not. There is no way the Rebels pass over a QB who was in the Heisman bubble last year & won the Pac-10 title behind several stellar individual perfomances. Criminal or not every coach feels that they can turn a player straight under their tutelage. If Masoli ends up at Sam Boyd he will unseat Clayton & Clausen for the starting job. I dont necessarily agree that this is the best move but this is the way it is, much is overlooked if you can ball.

  42. Well, he became a Rebel after all. Good luck at Ole Miss.