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UNLV vandalized in Idaho, 30-7, dropping to 0-3 under Hauck

Vandals start hot, never let up as Rebels offense again has trouble launching


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UNLV’s Bradley Randle (28) cuts upfield during a second quarter kick return against Idaho on Saturday at the Kibbie Dome in Moscow, Idaho. The Rebels fell to the Vandals, 30-7, dropping to 0-3 on the season.

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UNLV defensive back Will Chandler (1) intercepts in the end zone a pass intended for Idaho wide receiver Armauni Johnson (18) during the second quarter of Saturday's game at the Kibbie Dome in Moscow, Idaho. The Vandals knocked off the Rebels, 30-7, dropping UNLV to 0-3 on the season.

MOSCOW, Idaho — It was expected to be the game where UNLV had a golden opportunity to break through under first-year coach Bobby Hauck, but instead, a trip to face upstart Idaho turned out to be the Rebels' biggest nightmare to date.

The Vandals soundly and consistently knocked the Rebels around for the first 30 minutes and made the second half all but moot, dropping their visitors on Saturday night at the Kibbie Dome, 30-7.

"Pretty disastrous," Hauck said of UNLV's first-half showing. "To beat these people that we're playing, we have to play better, and we're not playing well enough to win right now.

"I'm a bit surprised. I thought we'd play better than we did tonight, and we just didn't."

Idaho (2-1) made it clear from the coin toss — yes, the coin toss — that it wanted to do nothing more than put pressure on UNLV (0-3) with scoreboard intimidation. After winning the toss, the Vandals made the intriguing decision to receive the opening kick rather than defer to the second half.

What ensued was a textbook 14-play, 69-yard drive that included four first downs and a gutsy call to go for it on fourth-and-goal from the Rebels' 1-yard line.

The gamble paid off, as Deonte' Jackson dove over a pile of linemen and scored the first of his two touchdowns. It sent the crowd of 15,390 into an outright frenzy, and the atmosphere pretty much stayed that way for a while.

"It was a long drive. They converted several third downs then went for it on fourth down and made it by a minimal margin. That just sort of built on itself," Hauck said.

It didn't really stop building until late in the first half and, by then, the Rebels found themselves trailing 24-0 and unable to get anything going offensively.

At the half, UNLV had only registered 64 yards of total offense and four first downs, while Idaho had piled up 274 and 16, respectively.

The Rebels' secondary found itself in yet another compromising position, too, as there was no consistent pass rush while the Vandals were building their lead.

Senior quarterback Nathan Enderle, who last week in a 38-17 loss at Nebraska played arguably the worst game of his career with five interceptions to his credit, looked more and more comfortable as the game progressed. Confident that he had plenty of time to throw every time he dropped back, he was 12-of-21 for 196 yards, one touchdown and one pick in the first half.

"They kept moving the ball on us, kept beating us both ways in the first half, running and passing," senior safety Alex De Giacomo said. "I think the biggest thing we did was make too many mental mistakes, myself included."

The Rebels showed some life in the second half, holding Idaho to only a pair of field goals after the break and finally reaching the end zone in the closing minutes behind redshirt freshman quarterback Caleb Herring.

Herring entered the game in the third quarter, making his collegiate debut by replacing the struggling Omar Clayton.

Clayton was just 3-of-8 for 42 yards through the air and was sacked three times. Herring was sacked thrice, as well, as the Vandals never let up on defense and blitzed until the bitter end, seemingly on a quest to send a message.

Counting moral victories against the likes of Wisconsin and Utah is one thing, but they were almost impossible to award against an opponent that UNLV figured to be pretty even with on paper.

In the end, the Rebels were still very much where they started in two critical areas.

They currently rank 97th in the nation in third down defense, as opponents have converted 17 of 37 tries on them in three games. Idaho was 6-of-13 on the night, but an outstanding 4-of-6 in the first half while the offense was clicking.

Meanwhile the run game still is struggling to get off of the ground. Without it, it's tough for Hauck's plan for a balanced offense to be executed properly.

Junior C.J. Cox did not dress out on Saturday night, and senior Channing Trotter made some nice runs late to finish with a team-high 60 yards on 15 carries, but after Saturday night's loss, UNLV is 108th out of 120 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision ranks in rushing offense, averaging just 91 yards per game the old-fashioned way.

On a rainy, chilly night in rural Idaho, however, there was a bit of light on the horizon for UNLV, as they'll now prepare to welcome New Mexico to Sam Boyd Stadium next Saturday night.

While the Rebels have struggled out of the gates, the Lobos have been flat-out awful, especially on defense. They have surrendered a mind-blowing 60 points per game in their three losses, including 72 in an opening-night loss to Oregon.

Despite heading home winless, the Rebels will likely be favored next weekend, and if the oddsmakers are right, it could provide Hauck's team with a shot of confidence that at this point is much-needed.

"We're 0-3, and you aren't going to be real confident at 0-3, that's for sure," he said. "We've got to go back to work. There is no magic. We've got to go back to work and get better. That's as simple as it can be."


Linemen Isaako Aaitui and B.J. Bell each recorded sacks in the second half, which were the first two quarterback takedowns this season for the Rebels ... Junior Mike Clausen's switch from quarterback to safety appears to be official, as he saw time both on defense and kick coverage on Saturday night, recording one tackle ... Thanks to two long completions to Phillip Payne on the team's final drive, Caleb Herring's stat line ended up looking OK: 4-of-7, 86 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. His interception in the fourth quarter was the first thrown this season by a UNLV quarterback.

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  1. I said it last year when they hired this guy...he is way out of his don't go from Montana to the big leagues and expect any kind of success.

    Out-coached and played by Idaho? Oh man, UNLV officials better be embarrassed!

  2. Bring back John Robinson to coach & Randall Cunningham to QB.

  3. Their work release program beat our work release program.

  4. Anybody notice Hauck after the game? Hugging the other coach, and then almost falling in love with about 6 of their assistants? I mean you just got your head handed to you, and you're acting like it was a Seniors Old Time Reunion Game. Sure Montana and Idaho are right next store to each other, but so what?

    Looks like UNLV got sold another "bill of goods." More long seasons coming up...

  5. ned, I saw the same thing and thought, wtf?

    I can't wait to hear the apologists for Hauck tell us to have patience.

    If we lose to UNM next week will they defend Hauck as fervidly.

    I want Hauck to win. I want UNLV to win.

    I kept hearing that we are getting back to basics, really, two fakes in two games is considered, "back to basics."

  6. thank god for new mexico!

  7. "I said it last year when they hired this guy...he is way out of his don't go from Montana to the big leagues and expect any kind of success."

    Child please, you consider UNLV football the big league??

  8. This underscores the mess Sanford left us with.

  9. UNLV has some good looking athletes and I'm sure success is on the way. I agree that Hauck may have some growing to do. I have fervent hope the team enjoyed their trip to Moscow. Our community was very excited to host UNLV. Good luck the rest of the season!

  10. "I said it last year when they hired this guy...he is way out of his don't go from Montana to the big leagues and expect any kind of success."

    WHAT? You call UNLV and their patsy league the 'big leagues'?? Ha! Ha!

  11. FCS requires a far lower level of athleticism than any FBS team. Hauck is way out of his league. Sure he can take the junior varsity team at Montana to a high level, but that's like being the smartest kid in the special ed class. Its not really an accomplishment or anything to brag about.

  12. I see they didn't improve after I turned the embarrassment off just before the half.

    I seriously can not name one redeeming factor about last night. Every single aspect of the game had problems.

    Defense: Poor tackling, poor coverage down field, no pressure on the QB, D-line getting pushed around, confusion.

    Offense: Poor running most of the game, plays never developed, poor blocking (if any), poor blitz pickup (if any)

    Give your QB some time O-line!!!! It doesn't matter if Clayton, Herring, Clausen, whoever is in there, NO ONE can do anything with less than one second. SCRAP the O-line. Worst front line I have ever seen.

  13. Awful, simply awful. Whatever improvements we made the first two weeks vanished this game.

    Idaho is a decent team, don't get me wrong. But to get blown out this badly in a game it looked like we had a realistic chance is just sad.

    In fact, as bad as we looked, I'm seriously starting to wonder if we'll even beat New Mexico this next week.

  14. I am with Sofaking. I have been watching UNLV Football for about 40 yrs, a lot of it which was tough to watch, and I cannot understand how we moved the ball against Utah and Wisconsin and last night we looked like we were playing the Super Bowl winners! I thought the O line was supposed to be a strength. What happened? I am beginning to wonder if we will ever have a pass rush again. And, tackling drills optional at practice? Very, very sad!

  15. That was terrible! And this week we don't have the consolation of saying, "we lost to a top 15 team." Idaho will never be a top team, but we helped make them look like one. No matter how bad we looked, I'm going to all the home games and cheering on our Rebs! I might leave early, though...

  16. They suck so damn bad.
    Offense is worse than last year.
    Defense just as bad.
    I had to turn it off before the half.
    We should have brought in the guy from TCU (phran or something).
    Oh well.
    Same old Rebels.

  17. Does anyone know if we are losing Willis or not. Also how is the new Mens bball practice facility coming along?

  18. Akbballfan:

    Kruger and company are remaining kinda quite about Willis. They have said that they will wait for his legal fate to be decided until they punish him. His next court date is the preliminary hearing on November 22. If they take it to trial, he won't face a judge till after the season. He could take a plea deal if offered. He might sit out a few games though, Im still not sure. We will know more once he goes to court next and see the strategy the defense plays.

    And YES!!! They have broke ground on the practice facility. They have begun ground work and have a ton of equipment on site. Should be completed by July next year.

  19. I appreciate the fact that he did not go on another rampage and spout the "F-" word again. I think he will be long gone in a few years. I think he inherited a team of duds recruited by the "last great winning coach."

  20. It could take a couple more seasons after this one, but I do think that Hauck can turn UNLV into a consistently winning program. However, I do not believe that because the current Rebels played under different coaches last year that this excuse is an explanation for the pathetic performances we have seen so far this year. Do players forget how to tackle because of a new coach? Do players forget how to block because of a new coach? These kids have been playing football their whole lives. I just don't buy that as an excuse.
    Does anyone else think that Trotter looks like a little girl tap dancing out there? At least Randle runs hard and hits the hole. Trotter is a terrbile pass blocker as well. Start Randle, then Cornett, and Trotter if we must. Move Cox to safety because our defensive backfield is a joke. DeGiacomo can come up and hit people and is probably our best tackler. But Alex can't cover deep. Maybe CJ could help in deep ball coverage? It would help if our defensive line could put pressure on a quarterback. We did get two sacks last night, but the game was more than over by that point. And the fakes...they've got to be the two worst fakes I've seen a college football team run in my life.

  21. "Child please, you consider UNLV football the big league??"

    Ah, yes, when you go from FCS to FBS, you are in the big leagues...whether or not your team can play there is the question at hand at UNLV. I too want them to win, but this coach is just not the guy to get it done.

  22. Hauck is a complete and total joke. The fake punt looked like something out of a cartoon. The guy is a joke and UNLV will be considered the worst team in Division 1 if New Mexico beats us.

  23. The truly disturbing part about the last three games is that Hauck is the special teams coach.

    Need I say more?

  24. We need Joe Hawley back to protect our QB, no wonder why he went pro.. We have no offensive line.. A good offensive line will make any QB look good.. I think Saturday will determine this years team, if we lose, then we can expect to wins this year..

  25. You got it right blueandgold. Trotter is the worst of the RB's. He falls down before he ever gets hit and never tries to run over anybody! Hauck needs to play all the young guys to give them experience for next year. Herring is going to be a great QB! The upper classmen have left the building along with ELVIS! They have no chance of winning more than 2 games.

  26. UNLV is looking at 2 wins tops.

    The only shot at wins will be New Mexico and Colorado St., and neither are for sure wins either.

    UNLV could be looking at an 0-13 record.

  27. We are an embarrassment. I said it last year and I'll say it this year....Hauck blows, the UNLV program is a joke, and until we get serious by hiring serious coaches we will always be like this.


  28. liquid, Hawley went pro because he graduated. He did not leave early. Just clarifying.

  29. Way to go Vandals! Proud Idaho alumni here. UNLV can be good again, but not for at least two more seasons.

  30. It's funny that after 3 games (2 against teamed currently in the top 15) everyone is so eager to write the coach and the program off. Would it have been nice to start the season with some wins? Ya of course, but probably not realistic. The offense you see right now is not Hauck's offense.. There's not enough time between seasons to install a whole new offense so it's not surprising to see Sanford's spread still in affect. Also, the pass protection and route running were both pretty bad against Idaho, to the point where any QB in the country would have struggled to find targets, let alone the lower tier D1 recruits we get at UNLV. The best option now is for Hauck to turn the page on the Sanford era, use this season to install his philosophy, his systems, and give his freshmen some serious playing time. The fans in Las Vegas are generally terrible anyways, so there's no point to continue delaying the transition in an attempt to salvage a decent season and raise entertainment value. A year or 2 from now, if the team is playing well, the seats will be packed by all the "Rebels for life" fans that conveniently sat out this transition period. Remember Sanford went 2-10 his first 2 years against much easier schedules. The difference is Hauck seems to be the type of competitor that won't settle for mediocrity down the road.

  31. Mike Leach FTW

  32. If they beat New Mexico we are looking at 1-12. Lose, and 0-13. Nevada will run up over 70 points on this pathetic bunch. Never thought I'd say this, but it is time to scrap football.

  33. Hauck is going to need time to rebuild this team. The team he built at Montana St would whip the Rebels.

  34. We should play for the cannon next year.

  35. Is it basketball season yet? Can't we just take a year off on football?

  36. I'm huge Montana fan and now a huge UNLV fan! I would like to weigh in on a couple things.

    1- Festus very good comments but one thing you must know is calling Montana, Montana St, is akin to calling UNLV, Nevada...In fact, Coach Hauck hated Montana St. so much (and still does) he will refer to them only as "St." I'm curious to see how he refers to the team from Reno.

    2- Coach Hauck experienced many of the same comments and thoughts you all are expressing. In fact, after his first loss at Montana there were "For Sale" signs that were posted all over his front yard! He can take the heat and stay focused just look at his record.

    3- Take a look at the staff he has assembled if you have not already. UNLV has one of the most experienced and talented staffs I have ever seen. That only bodes well for the Rebel Nation.

    4- Take note of these words "get to know the coaches and the team." By doing this you will gain a new understanding and repect for both the UNLV players and coaches. And, I swear you will all be even more devout fans.

  37. Continuation to previous post....

    I had dinner with the coaches and the team and attended their meetings when they were in Utah for their game against the Utes. The coaches and the players were realistic about their chances but were committed to do their best. Honestly I looked at the size of UNLV players and thought they were going to get their butts handed to them by the Utes. On Saturday, I was on the sidelines and I can tell you that the Utes wanted no part of the Rebels! The Rebels were beating up on the Utes. The fumble with 42 seconds left in the 1st half was a back breaker. But, the Rebels fought back and played their hearts out the 2nd half. I saw that again against Idaho.

    I think most of the comments posted, that I have read for months now, are very insightful and realistic. But I caution those of you jumping on Hauck, the staff and the players so early because you know what the team was/is. You know the situation of any new coach taking over a program and especially one that is in rough shape. Thus, I say to you right now, be patient and look now not necessarily for wins but for team improvement. Look for any and all bright spots and then "pat" the Rebels on the back, encourage them at every chance you have both in this column but better yet in person at a practice or at a game! You seriously don't know how much it means to have a stranger say "great job" and "good luck" "keep at it we support you!" These kids and the coaching staff are playing their butts off and we all need to let them know we appreciate their efforts. Losing sucks! But some of the sting is taken off when players/coaches know that people are actually giving them encouragement in person! Go to a practice, a game, drop a note in the mail or better yet stop in in person and give them a "atta boy!"

    There will be a time in the not too distant future where the Rebel Nation will be proud and loud and kickass! It's just going to take a little time and patience from all of us.

    You all can tell me to take a hike that's your right but my comments come from the knowledge of having played 4 years of college football (not Montana either & won 2 championships), from knowing the UNLV staff and getting to know the players too. You have a lot going for UNLV embrace it, encourage it and support it! The Wins will come!!


  38. Rebels give Coach Hauck some time, the game was a BIG joke but it takes time to build a program. We need speed and size so maybe Hauck will play RB Cornett alot more, QB Herring and play WR Davis he can open things up for Payne. UNLV has alot of Freshman with talent play them. Go Rebels

  39. Ryan Greene, I know that Hawley graduated, i just did not interpret my post correctly. I should have said that we need a Joe Hawley type player back on the offensive line and that I now realize why Joe Hawley went pro. We have no offensive line and I don't think many of us realized how important he was the last few years. Along with that offensive line, we have no defense, no special teams, not much of anything. The only positive we have are WR's, but how will they ever catch anything when our QB has no time to make a play. If we lose this Saturday then we can expect no wins this year.

  40. Encouraging post grizunlvfan, however, we all said the same thing about the last 5 coaches, who all ended up below a .500 win percentage at the end of their careers.

    Did you see the game on Saturday? It looked like pop warner out there.

    The last great game UNLV played was in 2008 when they beat #15 Az st. That was the kind of spark we needed and got people interested in the university around town.

    Can anyone remember the last bowl game UNLV participated in? 10 years ago. Where were you 10 years ago? We all like to pick on New Mexico lately but they have had 11 bowl games (to our 3), and 5 of those in this past decade.

    I'll just take a season of mediocrity at this point. Win me 1 game. (I'd prefer the UNR game). Let's not get started on the Fremont cannon, cause no one on the team now has ever won it.

  41. It truly is pathetic when your hoping like hell that you beat a really horrible team! I am from NM and yeah the Lobos seemed to have always sucked but i think i'm gonna come down and cheer em on! I hope they beat the pants off unlv! Go LOBOS!

  42. I look forward to college football all year and this is how they play!! what a joke! speaking of jokes has anyone ever been to a site called, ? HyStERical!! So0o00o funny , just fanned them on facebook!!


  44. We need to be able to field a team that is as big and fast as our opponents. Unfortunately, that is not this year and probably not next year either.

    Who is the strength and conditioning coach? Is it the same guy for basketball?

  45. If you're embarrassed to say you went to UNLV because of a football game, you've got deeper issues.

  46. Hey Jerry, you are a disgrace. You're probably a Hauck supporter and blame it on the schedule.

    It's embarrassing as hell when all your friends and everyone you know makes fun of the UNLV football team, and you try to defend it, but you can't. The program is a national laughing stock. I know many people feel the same way. I'm not embarrassed of the school itself but I'm embarrassed of seeing MY school get its teeth kicked in every week for what seems to be an eternity.

    This team reminds me of the Waterboy. It is a disaster.

  47. thisispathetic, I'm embarrassed to say UNLV let you in. Nobody cares that your friends make fun of you. UNLV will come around but to expect an instant, miraculous turnaround from Hauck, Franchione, Akey, or anybody is silly.

  48. Thisispathetic is just a troll.. He's posting purely to get attention.. Let's not give him any more. :)

    It's a good thing livengood doesn't use fan comments to determine a coach's job status, otherwise we'd have a new coach after every loss. It's encouraging to see that so many people who knew Hauck in the past have only good things to say about him. He seems to have a better coaching disposition and atitude than Sanford, or even the version of John Robinson we had.. Things will come around but with our tough schedule (potentially 6 top 25 teams) it's not gonna happen this year. I think we can only really gauge improvement based on the games vests Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado State, and maybe San Diego state. If we can win 2-3 of these games and play competitively in some of the others then I'd consider this year successful.

  49. This year's schedule is brutal, and the results to date could be expected going into this season. Give Hauck and his staff a few seasons to get the program on track. With the rise of this conference, and a very solid non-conference schedule, they're going to need it.

  50. That's the problem with our program.....everyone wants to give the Coach some slack for a few seasons instead of demanding excellence immediately. A real program would expect results NOW! That's why we'll never be good until we demand excellence from our program and quit waiting for next year, or the year after, or the next coach, or the next recruiting class.....NEXT never for NOW!


  51. Sinatra711, am I right in assuming that you never played college football? No one who ever played or knows the true complexity of the game in today's world would make such a post. Give Hauck 3 seasons if the trend has not started towards winning then begin to question things. And, after 4 years, I honestly think UNLV will be in a bowl game. If not dinner at the Bellagio on me.

  52. Sinatra you also need to realize that programs "demanding immediate excellence" usually have a history of success and some top tier recruits year in and year out. Hauck inherited one of the worst teams in college football with very little depth and second rate talent at almost every position. Expecting success now is pretty ignorant, as many factors of the football program have to be changed before the team is even heading in the right direction.

    The rebels havent been a good team in a LONG time (maybe ever) so people like you, those who understand little to nothing about college football, need to go back to rooting for Alabama, the new Orleans saints, the Miami heat, and the Yankees, and leave the lower level college football programs alone.

  53. GrizUNLVfan/UNLV-123 - I love how you make it a personal thing and call me out for not being a college football player.....since when was it a requirement to be a former college football player to be a fan? I'm an Alumnus of UNLV and I'm sick and tire of our losing "Give Hauck 3 seasons if the trend has not started towards winning then begin to question things."

    It's a loser attitude like that which makes it acceptable for our team to be losers. Great teams become great by demanding excellence and success IMMEDIATELY.....not TOMORROW.

    Don't tell me who I should and should not root for....I'm allowed to vent my frustrations about our team and their sorry performances so far this year....and guess what? That's on the Coach! Hauck gets paid to take the heat from the Fans and I for one will not let up. I didn't like this hire from the beginning and stated so back then.....still don't. We have to stop recruiting these 2-bit coaches if we want to become a real programs.

    So you can go ahead and be Homers all you want and refuse to see what's in front of your face.....but don't tell me because I never played college football who I can or can't root for.


  54. I'm just tired of losing every single year. I was in the optimist's shoes back in the Robinson days, but now, I'm just fed up with the entire program being at the bottom of the barrel. I'm not the optimist anymore, as I said years ago "well, maybe if we give him a year or wait til next year." NO, done with it now. New AD, new coaching staff, do your jobs.

    Teach a kid how to tackle. Teach a player how to BLOCK. Teach a player how to RUN. DON'T DO FAKE KICKS! There needs to be some performance standards here because in any job world these guys wouldn't get past submitting a resume with the performance they have put up.

  55. Sofakingbored - Thank God! I thought I was the only person who is sick and tired of decades of losing and "Next Year" B.S.....great points you've made. We can't even Block & Tackle....reflection of crappy coaching, no matter what talent you've inherited.


  56. At least the Rebels aren't in the WAC. See, there's always a silver lining.

  57. Sinatra.. I think your reply is a better representation of your ignorance. I've been a season ticket holder for 15 years and trust me I want the team to play well as much as anyone but you can't achieve a goal by simply complaining about what went wrong, you have to have a long term plan and stick to it. When Hauck got to UNLV I'm sure his plan was to go 13-0 this year, but with our current players it's just not feasible. I understand your frustration, but again you need to be patient and see how things work out. In 2012 if we still suck then I'll be right there with you, but for now the best thing we can do is be patient and supportive of the team.
    I'd also like to point out that Hauck's job is to coach up the unpaid collegiate athletes at UNLV both in football and towards making smart choices in life. His job is not to deal with "heat from fans". I'm sure the $15 you pay to goto a football game, and the entitlement you think that gives you, are both pretty low on his list of concerns. It's pretty ironic that you call fellow UNLV fans "homers" as well.

    Give us a break.

  58. Comment removed by moderator. Language.

  59. Sinatra711 - You have the right to feel however you want, but you are absolutely wrong in this instance! Let's look at a team that has a significantly higher profile and higher expectations than UNLV - Michigan. This is a team who's alumni, boosters, supporters, etc... expect to be competing for a national championship on a regular basis. They were doing "OK," under their previous coach, but that wasn't good enough, so they hired Rich Rodriguez from West Virginia to install a completely new system and take the program to the next level. So, Rich came in and tried to install his system with the players that were recruited by the previous regime. What were the results? 3-9 the first year followed by 5-7 the second year. Were people disappointed? Sure. Did he get the ax and have everyone decide he was a failure who couldn't coach a "big time" program? No. Is he under pressure to produce this year? Yes... because it is his third year! He has had two years to recruit people to fit his system and he finally has the players that fit. Now he is 3-0 to start the year. What did they have there that apparently UNLV has too much football pride and tradition to afford its new coach? I know... patience! Its the way it works everywhere, not just here in Vegas.
    Was I disappointed in the way we played at Idaho? Of course I was. We competed better with Wisconsin and Utah than we did that game, and that is a problem.. but it doesn't mean that after three games, I have decided to jump ship and condemn Bobby Hauck and the program to 3 or 4 more years of futility. Unlike some of the other guys we've had in here, Hauck has had success as a HEAD COACH... he wasn't some coordinator that got promoted. Some people are just better coordinators than head coaches. Hauck has won consistently as a head coach and I expect him to do the same here in the near future.

  60. UNLV-123 - I called you a Homer because homers refuse to acknowledge the facts that are staring them in the face. Am I impatient? Hell no! I've been patiently waiting for 17 years to get a real football program! How many times are you going to say wait another 3 years?

    Same goes for you's easy for Michigan to be patient when they have a real stadium, real program, real recruits, and have succeeded in the past.

    Would I be a little easier on Hauck if:

    1 - He was a real, proven football coach from a real program? Sure! Don't even start with the whole Montana is a real program stuff....

    2 - UNLV had some success within the past decade? hell, within the past 20 yrs? Sure!

    3 - The Sam Boyd Stadium didn't suck so bad that most new High School stadiums are built better? Maybe.

    The point is that we've been swimming in Football disaster for's time to get serious and quit screwing around with crummy coaches who shake the hand and smile with other coaches....who can't teach his team how to block & tackle....forget about scoring touchdowns...

    If we lose to New Mexico State....he needs to go.


  61. Ya.. Quit messing around with crummy coaches.. I heard Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Pete Carroll all applied for the UNLV job but were turned down in favor of Hauck.

    Seriously, get in touch with reality. UNLV's options came down to Francionne, who had been run out of town in A&M and Alabama previously for lack of success and questionable ethics, and Hauck who was one of the best head coaches in the FCS over the last few years. Not high profile choices, but I think UNLV probably chose the right one. You can whine, and make demands all you want but if you take a second to think about the situation the university and the football team are in right now, I think you might realize they are doing their best.

  62. UNLV-123 - I'd rather have a Special Teams coach from a top program than Hauck.....hell, I'd rather have a Graduate Assistant Water Boy from Florida or Alabama than Hauck....I'm sure they'd at least have the team Tackling & Blocking.


  63. I was really optimistic after the Utah game because our improvement on both sides of the ball was obvious. This last game, however, was pretty disheartening in all phases. I'm not gonna throw Hauck under the bus just yet but it should be noted that we won 5 games last season and the situation Hauck stepped into isnt even remotely comparable to the one Sanford inherited. Sanford had nothing to work his 1st yr but Hauck has the pieces to ATLEAST be competitive as was the case for atleast half of both UW & Utah games. So to then go up to Idaho and get punched in the mouth and dominated is, quite frankly, unacceptable given the talent he has to work with. If we dont bounce back with a serious effort Saturday we are toast the rest of the way.

  64. Bishop Gorman would destroy UNLV.

  65. Where are rest of comments? Only shows 4.

  66. Hey ,on a roll with this commenting stuff so I'll comment here too.
    I m from San Diego, and our program has had as little good things to brag about as your Rebels. You had R.Cunningham. We had M.Faulks. but Since then we both have been eating something sour.And you still are.
    San Diego State is gonna beat ya this year. And ya all never are gonna WIN a darn thing,cuz you don't deserve it!!
    We in S.D have had coaches and embarresments like you .However we/unlike you supported our team and players.. You all need to get that book "101 ways to do yourself in", cuz you all are so negative you can't be enjoying anything in this life, and got to be skrewin it up for all around you.
    The laugh is you , live in this place so called SinCity,and want a great football team.. but throw a tissy because your New winning Coach has fire and emotion and curses <take your wifes panties off> this is football.
    No team was rebuilt with less then ? 5mo of active coaching in place.
    You all have talent, big talent that needs fan support. building a new team starts in all/ALL areas. Player appreciation is a place to start ..\ Go Aztecs.

  67. So Sam Boyd Stadium being outdated and our lack of history is now Hauck's fault? Your logic is ridiculous. How does the fact that we have never been a big powerhouse equate to having a fan base who should be less patient than that of Michigan with Rich Rodriguez? I'd say the exact opposite is true. They were winning 10 games a year and the previous coach got the boot primarily because he couldn't beat Ohio State. They then failed to reach a bowl game in Rich's first two seasons. I'd say they would be the less patient BECAUSE they have a "real" stadium and because of where they have been and because they recruit a different caliber player than we do in most cases. They have the money and support from the school. All of these things would explain why Michigan fans should have LESS patient than Rebel fans.
    As far as the "real" coach issue, I believe we tried to whole "assistant from a successful program" thing before with Sanford. In my opinion, I wouldn't have minded him getting another year, but it is what it is. And as was stated... all of these high-profile, big name coaches weren't coming to UNLV. Mike Leach was not coming to UNLV. Unfortunately, until we are consistently successful, we have to look at coaches from lesser conferences and see if they pan out. Of course, if they do, odds are they will be scooped up by a bigger, better program (i.e. Urban Meyer going to Florida). I would argue that going with a guy with head coaching experience (be it at Montana) was a better option at this point rather than trying out another coordinator.
    Bottom line: you're awfully demanding of a program that has never had sustained success. You can have your opinion and you obviously are passionate about UNLV and its athletics. I'm just not ready to condemn our new coach after 3 games.