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October 3, 2023

A look at some who answered the casting call for a new Blue Man drummer

J.J. Livingston, 64

Retired school principal from Ocala, Fla.

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J.J. Livingston

I came out here to play slots. We’re staying a week. My wife saw an ad for the call on TV and said I should try out. I’ve been a musician since I was 15 years old.

I said: I’m retired, why not? We can move, and it’s something different. I’ve played professionally all these years, but nothing like this.

I did two gigs with The Drifters. I sat in with B.B. King once. This doesn’t intimidate me at all. My wife says I light up whenever I get near a camera. I’m part ham.

Am I worried because I’m one of the oldest? Not at all. I can hang with the best of ’em.

Eric Boyd, 25

Event photographer and freelance filmmaker

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Eric Boyd

I haven’t seen the show live. I’ve seen the DVDs, heard the CDs. I don’t think that will be a disadvantage. It’s a rocking show. I really like how they can communicate to a mass without language. They use music as their language. As a musician, you always hope things translate.

I’ve been drumming for 16 years. I practice every day regardless. For the audition, I went to the website, watched videos to refresh myself with more current stuff, read about their history. Right now, I have no roots here, so if I have to move again, that’s all right, especially if I can take part in a great project like this.

David Stinnett, 31

Actor from Los Angeles

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David Stinnett

I saw the audition listed on the website. I’ve been checking it since 2006. I first saw them way back when I was 17 years old — a long time ago — and I liked their fusion of music, theater and performance art. It has been my goal ever since. It’s exactly what I want to do.

I started playing drums in 2003, 2004. Blue Man inspired it. It’s something I needed to do to attain my goal. This is something I want to do before I die.

I tried out at the end of 2007 and again in mid-2008. Both times in L.A. I think I’m a little more mature now. I’ve been on larger stages since then.

I don’t think I have a leg up because I auditioned before. My two auditions were completely different. I don’t know what to expect.

Sierra Snyder, 21

Musician who works as a photographer at the Coca-Cola store on the Strip

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Sierra Snyder

Why not try out?

It’s unfortunate there aren’t more women here. I guess it’s because the audition is for the Blue Man Group, so there’s a stereotype with what they are looking for. I kind of just want to do some networking, talk to some people, make some connections. It’s refreshing to be around like minds.

Hopefully, they would choose a woman, and they would accentuate my feminine natures as a musician. I think it would be cool to have an actual female Blue Man — Blue Woman. The music industry is absolutely male dominated. That’s why I like it. I don’t think I’d be talked to if I was just another male here.

Taylor Spurlin, 18

Recent Valley High School graduate

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Taylor Spurlin

I’m looking for a job because we are doing badly in this economy. This sounds like fun and a great experience.

I was in drum line in school. I did church plays when I was little. I can find anything and play music to it. I’m quick on my toes. I work at Winchester Cultural Club, at the skate park, so I’m always working with people. I’ve experienced all types of things in the park. I’m acting and playing all day. Last night to get ready, I practiced my drumming. I worked on my smile — no, just kidding. I got a good night’s sleep. It would be sad if I had to leave Las Vegas because I’d like to stay, but if I had the chance, I’d travel.

Brad Claver, 24

Unemployed musician from Las Vegas

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Brad Claver

I’m in a couple of bands. I’ve been drumming for 10 years. I gig a lot. This seems like it would be a very secure job, and a fun job. I’d like to have fun coming to work instead of dreading it.

I’ve been waiting here for about two hours. It has been awhile. Being blue, that would be fun. That’s part of the whole thing.

Matt Pfliger, 44

Henderson resident who teaches high school band in Arizona

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Matt Pfliger

I have been playing drums since I was 4 years old. I was in the Seattle Seahawks’ Blue Thunder drum line.

Fitting, right?

I came to the show last night to do some research. It’s a lot of visuals with the eyes, interaction with the crowd. You have to let your eyes speak. I practiced last night. Mostly the eyes. I’ve got something up my sleeve, but I can’t show you because the others will see. It’s funny eyes. I just hope it tickles them.

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