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August 18, 2022

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Letter to the editor:

Congress shirks its responsibilities

The man who lives next to me has cars I’d like to have. Why don’t I steal them? Because if I did, I’d get caught and be punished. Government-supported enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac purchased billions of dollars of questionable home loans; Congress was warned and took no action. Why? Because lawmakers are rarely punished, no matter what they do wrong. If we don’t change that dynamic, we are going to cease to exist as the United States of America.

Responsibility and consequences matter, and they are why our society is relatively civil and we don’t have anarchy. Both parties justify what they do by saying the other party is worse. What happens to me if I attempt to justify my car theft by saying my neighbor stole more cars than I did so my theft should be forgiven? I suffer consequences and go to jail.

Remember this the next time your friendly House member or senator asks for your vote. Responsibility and consequences matter.

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