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UNLV ‘stunned’ by 43-10 blowout defeat at Colorado State

Rebels routed in one of the easier games on 2010 schedule



Colorado State quarterback Pete Thomas (4) tries to avoid being forced out-of-bounds by UNLV linebacker Tani Maka while nearing the end zone during their game on Oct. 16, 2010, at Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins, Colo.

UNLV vs. Colorado State Football

Colorado State's Elijah-Blu Smith (22) celebrates with teammates after beating UNLV on Saturday at Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins, Colo. Launch slideshow »

UNLV played with a significant talent disadvantage in each of its first five losses this season.

The Rebels played one of the toughest early schedules in the nation, as the five teams that beat them all made bowl games last year, and three of them were ranked. In short, UNLV was up against better teams.

That was not supposed to be the case Saturday afternoon in Fort Collins, Colo. UNLV traveled to play Colorado State in a battle between teams that had equally rough starts to the season with 1-5 records.

The prologue was different, but the story was the same. The Rebels endured another lopsided loss and never looked competitive. Colorado State 43, UNLV 10.

“We went down big in a game that we thought we had a good chance to swipe from them on their homecoming day,” UNLV coach Bobby Hauck said after the game. “It wasn’t very good by us.”

“Stunned” was the word used by at least one of Hauck’s players to describe the result. That’s certainly how the Rebels looked on the field.

Colorado State freshman quarterback Pete Thomas completed his first seven passes. Three of them went for touchdowns as the Rams built a 34-10 lead before halftime.

Thomas finished 10-for-14 for 233 yards. Colorado State senior running back Leonard Mason rushed 14 times for 121 yards. In total, the Rams recorded 492 yards of offense in the highest scoring game of coach Steve Fairchild’s three-year tenure in Fort Collins.

“From where we are,” Hauck said, “I don’t know how far back one can go.”

The Rebels rushing attack did look serviceable at times. Converted cornerback Deante' Purvis carried the ball 14 times for 85 yards.

Freshman Tim Cornett logged 17 carries for 74 yards and scored UNLV’s only touchdown when he powered it in from three yards away.

But the passing game could never complement the ground attack. Omar Clayton threw for only 114 yards on 15-for-23 passing. Freshman Caleb Herring relieved Clayton in the fourth quarter but promptly lost a fumble on his third play in the game.

“We came into practice and worked hard and did everything we had to do,” Cornett said. “And then for the outcome to be like this after all of that hard work early in the week, I’m kind of mad about it.”

The UNLV special teams provided a couple of the rare positive moments in the loss. Freshman kicker Nolan Kohorst booted a 46-yard field goal, the longest of his career, in the first quarter.

Freshman Eric Tuiloma blocked a punt in the third quarter, but the Rebels could not turn it into points. The special teams had a few gaffes as well, including allowing a 75-yard kickoff return to Colorado State’s Derek Good.

“I don’t think that when we’re out on the field anyone is saying we look like a championship football team,” Hauck said. “That’s not what we look like. But we need to do better than we did today.”

Payne left home again

Questions regarding star junior receiver Phillip Payne's future with the UNLV program will likely drag on for the foreseeable future, as the preseason All-MWC selection was left home for the second straight week.

Payne was originally suspended from the Rebels' 49-10 loss a week ago at West Virginia after he made disparaging remarks about the UNLV program on his Twitter feed.

He practiced all week with the scout team, which made it appear unlikely that he would play against CSU. On the season, the Western High grad has 23 catches for 389 yards and two TDs in five games.

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  1. Is this surprising to anyone? Hauck, sorry my man, but you're like Tim Brewster in MN...you're way, way over your head.

  2. Ouch! Only thing to look to after this is to the future. Try to get the younger guys more reps. and start recruiting. Good recruits will see how soon they will get to play and this program will build up. It has been there before, although it has been a long time. Have faith that Coach can right this. Sometimes you have to hit the bottom and then the only way is up. A lot of the higher ranked schools have gone through this, (Nebraska, Miami, Oklahoma, etc) have all had bad seasons. Yet their fans have stayed loyal. We have to stay loyal and support this school. It is all we have in this city so why would you not support it? I am just as upset as any other fan would be but to dump on the program and the coach, and make comments about ending the program is just plain stupid and shows what a real loser is. I will be there for this team because I do see a great team in the near future!

  3. I watched this game on the Mountain. Before the first fumble we moved the ball. When we got the ball back we moved it down the field no problem. The real problem was penalties. Every time we were in scoring range we had a hold , personal foul or a whip kick or something stupid setting up 2 and 25's. UNLV really could have won or made this competitive if they hadn't done the penalties. It's a shame I was really looking for a win going into the bye especially with TCU at UNLV in two weeks and BYU in three. Oh well hopefully basketball starts soon so hauck can go recruit some players determined to win.

  4. The offensive line and the defense were both really lacking as usual. We've been watching bad defenses for 20 years at UNLV but nothing as bad as we've seen the last couple games. I don't know if they can't grasp the new system or they are just banged up or what.. But they need to make huge improvements in every position on te defensive side of the ball.. Especially linebacker and safety.

  5. Maybe UNLV should play Brewster's Gophers. At least then one of them might win a game.

  6. Hauck has lost this team and program less than midway through his first season. Amazing! He and his staff are in WAY over their heads but are too arrogant to recognize it. When will Payne start the transfer exodus? You can bet that he has gotten the word out about this staff to other local kids.

  7. I am an alum and one of the most ardent UNLV supporters you'll ever find. Required dress code in my home and at games on a game day is Scarlet and Grey. It really is. During the football season, Scarlet and Grey must be worn on Fridays and Saturdays. Even to the office.

    It pains me to suggest that perhaps Phillip Payne could be correct in his opinion, but wrong in the way he expressed it.

    This time last year, the entire UNLV world would have been picketing around campus o remove a coach if the team was performing at this level.

    The media would have run any coach out for the terrible decisions he makes on the field. Yesterday's time out/fake punt will go down as one of the worst coaching decisions of all time. It's about risk and reward. Even had the play been successful, the best we could have hoped for was a 1st and 10 from our own 30 yard line. We could not have won the game by getting that first down. On the other hand, you can lose games when a play like that fail. It gave Colorado State a 1st and 10 from the UNLV 30 - and yes, they scored due to this silly call.

    Pee Wee Football coaches would not have made this decision - but if they did, they most certainly would have not called a timeout prior to it.

    When will the local media take their gloves off and report the amazing fiasco that is UNLV Football under Coach Bobby Hauck? When will the honeymoon be over? Or rather, is the local media afraid of the childish antics Coach Hauck displayed when the very small Montana press contingent questioned him? I believe that the local media has been romanced by his smile. They are too busy being his buddy.

    It's time to report on the honest truth about the program. This coach is not ready for high speed football.

  8. Sorry these guys are pathetic. Would have trouble competing with a good high school team.

  9. Hermit - I think it would end up a tie - each team would find a way to screw up OT!

  10. Well we'll find out pretty quickly about Minnesota seeing as they are on our schedule next year.

  11. This years defense is the worst i have ever seen in all my years watching Rebel football. Where are the safeties at? How do you get burned on every play down the field? Please take Clausen out as safety and put someone in there that we recruited for that position, he has no clue what he's doing out there! CSU's QB was throwing up prayers and our defense couldn't stop the pass. We have a pathetic Defense and offensive line!

  12. If someone close to Bobby Hauck reads this, please let him know that he is a complete and total embarrassment. He is currently the worst coach in college football. His special teams are a joke.

    He just got blown out by one of the worst 10-15 teams in football, which puts UNLV in the bottom 3 or 4.

    Don't get mad at Payne for tweeting the truth, clown. Sanford had this team playing at a higher level. we beat CSU by 25 last year. Go back to coach a high school team or something.

  13. @ this is pathetic...I'm sure that the Colorado fans would trade Dan Hawkins for Bobby Hauck straight up.

  14. I told you so, koolaid drinkers. Hauck coached a JV team at Montana and has absolutely ZERO business as any type of coach at the FBS level. Truth hurts doesn't it, koolaiders?

  15. To: UNLV


    Sincerely - Montana Fan

  16. Coach will be fine....the team is young and he will need a couple of years to recruit his style of players.

    Can't snap your fingers and expect change overnight...dream on. Schedule is what it is.....you just play the games your given.

    Go Rebs, keep your heads up!

  17. Hauck will get the team turned around. Take a look around the NFL today and you'll see some Montana kids who played for Hauck making a LOT of noise! Don't write him off just yet. Give him some time to make the best of the cards he was dealt with when taking over a dog program with one of the toughest schedules in FBS this year!

  18. Stupid is as stupid does. The stupid starts at the top. UNLV repeatedly hires coaches that do not have any business building an FBS program. In the time that UNLV hired Hauck and Sanford, our neighbor to the north hired Urban Meyer and Kyle Whittingham. Clearly, someone is making good decisions and someone is not.

  19. Have any of you posters watched ANY of the games? The team has regressed to the point of being unable to execute basic football skills that should have been mastered in pop warner. They can't run, block, pass, catch, and god help them if they are asked to do more than one of those things at once. Hauck has failed himself, his staff, the kids, UNLV fans, and should do the right thing and resign at the end of the season.

  20. some of you posters sound like casey stengel when he was managing the mets in the '60s. yikes!

  21. It's a shame that the sun doesn't limit the posting by obvious trolls, who are just posting here to get a rise out of people on a topic they could otherwise care less about. I haven't seen people like GooGooDolls jack865, and thisispathetic post anything that actually resembles a rational opinion. The government can't limit speech (as protected by the 1st amendment) but a private publication like the sun sure as hell can. It's a shame actual Rebel fans have to constantly filter through their garbage

    Anyways, as I said before, we sucked on Saturday afternoon. The coaching staff seems to be doing things the right way, and the fact that Phillip Payne is working his butt off at practice to work himself back into the starting lineup is evidence enough that they haven't lost the team. Unfortunately the coaching staff can't block, tackle, or make reads for the players. The guys are set up correctly from what I can tell but they either make bad decisions or just get beat physically too often for the team to string together enough positives to be successful.

    It's laughable to constantly see comments about Hauck's qualifications, or the inept hiring ability of the Rebel athletic department. Any other head coach that has been successful in FBS football is not looking to come to UNLV, and most coordinators looking for a head coaching job are not as qualified as Hauck, who continually took a FCS team to their national championship game as a HEAD COACH. Our last head coach, whom everyone considers to have been pretty bad, was an offensive coordinator from OUR OWN CONFERENCE. You guys need to realize that the UNLV job is not Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, or even Utah. We have very little history of success, almost a NEGATIVE level of fan support these days, very little recruiting connections (even within our own city), a stadium on the each of the city that is seriously inconvenient to get to, and to top that off the team has an overarching feeling of failure surrounding it. Turning around a team like UNLV might possibly be the hardest test possible within FBS college football. From Hauck's extreme amount of success in FCS, and the unanimous respect he seems to have from any coach that's been asked about him, it seems like we should give him a few years before we crucify him.

    Besides, I think New Mexico would argue that they, in fact, have the worst FBS coach in the country.

  22. Here's a question for y'all: what's up with the high expectations? Doesn't make any sense?

    Brian Kelly and Jim Tressel: two coaches who jumped from D-II to D-I. Even they needed at least a year to right the ship. Just sayin'...

  23. The problem is that the seniors and juniors were all recruited by Sanford and were coached for his system. Hauck had to retrain them for his system which obviously they haven't learned. He has his freshman class and next year he will have another. From the looks of these new players, he has recuited a lot of big physical men on both sides of the ball just like he had at Montana. Buy your tickets to the Gun Show for next year. It is an impossibility to move the ball if your offensve line doesn't give the QB time to make the big play. The defense has at times shown some promise but mostly they haven't. They were man handled by Colorada States Offensive line. (understatement) Destroyed! Also in case you don't know, the Offensive Coordinator at Minnesota 1-6 is Jeff Horton. He is doing a worse job than that miserable Sanford at Louisville 3-3.

  24. Lets not sugarcoat the matter....this team is terrible....the early schedule was way to tough for a team of this caliber( West Virginia etc)...these "Football Rebels" what can you say about them...year after year it is much the same story...Omar Clayton as a QB?...please..after all these years of bad film any coach should know better...but with a oline as bad as the Rebels they need a qb who knows how to run! He just isn't fast enough!..their defense is always full of holes and undersized. The team is out of position or confused on almost every play, they often go whole games without quality "stops" on defense....lol

  25. I'm liking the emphasis on the running game and ball control. UNLV ran 68 offense plays to 55 offensive plays for CSU.

    The running game is coming along and I think that will pay off down the road.

    Need to add more speed on the defensive side of the ball.

    At this point, there's no reason to pull Clausen. Let him get the game experience hopefully it will pay off next season.

  26. Phurn and UNLV-123 have it right. Do you think Urban Meyer or Kyle Whittingham ever wanted the head coaching job at UNLV? Have you ever seen the campus at U of Utah? Place is georgous! Look, I am Las Vegas born and raised. UNLV graduate as well. I LOVE UNLV! But get real people! Tell you what...build a little football stadium where the UNLV practice field is right now! Does not have to be big. Make it the Cameron Indoor of College Football. The students alone will fill up half. We can't fill the Silver Bowl any sooner than they can pave the parking lot. Build a small stadium on campus. Create balance between supply and demand, and as people perceive the demand increasing...well, perception is reality. GO REBS!

  27. Klub, actually both you and 123 are wrong. Dead wrong. Have some facts to back up your statements? Because the ones I am looking at tell a much different story.

    UNLV has had the opportunity to hire a proven, successful D1 coach quite a few times, but instead went with the unproven upstart...and we just can't help ourselves from repeating history. When will we learn?

    We hired Hauck - we could have had PROVEN program rebuilder Franchione. Yes I know 123, a guy who wins 10 games at Bama is no way qualified to turn around UNLV.

    We hired Jim Strong - we had Barry Alvarez basically tripping over himself to come to UNLV and take over the program. How did he do at Wisconsin again?

    And who was the one coach that actually brought UNLV to the cusp of turning it around, a top-25 ranking and a bowl victory against an SEC team? Yep that's right...a proven D1 coach, a hall of fame coach in JROB.

    The list goes on fellas, shall I give you more proof that you don't know what you are talking about? It's a shame when I see supposed fans of UNLV football making up lies in order to justify the horrific status quo.

  28. There really is only one coach who can fix this and he is a perfect fit for this city. He's considered odd and quirky and a bit arrogant but hey, that sounds like the PERFECT fit. After all, this IS Vegas. His name?...... Mike Leach, former TTU genius.
    Also, I am sorry to say but the new coach has a very slim chance of turning this thing around. Not until UNLV commits to being a "true" football school will it happen. That JOKE of a stadium and its location will eliminate it from ever being taken seriously. So either build an on campus facility or just fold the program already.

  29. Time to dump football and join the Gonzaga in the West Coast for basketball. 20 years of crap.

  30. I was at the CSU game. Hughes Stadium is not on the CSU campus. It is in the middle of a field outside of town. It is much older than Sam Boyd and not as nice. There were over 30K people at the game. It was awesome seeing this community out supporting at the time a 1-5 team with Gold & Green clothing. There is no paved parking here either, dusty and close to farm fields. It was football at its finest! I know a lot of CSU alumni. They are flabbergasted by UNLV. Not the team, the people who live there. "You would never hear the critiscm of the facilities here" said one of the fans. "We just love the game and the team regardless of how bad they are, this is football and we are just happy to have it"! This is what true fans are!

  31. It's way too early to crucify Hauck.

    The schedule has been a complete nightmare, and our roster of talent is a total joke. These players are the same guys that could not win under Sanford. I do, however, think they began the season fighting really hard, but when you get your heads kicked in each week by mostly Top 25 teams you naturally lose steam and purpose. These players have demonstrated this pattern since their arrival to UNLV, and against weaker schedules. They have grown tired of losing and have just quit fighting. In fact, I doubt we win another game this season. But I don't necessarily believe this nonsense is indicative of what Hauck is capable of doing as a coach. I still very much think he's the right guy for the program right now. Just my opinion.

    It's clear our freshman class has some quality players. Cornett is a future all-conference RB, imo. There are some more freshman studs in the pipeline redshirting this season, and some very big O-linemen. Hauck knows he needs to recruit his way out of this mess, and that's the only way. It's going to take a couple more years to fully arrive from a talent standpoint. And when we have a lineup of talent, the coaching will look much better too.

    His recruiting skills will be tested big time, because it won't be easy selling this to kids who potentially have offers to play anywhere else. No other coach has been able to overcome the recruiting hurdles with the exception of JRob for a very brief period.

    Hauck has fire and a gift for recruiting. He'll pick up most of the better local talent and not let these kids slip away as we've always seen. My feeling of all of this is we'll see noticeable progress beginning next season, and be in a bowl game in year 3.

  32. @ rebelheart, that is exactly how it should be. I have been to Sam Boyd countless times, and never had a problem with the facilities or it's placement. If you want to watch a football game, who cares if it's a couple miles away. The Las Vegas community (insert joke here), should be thankful to have a program in Vegas. New stadiums are not the answer, new community is. There are much older stadiums than Sam Boyd (Beaver Stadium, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc). And you know what these all have in common? They haven't been rebuild, they have been expanded because the community wanted more seats. This is not the case in Las Vegas, because Sam Boyd has a hard time filling the seats 1/2 way. The stadiums I just mentioned all hold 80k+, and Sam Boyd holds about 36k which can't fill up (unless Wisconsin comes to town). Las Vegas just isn't big enough, wealthy enough, or proud enough to contribute to the program, and all that without pro sports is sad. Football is not just an event to go to, it brings the community together.

    Colleges with off-campus stadiums include Hawaii, South Alabama, USF, Wake Forest, Arkansas, CSU, Pitt, UNM, etc.

  33. I have been to all the away games (except Idaho). West Va stadium is marginally on campus. The facilities at UNLV are as good as anyone in the MtWest. The on campus stadium crap is just that. Sam Boyd is near my house and closer than an on campus stadium. Imagine the compaining about the traffic if there was an on campus stadium. This coach has the team moving in the right direction. He gets a lot of crap about fake kicks, bad calls etc and he is man enough to take the blame for it and not blame the players who sometimes are making poor choices on the field. I played for Tony Knapp and Harvey Hyde in the olden days. Transitions are very difficult for everyone and they take time. If I thought Coach Hauck was the wrong guy, I would not have sent my son there. Also, if you have never been on UNLV's campus, walk through it. I would match it with anyone around and we saw alot of them in the recuiting process. Vegas is Vegas. Everyone remembers how great it was at "home" and how much better their hometown team was. The grass is always greener. Go Rebels

  34. Well said Faking' What we need is not a new stadium, we need new fans that understand it is not the stadium, it is the freaking fans and people that make college football what it is. Only after you are overflowing S.B. will you ever get a new stadium. This is a tireless issue that needs to stop being drummed up by stupid, ignorant fans. S.B. is our home. We need to make it miserable for visitors to come here! Some of you say we are the worse team in the country, well congratulations, we also have the worse fans compared to what outsiders say. Are you proud now?

  35. By the way, my kids were blown away by the atmosphere at the game Saturday. Having them say "Why isn't it like this back home" hurts me deeply. Take back the stadium from the drunks you are all complaining about and make it a great venue-for the entire family! Heh, Coach Hauck is rebuilding the football team. Why don't we rebuild the fan base!!!!!

  36. get rid of the drunks. they spill beer on me all the time, and then get mad at me for wasting their beer. drunk UNLV fans are a dumb as sober BYU fans.