UNLV promoting football ticket sales, but what will it really take to get you to buy?

Take away a 48-6 beatdown at the hands of TCU last season, and UNLV was a relatively decent football team on its home turf.

Both of the Rebels' victories in Bobby Hauck's inaugural season at the helm came at home, and they also stayed within three touchdowns — yes, that's doing some sugarcoating — of Wisconsin, Air Force and Nevada-Reno.

And that's what the folks in the UNLV athletic department are hoping will get you coming back for more. Or for some, out to Sam Boyd Stadium for the first time.

The school recently began its campaign to boost ticket sales with a promotional video, including Hauck preaching the importance of rallying around the team and community investment. But, of course, that experience is much more fulfilling when the team is winning.

Hauck had to deal with a brutal schedule in his first season, and UNLV went 2-10. The overall difficulty in terms of opponents drops just a tad this year, but it's balanced out by the Rebels having to go on the road for seven of their 12 games.

The home schedule includes games against Hawaii (Sept. 17), Southern Utah (Sept. 24), Colorado State (Oct. 29), Boise State (Nov. 5) and San Diego State (Nov. 26).

The Rebels will be young. No matter who gets the nod, they'll have a first-time starting quarterback. They're a bit thin on both the offensive and defensive lines. There are plenty of issues heading in, yes. And, let's be honest, optimism around town is a bit minimal right now.

The image of Sam Boyd Stadium in the promotional video shows a venue packed with red. In reality, it's a shot from last year's Wisconsin game, when thousands of Badger faithful helped pack the place.

If UNLV can get its football program on track, there's little doubt that it can look like that almost every week. Even in 2008, when the Rebels got off to a 3-1 start, just that glimmer of hope after an overtime victory at Arizona State briefly boosted attendance.

But right now, it's a team that Vegas oddsmakers have saddled with an over/under win total of 2.5. And it might take more than advertisements — The video, it's worth noting, is very well done — to get people on those aluminum benches.

What would it take for you to buy season tickets — Or just any tickets? A bowl appearance? A run of games that are at least close? Free booze? You tell us below.

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  1. Good luck this season.....

  2. I am a Rebel fan, I will not make any excuses. It's not the distance, it's not the stadium being below average, and it's not the team or its record. I will support them every way possible, minus that of actually going to a game. For me football is for T.V. and something I cannot stand to see live. I wish the team the best and will support and follow them as i always have. There isn't a thing they could do to have me come to the games, even free tickets wouldn't get me out. Again I will follow them on here and on T.V. supporting their sponsors. Good luck Rebels!!

  3. Promoting the 5 home games... Ok so BSU and Hawaii are going to sell alot of tickets for the other team. AM I the only one that thinks they should attach Rebel football season tickets for those who put down the cash for Rebel basketball season tickets. I mean we'd get at least 7 or 8 thousand UNLV fans guaranteed right? Itd be brillant for marketing, not that they make alot of money off Football tickets any ways, And think of parking and tailgate and boos revenue?

  4. I am a Rebel basketball fan, and I will make excuses. Next to scantily clad cheerleaders with hoses, or the promise of a decent football team, I see no reason why I should go to a football game this fall. Especially when there are much more attractive options on TV, in High Def.

  5. I would have to still live in Vegas. I went to a ton of games, and had a great time at them. It would have been nice to win a few, and to actually have had the cannon when I attended, but none-the-less it was a great time. The tickets are super cheap, and if you like football, it's fun just to go have a great time and watch the game.

  6. A paved parking lot.

    ...so I'm not reminded of the loss on Sunday at the car wash.

  7. What would it take to get me to buy tickets?

    3 things:

    A team that is not a total embarrassment to the university, the fans and the alumni.

    And some strict enforcement of behavior codes once fans are inside the stadium so that those of who came to watch a football game are not bombarded all game long by f-bombs from drunk teenagers who came only to scream profanities and drink cheap beer.

    A paved parking lot.

  8. NYR, exactly. Point #1 is the main thing, winning cures everything. However I would still go to games were it not for #2 - the complete lack of crowd control and security at SBS is a total joke. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen. They let anyone enter the stadium, they allow anyone to sit anywhere regardless of tickets, and that all adds up to a real bad scene when those people are drunk and obnoxious and there to cause trouble instead of watch a college football game. There is no way on gods green earth I would ever, ever bring my wife/girlfriend or any child to these games. And that's a huge problem for a program looking to endear itself to locals.

  9. A competitive college football team would get me to buy (more) tickets. Although, UNLV did show some signs of improvement last season (vs. Wisconsin especially).

  10. I'll be honest.

    I'm one of those drunk fans at the UNLV football games. It's the only way I can bear to watch.

  11. I think a winning team would solve the shenanigans on everyone getting lit at the game for a lot of factors.

    1. More families and older alumni would attend. (fair weather if you will)
    2. When you are down about 4-5 touchdowns before halftime, not much of a game happening, mine as well enjoy the drinks.
    3. People sit anywhere because there are so many empty seats, why not sit up front and enjoy a brew while your team is down 5 touchdowns (or just wait til after halftime when everyone has left).

    It's a college game, with college students coming out to watch their college team in a city that honestly gives 2 farts about their school or community, and at least they are at the game supporting one of the only sports events in town. I never saw such poor support from a community for their local college. But low and behold if the team starts winning, I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more people coming out, and the student section can be quarantined to a small part of the stadium.

  12. Entering my final year as a senior, I just want to beat Reno. That's it. That's all I ask as a student and fan. Please and thanks in advance.

    In all seriousness though, close games, a team that doesn't beat themselves, and wins against teams they should beat like New Mexico or Wyoming will keep me at the games.

  13. Two games against Hawaii, a free beer upon entry, one of those foam fingers and a jersey for buying season tickets, a family section for those who want to be away from the screaming, f-bomb dropping fans (or maybe an F-bomb section? It can double as a student section), hot cheerleaders serving beer and peanuts throughout the game instead of ushers, air conditioning (impossible I know, but I'll settle for misters) seat cushions for the uncomfortable metal bleachers, in-game wagering on your smart phone, $1 beers when UNLV is losing by more than 3 touchdowns, a major concert, MMA or boxing match during half-time...and 2 for 1 hot dogs.

    I'm not asking much and I GUARANTEE it will get more fans in the stadium.


  14. A new stadium located on campus. UNLV has plenty of space in the T&M parking lot or right across the street from it. Nobody, espcially those who live in North LV or West LV wants to drive clear across town to a sh**ty stadium located in the middle of nowhere. There's no incentive to go out to Sam Boyd. The stadium is old, out of date, and there are no restaurants, shops, or bars around for fans to hang out at before or after the game. The tailgaiting sucks because you have to hang out in a dirt parking lot. If you get the new proposed stadium built on campus it will draw more fans. Students will be able to walk to the stadium and everyone in the city will have easier access because the campus is basically centraly located. Utah, BYU, Boise St, UNR, all have stadiums on campus and they are usually full. The basketball team usually draws at least 13-14000/game because it's on campus. It's time to demolish Sam Boyd and build a new stadium for the Rebels. If that's done it could bring in more revenue and possibly better recruits because of new and improved facilities.

  15. schedule notre dame for all home games and problem solved. otherwise, this season is over.

  16. Be competetive in the conference. Win ALL non-conference games and pave the parking lot and maybe we will have a deal for some ticket sales.
    Oh, win the Fremont Cannon back but we all know thats not going to happen.

  17. I have been a season ticket holder for many years only because I enjoy everything UNLV and I would love to see the stadium filled with Scarlet and Gray clad fans. I am not so delusional to believe that the fans will come without the team winning some games and I am not talking about 2 or 3. If hauck is as great as everyone says, I expect to see his coaching skill translate to more wins on the field and not the UNLV traditional 'moral victory'. I am willing to give hauck two more years and if we are not winning, back to the drawing board. BTW, I would consider beating unr as a successful year!

  18. All the people that say "a winning team" are nuts. Teams do not win year in and year out. That is a cop out excuse. UNLV is competitive in home games so to say "a winning team" is the only way is ridiculous. Sure, winning would guarantee fun but it is a sporting event. Someone is going to lose.

    Purchasing the desert parking lot and actually paving it would be a start. I am sure we could get Mr. Mendenhall to help with that. Unfortunately, the county owns it right now.

    The traffic situation to get in there is nuts too. They need to educate the people "enforcing" traffic. I am not sure who is worse though, the enforcers and T&M or SB.

  19. Im a UNLV student, and the only way i would go out to support is if the venue was better. I went to the Las Vegas Bowl last year and walked a mile through the mud. If the team would be bowl contender consistently then there would have more support. Just look at the basketball team, for a while they did not have sold out games nobody went and now people schedule activities around the team. Because of you reason, we went to the NCAA tournament 4 out of 5 years. and won a couple of Mountain West titles. Go to a bowl game consistently and you will have the city's support.

  20. For those of you who say "if Hauck is as good as everyone says" : It's going to take at least two years before you can even fully assess him. This year is his first full recruiting class. Yes, we all want to see wins, but don't start treating him like Coach Sanford until minimum 2 years from now.

  21. Losing BYU and Utah both as home games this year will be a big blow to attendance and revenue. If UNLV wants to build a program of tradition and excellence, it should start by building an on-campus stadium and more on-campus housing to attract traditional students who will support the Rebels.

    As for me, I'm not renewing my season tickets this year because (1) the team is terrible, (2) the opponents - save BSU - aren't any good, and (3) the stadium is a day's travel away.

  22. Topless Cheerleaders!
    No, wait. BOTTOM-less Cheerleaders!
    No, no, wait again.


  23. Newcomer: The opponents aren't any good, but they sure do a good job at beating UNLV?

  24. 1. Paving the parking lot does sound like a good idea, honestly when was the last time you turned on an SEC or any other major college sports team and saw a stadium surrounded by dirt. I can understand if you just freaking built the place but its been there for a long time. NHow about a parking garage and some nice park in between for walking, partying and tailgaiting. The tailgate zone is nice but you have to park on the other side of the stadium and walk a couple of miles between car, party, car, stadium.
    As for winning, it does solve problems and yes for all those "If hauck is as good as projected.." people I cant see how he can win with the schedule given. I know we want to make money but come on do things the Bill Snyder way at KSU, build a program up with 5 gauratneed wins that way you only have to beat a UNM every year to go to a bowl game.