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August 19, 2019

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Letter to the Editor:

Greed is at the root of our problems

Every day you hear someone complaining about the cost of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance, food stamps, unions, taxes, etc.

Here is what should be done effective 2013.

Eliminate all taxes for everyone — individuals and corporations. Eliminate all Social Security benefits and all Medicare and Medicaid benefits. No more health benefits unless you can pay for these services. Hospitals will no longer be required to provide free emergency service. If you become sick it will be up to your family to take care of you the best they can.

Eliminate unions and minimum-wage programs. If companies want to pay you 50 cents an hour, then it is your decision to accept this or find something else.

Eliminate public schools. If you want an education, pay for it.

We will become a nation where only the fittest survive. The animal kingdom does this. If you are weak, you fall by the wayside to be food for other animals.

If this sounds crazy, then you have not been listening to what is being talked about in this country, which is on a fast slide going backward. Not enough people care about their neighbors. I fear for my children and grandchildren, but not because of the national debt — we have been here before and have grown out of it. It has to do with greed. After all, how much is enough?

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