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August 15, 2022

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Letter to the editor:

Why a ‘can-do’ attitude is what America requires

Liberals love to call Republicans the “Party of No.” But now Democrats are saying “no” to cutting government spending. “No” and “yes” are not the most accurate monikers to apply to either party.

A better distinction is this: Republicans are the “Party of Can Do,” and Democrats are the “Party of Can’t Do.”

Republicans think Americans can manage their health care; Democrats think they can’t. Republicans think Americans can manage their credit; Democrats think they can’t. Republicans think Americans can choose the best education for their children, how to save for retirement, what food to eat, what car to drive, and what light bulbs to burn; Democrats think they can’t. Republicans think businesses can decide how many workers to hire, where to hire them, and what business to be in; Democrats think they can’t.

If you want to understand why the economic recovery has been anemic, “can’t do” is your reason. Democrats think “Americans can’t do.” Bureaucracies to make regulations and “incentives” to create jobs (the right kind of jobs) assume that Americans need government to do for them. But Americans can do for themselves; profits are the only incentive businesses need to create jobs.

Freedom and profits make Democrats worry that some people will become wealthy at other people’s expense. They think poor people can’t become rich, and rich people can’t help others. They think that when one person gets rich, others can’t get rich, too, while others can’t get good jobs. It’s always “can’t.”

Americans don’t need “can’t.” They can.

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