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Joseph wins McDonald’s 3-point competition; no news yet on Polee

UNLV recruit Joseph wows on national television in Columbus, while mum’s the word still on potential Polee commitment

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Findlay Prep guard Cory Joseph hoists a shot during Monday's 3-point competition during festivities leading up to Wednesday's McDonald's All-American game in Columbus, Ohio.

Dwayne Polee 2008-09 Highlights

Findlay Prep guard Cory Joseph got his week as a McDonald's All-American off to a smashing start Monday in Columbus, Ohio.

After, according to several sources, he impressed those in attendance on the defensive end during an afternoon practice session, Joseph won the boys' 3-point competition Monday night, which was shown on ESPN.

Joseph, who Rivals.com ranks as the No. 7 recruit in the 2010 class, scored 20 points during the opening round to get into the finals, then was forced into an extra round following the finals, tied with North Carolina signee Reggie Bullock. Each scored 16 in his first attempt in the finals.

Then, Joseph caught fire.

He scored the majority of his points on the middle three racks, finishing with a competition-high 22 points.

It was the second consecutive year in which a Findlay product won an event during the skills competition portion of the week at the McDonald's All-American location.

Avery Bradley, who just finished his freshman season at Texas, won the slam dunk competition last year.

Coincidentally, Texas is one of the five schools on Joseph's final list of collegiate destinations, and the Toronto native is expected to make a decision soon after Findlay completes its run at the ESPN Rise National High School Invitational.

The other four schools on his list are — in no particular order — Minnesota, Villanova, UConn and UNLV.

Joseph, along with fellow Pilot and McDonald's honoree Tristan Thompson, will head off to join the rest of the team in Baltimore for the ESPN tourney after taking part in Wednesday's McDonald's game.

The game can be seen live on ESPN at 2 p.m. Las Vegas time.

No news yet on Polee

UNLV's other top target in the 2010 recruiting class — Westchester (Calif.) High forward Dwayne Polee — still is mum on his future commitment.

Attempts to reach Polee on Monday afternoon were unsuccessful, as the 6-foot-7 high-flier is just two days removed from leading the Comets (32-3) to their second consecutive Division I state title.

Polee, who averaged roughly 20 points, nine rebounds and two blocks per game as a senior, is expected to make a decision on his collegiate future any day.

Just last week, he also was named the Los Angeles City Section Player of the Year, an award voted upon by a local media panel.

Along with UNLV, he also is considering a handful of Pac-10 schools, such as Oregon and Washington, and Georgia.

Polee's father, Dwayne Sr., played at UNLV during the 1981-82 season under former coach Jerry Tarkanian.

Stay tuned to lasvegassun.com/rebels for more on this story as it develops.

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  2. Dwayne, don't take the path that Tre'von Willis, Chace Stanback, and Quintrell Thomas took....all of them had UNLV on that final list, and all of them took what they thought was a better offer after the other schools made them think their school was somehow a superior fit than UNLV.

    In the end, you need to go where you are wanted and needed and valued more. All those guys ended up at UNLV. They probably all realized the mistake they made a little too late and corrected it a year later, but they had to sit a year (and that's tough).

    Don't make that mistake...come to UNLV now and be a part of something special NOW!!!! We want you here, and we need you here....easy decision!!!

    CJ....obviously all the above applies to you as well. Also, realize that when you get done playing, you want to be able to be an alum of a school that you can bring your friends and family to. Vegas is a place that will treat you like a god for the rest of your life if you play for UNLV....and being a god in Vegas is pretty cool and better than being one in a powdunk college town somewhere else.

    Lets say you play in the NBA......do you think you will want to entertain your NBA buddies in Minnesota? or Radnor, PA? Sure, Villanova is closer to home...but VEGAS is easy to get to, and cheap to fly to....ma and pa can fly to Vegas as easily as drive through 100 toll booths to get to Radnor/Nova.

    Do you really want to entertain your NBA friends by directing them to the best cheesesteak joint in Pennsylvania or by living the comped high-roller life of a Vegas heroe/god? Seriously...ask those that know...they'll tell you that you want a city that will take care of you after your career. You really going to get that at 'Nova or a at a football-first school in Texas? Now way! UNLV makes a ton of sense! On so many levels.....just think about the connections you already have in Vegas!

    You already know guys that if you tear your ACL or lose your leg to an infection that would make sure your taken care of with a good job. Look at O'Bannon! He never even ended up at UNLV, and he's made a comfortable living! Vegas is where you need to be! UNLV isn't going to cheat to get you...but rest assured you'll be taken care of after your bball career has ended....even if you don't "make it".

  3. Thats a very tough sell rebelx. Lets just hope Kruger has been telling them the same thing and they have been listening

  4. Do we have two scholarships for Polee AND Joseph? or can we only get one or the other?

  5. we only have one scholarship, Santee was the only scholarship player we lost.

  6. Dwayne Polee and Cory Joseph both of you will fit for UNLV's up-tempo style. Polee is familiar with Oscar Bellfield who also played with him at WESTCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL. Chace Stanback and Matt Shaw were teammates in FAIRFAX HIGH SCHOOL. So Stanback, Shaw, Bellfield and Hawkins are all from Los Angeles area high schools and familiar with each other. A lot of Los Angeles players enjoyed playing in Las Vegas for UNLV. Cory Joseph will get very good minutes of playing time if he chooses UNLV. 4 seniors will be gone after 2011 so Dwayne Polee and Cory Joseph think about it.

  7. @ fan22, paul

    We only have one open scholarship at the moment. However, Buckley is having a hard time qualifying. I don't know if or when his commitment could be recalled but it could open up another scholly.

  8. What's so great about Polee? All I can see is he's got hops and can dunk.

    Can he create his own shot?
    Can he shoot from the perimiter? All you need to do is place a quick defender on him and he wont be able to get to the rim. If he cant shoot, I'll give him the shot all day.

  9. Doubt Kruger would pull his scholarship even if he does not qualify because in all probability he would redshirt anyway. Now if he decided to go juco... Getting both Joseph and Polee would be next to impossible(it is a nice dream however). I would settle for just one of them(I am afraid that might be a dream as well). Love all the possibilities though. Anyone else pissed off that Duke might win the national championship and become the worst champ since Danny and the Miracles in 1988???? Go Huggy Bear!!!!

  10. Give it up Las Vegas Sun. These articles every 5 minutes on Cory Joseph and UNLV's dream list of recruits is nauseating. We all know that they aren't getting either of them, so please stop! What kid at the top of their game with major division 1 schools offering them scholarships, would come to UNLV and the Mountain West. For what, so they can play in an inferior conference, versus inferior opponents, hidden away on the Mountain West channel. Please write about realistic things not these fantasy, dream land stories!

  11. Dwayne Polee averaged 20 ppg and was the LA Player of the Year. He can create his own shots and will be a great defensive player for us.

    Canes, if a player is good then NBA Scouts will find that player. No matter if you are in Asia, Alaska, Antarctica, or UNLV. We will have atleast 2 ESPN games next season too (@KST, @UL) and maybe we can get on CBS during conf play. All the insiders I know are saying Polee is going to commit to UNLV soon, we will see though.

    And if we get Joseph too? Some fans might start having wet dreams!

  12. There is a rumor that if both Polee and Joseph decide to sign with UNLV then Wallace would give up his scholarship for the benifit of the team. That would be a serious sacrifice and obviously if true Wallace realizes how huge it would be to get these two.

  13. I would think they could always give Wallace, or another player, an academic scholarship of some sort to clear space.

  14. Canes4death

    UNLV is not good enough to land a recruit like Polee or Joseph? Hmmmmm, you mean like Grandy Glaze? Who is rated higher at this point as a junior than Polee is as a senior. Hell, Wink Adams was a top 25 recruit and we hadn't even been back to the tournament yet at that point.

    Again, why the hell are you here on these boards? Loser.

  15. More internet hate from Canes. Imagine that. Doesn't it get boring being so predictable?

    I don't think you'd see Kruger push the envelope with having more players on scholarship than the rules allow. Even if one was a partial (Millinium) or academic.

    More likely, I think we'd see a Rene Rougeau type situation. Someone giving theirs up for the benefit of the team.

    And all that is assuming Buckley qualifies. If he whiffs on his upcoming ACT, it's off to Juco and we have TWO scholarships for 2010.

  16. Millennium [doh]

  17. I watched Polee play for the Cal. state championship the other night. At this point he doesn't have a jumpshot. Nor can he create his own shot. I didn't see anything in his defense that was spectacular. He might be able to block a few shots in highschool, he averages 2 a game, but he is going to need alot of work on man-to-man defense.

    What he can do is jump and dunk the ball. Thats it! I know you guys like to get excited, but even if we landed him next year, he won't be starting. Don't delude yourselves, like the thought that we were a top 15 team this year, only to be disappointed later with reality. Reality is that Polee is a highly athletic player with big upside which might materialize in a few years.

  18. You should have watched the game before the championship, when he had 20 points and 10 rebounds.

    Or the one before that vs. Taft, when he had 20 points and 9 rebounds.

    You "delude yourself" by thinking you can know everything by watching one game.

  19. Check out the online documentary THE SEASON to get an inside look at the Findlay College Prep program.

    EPISODE - #10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki-PZR_HQ...

    BLOG - http://www.theseason.wordpress.com

  20. None of us think that Polee will be starting next season. But he'd be great to have off the bench.

    Hell, Marshall couldn't create his own shot this year & he still hit double digits several times, with layups & dunks.

    If you average 20ppg, it isn't all fastbreak dunks.

  21. Dwayne and Cory - rebelx speaks truth. You can both have "keys to the city."

    Squirrel's uncle Riley has deep pockets, people.

  22. All I'm saying is that the Sun tries to link Cory Joseph to UNLV so much it's ridiculous. No McDonald's All-American in their right mind is coming to UNLV. Please don't ever compare a recruit like Joseph to Wink Adams, I almost fell off my chair reading that. The other day I saw Ole Wink playing ball at 24 hour fitness, guess that committment to UNLV really paid off for his future. I've already stated on here several times that Joseph is going to Villanova. He may not have said it publicly, but he has told some of the people close to him his intentions. When I was in Washington DC about a month ago on a trip with some of my students in a mentoring program, I spoke with Wesley Johnson and Kris Joseph (Cory's cousin) of Syracuse before their game vs Georgetown. They were nice enough to speak to our students before their game and Kris Joseph told me that it's as good as done that Cory is headed to Villanova. So you might get Polee, he seems more of a project, but an elite player like Joseph you will never get unless Tark is back at the helm. So all this coverage of Joseph really is a waste of time focus on guys you actually have a shot at!

  23. If Kendall were to scholarship, his uncle would probably pay for him to go to school, he moved here just to watch him play

  24. LOL. You're a mentor??????

    That's hilarious.

    Is the program called "future internet trolls of America?"

  25. First off, Joseph looks to be a good player but he is no way assured a spot on an NBA team for the next 20 years. He has to earn it. He may, he may not, ya never know.

    Second, Wink was a damn fine athlete who helped UNLV to critical wins at important times for the program. Don't dismiss him like he's some piece of garbage like you.

    In no way did I compare the two players abilities. I simply compared their recruiting status' coming out of high school. It is a fact that Wink was a top 25 recruit.

    Lastly, oh right....like we're going to believe any information coming from a idiotic know nothing moron like you. Joseph may end up at Villanova but it would be a pure coincidence if he did. Loser.

  26. Lon Kruger revitalized UNLV Basketball, 3 NCAA Tournament in 4 years. He can win games without a single McDonald's All-American player. Look at North Carolina this year they have so many 4 and 5 star recruits and some McDonald's All-Americans and didn't make it to the NCAA this year. Cory Joseph would be a one or two year player after his college career. It's OK to get those 3-star players like the BUTLER players. I trust Lon Kruger's system he can coach with his NBA experience.

  27. Highschool and Div. 1 college basketball is worlds apart. It doesn't matter if he scored 20 and 10 against Taft or whoever else. What matters is his skill level, which at this point is low.

    I've been watching college and highschool basketball as an adult for 25 years, and I can get a pretty good read at where a players at. So I don't over-hype a player just because I'm a Rebel fan. If Polee plays anywhere close to the way Marshall played this last season, I would be very satisfied.

    I know the word "deluded" must have hurt some of your feelings, but I'm just trying to help you learn some objectivity instead of your myopic fanatical view of all things runnin rebels.

  28. Anthony Marshall can shoot in high school but he struggled big time shooting on his first year at UNLV. Dwayne Polee can be like Rene Rougeau scoring close to the basket with lay-ups and dunks in addition with his rebounding and blocking shots. I'm not expecting Polee to be a jumpshooter when he plays in college, it's not his game. He could be a Rene Rougeau type player.

  29. Canes4life-
    Did UNLV basketball wrong you in another life? Are you still upset Tark left and we lost out on all those top recruits back in the day- O'Bannon Brothers, Tyus Edney, Grant Hill, etc. The fact is Joseph is an McDonalds All-American and UNLV is one of his final choices. Yes he may end up at Villanova but to make an ignorant blanket statement that no McDonalds All-American would ever come to UNLV is idiotic. Seeing Wink Adams play at 24 hour fitness means nothing. He just finished playing a season in Turkey with stats 12ppg 5reb 3a 2stl. He was recently picked up by a team in the D-league. Look at Thabeet the 2nd pick in the draft out of UCONN he was recently sent back down to the D-league. Wink still has an opportunity to make it (NBA) and he had an excellent career at UNLV and helped win a ton of games. You seem to believe that players that go to UNLV have no future in basketball. Google some past players ie, Banks, Anthony, Amundson etc. There is a high probability that Grandy Glaze will play in the McDonalds All-American game next year... he recently commited to ... wait hmm UNLV.

  30. Canes4life....

    Why wouldn't a McDonald's AA come to UNLV? Seriously....are you familiar with college basketball??? UNLV, according to Forbes Magazine, is in the TOP 25 most valuable college basketball teams for the past two years.

    The school brings in college hoops revenue not even close to comparable on the west coast....Gonzaga, UCLA, Arizona, etc...don't generate ticket sales at the prices we can charge. Its just not happening. If you know anything about business and common sense, you follow the money....UNLV has the money. The program has been down since Tark, but look what even a taste of success has done! If you're a McD's AA and you go to a game at UNLV then get hosted by USC at their place, surely you notice the passion and interest at UNLV overshadows a place like USC that is attempting to spend money to build tradition that we already have in our back pocket. On top of all this, the Univ. of Miami is a joke in college hoops compared to UNLV and our community support and money...go canes! lol!

  31. The bottom line is UNLV don't need McDonald's All-American players. Northern Iowa, Saint Mary's and Butler can win games with their 2 or 3-star recruits. It's about coaching not about having bunch of 4 or 5-star recruits. Lon Kruger is a genius when it comes to coaching.

    Players lost on UNLV after these seasons:

    2005-2006: Louis Amundson, Dustin Villapigue, Jason Petromoulx, Ricky Morgan. (Lost 4 players after the season)

    2006-2007: UNLV made it to the NCAA. Wendell White, Kevin Kruger, Gaston Essengue, Michael Umeh and Joel Anthony. (Lost 5 players after the season)

    2007-2008: UNLV made it to the NCAA. Curtis Terry and Corey Bailey. (Lost 2 players not including Matt Shaw when he redshirted)

    2008-2009: UNLV to the N.I.T. Wink Adams, Rene Rougeau, Joe Darger, Mareceo Rutledge, Rob Ketchum. (Lost 5 players after the season)

    2009-2010: UNLV made it to the NCAA.

    Look at the trends from these previous seasons. UNLV made the NCAA Tournament the following seasons when they lose a lot of seniors/players after. Kruger can bring UNLV to the NCAA Tournament the following years even if he loses a lot of his leading scorers and seniors.