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UNLV announces official list of finalists for vacant men’s basketball job

Dave Rice to interview in Las Vegas on Wednesday, while Mike Dunlap, Reggie Theus and Ernie Kent will do the same by week’s end



Mike Dunlap, currently an assistant coach at St. John’s, was announced on Tuesday night as a member of UNLV’s list of four finalists for its vacant men’s basketball head coaching position. BYU associate head coach Dave Rice will interview for the job in Las Vegas on Wednesday, while Dunlap, Minnesota Timberwolves assistant Reggie Theus and former Oregon coach Ernie Kent will do the same before the weekend.

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It's widely believed by several sources close to the UNLV men's basketball program that the hunt for a new coach is still down to a choice between Dave Rice and Reggie Theus.

However, the athletic department on Tuesday night sent out a press release, setting a firm group of four candidates considered to be finalists.

Along with Rice and Theus are St. John's assistant coach Mike Dunlap and former Oregon head coach Ernie Kent.

"Over the last several days, we have been involved in an exhaustive and thorough search to find the best person for our vacant men's basketball head coaching position," UNLV Athletic Director Jim Livengood said in the release. "The list has been narrowed to four outstanding candidates and I'm looking forward to continuing the interview process. We are looking forward to naming our new head coach very soon."

Rice, who is currently BYU's associate head coach, and Theus, a Minnesota Timberwolves assistant, were considered front-runners before former coach Lon Kruger's departure for the same job at Oklahoma last Friday was even made official.

Sources have consistently reiterated to the Sun this week that Rice, who played on UNLV's back-to-back Final Four teams in 1990 and 1991 and was an 11-year Rebels assistant coach, is the guy to beat. He met with Livengood over the weekend in Houston at the Final Four and will visit the UNLV campus on Wednesday for a formal interview.

Theus, who starred at UNLV in Jerry Tarkanian's early days in the 1970s, will likely be in town on Thursday for a similar interview.

There is still a very strong possibility that the coaching search will come to a close by week's end, but the official addition of Dunlap and Kent into the final mix adds a bit of late intrigue.

Dunlap's name surfaced early in connection with the job. He's considered one of the hottest names in the assistant coaching ranks and is known as a defensive guru who is bound to take over a program of his own in the near future. He was brought to Arizona as an associate head coach when Livengood was still running the show in Tucson in 2008. He has deep West Coast ties and is rumored to be wanting to move closer to those roots.

Kent's name has been tossed around for a few open jobs lately and last coached in 2009-10 at Oregon, where he was fired following a 16-16 season. He coached the Ducks for 13 seasons, reaching the Elite Eight twice, but he had an up-and-down career in Eugene overall, only achieving a winning record in Pac-10 play four times.

Both Dunlap and Kent also are expected in town for interviews by Friday afternoon.

For more on this story as it develops throughout the week, stay tuned to

Kruger brings two UNLV assistants with him to Oklahoma

On Tuesday, Kruger announced the first two members of his coaching staff at Oklahoma, and the names are familiar.

Steve Henson and Lew Hill, who both were with Kruger for seven seasons at UNLV, will join him in Norman. Henson, who played for Kruger at Kansas State in the late 1980s, has been with him as an aide at multiple stops in the last two decades.

Hill has recruiting ties throughout the state of Texas, which makes him a valuable addition at OU. His most valuable addition from the state in his time at UNLV was guard Wink Adams, a Houston native who finished UNLV career in 2009 as the program's sixth all-time leading scorer.

The two other members of Kruger's UNLV staff — assistant coach Greg Grensing and director of basketball operations Mike Shepherd — are also expected to accept positions at Oklahoma.

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  2. I am 51/49 with Rice and Theus. And that flips daily. Everybody is well aware of the pros and cons of both coaches. I'll take either, but this process, which is only 5 days old, seems to be taking a very long time.

  3. Reggie Theus!

  4. I've seen the polls...Based on the polls Reggie Theus wins!...I've yet to see any poll that shows differnt. I supported you Mr. Livingood for AD. I knew your experience would be needed. This decision will obvioulsy be your biggest ever, bigger than anything you've done prior as AD. No state depends on UNLV basketball like Nevada. I fly to Las Vegas from Florida frequently V for business and UNLV basketball games. Livingood please give the people what they want, the fans that have supported the program for years wants Reggie Theus. If you want revenue for the University, than it's a no brainer. If its about the dollar, do whats best for the city, fans, and UNLV. This town needs something to get excited about. Bottom line, UNLV will lose money over the long run if Dave Rice is hired. I like Dave Rice alot...He reminds alot like Kruger...Kruger took this program to a ceiling, although I appreciate what he did for UNLV. But his inablilty to recruit Big men and High shcool kids, not to mention his awful bench coaching took us to a ceiling....Reggie Theus has experience under Pitino and was named a top 25 recruiter in a very short time. The winner is Reggie Theus!

  5. Reggie is the man for the job, he has only pro's no con's. I agree this coaching search should have been finalized yesterday. I'll even take Dunlap over Rice IMO but Rice over Kent.

  6. Theus all the way. I would take Dunlap second. Why do I get the feeling they are going to pick Rice? Hey, I like Dave, but he is Kruger Lite.

  7. Very interesting that Livengood has never hired a minority coach , having said that to me its still hands down it should be Reggie. David Rice has never been a head coach and with these budget problems UNLV cant afford a mistake

  8. Unfortunately, I believe that Livengood is just putting up window dressing and that he is going to go with Rice. I have nothing against Dave but I just think that Theus would bring back the excitement which was once experienced throughout the city. I think that Reggie would recruit as hard as rice but have better results overall. I believe that Reggie could put together a staff which would be more complete than Rice. I really like what rose 1414 says, Rice is kruger lite. What we need is for the Rebels to start running again. I think reggie can do it!!

  9. I loved Reggie as a player, but coach? The sample is small, having coached only 2 years at NMSU and left for the NBA after his most successful season. His last season at NMSU featured a lot of talent that underachieved (if memory serves).

    Rice has "paid his dues" having been an assistant coach for a very long time, you know he wants to prove himself as a head coach. I disagree that Rice is "Kruger-lite", as Rice's specialty is offense, while Kruger was more defensive minded. Look for the Rebels under Rice to have a more open, running style a la Tarkanian. Remember at BYU Rice ran the offense, and that most of those BYU kids came in to the program with average offensive skills (being generous) and nearly ALL of those players improved at BYU, which consistently had some of the most efficient offensive teams in the country. At UNLV I think Rice will have access to, and the opportunity to recruit kids with more athletic ability than he had at BYU. Rice's connection with Bishop Gorman won't hurt the recruiting process in 2012 either. Still a tough call and I know the Shark wants Reggie, still I think with either guy we're in good shape.

  10. Would be great to have Dunlap on board as an assistant to either Rice or Theus wouldn't it. But of course that won't happen. When the R-J had the assistant from Duke as a candidate(even as a long shot) I almost threw up

  11. Reggie has head coach experience. Rice has none. Hey, I think Dave may be a great head coach, but I would like to see him start at a lower level first. This is no time to go backwards. IMHO, Theus would be a sure fire winner. Rice is a crap shoot.
    On top of that- Theus would stay forever, ala Tark.

  12. All 4 of these names scare me as a step back from the guy that just left.

  13. I agree that this whole coaching search is just a wall covering or a smoke screen & that Rice has already been given this job even though his credentials don't match those of Theus or Dunlap. The large majority of fans know Reggie is the right man for the job, there is not a better fit or better timing to make this move. That's why some of us are saying the fix is in if Rice is hired simply because on a professional level his credentials are as short as a miget on his knees compared to Reggie's.

  14. They're all a crap shoot. Throwing out sure fire winner's is a great way to eat crow in the future.

  15. I think it's close enough between Reggie and Dave that the job should go to whoever can convince Tim Grgurich to come back with him.

  16. joe- how many of those improved BYU players made it to the NBA? Zero, even with Fredette there is speculation he will not make it at the next level other then a situational off the bench shooter. Lacks defense, lacks speed. Sounds a lot like Kruger. Bring in good players, flourish in a sub par conference and lay and egg when the high profile teams come to town. Thats not Rebel BB.
    We are not looking for a conservative, do all the right things, guy. We want somebody who will take risks to put us back in that top 10 maybe even top 5 programs in the country. Thats a Theus type coach.

  17. I will take my chances with eating crow if Theus is selected. Thanks for your concern Jerry.

  18. You dont hear hot assistant coach property when it comes to Rice.

    Nice guy who needs to get his own program before taking on a UNLV.

    Hire Reggie, however it is nice to see Ernie Kent in the mix.

  19. I like the idea that the job goes to whoever can get Grgurich back.

  20. Liljoe, Theus inherited a 6-win team and turned it into a 25-9 team (and NCAA appearance) in only the second season. Underachieved?? He was only getting warmed up in New Mexico before being offered a head job in the NBA. Theus recruits big, he wins big, and he coaches the style we love. That's what I want to see at the T&M. Theus should be offered this position over Rice, but we'll see if it happens.

  21. I would be OK with either Rice or Theus, and right now it's all speculation as to how either will do as head coach. You can think all you want that Reggie will be the Messiah, but there's no way that anybody knows how he'll do. And you can think all you want that Rice won't be able to recruit top athletes, but we don't know who he'll have on his staff to help him specifically for that purpose.

    I think that the interviews and the salary could make the difference. If Reggie absolutely knocks their socks off while interviewing, it would be hard to pass him up. However, he may also demand more money that the university can't afford to pay him. I know there will be conspiracy theorists if Rice gets hired, but without being part of the interview and without knowing how much each will accept in salary, none of us truly know what the overall deciding factors will be. The only thing that would surprise me is if Dunlap or Kent get hired. I don't know enough about Dunlap to form an opinion, but I really would not want to see Ernie Kent as the Rebels coach. Oregon went straight downhill after TaJuan Porter had the game of his life against the Rebels in the Sweet 16, and I don't have a lot of faith he could do much here. As long as it's either Rice or Theus, I'll be happy.

  22. Agree about Kent. That would be the worst of the 4 far. Everything I read about Dunlap is impressive. The problem I see with him is that IF he was very successful, he would move on. Theus, and probably Rice, would be here for the long term.

  23. I agree with DocRebel. Theus proved that he can recruit and turn a program around. Basketball isn't football, where superior athletes can make a difference in the first year. How else do you explain the rookies coming into the NBA and tearing it up?

    That said, looks like Livengood wants to Rice (although the boosters and alumni want Theus). The interviews appear to be a mere formality. I just hope it doesn't alienate Theus from considering the position in the future if it opens up again. Either way, I think the Rebels will be more watchable under either coach.

    Rice will likely have a difficult time recruiting (unless we assume that he'll have a built in connection to Gorman and Findley Prep), so let's hope that he can bring in some legitimate assistants to help him there. Fox Sports Radio and ESPN Radio both had good points that Rice really didn't have to recruit at BYU since all the mormon kids wanted to play there. It'll be interesting to see what he can do now that he isn't under such a strict honor code.

  24. Kent would be worse than Bayno that's certain. He shouldn't be in the mix at all. It's true that Rice is not even a hot assistant but he's "the" leading candidate for the job? Of course we can all speculate on everything but there is no doubting that Reggie wouldn't recruit like a mother & put together a great staff with rich UNLV history. Dave hasn't proved anything yet, he recruited a bunch of mormon players for BYU, big deal!! You can't even use Reggie's time in Sactown against him either, he stepped into a train wreck & made immediate improvements, its crazy how owners think. Neither Tark or Pitino made it at the NBA level & nobody will debate their coaching abilities, the college game is a another world. I hope Reggie dominates the interviewing process & makes it a no brainer.

  25. Let's face it. Kids use college as a means to get to the pros. At least any good players. Theus has been there and done that and then some. He played at UNLV. Had a good pro career as a player and has been coaching in the NBA for several years. He knows what it takes to get there. Its one reason he did so well at New Mexico State. Imagine him knocking on a big time recruit's door. I like Dave Rice a lot, but he doesn't have the wow factor as a coach, nor as a recruiter. If we're going to go any further than the first round of the NCAAs, we need a wow factor to get those players.

  26. What exactly does Livengood see that we don't see? If Rice rolled out some type of awesome offensive scheme, then recruiting will take care of itself. However, it's not like BYU touted one of the best offenses in the nation before this year. What has his success been with offense pre-Jimmer?

  27. I've heard Grgurich mentioned by quite a few people. How confident is anyone with decision making ability that he'd come back here as an assistant?

  28. Although I believe Rice will produce teams which play a more entertaining style you look at his image; nice guy, media friendly, Rhodes Scholar, statesman like, ask yourself who does that remind you of? Here is a hint he recently took the Oklahoma men's basketball coaching job.

    On the other hand, look at how the Kruger/Rice supporters (and yes they are primarily one in the same) have tried to paint Reggie; outlaw, recruits a bunch of rotten apples, will leave the program with NCAA sanctions and ask yourself who was portrayed that way? Here is another hint, he use to coach UNLV, took the program to four final fours, won a national championship and help garner the university a whole lot of money.

    There is no doubt the debate Livengood is faced with is safe (Rice) v. risky (Theus) or Kruger v2.0 v. Jerry v2.0. "Safe" will more than likely continue winning a good amount of games, recruiting good but not great players and get UNLV into the NCAA tournament frequently but unlikely past the first weekend very often. "Risky" will more than likely win a very large amount of games, recruit a good number of highly ranked players, not only get UNLV into the tournament on annual basis but actually make some deep runs. And oh by the way, "risky" will help generate a whole lot of money for the athletic department and a university in rough financial shape.

    After almost 20 years in basketball purgatory and facing its sixth coaching hire during that span I can only hope we finally have an administration that is ready to help UNLV men's basketball retake its spot alongside the elite programs of the game. The candidate who hands down in my opinion has the best chance to accomplish this is Reggie Theus.

  29. I will support either Theus or Rice ,as both are good candidates. I would prefer Theus and hope that is the direction they go. He would bring more excitement to the rebels and city. Its hard seeing everyone on the team egually talented but noone great that stands out. Last person to stand out was Shawn Marrion, we need that type of player again.

  30. @Rebel Mike thats what were all trying to say, what has Rice done? What has he proven that makes him the front runner? What is this love affair between Rice & Livengood? I'm not sold that he will be any better than Spoonhour! This is such a critical time for UNLV hoops, the door is open to drive away in a Bentley & Livengood is going to settle for a Hyundai????

  31. Rice = sideways
    Theus = up

  32. I change my mind. Mike Dunlap. guy is a WIZARD. ATTN: Livengood. go wth Dunlap.

  33. Rob-

    I don't know if Grgurich would be interested or not but if either Dave or Reggie said in their interview, "I already talked to Grg and he said he'd come by an assistant on my staff." I'd say that gives him the advantage.

    When UNLV basketball was dominant the players used to say, "We practice so hard that the games seem easy by comparison." Grg was the guy who ran those practices. If you want things to get back to how they were, get Grg back. Not as head coach, obviously, but I would be happy with either Dave or Reggie if he was on staff.

  34. Rice, Livengood, & Smatresk look like the kind of dudes who's exciting times will be a chess game, a spelling bee, bingo, & an argyle sweater convention. Rice looks like someone who will always be politically correct, never raise his voice with manly tones, cause any waves, challenge anything, & always walk with a sensative step. I could be wrong but that's how I see Rice a YES MAN.

  35. Reggie headcoach, Rice assistant at UNLV. Win-win.

  36. There you go Wade.

    For the record, I want Theus as the new UNLV coach, but as far as I'm concerned the best post on this board goes to..... I_Love_March_Madness for not pretending to know intimately know every candidtes intentions, desires, abilities, and the future.

  37. Theus has this all sewn up. Forget the other guys. Crown Reggie and get on with the UNLV march to mediocrity.

  38. I want Rice because I think he comes in and hits the ground running. He knows the conference, knows what it takes to win the conference every year, and knows offense. News flash! BYU has been on the top of MWC offensively since he has been there. I think it is laughable to think it was all because of Jimmer.

    I would be happy with either Rebel, but I just feel that Rice is the man to take UNLV to the next level as soon as next year. If this was a complete rebuild, then I would probably lean towards Theus.

  39. From the interview of Theus that I saw, it seems like he wants this the most. Of course, it could be all lip service, but I get the feeling that, if given the opportunity, he'd spend the rest of his career here. I don't want a guy that's gonna pick up and leave before taking us to the Final Four.

  40. John Welch. Been an assistant in college and now for several years at the pro level. Be a GREAT assistant for either one...

  41. I agree that Theus is the coach we need. He not only can recruit the inner city kids but has the most chance of getting other old Rebels into the program with him. If he could get Grg and Larry to help build the program he could continue with the players we now have and grow their skills. He has the personality, enthusiasm and credentials to impress the top players and their parents. Rice would be a good choice, but Theus would be great.
    I am an alum and have kept my scholarship since the T & M opened even during the down years, and can't wait for the games to get exciting again. Anyone who watched the old games against Georgetown and other elite teams can't wait to feel the excitement again in the T & M.

  42. The bottom line here is that Livengood & Smatresk are trying to have it both ways....they want to embrace the winning tradition established by Tark but they dont want the "Rebel" image that came with it. And while both Rice & Theus both played for Tark...Theus, because of his greater stature as a player, is linked more to Tark which to the fans is great...but to the ivory tower people its Bad. There is so much more in play here than basketball. I also think Tark's early endorsement of Theus (which he later retracted and said both would be great) was a mistake and hurt Theus more than it did Rice simply because Livengood/Smatresk dont want to give the perception that Tark has off court influence...while simultaneously...wanting to tap into the tradition & benefits Tark's teams bring to program. It probably should be Theus...but in the end, it will probably be Rice. And basketball wont have a damn thing to do with it either.

  43. I would either of the two candidates, I want to say that up front. But to say Rice hasn't done anything is a little absurd. He has been a coach since he graduated and put in the time. He was coaching college basjetball back when Reggie was starring on "Hang Time". He has not been some run of the mill assistant, but and associate head coach who runs the offense and the recruiting. Not to mention WAS the head coach while Dave Rose was sick with cancer (and did a great job).
    I agree that Reggie would be a better recruiter, and probably get more former rebels involved with the team. I think Rice would run a better offense and be a better "x's and o's" guy. Both coaches would run a faster offense and instantly make this team more exciting. I do think Rice will recruit better than Kruger, he got Brandon Davies and a 4 star african-american wing player out of North Carolina for this year, with the handcuffs of the Honor code. Not to mention beating UNLV with the UCLA PG transfer and Kyle Collinsworth.
    Reggie would embody the old Rebels much more and would absolutely work nhis butt off for this job.
    Either are very good candidates, but you can't say how good either of them will be in this situation.

  44. wow the IDIOTS of rebel land....... are Dave Rice and Reggie Theus the best candidates out there that you want? UNLV rebels and rebel fans/alumni deserve a real top flight coach! I hate these notions that they need ties to the college or town..... we the fans who spend $$$$$ on the rebels deserve the very best coach available ........ Dunlap is the only one of the 4 but we should have jumped shaka right after the loss...... there are 5 other coaches i can think of who id rather get here than the 2 rebel land wants. ex players suck as coaches.

  45. my top 5 coahing prospects
    1- Bruce Pearl..... he'd fit in great here! in trouble with the ncaa just like tark was but can coach n recruit theyre azzes off.
    2-Shaka Smart- the best up and coming coach but we waited to long for the media to tell us its all about
    3-Mark Few.... great coach who would be in a better conference for recruiting
    4-Randy Bennett..... (st marys) another coach who would benefit from a better conference and knows how to recruit and win.
    5-Chris Mack...... still better than rice or

  46. Thanks JerryWayne for the compliment. There were a lot of smart, thought-provoking comments on this board for the most part, and then dunerider decided to chime in and call us idiots. Dunerider, perhaps you should look in the mirror if you want to see a true idiot. Shaka Smart did a great job in this year's NCAA Tournament, but other than those 5 games VCU won to get to the Final 4, what are his accomplishments? None at all because he hasn't had a chance to establish himself over time yet. Regardless of the 5 coaches that your expert analysis says would be better coaches than Rice or Theus, there's a list of 4 right now, so it's a moot point to mention anyone else for the head coaching position. Finally, when you say that ex-players suck as coaches, are you counting Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Lenny Wilkins, etc.? Heck, a lot of the best college coaches played, even if they weren't superstars, such as Mike Krzyzewski, Larry Brown, and even Jerry Tarkanian. To use a line that Jim Calhoun said a couple of years ago, "Get your facts straight and then come talk to me!" Otherwise, you may end up sounding like an "idiot".

  47. @ dunerider You call what I'm assuming the commenters on her "idiots of rebel land" and then give your idiotic opinion on your views of 5 other coaches that aren't in the discussion for one reason or another.

    Pearl - Can't take the risk of NCAA sanctions, and unsure of punishment still from TN. Doubtful UNLV can afford him.

    Smart - just signed with VCU, not going anywhere.

    Few - Been successful and staying successful at Gonzaga with NCAA bound teams every year and racking up WCC coach of the year awards. Contract is until 2015. (UNLV can't afford a buyout)

    Bennett - Signed at St. Mary's until 2013, cant afford buyout, not terribly great resume either.

    Mack - Handed a successful team with Xavier, ex-player (according to your logic, suck as coaches apparently). Good recruiter, but just took the reigns in 2009.

    The only relevant word you posted was the last 3 letters of your comment.

  48. UNLV can't afford a top flight coach. Kruger doubled his salary going to a football school.

    My personal opinion is that a good coach is worth the $ because the revenue from NCAA tournament appearances (and wins) pays for the salary several times over but there's no way the board of regents would approve a high salary for a coach while they are slashing their budgets across the board.

    UNLV's best chance is to find a good assistant coach who's willing to take the job for less money than they could get from just about anywhere else. And the ones most likely to do that are coaches who played here and have sentimental reasons to want the job.

    Like it or not, the top two names on that list are Theus and Rice.

  49. I just don't understand the hate for Rice. Theus is more flashy and would be a good hire as well, but it would be a mistake to underestimate Rice. BYU has been consistently the class of the conference (especially on offense) despite average talent coming in year in and year out. Jimmer Fredette was a marginal recruit, as was Brandon Davies just to give recent examples. You might be surprised at what Rice can do with some high level recruits.
    I have to also take exception that their is a Rice/Kruger "camp" and a Theus/Tark "camp". Rice played for Tark as well, and just because I happen to think Rice would make a very good head coach doesn't mean that I am deadset against Theus or Tark, just not the case at all. But I do hear a lot of judgmental remarks about Rice being completely incompetent or having no credentials at all which just isn't true either.
    But I agree if Livengood needs one deciding factor between the two, it should be who can get coach Grgurich back as an assistant.

    I also agree that the hiring will be affected greatly by the salary UNLV will offer, and what the candidate expects to receive.

    And to the poster who mentioned Shaka Smart...seriously? One run through a very unbalanced NCAA tournament in 2011 does not necessarily make a great coach, sorry.

  50. Oh, and no way does Mark Few come to UNLV because it's a "better conference for recruiting." He recruits plenty of great players to Gonzaga and he's already spurned interest from more than one Pac-10 (12) school.

    Conference doesn't matter as much for basketball recruiting, anyway. When UNLV recruited Johnson, Augmon, Scurry, Anthony and O'Bannon they were in the Big West conference.

  51. @liljoe31,
    very good post. it's been frustrating watching the level of discourse around here the last few days--it's actually worse at the r.j.--so thanks for a measured and reasonable point of view. i guess where i differ on rice is that it's more difficult for me to qualify rice's record at byu, as their success has to be in large part attributed to dave rose as head coach, at least in the actual game results department. i do however, agree that rice doesn't have to be slandered as unqualified simply because one prefers theus, or the other way around. either would be great, although i do think that it's probably a long shot getting grgurich to come back. i just think he has too many bad memories of what was done to him and tark, and he seems to be happy in the nba, not to mention the pay cut he'd have to take. whereas we can depend on both rice and theus to be willing to take less because they both desperately want this job, i get the feeling that grg's loyalty is more to tark than unlv.

  52. BRUCE PEARL???

    The NCAA holds a grudge for a LONG, LONG TIME.
    Tark AND Pearl would just be askin' for it, don't you think?

    Reggie Theus!
    Roll the dice, Vegas!!!

  53. Let me bottom line this for you, Mr Ad. Basketball is not a white mans sport and brothers relate better to their own. Capish? Hire Reggie and he will put UNLV in the top 10 again because he will bring better talent than Kruger or Rice did/could bring to UNLV and he will relate better to kids we know have playing here. He already picked Rich tho, we all know it. Hope he can get his brother to help land some local blue chip talent or his tenure will be short lived.

  54. shaka smarts 2009 record was 27-10 with a CBI championship so i guess 2 outstanding years of HEAD coaching experience is as valuable as david rices career asst coaching? Idiot isnt the best word for ya thats for sure. yes he did sign but we didnt express any interest before hand. as for Bennett his numbers are very similiar to Krugers at unlv.... so i guess we aim lower than our previous coach???? IDIOTS lol mark few.... i guess he wouldnt want to play in a better conference???? maybe recruit better??? ohhhh we cant do it here because were Tarks UNLV???? the ncaa is way past it so you should be too... Bruce Pearl would be perfect cause he's another TARK!

  55. for those who dont like my list I really just set you up ! LOL i found the list on espn that was put together by theyre experts in a 1-10 list....... i just put the 5 i liked from it. IDIOTS in rebel land go WOLFPACK~

  56. Dunerider... You're embarrassing. Go WolfPack? More like Go concentrate on your pathetic excuse of a basketball program up at UNR. Comparing Bruce Pearl to Tark?? Really? SMFH

  57. awwww, that's cute, a unr fan is trolling. how's everything going up in reno? still licking branson's a*s? how's it been with the basketball team? seriously, i haven't heard anything in forever. i imagine things are back to normal and your coach is that dude who teaches driver's ed during the day.

  58. How'd we get so many experts on here? You guys ought to do the hiring. They won't hire Theus. I know the biggest booster wants Rice. It's a done deal. Sorry Theus fans.

  59. Also, don't compare Rice to Kruger. Kruger wouldn't run and played no zone defense-to his detriment. Rice ran the best fast break offense in the nation this season and played both man and zone D. If you want the Runnin Rebs back then Rice is the man to do it.

  60. ummmmm its not unr its U of NEVADA...... LOL yes the unlv teams of the last few years were better but thats gonna end with rices hire. your gonna be slumming it! yes I was a rebel fan till they ran Tark off... but since now your only b*&%ch is that im a trolling NEVADA fan.... guess my points proven. my top 5 is what the experts at ESPN put in theyre top 10, nowhere is there theus or rice........ aim low and what do ya get REBELS~


    Thats all i have to say about your assertion that your favorite school is the "University of Nevada". And the UNLV teams of the past 50 years have been better, not just the last few. This is the last time im feeding the practically illiterate Reno hick troll.

  62. first, call yourself what you like, you'll always be unr to me. a few decent seasons brought to you by a couple of good coaches who had the good sense to leave for jobs with a future don't mean you have any respect. we've only been better "the last few years"? yeah, and before that we were better for decades.

    and my only gripe isn't that you're a trolling unr fan, so your point remains sadly unproven. woo hoo, those "experts" at espn who pay attention to about ten teams all season--and don't know d*ck about unlv--provided you your list; a bunch of people who'd either have no interest in the job, would want more money than we can afford, would quickly leave for some other school, or some combo of the above. if you're such a tark fan, i would think a return to his legacy might appeal to you. oh well, get back to me when espn produces a top 5 list for unr's next head b-ball coach vacancy. ooops, they'll never do that, sorry.

  63. wow youndrebelfan.... cut copy and paste without knowing anything is your motto. NEVADA if the first school for higher education in NV. it started as Nevada then went to UNR and now is back at its roots....NEVADA. since your such a NSU fan and wont do a simple search before you write anything. lol a troll just reads and doesnt post, as for my illiteracy... id put my IQ up against yours any day, and hick....i prefer redneck.... sadly to say Nevada hoops has a short history of being good, Football have preformed at a higher level than UNLV. so your all back to being IDIOTS