UNLV assistant coach Ty Gregorak arrested in Colorado

Former Colorado linebacker allegedly intoxicated during incident outside of strip club

Updated Friday, May 7, 2010 | 5:53 p.m.

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UNLV linebackers coach Ty Gregorak

First-year UNLV assistant football coach Ty Gregorak was arrested in Boulder, Colo., after an incident last week outside of a strip club.

Gregorak, 31, was turned away this past weekend from the Nitro Club — located in the downtown Pearl Street Mall — by bouncer Joseph Benedetto after he determined Gregorak was too intoxicated to enter, according to Boulder police.

According to Gregorak's Denver-based attorney, David Beller, Benedetto said that he contacted Gregorak while walking in an alley next to the club rather than trying to enter it.

A police report obtained by the Sun states that Gregorak then walked to a nearby parking garage and approached Benedetto's Nissan Sentra, removing the man's wallet from the center console and a loaded .45-caliber Glock 36 handgun from the glove compartment.

Police said that on Saturday, Benedetto was awaken at home by "persistent knocking" and opened his door, finding Gregorak standing there. He said he recognized Gregorak from the night before.

Benedetto said Gregorak was apologetic while returning the gun and wallet, the report indicated.

"I'm sorry," Gregorak was quoted as saying in the report. "Last night I was really drunk. I'm not from here. I'm in town visiting friends. I don't do these kind of things."

According to the report, Benedetto and Gregorak shook hands, then Benedetto followed him in his car far enough to get down a license plate number from the rental car Gregorak was driving. Police then tracked it to identify Gregorak as the driver.

The report also indicates that Gregorak had a Montana license that was revoked for driving while impaired on March 19.

Gregorak told police he had no memory of meeting Benedetto at the Nitro Club or going into the bouncer's car. A former linebacker at Colorado from 1997-99, Gregorak said he was bar-hopping with friends and the last thing he remembered was going to the Lazy Dog on Pearl Street and another "dive bar."

"Mr. Gregorak stated that he woke up at his hotel and he saw the gun and Mr. Benedetto's other belongings," the police report stated. "He was unsure how he ended up with them."

As for how or whether Gregorak knew that the car in the garage belonged to the bouncer, neither man was able to explain. Benedetto told police the car was locked, and police found no signs of forced entry.

Gregorak turned himself in to Boulder police on Tuesday and was booked. He is free on a $2,500 bond.

He is charged with first-degree trespassing and a prohibited weapons possession, due to his state of intoxication. Formal charges are expected to be filed by prosecutors next week.

A call from the Sun to Gregorak on Friday afternoon wasn't immediately returned.

Gregorak was one of several assistants to come to UNLV from Montana along with new head coach Bobby Hauck, who replaced Mike Sanford this offseason following Sanford's five-year tenure.

He was with the Grizzlies' staff for the past six years, coaching linebackers and serving as the program's recruiting coordinator. He holds those same titles with the Rebels.

"Ty Gregorak has led an exemplary and successful life as a wonderful role model and mentor to countless students and fans alike," Beller said in an e-mail to the Sun. " He is ashamed that an innocent night out has led to allegations which bring him, his family, and the University embarrassment. He is looking forward to continuing to cooperate fully with the investigation, putting the matter behind him, and continuing his distinguished career."

UNLV athletic director Jim Livengood said in a statement the school is aware of the situation.

"The University and athletics department have been conducting an internal and thorough investigation regarding the pending allegations," Livengood said. "It would be premature and inappropriate to comment any further until this matter has been reviewed and resolved."

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  1. How did Coach know which car to go to? Did the license plate say BOUNCER or something? There are some holes in this story. If Coach was too drunk to enter a strip club then how was he able to find the bouncer's car, break in and then get away?

    Something is wrong. We should probably wait for more facts to come out.

  2. Hmmmmm . . . I've been a Mama too long and am very suspicious. I don't think we've heard the real story here. Lover's quarrel? Could be. . . .

  3. What a great read.....same thing happened to a friend at Rhino!

  4. Couldn't make this stuff up...Whatever happens in Boulder, does not stay in boulder. We got world renown strip clubs in Vegas, wtf.

  5. once again, SS makes ridiculous comments. Sure this is definitely an odd turn of events and the circumstances are suspicious, but in the grand scheme of things we know absolutely nothing about what happened.

    And I'm sorry, if you own a gun, and someone shows up with your gun, that you didn't know was gone. you go to the police. You don't take back a weapon that may now have a body on it. That's just plain stupid

  6. Alot of unanswered questions.

    This reminds me of that movie "The Hangover"

  7. Comment removed by moderator. speculation.

  8. Funny, I don't recall any of Mike Sanford's assistants being arrested after a drunken night on the town involving a loaded gun.

    I guess this is price you pay when you demand 7-win seasons over representing your university/community well.

  9. It's weird that the thing I remember the most from some of the earliest comments here at The Sun were about the "seedier" elements that Hauck would bring to the UNLV program when he was first announced as the new head coach. I thought, wow, a lot of sour grapes there in Montana. I felt this so strongly, the first customer I had interaction with from Montana, I made a comment to them about the way the Montana fans felt about Hauck and him leaving. The guy chuckled and said "I've known Bobby and the WHOLE Hauck family for a longtime and all I have to say is Good Luck with the TYPE of players he and his staff attracts". I guess I'm just gonna have to chalk this up as Strike One to the new image being crafted at UNLV Football. Lets pray this was an aberrant occurrence god knows UNLV doesn't need to get started with the questionable reputations.

  10. I think somebody from csu set him up they scared of the a** whopen there going to recieve this year!So there trying to disrupt unlv's staff..

  11. This really doesn't bode well for UNLV and their fans. If Bobby Hauck's COACHES act like this, what can we expect from the 18 and 19 year olds that Hauck recruits?

    The Sun's sports staff better get well acquainted with the folks on the LVMPD booking desk.

  12. Fishy indeed; without the fish smell.

  13. Maybe the NCAA is out to get him............

  14. Not cool bouncer!...........hang in there kid!

  15. Intoxicated coach, strip club, breaking into a car, stealing wallet and handgun....................................HELL YEAH our teams gonna kick ass this year! Marion "Shug" Knight would be proud of his alma mater! The blue print to how the Miami Hurricanes built their powerhouse is here! West Virginia you better prepare yourself this year cause the Rebels are coming to win......or at least roll your candy asses on the side of the trailerpark ;)

  16. If the UNLV gig doesn't work out, he can certainly play Fred Flintstone. I wonder if Wilma had to bail him out.

  17. OK - am I understanding this correctly...the Bouncer left his post (probably at the front door letting people in) to walk through an alley, where he happens to find Gregorak, then informs him he cannot come in the club. Gregorak then randomly guesses the correct car to break into to get even and steals the bouncers wallet and gun. Gregorak wakes up the next morning, finds the wallet and gun, returns it to the bouncer. The bouncer seems to be an upfront guy, but then follows Gregorak to find out his license plate and calls the police.
    This is obviously a set up.

  18. Honestly, who would leave their wallet inside their car? Something about this story does sound very fishy.

  19. Fire Ty Gregorak

    Hauck hired a flake

  20. Well they definitely need to investigate further. It doesn't make much sense right now. But if he is indeed guilty, he needs to be fired. You can't hold coaches and student-athletes to a different standard. Is it too much to ask for some coaches with a little moral fiber? Stay away from the bars and strip clubs. You aren't in college anymore, as if that was ever a valid excuse.

  21. I hope UNLV conducts a thorough investigation of its own. Gregorak's arrest does not bode well for the new coaching staff, the football program, or the University. And I agree with I_Bleed_Red, if he is found guilty he needs to be fired.

  22. Maybe that's the key to unlv winning we need some kunkle heads on the team!

  23. And how did Gregorak manage to get into A LOCKED CAR that showed no visible signs of forced entry (according to the police report)?

    Something else went down here and we're not getting the whole story. Will the LV Sun investigate this or will it all blow over once Gregorak is canned?

  24. Immediate street cred! This is great for recruiting.

    Someone tell Kruger that this is what he needs to get elite talent.

  25. Why didn't the dumb ass just leave the gun & wallet on his doorstep and leave? Not very bright, thats for sure.

  26. Coach Ty Gregorak is a fool

    Would you want him to recruit your Son to play for The Rebels.

    Not me

  27. Trouble has followed Bobby Hauck everywhere he has been. He was an assistant at Univ Washington during their 2000 season. The 2000 Huskies, winners of the Rose Bowl, had a level of criminal conduct that was often excused or overlooked.

    The problem with criminal athletes at Montana is well documented elsewhere and is no secret. Home invasions, assaults, beating by football players on campus of students. Grizzly athletics had a black eye during much of Hauck's tenure.

  28. This is the last thing the UNLV football progam needs. The Rebels need a chance to pull the football progam together and things seem to be on the upswing with a new coach and a new athletic director, and then this happens. Usually it is one of the players that has a problem, this time it was a coach. Sad day.

  29. wow,no wonder the rebels suck in football,look at thier coaches,hes still working there

  30. I'm sure now every Mother wants his son to go to a school where "coach" will show them how to drink and bar hop. Only in Vegas. Huh?

  31. Awesome, UNLV! The gamble is already paying off with these knuckleheads.

    This over Franchione and his Big XII experience. Vintage UNLV.

  32. If he doesn't fire Gregorak soon, it shows me we are in for a tumultuous three years. It won't be pretty. More major blemishes will come and Hauck will leave and have set the Athletic Department back a decade. A college recruiter shouldn't be going to strip clubs--it is that simple. Who would entrust their son to a man that does that except a parent without morals?! Get the guy out of here.

    Lon Kruger, Dwayne Knight and Buddy Gouldsmith have done fine jobs building their athletic programs with character players. Hauck, and Livengood if he doesn't force Hauck to act, may be about to ruin the athletic department's reputation.

    By Monday night something should be done or it will be obvious Livengood came here to retire not leave a legacy.

  33. Channel 8 news reported last night that Gregorak's driver's license was suspended in March following a DUI charge, I believe also in Colorado. Has anyone else heard this?

  34. @ wtk2

    From the above story:

    "The report also indicates that Gregorak had a Montana license that was revoked for driving while impaired on March 19."

  35. Whoops - missed that, even on a second glance. Thanks.

  36. drunk ..f#@*d up.If we win, who gives a ratz azz

  37. Hauck, listen to me. He can be your friend but he can't be your 'employee'. Fire him and do it quickly. There is no wiggle room on this one. There are greater things at stake here. Put your ego aside and terminate him. Yesterday.

  38. It's ironic that had Coach not returned the weapon and the wallet he would have never had been caught.
    If you think that the LB coach going out and getting hammered is reason enough to condem Hauke's staff, then football fans in Vegas are dumber than I think they are-which is REALLY dumb.

  39. What ever happened to waiting untill the investigation, and/or court results to convict? These people are not fans, they are the same people that are on Fox 5 "rant", that have always wanted the end to the program. This is just a weak persons resoning to slam the program. And let's don't leave out the sports anchor for channel 8 new's. Who sitting on his golden soap box "insist's on the fireing immediatly" before the university can do it's own investigation, and invoke punishment that they see fit. Channel 8 has finnally shown it's true colors "BYU BLUE". To all these people living in glass houses I say this let the punishment fit the crime. To anyone that belives that UNLV Football program should be walking on eggshell's, I say get a life!