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UNLV forward Chace Stanback arrested Friday on suspicion of DUI

Rebels top returning scorer and rebounder a year ago begins summer facing legal woes


Sam Morris

UNLV’S Chace Stanback slaps hands with teammate Justin Hawkins during their Mountain West Conference game against Wyoming Saturday, February 26, 2011 at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Updated Monday, May 16, 2011 | 3 p.m.

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Chace Stanback

For the second year in a row, the offseason for the UNLV men's basketball program now includes a significant legal issue to deal with.

Senior forward Chace Stanback, who is the Rebels' leading returning scorer and rebounder, was arrested Friday for suspicion of driving under the influence in Las Vegas.

According to Metro Police spokesman Jay Rivera, the stop came at 2:23 a.m. at the intersection of Colby Ave. and Swenson St. — in the shadows of the Thomas & Mack Center and just a few blocks from his off-campus residence near Swenson and Flamingo. Stanback was pulled over for speeding, and also failed to provide proof of insurance.

Stanback is out of custody and scheduled to appear in court to face charges on Aug. 11.

The 6-foot-8 forward from Los Angeles transferred to UNLV in the summer of 2008 after spending one year at UCLA. Last season, he tailed off some after a hot start, but still averaged 13 points and a team-high 5.9 rebounds per game. By several accounts, he has impressed so far in team workouts run by first-year coach Dave Rice and his staff.

Rice said that he will be looking into the matter further this week before taking disciplinary action. It's a major test for the first-time head coach just over a month into his tenure.

"We do know that there was an incident, and we are trying to determine when it happened and what transpired," Rice said Monday morning.

Stanback is in town for the start of the first session of summer classes, which begin today. He's had an incident-free three years in Vegas, for the most part. He was suspended for the first half of both exhibition games last season by former coach Lon Kruger as a result of academic issues.

Last June, UNLV guard Tre'Von Willis was arrested following a domestic dispute in Henderson. He ultimately reached a plea agreement in September and was suspended by Kruger for the first four games of the season, including two exhibition contests.

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Sun reporter Jackie Valley contributed to this report.

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  1. sigh...not another off-season issue...

    Stay outta trouble guys!

  2. These Holy Sports Hereos should not be prosecuted for these petty "crimes". Gods bless them!

  3. If it were anyone else, they would have been arrested for DUI, but since this individual is so important, he is charged with SUSPICION of DUI.

    Double standard, anyone?

  4. Hey FRM,
    I don't tink there is a difference. He was arrested as the article suggests. If someone was arrested for murder, you could also say suspicion of murder. Same thing.
    Also Robogod, you are a troll and a d-bag.
    This is unfortunate news, it will be interesting what coach Rice will do.

  5. @ FRM, "suspicion of DUI" is DUI. I don't believe it's a conviction until a court hearing. I wonder what tests may have been given, or a BAC test. Definitely bad news no matter what.

  6. This is news because.... He is an athlete. He will be given a slap on the wrist and all will be forgotten. Go rebels!

  7. Now, there's the Rebels that I grown to love.

  8. That's how we know that we are returning to the rebels of old. Gangsta. Yeah buddy, go rebels. Tark wouldn't have any other way himself. Haha. But seriously, it's not that hard just to stay out of trouble for three or four years. You can do it guys.

  9. This happens at MANY universities not just UNLV. He made a mistake the same mistake MANY students at UNLV make & I don't see them getting kicked out of school or suspended. Rice will make a decision on this & that's that. I don't see it any different than the 2 recent DUI cases at UNM.

  10. While I was a fan of Kruger I did not like this class he recruited besides Marshal and maybe Bellfield. I was never a fan of Willis, Stanback, Jasper, Thomas, Lopez, Massamba. I loved Kruger's first couple of teams but there is just something about this current roster I don't like. Now guys like Willis, Shaw, and now Stanback keep getting into trouble and giving the University a bad rep again. If we are going to recruit trouble makers we might as well start recruiting trouble makers with talent. At least with Tark's teams his kids were athletic, had skills, and got UNLV to final fours or won championships. This group of players just gets in trouble and doesn't deliver. I will be glad when the majority of this team is gone and Rice gets his recruiting classes in. I hope Rice can do a much better recruiting job then Kruger did in his last few years.

  11. Pretty embarrassing for a soon to be 5th year senior. Embarrassing...right along with his defense and toughness.

  12. Even though Lon Kruger's gone, this is his legacy. Nearly every summer there was at least one (sometimes more) arrest or someone leaving the program that Kruger himself recruited.

    I agree he did a lot of good things with many of the people he recruited, and I know that every program has its bad apples, but it wasn't just one or two players over his 7 years that got into trouble. It's a pattern with Lon, not an exception. And I hope local media remembers that the next time they write some article about how awesome Kruger was.

  13. well at least he didnt drink and settle for the jumper

  14. Calm down people, don't forget that he's a kid in college. It's not like he went out and choked a bitch. Seriously though, I know we want our athletes to be role models. Here's hoping that none of the other kids get into trouble and make better decisions in the future. I hope Rice makes Chace do some serious community outreach so he learns from this mistake and it serves as an example to the rest of the team.

  15. Shucks! It was good news for a bit, kinda got used to it. Be easy though, Chace will only work that much harder. Go Rebs, and let this be a reminder to stay in the gym and weight room this summer.

  16. It's hard to support chases decision on one hand and support LB3 who was killed by the same thing (drunk driver) on the other. You have to make an example out of one.

  17. Rebel Mike,

    I don't think it's cool to be telling people to calm down over something like drunk driving. Over 16,000 people a year killed by drunk drivers and Chace is not a "kid". He is a legal adult, 21 yrs old and should know better than that. I was smart enough to know at 21 when I was in college not to drink and drive. I have not been directly effected by drunk driving yet, but I have friends that have had family members killed by drunk driving. DUI's are a serious thing and shouldn't be taken lightly. Chace should have known better and it's luckly that he didn't injure or kill somebody because of his stupidity. I do agree with you in that I hope Rice makes an example of him and not only suspends him but makes him do community service. I hope Rice has more guts then Kruger did when he slapped Trevon's had for choking a girl.

  18. Djk - I don't think anyone is "supporting Chace's decision." I think we all accept that this was a dumb decision and that there needs to be some sort of punishment. I've heard people suggesting everything from Chace being thrown off the team to receiving now punishment outside of what the court rules. Based on the penalties that have been levied against players for DUIs at other institutions, I'd expect Chace to be suspended for 4-5 games.

    Its important to remember a few things before rushing to judgment on this issue. First, this is the first trouble of any kind that has come up regarding Chace. If he had a history of run-ins with the law or this was a pattern of behavior, then it would be hard to argue against him being kicked off the team. The facts show that this is not the case, so I can't see that happening.

    Another thing regarding this instance is that a lot of people are very emotional about DUIs because of personal experiences. As Djk pointed out, the LB3 case is still very fresh in the minds of the UNLV family, and others who may have lost friends or family members because of drunk drivers are understandably outraged. However, I believe it is important to judge THIS case on what happened in THIS instance, not what could have happened. We've all seen the tragedies caused by drunk drivers, but, thankfully, that did not occur with Chace. I think it is wrong that some people are judging Chace's actions on what MIGHT have happened when the fact is, it didn't.

    Again, I'm not excusing Chace's actions whatsoever. He made a really, really dumb decision and he's going to pay a price for it. There are a lot of facts about this that none of us know that must be taken into account before deciding what his ultimate fate will be. I'm confident Coach Rice will make a fair decision.

  19. I don't think chase should be kicked off the team, nor am I one of the tards on here who thinks we have a group of bad kids. Chase is my favorite player next to Bellfeild and Marshall So I hope that he gets like people said 4-5 games and some service, maybe directly to LB3. Nobody said he killed anyone how ever I'm sure you were taught cause and effect. The cause is exactly the same (drunk driving) as LB3 just luckily the effect was different. If he killed someone then is conversation wouldn't be about a suspension but about how long in jail. So we get the difference.

  20. That part wasn't directed at you and I agree with you that this isn't a "bad group of kids." I've had numerous conversations with people on other boards and in person who don't seem to get the difference. I understand the cause and effect relationship, but I also understand that the end result is usually the most important thing. Obviously if he had killed someone, the conversation would be different. The fact is he didn't. By that same token, if someone gets caught shooting a gun into the air, they may get charged with discharging a firearm in public or something of that nature. However, if it comes to pass that a bullet comes down and kills someone, that same person gets charged with murder. Same action; different result; different punishment.

  21. I understand what you saying but accidents with serious bodily harm or death because of DUI are probably a much more likely. People playing with guns, or DUI should be judged to a higher standard because of there likelihood of a major accident. It's not like he was skipping stones and it popped out the water and killed someone. It's putting yourself in prime position to create chaos. That said this is a dumb argument cause it's useless to argue something that didn't happen. Hey at least he wasn't texting too. Chase, your still the man. Just learn from this.

  22. Let's talk when the bloodwork comes back.

  23. I had a friend that went through the same thing. He probably refused to take the Breathalyzer test and therefore got slapped with the suspicion charge. A person does have a right to refuse the DUI tests and in that case must be taken to the station in order to take the blood test. So he may or may not have been over the legal limit. But if it can't be proven that he was over .08 at the time of the incident than the judge will be forced to drop the charge.

    I still believe that the coach will hand down some sort of punishment regardless of the result.

  24. You have to look at the whole picture......he has been here a while with ZERO problems.......Disciplined yes, but he will remain on team....Case by case is how this has to be handled........On that note....can we get a BIG that can clock shots and protect the rim!!!!!

  25. Is anybody going to look into how Stanback can afford to drive a 2010 Mercedes sedan (as reported by the LVRJ but ignored by this "newspaper") or who the car is registered to? Or will the local media ignore that and heap praise on UNLV for whatever slap on the wrist they give another star player?

  26. I read over at Rebel-NET that the car belonged to and is registered under.... wait for it... his mother!

    OMG!! His mom!! I mean, it's just not possible for a black woman to own a Mercedes. I mean seriously, her son is only 21 and EVEN plays basketball! Imagine that, a black basketball player driving a Mercedes. Maybe he stole it? Or maybe she let him drive her car!? I doubt that though... This needs to be investigated stat!

    Somebody call the NCAA and let them know right away about the extra cash UNLV has been giving Chace... or I mean... his mom. Someone here just HAS to be getting extra benefits.

    /end sarcasm

    Seriosuly people. What he did was wrong and he should be punished accordingly. End of story.

  27. Lets just hope Chace wasn't smoking any weed and it comes back in the blood test. Chace needs realize he has been givin a gift. God has blessed him with height, athletic ability, and skill. All Chace has to do is apply himself and he CAN make an NBA roster next year. Let this be a wake up call. It's either make it or break it time. This can be a blessing in disguise. Either wake the F*** up or in your next job you'll be busting your ass doing somehting you dont enjoy for peanuts. Smell the coffee...bro do you want a Bently, a rolex, vactions to Hawaii, big ass house with 6 bedrooms andh a 47 inch flatscreen in the bathroom? All you have to do is make the right choices every minute of
    everyday for the next 9 months.
    Guys who make the pros give up their friday nights out at the club at the Cosmopolitan and they shoot hoops (practice) by themselves at 24 fitness at 1 am. Guys who make the pros are shooting 300 shots left handed baby hooks to add something to their offensive arsenal. Guys who make the pros are working out hard and getting pleanty of sleep. Guys who make the pros eat brocolli, fish, protein shakes, take their vitamins...they dont destroy their bodies by drinking alcohol. All you have to do now Chace is make this embarrising mistake up. Either you do the right thing now, or you are going to end up regreting it for the rest of your life and you will be a miserable failure. Lock your ass up in the gym and quit drinking ANYTHING until after the NCAA tournament (final four) Why work your ass off practicing and then stay out drinking all night? its like taking 2 step forwards and 1 step back. Work like you have never worked before. Sacrafice today (girls and fun) and you will reap the rewards 10 fold tommorow. Meaning..if you are out until 2am chasing girls you are a fool. If you really want girls then go to the gym and work on what it takes to make the NBA. Once you make the NBA you'll have so much damn punanni you wont know what to do with it.

    For you stupid ass people inquiring about the Mercedes. It is registerd to Chace's mother. Lets not forget chaces mother won quite a bit of money (thru the internet) a couple years ago. Its all documented and legal.