Bishop Gorman senior Johnathan Loyd commits to Oregon

Rebels miss out on local product upon his return from weekend trip to Eugene


Justin M. Bowen

Bishop Gorman’s Johnathan Loyd, shown attempting a 3-pointer in the Sunset Regional title game, finished his four-year career with 103 victories. The final win was against Canyon Springs on Feb. 23, 2010, in the state title game.

Updated Monday, May 3, 2010 | 6:30 p.m.

Just over a week after their No. 1 option for a point guard in the 2010 senior class fell through, so did UNLV's No. 2.

Bishop Gorman senior Johnathan Loyd, roughly 12 hours after returning from a visit to Eugene, Ore., has committed to Oregon and new coach Dana Altman.

A source close to the situation confirmed the commitment to the Sun on Monday morning. A couple of hours later, his signed letter of intent was faxed to Altman.

"He was one of the top point guards available, and because we had a familiarity with him, that's the first place we went," Altman told the Eugene Register Guard. "We really felt like we needed some ball handling and some guard depth. We feel like Johnathan with his quickness and athleticism will help us fill that void."

Loyd received offers last Sunday from his two dream schools — Oregon and UNLV — and will now have a chance to play right away for the Ducks, whose roster took a hit thanks to both graduation and transfers following the firing of long-time coach Ernie Kent and his staff.

UNLV came through with an offer after Findlay Prep guard Cory Joseph ended his lengthy recruitment by committing to Texas on April 23.

Following the departure of senior-to-be Matt Shaw from the program last week on the heels of a failed drug test administered at the NCAA tournament, the Rebels still have one open scholarship for next season.

"He just said everything went well, he really was comfortable with the coaching staff, really liked the facilities up there and was excited to play in the Pac-10," Bishop Gorman coach Grant Rice said of Loyd's visit. "He was just excited and ready for a fresh start with essentially a new program, because they have a new coach and he knows that he's going to go in and be a big part of that process right away."

Altman said on Monday that he envisions Loyd not only potentially sharing playing time with junior point guard Malcolm Armstead, but also being on the floor at the same time as the Ducks' 5-foot-10 returning point guard, who averaged 10.3 points and 4.3 assists a game last season for an underachieving 16-16 club.

"They said I'd have to come in and work and the opportunity was there, but nothing would be handed to me," Loyd said Monday night, reflecting on the trip. "Sunday, late at night, I talked to my dad. We talked about all of the factors and everything, what Oregon was like. He felt like it was a good situation, so did I."

In the end, on the UNLV side, a lot of missing out on Loyd simply came down to timing.

According to Rice, Rebels coach Lon Kruger was very honest with Loyd all along in telling him that Joseph was the staff's top target, but that their eyes were also on the 5-foot-8 dynamo who would go on to earn Gatorade state Player of the Year honors by averaging 14 points and 8.3 assists a contest.

Loyd earned a reputation as simply being a winner, regardless of size, as he led the Gaels to back-to-back large-school state titles and won 103 games in his four years of varsity ball.

The offers gradually came in as his senior season wore on, and outside of UNLV and Oregon, they included — to name a few — Michigan State, Florida, Oklahoma, Washington State, Northwestern and George Washington.

He was all set to choose between his two original finalists — Northwestern and George Washington — before UNLV and Oregon came calling.

Of course, Altman had long been trying to get into the Loyd sweepstakes while at Creighton, and though Loyd liked Altman, he told him he was wanting to play in a "bigger conference."

In the end, saying no to UNLV was not easy for Loyd, whose father — Michael Sr. — played for Jerry Tarkanian as a Rebel from 1978-81.

"It's a Catch 22," Rice said. "His dream has always been to play for UNLV, that was the school he always wanted to play for. Growing up, he probably went to 75 percent of their games, including this year.

"It was just a timing thing, and it's no one's fault. It's not UNLV's fault. They had to do what they had to do. Who wouldn't go after Cory Joseph? If (the offer) would have happened two or three days earlier, or if Altman gets the (Oregon) job this week instead of last week, he might have already been a Rebel. I think everything happens for a reason."

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  1. ouch... polee to oregon too i bet... as well as his brother loyd jr.

  2. Before you Kruger-haters start complaining, remember that we're already guard heavy. He's going to Oregon because he is more likely to get playing time.

  3. I wish you nothing but the worst, Loyd! You chose poorly.

  4. Thought so. Good luck in Oregon!

  5. Only thing to do is schedule Oregon and kick their a$$.

  6. Everyone prepare for the Kruger-haters to come out. "How dare Kruger not be able to sign a kid who was his back-up plan? How can he lose out to a coach who has been recruiting Loyd for over a year and a different school and just landed a gig at Nike University."

    We all know its coming. I'm still more concerned with who we add to Moser and Glaze to come in for the year after next. Wishing Loyd all the best.

  7. Johnathan Loyd Bucket List:

    #7 - Participate in CBI


  8. I hadn't even heard of Lloyd until last week, but from what I did read he seems like a great kid and I would have liked to watch him play at UNLV. In the end though it seems like choosing Oregon was a no brainer and the turn around on the decision reflects that.

  9. wow.

    don't want to be thrown in with the Kruger haters. because i'm not one.

    but how many strike outs is that for this year?

    going 0 for the entire recruiting season on hs seniors stinks. notice i didn't say Kruger stinks, just the results.

    what a let down.

    I wish Greene would address how many of these kids are supposedly on the verge of committing....and then suddenly flip flop.

    it's a disturbing pattern.

    why can't UNLV be the one who swoops in on some school to get a highly regarded recruit to commit at the last minute?

    does it seem like we're the victim of this, all too often?

  10. I live in Oregon and Eugene is a joke! Nothing to do in that town, leads to kids getting in trouble...period! Looks like we can't even recruit a kid that at one time only wanted to be a rebel.

    Johnathan say it ain't so! Please change your mind and play at UNLV!!!

  11. Snyder is right - we are guard heavy. Give us a guard who has the ability to grow with the program and earn his PT as a soph/junior.

    Loyd knows he will play at Oregon - that's the difference. The fact that we are even in the conversation shows that Kruger is making his progress.

    We weren't in the conversation for some of these kids six years ago.

    Now the natural next step is to start signing them - that comes if we have an expected strong season with a much more experienced squad returning.

  12. ROFL, rookiescribe.

    I'll bet the new practice facility will help us close the deal on some of these recruits in the future. Though it's tough to compete with Nike U (which now has the most expensive college arena ever built).

  13. LOL..... this is a joke.

    I'll go on record and say Kruger can't recruit and this will be the teams down fall.

    What more do you fans need in this town? He can't get top shelf players to come here. He results to retreads.

    This is the worst job of recruiting I seen in a long time.

  14. I'll take a Tre'Von Willis "retread" over a Beas Hamga "5-star recruit" any day.

  15. At least this kid commits in a reasonable time period. Polee is leaving teams out to dry taking so long.

  16. Im really not upset about not getting Loyd lets be honest with ourselves none of us could care 2 cents about the kid a week ago. Now all the sudden everyone is upset about not getting him wow! I will say that he is a good basketball player but by no means is he any better than the guards we already have. We need players who are differance makers that will take us to the next level and Loyd is not it people! There are very few under 5'9 players who will make a team better at the collegiate level and those guys are usually studs and have a special talent which Loyd does not! He will be an average player for Oregon! I still wish him the best of luck!

  17. No good, it would be great if we could get his older brother. His playing style definately fits UNLV. We'll see...

  18. TRUE_FAN

    Couldn't agree more with your post. The results of this recruiting season have been awful, but it definitely doesn't equate to the "Kruger Sucks!" that many will inevitably throw out on this board in the next 12-24 hours. I understand the disappointment, but if we analyze the 0-3, its really not too shocking.

    Cory Joseph - Most of us will admit that we never saw him coming here anyway. 5-Star/Top-10 recruit in the country; the fact we were even there at the end shows progress.

    Dwayne Polee - I think we all wanted this one and were confident that he was coming here (which may still happen with how inconsistent he has been). Still not an official "loss" at this point, but Polee is just "enjoying the ride" with his recruitment.

    Johnathan Loyd - Another one we looked like we had a good shot at, but it didn't happen. He knew he was our 2nd choice (which can't help our cause) and he ended up going to Nike U to play for a coach who had been recruiting him for years. In the end, just being UNLV wasn't enough.

  19. Exactly! Get over it haters!

  20. Oregon simply had more to offer than UNLV. More playing time, better facilities, better conference (other than last year) not being under a microscope playing at home. Some kids jump at the chance to play at home or the chance to play at a name school and don't consider all a school has to offer. Its obvious Lloyd made an educated decision that worked for him. Don't blame Kruger, if its not a good fit, its not a good fit. Players like John Wall may go to Kentucky for a coach or a system, but thats not the type player Lloyd is so he needed to make a decision that would work for him for 4 or 5 years, not just 9 months.

  21. The kid is a stud. He plays both ends of the court. When his college career is over you will see what we missed out on here at UNLV. J Loyd has heart. That's what is missing from a lot of local kids that are highly touted and have left the valley. If you watched them play in the NIAA playoffs here in town you'd see they have no heart. At Gorman all J Loyd did was win and win and win and get MVP awards. But he's ONLY 5'8", the way he plays if he was 6'3" he would have every school after him. Let the Kansas's of the world keep recruiting our supposed best recruits every year. They never play and leave after getting no minutes. You have to work hard. J Loyd knows what it takes, he will succeed at Oregon. Best of luck John you will be missed at Gorman and UNLV.

  22. recruiting: process of identifying and hiring best-qualified candidate for a need

    What more do you people need? The guy can't seal the deal..... PERIOD!!

    It's black and white and it's happening right before your eyes. Are you this blind? Are you this soft that you can't call a spade a spade..Get some stones.

    We won't win the Mtn West at this rate. The big dance is even a reach. WE WILL NEVER WIN A NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP UNDER A COACH AND STAFF WHO RECRUIT THIS WAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Get the stones and call it for what it is. Be critical of your team. It doesn't make your less of a fan. It shows you want to win and won't settle for the BS we're getting now!

    Kruger is a good man. A good coach a great x and o's guy. He makes the most out of any player that I've ever seen. But, he has the team at a stand still and has taken them as far as he ever will. We actually are beginning to regress. Part of coaching is recruiting and this is where he drops the ball BIG TIME!!

    We will always have a good team under him. He gets the most out of what he has. But,is that what we are looking for... a good team? I want to see a NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP for UNLV... I don't know about ya'll.

    I want to win and I'm growing tired of waiting. It doesn't take a genius to understand you need top kids coming outta HS with a mix of transfers. Not settling for any player we can get our hands on. This takes work,it's called recruiting....stop being dumb @#$%$ and understand that.

    The basketball season are passing folks. I'm going to keep repeating this because it doesn't seem to sink in with some of the THICK SKULLS out there..I'm guessing that and they don't have the stones to face it...

    "Last years and the year befores wait till next year is TODAY"

  23. Tough loss, but I can see why he chose Oregon. The chance for PT right away with a powerhouse conference team is a powerful incentive, especially since Oregon was one of his two dream schools.

  24. Oregon over UNLV what a dummy, hope he fails miserably.

  25. Loyd picked a program that is in disarray but will give him playing time under a coach that was
    recruiting him for some time. Was Loyd even in
    the picture earlier for UNLV and was his stature enhanced by a great senior season? Rather than nail Kruger on recruiting maybe one should look at the assistant coach who is responsible for
    identifying and establishing relationship with
    potential recruits.

  26. 0 for 3 Cory Joseph, Dwayne Polee, Johnathan Loyd

    One time...it happens, Twice...it a coincidence three times is a PATTERN

    Again...stop with the excuses get some stones and call it for what it is.

    This is nothing less than a pattern of crap recruiting by a good coach and great guy who isn't getting the job done.

    It truly is a embarrassment to UNLV, UNLV Basketball, Las Vegas and sadly the fans who pay for the product on the floor!!

  27. You are pure comedy!

  28. Haters.

    Kruger isn't 0 for 3 though. Glaze and moser are coming in. Buckley is also a verbal commit. There are also considerations still from Polee, Kurt Davis and Taylor Spencer. QT, Lopez will play this year as well. It's like selective reading from people sometimes.

    Oh, it also looks like Luke Babbitt & Armon Johnson on Reno's squad and Fredette entered their names for the NBA draft.

  29. UNLV Basketball is becoming the "Island of Misfit Toys" of NCAA Basketball. Cast-offs, rejects with a few good players mixed in.
    Sad stuff for a D1 program.

    At this point, if things don't take a turn for the better as far as the recruiting and how far the team progress in the next 24 months it might be time for a change. If I was the athletic director, I would have Kruger opt-out of his contract or I would not offer him another one after this one expires. There are schools and fans who wouldn't wait that long. Schools and fans who want NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    Things have got to get better than this. We also need the team to not stay at a stand still like it is right now. We need to get better. Better with recruiting and to progress not regress. 24 months is plenty time.

    If we don't.Then I think it's time for a change.

  30. Fredette still has eligibility though, since he didn't hire an agent.

    I hope he doesn't get the call - lets keep the MWC competitive for another year! :)

  31. hoops... go away. no one likes you or your comments. you provide nothing to this site.

  32. It's been fun folks... peace and GO SUNS :p

  33. Not surprising. Playing time, Pac-10, and OU campus vs. commuter school UNLV.

  34. J Loyd is a player. And most of all, a winner. You talk to anyone that has played with him, against him, or coached him and they'll tell you the same thing. He knows how to play. He knows how to win. Its in his genes, look at the success of his brother when he was at BYU and got a chance to play. He had more of an impact than Jimmer in my opinion. This is a good decision by a kid that just wants to go somewhere and play, rather than sit and wait to get minutes. He'll be able to get PT right away so don't fault the kid, its what any one of us would have done.

    Congrats J Loyd and good luck!

  35. Rat Traitor.

  36. Lon hasn't landed a high profile, impact freshman since Menzies left his staff. He's going to need a pretty good year (minimum Sweet 16) or he might start feeling the heat.

    At a minimum, I think its time to shake up his staff. The results speak for themselves.

  37. Coaching staff, whats the deal? Can you please get a top recurit to come here? Transfers are great, but to move to the next level we need some talent.

  38. Hey hoops,
    So I went out and bought a bunch of stones, but I don't feel any hate towards Kruger. Did I buy the wrong ones?
    Saying that the basketball team is regressing is absolutely idiotic. Next year's team looks to be the best team we've had since the national championship team. The talent is getting better. Granted is it a drastic change like what Coach Cal did at UK or even Alford has done at UNM? No, but you can't say that Alford has out-recruited UNLV.
    A big reason Loyd and Joseph (for that matter) picked power conference teams because they had a better chance at playing right away while they didn't here. What does that tell you? The talent must be horrible here..
    We all know Kruger to be a straightforward, honest guy. He doesn't tell recruits that they will be stars automatically. He tells them the truth. Because of that he will lose out on some recruits. He never got huge talent anywhere he has been, but he's been to the tournament everywhere he's been, including a Final Four. So I'll take it.
    TRUE-FAN- it does sting that we are (seemingly) 0-3 with this recruiting class, but the fact is that next year's team is set and good to go, so any recruit would be icing on the cake. Since we are already so deep, that probably hurt with recuiting as I mentioned before. We are already off to a good start for next year with Glaze, so I'm not too worried.

  39. I want to know where all these J Lloyd "fans" were even two weeks ago. I check around all the UNLV boards on a regular basis and never saw his name mentioned except in passing. The fact is people only wanted Joseph because he was a 'difference maker' for the program, not because we needed another guard.

  40. Good luck Jonathan Lloyd!!!

  41. htownreb, quote: "Since we are already so deep, that probably hurt with recuiting as I mentioned before"

    If your gonna make that point then explain why do teams like Duke, Kentucky, Texas etc keep getting talented kids right out of HS to commit and we can't?

    Good luck with the stones I have a box of rocks and I'm not gettin' any smarter..lol

    peace.. GO SUNS I'm outta here..

  42. Good luck to the Vegas kid in Oregon. Sure he looked at a deep, deep UNLV team coming back (with some young guards) and wanted to know about playing time. Lots of guys ahead of him at UNLV already.

    Sure he would have helped, but not a huge miss. Understand his reasoning. Sure the kids wants to play right away.

    Actually, with all of the depth coming back, seems like a perfect time to get another transfer so he can sit a year and come in with Moser, Glaze, etc.


  43. hoops-
    The difference with Joseph is most likely this. Kruger probably told Jospeh that he will have an opportunity to compete for a starting job, Coach Barnes most likely told him, "I want you to be my staring PG next year". The truth is that Kruger couldn't guarantee that he would start next year because of our depth and you know this. If if did win the starting job, he probably knew that he would get 25 min/game max, and you know this too. Again, better depth.
    Kentucky and Texas gets recruits every year because they want to produce NBA players, and a championships are secondary. Barnes has even stated this publically. Kruger wants to build a scucessful program. I'm not naive, Kruger would love to get these kids too, but he doesn't want to sacrifice chemistry or throw out empty promises.
    Duke is different, they don't go after the cream of the crop anymore since coach K got sick of 1 and done players, guess what, another title this year.

  44. oh well we got great guards for the next few seasons anyway. Hope that last scholarship goes to someone 6-6 or taller.


    We'll be waiting with a scholarship for you next year!!!

  46. Corey Joseph is a one and done player anyways, and we wouldn't have gotten significant play time because coach kruger loves that trashy bellfield kid. To be honest, we are guard heavy...although we don't have really have great guards....just mediocre. Most biggest concern is rebounding so the last thing we need is another guard. Massamba is a vagina on the boards. And your boy Shaw was a complete waste so hopefully we can get a rebounder. Thats all we need! Who cares about guards....we need REBOUNDERS and SHOT BLOCKERS!!!

  47. Hoops - Don't let the door hit you on the way OUT.

    The program is improving and we do have a state of the art practice facility right around the corner. It's not like we went from winning a national championship to the NIT with 5 or 6 McDonald's All Americans on the roster. The stars mean nothing. I'd rather see kids that are hungry to play or prove something than a "highly rated" recruit.

    I dare ANYONE (other than a BYU fan) that was at the T&M on February 6th to say this program isn't making improvements.

    Coach Tark didn't get all of the recruits that he was after every year either and we didn't hear all this crap.

  48. We need to get a hot tub like the one in the pic:

  49. Louis, How about you and/or the rest of the mediocrity lovers to show us some quantifiable proof on how exactly the program has improved since 2007. Because from the facts I am looking at, it doesn't add up. Haven't advanced to another S16 or further...haven't won the MWC...getting lapped in recruiting by UNM...still can't beat CBB goliaths SDSU or Utah...too scared to put a decent high major on the schedule...the list goes on.

    You want to argue Kruger's actual accomplishments at UNLV based on quantifiable facts, let's hear it. But I know...it's much easier to call people who expect more a hater and a 'bandwagon' fan than deal with those pesky little FACTS!

  50. Worst case scenario for next year is we could use Taylor Spencer(6'2" guard from Bishop Gorman) to fill in as a bench player. He's already on scholarship for UNLV football and is a decent player.

    Now lookng forward a couple years the player WE MUST go after is Shabazz Muhammad. This kid is being regarded as the BEST player in 2012 high school class. He is 6'5"(could grow an inch or 2 or 3 still)185-190lb phenom that can play the 2 or 3 spot and if he gets a lil taller and thicker could possibly play the 4(2 and 3 spot best for him). If we really want this guy then we as fans need to get out to the Bishop Gorman games the next couple of seasons with signs otherwise i see him possibly ending up with loyd at Oregon. But he already has offers from Arizona, Kansas, Texas, UCLA, Louisville, USC, etc... Lets get out now and show him that he needs to stay in Vegas and help us become National Champs...

    Anybody know who our top prospect in next years recruiting class is???

    Hoops you are Sufferin, you have the same IP address. funny how you logged out as "Hoops" at 1:57 and logged in as "Sufferin" @ 2:11 and posted a comment logged off and logged back in as "Hoops". We know all you want is a National Title but only one team a year gets that and Kruger is unwilling to pay his players like the Dukes, Texas', Kentucky's, etc... of the world do. So unless your willing to go out and pay for the best out of your own pocket, just sit back and enjoy good quality college basketball and watch as we progress year after year.

  51. I agree!
    We need to get Shabazz Muhammad.

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  54. The bottom line is that the young man saw the opportunity to play in a (usually) great conference immediately, rather than push his way through a crowded backcourt to get PT at UNLV. As part of the deal he gets to leave home for school which, as anyone who's done it knows, is a great experience.

    Good for Lloyd for looking to blaze his own trail, while rebuilding a program. And good for UNLV that they weren't pining the hopes of the program's future on getting the kid to play for them.

    The Rebels are going to be a top ten team next year and that's because of Lon Kruger taking the time to build a program the right way.

  55. Smart decision by Loyd. A UNLV degree won't get you very far outside of LV. Good move by Loyd to go to a good university, where he will be able to obtain a solid education and play basketball in a BCS conference. Lon Kruger is an excellent coach, but a below average recruiter. This has been the knock on him going back to his days at Florida.

    UCLA Class of '70

  56. "getting lapped in recruiting by UNM"

    It seems like I see this comment in every sun article lately.

    And I think it's nonsense.

    Has UNLV's recruiting been great....or even good? No, at least not this year.

    But what is so special about UNM's recruiting that indicates we are being "lapped?"

    They (as a 3 seed) got blown out by an 11 seed in the second round. unimpressive. And Hobson acted like a little child afterword.

    Their class this year consists of a couple of 3 stars. Look it up on rivals.

    At least UNLV has one 4 star committed.

  57. All of you keep claiming that Lon Kruger is an excellent coach? Get Real.

    Go back to the Illinois and Florida days and you will find their fans complaining that his coaching skills were severely lacking. The same holds true at UNLV.

    He is not a good recruiter and he is an average coach.

    Because he is at UNLV that allows him to get 20+ wins every year. UNLV props him up, not the other way around.

    The UNLV program has been exactly the same since Bill Bayno took over. The only difference now is we don't get NBA talent. The program still wins 20+ every year and loses early in the NCAA's or NIT. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

    Attendance is almost identical to anytime in the last 18 years.

    Recruiting is now in the toilet.

    Coaching on the court is not that great, it is average at best.

    WE HAVE ZERO NBA TALENT. Not one player drafted in the 1st or 2nd Round under Lon Kruger. NOT ONE!

  58. Suff you are a bitter person. Looked at some of your posts on other subjects and they are all the same. Hard way to go through life buddy. Rebels could make the final 4 and you would find something to complain about. Its who you are. Its in your DNA. Glass is never even half empty, its always empty.

  59. Wrong LV-Born-N-Raised.

    I am the undisputed #1 UNLV fan. I love the team, school and program more than anyone else in existence.

    I am a very happy person who lives a good life.

    When (not if) the Rebels make the Final Four again I will be smiling and enjoying it more than anyone. I want us back as the nations elite and will not accept the current mediocrity. I have seen what UNLV Basketball is capable of and I will not settle for anything less than greatness. Lon Kruger is not great, he is average. He will never get UNLV back where we belong, NEVER!

    Even if Kruger does win a game or two in the NCAA once every 10 years it is irrelevant. Nobody is afraid of us and nobody sees our program as elite. They never will under Kruger.

    When UNLV makes the correct hire, I will say so. As long as Kruger is in charge I will continue to b$tch and moan. We can and should do better. Being a mid-level nobody is not good enough for me and it shouldn't be good enough for you or any other UNLV fans.

    I consider anyone who is happy with our current situation to be a traitor to UNLV. I consider you to be anti-UNLV and I assume that you are out to hold down UNLV Basketball. You don't want us to be great otherwise you would be doing everything in your power to get rid of this bum LON KRUGER! He is over the hill and in retirement mode. The man has no passion left in him and is only padding his pocket book. Kruger is perfectly happy with how UNLV's season went this year, he considers it a huge success.

    When UNLV gets the right guy, I will let the world know that the program is BACK!

    I want to watch real talent. Not Kruger boring slow ball with NIT Talent. Maybe that gets you off, it only pisses me off. That is not UNLV Runnin' Rebel Basketball and anyone who supports it is a RAT TRAITOR in my opinion.

  60. To all those new to the Sun, Sufferin was fired by Kruger. That's why he hates him so much.

    That aside, comparing the Bayno years to the past four (where we've gone to the big dance three times) totally invalidates your opinion.

    Only a "rat traitor" would prefer the Bayno years.

  61. With ever post you prove my point. Best part about multiple names and the web is you never have to be in front of a person to call them a rat traitor. You are what you are and cant change it so we will all take everything you say with a 1,000 grains of salt!

  62. Is it just me or did anyone else picture Sufferin as one of those way over-the-top movie villians while reading that last post?

    "He will never get UNLV back where we belong, NEVER!" Just copying and pasting that part makes me laugh.

  63. I was not fired by Kruger or anyone else at UNLV. The lies that are spread on here are ridiculous. I have been over this before.

    When I was working towards my graduate degree in Sports Administration I did several paid internships for the Las Vegas Wranglers, Las Vegas 51's, Las Vegas Gladiators and for the UNLV Athletic Department (Ticketing). I have a 40 hour full-time job working for one of the local municipalities and have for quite sometime.

    One of my teachers in the Sports Administration Department at UNLV also worked in the Athletic Department at UNLV. He asked me if I would help out with ticketing for Football, Mens Soccer and Womens Soccer. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR, THEY ASKED ME TO HELP THEM. I did a great job for UNLV everytime I was there, I gave 100% and was very professional. I had zero complaints and received several compliments on what a great job I was doing. Working for the Wranglers, Gladiators, 51's and UNLV was only to gain experience in different Athletic Departments for my resume. I held a full time 40 hour a week job the entire time.

    As for Bill Bayno. I was not a fan. I even owned the site FireBayno.com during that time frame. Bill Bayno made the NCAA Tournament two out of three years. Kruger has made it three times. BIG DEAL. Kruger has been here longer. Bayno at least won Conference Championships! They are both bums.

    I didn't like the Bayno years and I don't like the Kruger years either. At least Bayno had lottery picks like Keon Clark, Lamar Odom, Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. Lon Kruger hasn't even had one player drafted in the 1st or 2nd Round ever at UNLV!

    Anyone who supports this current UNLV Basketball leadership is Anti-UNLV and only causing the continued wasting away of our program. We are wasting year after year when we should be in the Final Four on lousy Lon Kruger NIT type talent.


  64. And just coming back to the Bill Bayno vs. Lon Kruger issue, this is where the wheels come off completely.

    Bill Bayno - 5 years - 2 NCAA appearances, 2 NIT appearances, NCAA Tournament record 0-2.

    Lon Kruger - 6 years - 3 NCAA appearances, 2 NIT appearances, NCAA Tournament record 3-3.

    And lets not leave out the fact that Bayno left us with some NCAA Sanctions because he had his friend pay Lamar Odom to come play for UNLV... and Odom STILL didn't even play here.

    Maybe I'm in the minority on this one, but I'll take wins in the NCAA tournament over more conference wins any day. Also, the fact that last year, which even the most optimistic UNLV fans agreed would be a rebuilding year, we were ranked in the Top 25 for more weeks in a season than we had been in nearly 20 years! That, to me, seems to be improvement and doing a good job. If Sufferin is to be believed about the "NIT-Type Talent," then Kruger must be a hell of a coach to win as much as he has.

    And Sufferin - There is no way you will ever be the "undisputed #1 UNLV fan." Undisputed implies that something is generally accepted by all; and we all think your a D-Bag.

  65. And speaking of Bayno's recruits...

    Lamar Odom didn't play here, so no point in even bringing him up.

    -Marcus Banks was a "retread" from Dixie State College.
    -Shawn Marion was a "retread" from an Indiana junior college.
    -Keon Clark was a "retread" from two different junior colleges.

    None of the players you brought up played at UNLV right out of high school. Your own evidence would suggest you like Kruger's style of recruiting. Too bad you have such a bias...

  66. You prove my point for me.

    Bayno years sucked.

    Kruger years suck.

    Bayno had some positives (recruiting/conference championships) and many many NEGATIVES. So many negatives I won't even bother naming them all.

    Kruger had some positives I guess, I can't really name them. 3 NCAA wins in six years on the job is not a positive. Finishing in 5th place in year five and tied for 3rd in year six is not a positive either. We are talking about the MWC. Negatives- Recruiting. Just lousy and it is reason we have never had any players taken in the NBA draft in his SIX YEARS ON THE JOB.

    You make it sound like we are choosing between Bayno and Kruger. That is pathetic. They are both TERRIBLE. Look at the statistics you posted. Any other school in the Top 10 all-time in win percentage would show THEM BOTH THE DOOR with those stats. For some reason UNLV fans think we have to accept this mediocrity.

    Year six shouldn't be a rebuilding year. UNLV was ranked in the Top 25 for what ONE WEEK maybe TWO? We are terrible. Any legit coach would have UNLV in the Top 10 overnight. It is pathetic what some of you are willing to accept.

    Improvement? Going from miserable Bayno to mediocre Spoon to Mid-level Kruger? I guess that is improvement? We obviously view things quite differently. You are satisfied with mediocrity and actually enjoy it. I want UNLV to be the best and will not settle for a coach who can't get us there.

    Enjoy the NIT or 1st Round NCAA loss next year. Enjoy supporting a team that is irrelevant.

    NIT talent, NIT coach. Only thing that gets them to the NCAA is UNLV. We prop the coach up, not the other way around. Anywhere else this bum with this talent would be NIT every year. UNLV makes the difference. Not Kruger.

  67. Five weeks, Sufferin.

    UNLV was in the Top 25 FIVE weeks this year.

    If you learned about your team, you might actually like it.

  68. snyderm - I am NO BAYNO fan. I hated the guy and begged every single day for him to be run out of town! The fact remains and can't be argued that Bayno was a better recruiter than Lon Kruger. This is not even debatable. Bayno recruits blew Lon Kruger recruits off the floor.

    Bayno at least knew what type of talent UNLV should have. He didn't have it inside of him to get the job done because of all sorts of issues we won't go into. But Bayno did know talent and knew what type of players should be at UNLV.

    Lon Kruger is HORRIBLE at recruiting. The worst I have ever seen. It is almost unbelievable how bad he is. I could find a bum off the street that doesn't even know anything about Basketball and they could get better recruits in here.

    What do I care if a player comes straight here from High School? I don't. It would be nice if we could get studs to come here straight from High School and I believe a real coach could and would do that. I don't care where a player comes from. I don't care what school or JC or whatever. I just want STUDS who can JUMP, DUNK, RUN, BLOCK, SHOOT and play DEFENSE. I don't care where you find them.

    I hate Kruger's style of recruiting. He recruits players who are TERRIBLE and have no business wearing a UNLV jersey. Watching UNLV play is painful and makes me puke just about anytime I see those bums take the court. It is NOT UNLV Basketball. It is NIT quality garbage!

    I want real talent and a real coach. Not one or the other or NEITHER.

    UNLV deserves both. A coach and a recruiter.

    That is not asking too much. Anyone who says we should be satisfied with this mediocrity is ANTI-UNLV and should be treated as such! Anyone who believes our only choices are between Bayno types and Kruger types are out of their MINDS.

  69. I don't puke when I watch UNLV play, but then I'm anti-UNLV, or so they say . . .

  70. UNLV was ranked for three seperate weeks in the AP Poll. That is the only poll I follow. Also, I am don't believe in the Top 25. I only believe in a Top 20 poll. The extra five spots are a joke that never should have been added. AP Top 20 is all that matters and should matter.

    Pretending that a week NIT quality UNLV team that squeeked their way into the Top 25 a few times during the season should make me satisfied is pathetic.

    If you are happy with that and our second class status and our second class recruits. ENJOY.

    UNLV Basketball is irrelevant and will remain that way as long as Lon Kruger is the coach. Nobody knows about us and nobody cares. UNLV Basketball is nothing. Thank you Lon Kruger.

  71. Sorry Lloyd. Wrong choice. Will see you in a couple of years when you beg to transfer here after being a flop in Duckville. Don't care about promised playing time. If you were all that, you would have come here and taken the job from the current point guards, none of which are exceptional.
    I am admittedly a sore loser and hope Oregon continues to go downhill!

  72. Seems like it's for the best. I don't want a guard at UNLV that is scared to compete for playing time. Good luck to him at a basement Pac-10 school and the NIT...Plenty of playing time to be had there.

  73. Why did that old ass dude post his graduating class of UCLA after his post? Who gives a crap? Your team sucks now, Pac 10 too. The powers are shifting budd. You need a reality check. UNLV degrees are good outside of LV. My friends UNLV degree has him working for a major post production company in your city of L.A. Dealing with the top TV specials including but not limited to the Grammy's,and the Oscars. So shove it grandpa.

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  76. This is not the end of UNLV basketball. I'm sure all of us would have loved to see Loyd at the T&M but lest face it this wouldn't be his team for another 3 years and Oregon is his team right away. Bottom line playing time is the thing that matters most to any player, it means more then playing at a prestigeous or historical university for 9 out of 10 recruits. If losing 3 recruits happens at the end of next year, then yes we need to be concerned but this will in no way detour this current squad for the next season to come.

    Rebel fans dont be surprised if we pick up some great recruits at the end of next season to fill the vacant spots. I can promise you kruger will land a PG to work under Oscar for his final season.

  77. The reason certain schools can consistantly fill their roster every year with blue chippers is because they always have spots to fill for those who are NBA bound. Kentucky is losing 4 starters that will be drafted in the 1st round. Coach Cal will just reload with 4 more NBA caliber players to fill that void.

  78. Sufferin/Hoops, you are PATHETIC. Your so far from being a fan that at this point your the biggest joke in Las Vegas. How many times have people asked you to bring a sign to a UNLV game that says your "SufferinSuckonballs" but your to scared and to much of a coward to even do that. If you were'nt so retarded you would know that the only thing that seperates Kruger from the elite elite coaches is the fact that Kruger plays by the rules and refuses to pay for his talent. He takes good kids, kids that dont have lil baby attitude problems like yourself. Kruger has turned Rebel Basketball into something respectable again, something that we as true fans can appreciate. Every year the talent just keeps getting better and better. If you cant see that then your obviously dont go to games or your just mentaly slow, which in my opinion its both. So Suf, quit being an effin coward lil girl and be a real man next season and bring a sign so everyone knows exactly who you are. A true fan will bring a sign and let everyone know who he is. I already know that wont happen because we all know your just a coward lil punk a*$ biznitch. Your not even close to the #1 fan. Your the #1 hater of this program and are a disgrace to the city of Las Vegas and if your family has been here for generations then your a complete disgrace to your family as well.

  79. Kruger's new book, X and O's of Recuriting. That should be a funny one to read!

  80. This up coming season is going to be a great one. I'm not the least bit worried about missing out on some recruits this year. We already got some solid ones coming in next year and have the whole year to get a few new ones, epecially after we make a strong tourny run.(a little early for tourny talk I know, but you cant deny chemistry and the ability Kruger has to make his players better and better every off season. Marshall is going to be a monster this year)

  81. "I only believe in the AP Top 20 Poll"

    What the heck are you talking about? I guess UNLV sucks because we only spent 3 weeks in Sufferin's arbitrary Top 20 AP Poll that apparently only Sufferin, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny use.

    Guess the NCAA has it all wrong when they endorsed not one but TWO Top 25 Polls. And the fact that they use a team's record against the TOP 25 as one of the primary indicators for seeding in the NCAA Tournament is one big huge mistake.

    Do me a favor: Go back and actually read what you typed and then pretend you have a rational mind. It's completely asinine! You essentially made up your own poll to fit your argument. What if UNLV hovered around the 17-18 range? I bet we'd be reading about Sufferin's Mythical AP Top 16 Poll. Awesome... just awesome.

  82. Woohoo! Fighting for 3rd in the MWC again! Pack the Mack baby!

  83. Loyd made the correct choice.

    Had he picked The Rebel's he would have ridden the bench because the Rebel's are guard heavy

  84. We may have a number of guards on the roster. That doesn't mean we are heavy on quality guards. In fact, we are not. I love Marshall, the rest are adequate and have some strengths, but certainly capable of being unseated for playing time if Lloyd is such a winner.

  85. Lon Kruger recruited about 8 top players in Las Vegas and in Henderson's Findlay Prep for the past two years (2009 and 2010). Elijah Johnson, Anthony Marshall, Moses Morgan, Johnathan Loyd, Ben Vozzola, Cory Joseph, Carlos Lopez and Victor Rudd. At least we got Anthony Marshall the best Las Vegas player in 2009. Carlos Lopez was recruited by so many very good coaches and Kruger was able to sign Lopez.

  86. Wow, nice fans you got in LV. You get dumped by your prom date then when your second choice doesn't go with you, you bad mouth her. Stay classy Vegas.

  87. Eugene is an awesome college town and Vegas is anything but. Also, having Phil Knight (CEO of Nike) as the #1 booster doesn't hurt either. Joseph to Texas; Lloyd to Oregon; who else will the Rebs let leave?

  88. Since most high players in Las Vegas don't want to play locally how about those players in Los Angeles who wants to play for UNLV. So many talents in Los Angeles. State of California will produce more players for UNLV. Oscar Bellfield and Chace Stanback will help Lon Kruger in recruiting when they spend their summer in Los Angeles. Go Rebels!!!

  89. thats funny duck fans on a las vegas newspaper comment section.....

    did you guys win a game last year??? i forget.

    loyd is a good kid... but frankly, you guys could sign 5 studs this year and you would still suck. stay winning eugene.

  90. sfduck - Keep talking. You had Nike writing the check for your next basketball coach and you got turned down by how many people? Thats right... I lost count too. You have the best facilities in the country at this point, and the athletic department is essentially sponsored by Nike, and you couldn't find a coach. I'll check in with you in November to see if you're still "staying classy."

  91. sfsuck

    I live in Oregon. Let's be honest with each other UofO is a football school. The student body has nothing to do in little Eugene and that is the only reason why students show up to basketball games.

    Student life in Eugene goes a little something like this. Go to frat parties, do keg stands of cheap beer, smoke ganja and snort anything that you can get into powder form.

    Gonna be a tough year for the football squad. Masoli suspended for the year for stealing a laptop worth about $200 bucks(the receiver that was with him thrown off the team). LaMichael caught punching on his girlfriend (next violation he will be suspended from school) The kicker getting ko'ed by two civilians cuz he was bad mouthing and trying to rough up a female.

    Did I miss anything?

  92. "That doesn't mean we are heavy on quality guards. In fact, we are not. I love Marshall, the rest are adequate and have some strengths, but certainly capable of being unseated for playing time if Lloyd is such a winner."

    Really lcr? You think Tre, Chace, Oscar and others are "adequate" at best? Mark my words, lil Loyd will never have a better season than ANY of them. That kid will get shown up by J-Hawk next season. He is at a sub .500 school in a crappy Pac 10 conference. Guard heavy or not, Loyd made a stupid decision.

  93. @JAHREB - I keep reading my post looking for the 2007 reference that you dug up. I don't remember saying that we are better now than when we went to the Sweet Sixteen. I do like the program better now than when we were under probation due to multiple violations or absolute NIT years under Coach Spoon (I love Spoon, he helped get the program clean again).

    I like that we have been scheduling Louisville, Arizona, Kansas State, etc. I don't like the number of cream puffs(UNR :P) that we have early in the year, but that is the trend in college basketball.

    Last time I checked, Coach Kruger didn't take us off of ESPN and put us on the biggest joke in the history of college sports television contracts. That has an immense impact on recruiting also, HATERS.

    We may not be getting kids selected in the draft, but we are getting them into the NBA.

    Answer me this, if Marcus Banks was a JC transfer (Dixie)and played for coach Kruger, how did Bayno recruit him? I'm just trying to do the math in my head, at work and that doesn't seem possible to me.

    I will take a team with potential that plays good fundamental ball with no violations over the microscope of NCAA violations and post season bans.

  94. Yeah, I think Louis nailed the real culprit when it comes down to UNLV vs a power conf school in recruiting...its the heinous exposure our league gets locked into with the MTN TV deal. We have to get out of that or hope BYU/Utah leaves the conf which will disband that wannabe network. It aint Kruger...he's been in the League and recruits know that. It aint the school because UNLV has the tradition and fan support. So when all things are equal...that has gotta be a major factor. The WHOLE conf is a transfer/JC mecca for that exact reason too...nobody in the MWC is raking in a top 10 class out of high school. We (the MWC) act small time so we get the 2nd tier players, the leftovers and the discontents.

  95. http://www.lasvegassun.com/blogs/elsewhe...

    Not a big surprise, but according to Polee's dad, UNLV is no longer in the running.

  96. Lon Kruger will have a hard time signing a lot of top high school players but he will get transfers with 4-star ranked players. We're not in the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 or SEC that receives numerous TV exposures to ESPN or CBS. High players want to be starters immediately and get tons of minutes in playing time. Most 5-star recruits will play for John Calipari, Roy Williams, Jim Calhoun, Rick Pitino or Tom Izzo.

    Remember when Steve Fisher coached at Michigan it is a Big 10 conference and a lot of top high players in the state of Michigan wanted to play for him.

    When Lon Kruger coached at Illinois it is also a Big 10 conference and he was getting Mr. Illinois Basketball players and other top players across the country.

    When Steve Alford coached at Iowa it is also a Big 10 conference and many top players in Iowa signed to play for Alford.

  97. After reading too many ego-driven BS posts, it's comforting to read. finally, that someone understands that the mtn contract is the final close that opposing coaches use against Kruger. As a west coast team, UNLV is a natural for the late games on ESPN, but NOOO!

    Short-sighted ADs and University presidents took the mtn money and said adios to the exposure a national program needs to recruit. As much as I detest Dick Vitale, he does the job.

    Whatever the legalities, the mtn sucks large and must be dumped.

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  99. The mtn. is the best thing that ever happened to the Mountain West Conference and UNLV. We get the same amount of ESPN exposure now that we would be getting without the Mtn. deal... Next to NONE. All of you morons who think ESPN would want to put Lon Kruger's NIT talentless team on ESPN or ESPN2 anytime before 12am EST are nuts.

    The mtn. is great for UNLV, Fans and our Universities pocket book.

    ESPN doesn't want us, that is why they OFFERED the MWC NOTHING and forced us to go in a different direction. Nobody wants to watch NIT LON KRUGER and his D-League Players.

    Thank God for the Mtn.

    Anyone who doesn't see its benefits for the league and our school are ANTI-UNLV and want us to fail.

  100. SufferinSuccotash is just a Lon Kruger and UNLV Basketball hater!!! Just keep posting negative comments and watch UNLV in the NCAA Tournament for the next upcoming years.

  101. And it was spoken by Sufferin, so it must be true. I'm starting to think Sufferin may be the MWC Commish. The Mtn. is garbage and while I enjoy being able to see almost all of UNLV's games, 90% of the country does not get access to this channel, so we are largely ignored.

    We need only to look at some of the bigger games in MWC Conference play and where they ended up on TV to see how bad this is. I'll even leave UNLV out of this. BYU/New Mexico - Both teams that were in the top 15 for much of the season. They played 2 games and the BEST exposure was on Versus! Two teams that may have even been in "Sufferin's Top 20" playing against each other on a slow night and VERSUS is where they are? Not to mention the MWC tournament games featuring BYU/UNLV and SDSU/UNM, which were both great games... and both on The Mtn. and largely unaccessible for most of the country.

    The Mtn. is a joke and anyone who wants to pretend it is the equivalent of the Big 10 Network is delusional... and Anti-UNLV... and wants us to fail. (That becoming Sufferin's end to everything. Sort of like The Rock from WWE "And that's the Bottom Line because Sufferin says so.") Incredible!

  102. 100% of the United States has access to the Mtn. Network via DirecTV. Anyone who wants to watch UNLV or BYU or Utah or SDSU etc. CAN IF THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO. Anywhere in the United States!

    Versus is a national channel available in 80 million households. Versus is available on basic cable throughout this country and on Dish Network and DirecTV. Versus is a strong partner for the MWC and with Comcast about to buy NBC we will likely see Versus change their name to NBC/Versus Sports. How is this a bad deal for the MWC? You are ignorant to what is happening.

    You know nothings love to scream about ESPN but fail to realize that ESPN DIDN'T WANT US! If ESPN wanted us they would have proven that by PAYING US MONEY to KEEP US! It is very simple, give the MWC enough money and they will be on ESPN.

    Smarten up people. You sound like morons who are clueless to what is happening. You are upset at the MWC and UNLV because we didn't give away our product FOR FREE to ESPN? Get real.

    If you want UNLV and the MWC to become major programs and a major conference we have to prove our worth. Sometimes that means blazing a new path and trying something that hasn't been tried before. If our product is good enough, ESPN will be willing to bid a fair price next time the contract comes up.

    The Mtn. is great for UNLV and for UNLV fans.

    The Mtn. is absolutely available and accessible to 100% of country via DIRECTV. Anyone who wants to watch UNLV games can do so by purchasing the Mtn, CBS College Sports and Versus which are all available on DirecTV. Any true sports fan wouldn't be without DirecTV. Any true UNLV fan wouldn't be without DirecTV or Cox locally which makes available every single UNLV game that our conference owns.

    Those who care enough will find a way. DirecTV is available everywhere in the UNITED STATES!

  103. Sufferin/Hoops are fools when it comes to UNLV basketball. No one takes them seriously. Laughing stock of Vegas. They both make ill-formed arguments which result in their own self imposed contradictions. I honestly believe they must be joking with some of their statments b/c its that ridiculous.

  104. Lets see...I'll walk in and pitch to the recruit: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, Fox Sports Pacific, Central, Eastern, plus all the Fox regional networks. I'll finish it with " If your family & friends have basic cable they can watch you on regional or national TV twice a week, guaranteed."

    Sufferin you can then walk in and pitch Direct TV, Versus, and the MTN. Be sure to hook his family up the a Direct TV coupon while you're at it! And a channel guide to even find Versus. Then you can finish it with "If your family & friends care enough they will find a way." And with all those recruits being born with silver spoons in their mouths...we all know that wont be a hard sell. Please. lol

    There is no comparision whatsoever. Its not even REMOTELY close.

    I do agree that you get more in depth coverage for Rebel games on the MTN than you would on ESPN or Fox...and if you do have the MTN its to our benefit as UNLV fans....but thats not the issue. The issue is exposure and the effect that has in luring recruits NOW. Its a no brainer. No matter how many words you type to the contrary....you will still be wrong. Move on with your life.

    Besides, the MTN should be called BYU2 anyway. They screw the Rebels every chance they get. Ever wonder why the Reno games (football & basketball) get blacked out? Because the MTN wont release the rights for Reno for games in Vegas...then Reno turns around and screws us for games in Reno. Hamrick, Koloskie, and Livengood all told me that in writing. Meanwhile, BYU or Utah vs Utah St...same conf & same situation..the MTN sees fit to release their rights then and the game gets seen on local TV in Logan. WTF is that?! So I'm not totally feeling your "The MTN is great for UNLV and UNLV fans" declaration. In some respects thats true but certainly not in this debate.

  105. Facts, which are empirically determinable events, do not matter to a certain type of personality, which sees through the veil of a consensually validated reality and conjures up a fantasy world more in conformity with his biases. Thus, we have people who don't believe Obama is an American citizen, who think George Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks, and that UNLV will never win another game. This personality type will suck the pus from the goiter on his leader's neck. Can you say "dittohead?"

    But hey, it's just basketball, right?

  106. I live in the Bay Area and have Directv. We do not get Versus anymore- they are in a pissing match with comcast.
    As for the Mtn- I have no idea where to get that on Directv.

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  108. The Mtn is channel 616 on directv

  109. WOW!!!been licking my wounds since march, (like i always do)...Great to feel everybodies passion for the rebz...you gotta love suffrin, this guy is too much. I love coach Lon because he honors coach Tark!! And has more class than anybody in the game. But i want the top 5 w/ the final 4 and a big fat "SHIP" so bad...but i'm not willing to sell my soul. Being on probation is painfull, with Lon there is no worries. I love this guy. Hard nosed and gritty, takes no lip from these kids and tells it like it is! We just may crack the top 10 next year and the year after we'll see. Tre'Von is a man child and has a great supporting cast! we'll see if were tough enough down low.
    Good luck to that Loyd kid from my HS, wish him nothing but luck.
    By the way suffrin, DTV does not get VERSUS

  110. Don't respond to SS.

    He runs his mouth all off season and then shuts up while we're winning games. Then he pops his head out of his hole like Punxsutawney Phil on groundhog day after a UNLV loss. "NIT, Fire Kruger, I'm Lame" Then we win again and he disappears until the season is over.

  111. This thread still going?

    Loyd, good luck.

    Suff/hoops, you said you were done talking in this thread 50 posts or so ago, so stop posting, you make Las Vegas look terrible with your comments. I wouldn't want to play for a team that does not have a community supporting it or putting it down every chance it got. And you are so full of cow patty that everything you have said on the Sun has been irrelevant, negative, and preposterous (AP top 20 got a real good laugh outta me though).

    Above all else, Go Rebels. You are doing a fantastic job.

  112. Sufferin - You prove my point exactly!

    "Those who care enough will find a way"

    THAT'S THE POINT!!!! We don't need more exposure to Mountain West cities and fans! What UNLV and all MWC schools need, especially the top-tier schools is more NATIONAL exposure. Even if you want The Mtn. in Las Vegas, you have to purchase the digital cable package; let alone in cities all over the country where only 1 out of 3 television products (Cable, DirectTV, DISH Network) actually carries The Mtn. Then, as Rose pointed out, even with DirectTV, nobody gets Versus. So if Sufferin' in charge, our primary recruits would have to have AT LEAST 2 of these services. What a joke!

    Of course ESPN didn't really want to pay much for access to MWC games in 2006. As a whole, the conference wasn't nearly as competitive nationally on a regular basis, save for 1 team here or there. Now we regularly have 3 teams in the Top 25 in football and have 4 solid, competitive schools in basketball (UNM, BYU, UNLV, SDSU). I suspect when the contract comes up, ESPN will be a little more inclined to push for access to MWC games.

    At the end of the 2005 season, which is the last season before The Mtn. began, was had 1 team (TCU #14) in the football Top 25 and 2 Team (Utah & UNM) made the NCAA tournament. At the end of the last seasons, we had 3 teams (TCU #6, BYU #12 and Utah #18) in the Top 25 in football (Heck, we even had 3 in Sufferin's Official AP Top 20) and we had 4 Teams (UNM, BYU, UNLV, SDSU) make the NCAA Tournament. The simple fact that our conference as a whole is more relevant will make ESPN make more of a push for us. Hell, the BCS commissioner came out last month and said that they are looking at adding another conference to the BCS and that the Mountain West Conference is by far the most appealing candidate. All of this was accomplished in spite of the BS television contract, not because of it.

  113. Ok i gotta admit. i am a big gay. i hate UNLV basketball. My favorite team is BYU. I wish i could stroke Jimmer every night. Kruger fired me so now i cry every night curled up in a ball while eating a gallon of ice cream. nobody likes me cause im such a douche. damnit my life sux

  114. djonian81: A true Rebel fan would be going to the games up in Reno and would never miss a battle for the cannon.

    ESPN/Fox etc. had the opportunity to bid for the rights to MWC sports and didn't WANT US! Any true sports fan can find Versus or CBS College Sports or The Mtn. Using a channel guide is not that difficult. You must by 50+ years old and incompetent if you can't find the UNLV games on the channel guide.

    The MWC is not going to give our product away for free to ESPN. We also are not going to be held hostage by a network such as ESPN that doesn't value our product and instead would shift us to horrible channels like ESPNU or ESPN Pay-Per-View. How is that beneficial to our fans? IT ISN'T!

  115. rose1414 - Man Landed on the Moon!

    Get in touch with reality. Versus absolutely is available on Directv and the dispute was ended. You are out of touch with reality.

  116. To fkg319: DirecTV absolutely does get Versus. You know nothing about sports and should keep your trap shut.

  117. MikeLange: Versus is available on the basic tier in over 80 million homes. You are out of touch with reality and spreading lies. versus is available on the basic tier in just about every household in America.

    The Mtn. is a Regional Sports Network. Not a National Sports network. Some of you are so incompetent and out of touch it is sad. You make yourselves look like fools on here because you know nothing about College Athletics or the MWC. The Mtn. is great for UNLV and the MWC. Our regional games in the past were on ESPN gameplan or locally on Channel Six/Eight/One. The Mtn. as a regional carrier of our games is a huge success and one of the smartest things our conference has ever accomplished. The mtn. is available Nationally on DirecTV but that does not mean that the Mtn. is meant to be our National Network for games. Our National Carrier of Mountain West Games is Versus and someday CBS College Sports once they get into enough households.

    If ESPN, NBC, Fox, CBS or anyone else want to pay a fair price for our product the MWC will gladly play games on those networks. WE WILL NOT GIVE AWAY OUR PRODUCT FOR FREE JUST TO SATISFY A FEW MORONS WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT COLLEGE SPORTS.

    The fact that our Conference has been progressing so much and gaining so much praise is directly related to DROPPING ESPN and gaining more valuable coverage elsewhere. If you can't see the positives that have happened to the MWC since we stopped being ESPN's slave you are blind. The MWC is blazing our own path and we do not need to be beholden to any network who doesn't value our product. NOR WILL WE BE.

  118. I am paying 70 a month for directv and don't get versus or cbssports. You need either the sports pak or the expensive plan. But it is not on the basic package, which the majority or households have.

  119. Even if evryone got Versus we don't have many games on that channel

  120. SufferinSuccotash is saying that Trevon Willis, Chace Stanback, Derrick Jasper and Oscar Bellfield are all N.I.T. type players. Everything Sufferin says UNLV coach and players are N.I.T. material.

    OK which coaches do you want for UNLV SufferinSuccotash? You have pure hatred and criticism on Lon Kruger.

  121. DirecTV has 18 million customers. Versus is available on the tier that 14 million DirecTV customers receive. If you don't receive Versus you either aren't a true Rebel/MWC fan or you are too cheap and don't really care. The MWC is not to be blamed for your incompetence or lazines or lack of money unlvrunninrebels. 14 million of the 18 million DirecTV customers receive Versus. If you don't you are in the MINORITY that is cheap.

    CBS College Sports is not yet the National carrier for MWC games because they are not in enough households at this time. The numbers for CBS College Sports are rising dramatically though. CBS College Sports Network is now seen in approximately 38 million households and is available to more than 89 million households across the country via the Sports Tier. In the last 12 months, the Network has experienced a +38% distribution increase, representing 10.4 million additional subscribers.

    We have the same amount/or more of National Games on Versus that would have ever been on ESPN/ESPN2.

    Take the WAC as an example. How many San Jose State games do you see on ESPN/ESPN2? How many times did you see New Mexico State on ESPN/ESPN2 this season? They have a ESPN contract but are never shown on television. Why? Because ESPN doesn't value the product. The MWC could have signed a contract with ESPN/ESPN2 and all that would have done is made less games available on Television for MWC/UNLV fans? How is that a good idea? You are all idiots.

  122. Comment removed by moderator. Personal attack and name calling.

  123. Comment removed by moderator. Personal attack and name calling.

  124. i cant understand why everyone hates me. i hate unlv and love byu. i am slightly stupid, well not slightly. kruger sux cause he fired me for my incompetence. im also upset cause im only 5'2" and could never play basketball. please can someone kick my a**.

  125. Does DirectTV get the Mtn?

  126. Yes

  127. Sufferin,

    quote: "100% of the United States has access to the Mtn. Network via DirecTV. Anyone who wants to watch UNLV or BYU or Utah or SDSU etc. CAN IF THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO. Anywhere in the United States"

    Your correct but djonian81 is correct as well.

    It's a lot stronger recruiting tool to say if your family & friends if they have basic cable they can watch you on regional or national TV ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, Fox Sports Pacific, Central, Eastern, plus all the Fox regional networks.

    This is a big part of what hurts Kruger when getting the better players coming outta HS. The best exposure isn't at UNLV.

    I do think versus and the Mtn are good for us. It's exposure but it's still not the greatest.

    Do we hope The Mtn Network fails? Then what?

    We're stuck in a quagmire

  128. John Calipari's team, Rick Pitino, Jim Calhoun, Tom Izzo, Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams, Bill Self, Ben Howland and Lorenzo Romar's team always get a lot of exposures to CBS Sports on the regular season these days. Lon Kruger, Steve Fisher and Steve Alford got their team exposures to CBS Sports when they coached their Big 10 teams.

  129. Yes suffrin your right there it is...Versus wasn't there for the rebels season though...not much of a hockey fan since im from the desert.
    are you one of the those guys who was always in the office and always talked about sports but never played them? Not me always played in this town and excelled, got articles and plenty of people to back me up...Gorman [email protected]!! 4+ sport athlete...as for the rebels i love your passion and this is the time to let loose your words (THE OFF SEASON)...not when we're battling. And i have been up North for the battle of that cannon. (RENO SUKZ)!!!
    Rebels [email protected]$!!!!

  130. Hate to agree with SS on anything, but he's right about the tv contract.

    You're fooling yourself if you think espn would do us any favors.

    I prefer watching the Rebels on TV as opposed to my laptop via espn360.

    We'd get 1 or 2 games with a monday at midnight EST start time on espnU (not espnHD). Sorry, but that does not = 'national exposure.' And forget about football. They'd give us one weekday game on espnU....that's it.

    For those deluding themselves into thinking espn would swoop in from above to be UNLV's savior and rocket us back into the national spotlight, go take a look at Idaho's tv schedules (football and basketball). They're with espn.

    That's about what we could expect. Although it would probably be even less because espn would have to split its limited resouces with yet another conference.

    The big 6 conferneces are espn's priority. The MWC had no choice but to bend over or do their own thing.

    Oh and keep in mind that we played THREE games one the espn family of networks last year. And with the Anaheim tournament, and away games @ KSU, UL we'll probably get more this year.

    Is getting 1 or 2 more games than that on espnU in non-prime time weekday spots REALLY worth having the rest of our confernece games blacked out?

    It would be ok if we could do some type of hybrid deal, and espn would release the games it didn't want to a MTN/VS type network. Sort of a best-of-both-worlds scenario....but the four letter network DOES NOT work like that.

  131. I do understand the idea Sufferin' and TRUE are saying about The Mtn. being great for fans and people in MWC cities because it is. I have been able to see UNLV Basketball and Football more in the past few years than ever before. However, that's not really what we are talking about here. The idea that if people outside of our regional area should "Find a way to see it if they really want to," sort of makes the point why we need to be on ESPN, even if it is only a few more times a year.

    My first problem with the arguments is the teams who have been used as examples. We have heard how raw of a deal an ESPN contract has been for San Jose State, New Mexico State and Idaho. Well... duh! Let me throw out what the average person thinks when these places are mentioned:

    San Jose State - Did the Sharks choke their way out of the NHL playoffs yet? When did San Jose become a state?

    New Mexico State - I wonder if New Mexico will adopt the same state laws on immigration as Arizona.

    Idaho - Potatoes... and... nope, just potatoes.

    When the casual fan hears UNLV, the first thing they think about is the glory days in the early 90's with Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon & Co. Just a month ago, I was reading posts on an ESPN article about UNLV where people from all over the country talked about how they used to "stay up till midnight to watch the Rebels play." Obviously that was back when we were incredible, but that is still what UNLV is associated with for most casual fans. To suggest Idaho, SJSU or NMSU have anywhere near the simple name-recognition (which equates to interest) of UNLV is asinine.
    From a football standpoint, UNLV might not get much exposure nationally with an ESPN deal presently, but I'll take a Thursday night game on occasion. When football fans are in football mode, they watch what is on, and a Thursday night game will equal a bigger audience (i.e. more exposure).
    I'm with you 100% TRUE that I wish there was some way ESPN and The Mtn. could find a happy medium. But as you said, the possibility of that happening is basically zero.
    I guess part of my point is that we are not talking about whether The Mtn. is good for fans of MWC schools in MWC cities. Obviously it is because we all get to see our teams more often. We are talking about getting our schools and conference as a whole more "face-time" with the entire country. In that sense, I think it should be the fans who do care enough that should make the effort to find their team rather than the potential recruits and their families who may not have the means to find a way.

  132. We need to quit waiting on Polee and go after one of the Wear brothers. They are both heading out of north carolina and their home town is huntington beach Ca. They were freshman and played good minutes for a "not to par" tarheels but played in a good conference.

  133. Polee is out according to the other paper... We withdrew our offer on Monday...

    I am with bert... Lets get one of the wear kids... Listed at 6-10 ~230... and would have 3 years of eligibility left after there transfer year which they can red-shirt...

  134. NIT

  135. Transfers are working out for most teams like Kansas State that made it to the Elite 8 this year.

    Denis Clemente - (Miami FL) transferred to Kansas State
    Curtis Kelly - (UCONN) transferred to Kansas State

    Lon Kruger can choose these transfers, just so many players are transferring this year.

    Michael Loyd, Jr. (BYU)
    Carlon Brown (UTAH)
    Marshall Henderson (UTAH)
    Travis Wear (NORTH CAROLINA)
    David Wear (NORTH CAROLINA)
    Kevin Dillard (SOUTHERN ILLINOIS)
    Anthony Booker (SOUTHERN ILLINOIS)

  136. Maybe I should clarify for those (SS) who don't realize that ESPN does more than just broadcast games. When your conference is associated with "the Mothership" they give you PUBLICITY. They have this little program called Sportscenter that is broadcast a few times a week. When UNLV was affiliated with ESPN, our highlights were shown on that program that some people (SS) don't consider exposure. There is another little station, ESPN2 that is available to broadcast games and, *GASP* highlight shows. Another insignificant aspect of the ESPN family of networks is that other pesky station, ESPN News. When you have highlights on there, they are replayed EVERY 30 MINUTES. ESPN does not give quality time to non-affiliated schools until the big dance. The years we were winning the MWC tournament, it was a 10 second story. Schools that were part of the family got much more significant time.
    I comprehend that they money offered up by the network we COULD NOT WATCH for over a year, was nice, but it is extrememly narrow minded to think that is the only thing to consider.

  137. Lets lobby to get UNLV out of the mtn w. and into a different conference perhaps?

  138. So having the vast majority of our games BLACKED OUT is worth getting on sportscenter a little more often than we currently do?

    Guess I'd rather watch actual, full length basketball games than a 7 second clip on sportscenter.

    And yes, to us UNLV fans:

    UNLV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SJSU, NMSU, Idaho

    That is probably also true for SOME casual sports fans.

    But to the four letter network, all of the above are "mid-majors," and will be treated accordingly.

    ZERO games on espnHD
    1-2 games on espn2
    2-3 games on espnU

    with at least half of those being midnight EST starts.

    1-2 (weekday) games on espnU

    the WAC sets the precedent for how the MWC would be treated by espn. Don't recall seeing them all over sportscenter. And everyone would get less because there would be one more conference that gets a share of the limited resources.

    Our current tv situation is not ideal. But neither is bending over for espn. They are not UNLV's savior. UNLV would be just another mid major to them, despite winning a national championship two decades ago.

  139. I agree with the fact that going to ESPN would give us a vast improvment for exposure, but our current deal isn't getting it done. We should stick with the Mtn. so us local fans can see the games we don't go to,maybe the Mtn. can show all the games ESPN doesn't show.

  140. Sorry guys, its exposure. ESPN gives you exposure. ESPN only wants the marquee games. Do we really care if UNLV/Pittsburg St is on ESPN. I don't recall ever watching the Duke/Davidson game on ESPN either. ESPN will put UNLV's better matchups on TV and give the high exposure and release the poor matchups to local TV. (unlike the MTN) The reason UNLV was a house hold name through the 80s and 90s was because on Big Monday at 12 eastern, UNLV was the ONLY game on TV. And believe me, there are a lot of people in the east still up ant 12 eastern. If by chance they are not on local TV, then its just as easy to get them online.
    The MTN is a poor standard for watching sports. The announcers do not know what they are talking about, let alone the half time commentators. And the camera work and the lack of HD, just way behind everyone else. UNLV is the Marquee team in the MWC, so ESPN will try and show their games as much as possible. BCS teams will play UNLV if the exposure is there. There's no better place financially then Vegas to schedule games. Why do you think there is so many tourneys in Vegas every year.
    We can waste away in nowhereville, or we can hoop with the big boys and get back to the top.

  141. I disagree with SS on a lot of points but hes right about the TV contract. While it isn't the most lucrative contract the MWC can get it is helping the conference. Apparently it isn't hurting too much because we have still managed to get 3 top NCAA football and 4 top NCAA BBall rankings. Recruiting staff and facilities have way more to do with getting players than TV contracts do especially if the player is from the regional area. The only way we would get to see UNLV on ESPN is if there weren't any other interesting games on (top 25 match ups), otherwise we would end up on ESPNU, Gameplan or ESPN 360 (free with cox internet by the way) I would rather be on Versus than any of ESPN sister networks outside of ESPN or ESPN 2. I was very pissed that most of the the past season a direct TV customer was unable to watch versus (available on the basic package) and I am glad that was resolved. THE MWC is gaining a ton of respect in the NCAA and don't be surprised if we replace a conference like the big east in the BCS discussion. They are all basketball schools and their football programs have been struggling as of late.

  142. ok i no im a little late but can everybody stop hating on j loyd. he might not b tht tallest but what matters is how passionate he is about this game. he loves it and it's his life. Who cares if didn't go to Kansas or UNLV, it's not going to change how he's going to play cuz once he steps on the court, it's all about him doing him and that's what johnathan does everytime he steps on the court so everybody stop hating cuz he didn't go to a certain skool actually look at him as a person instead of his decision.