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October 23, 2017

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Trick-or-treaters with familiar faces


Christopher DeVargas

Comedian Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson said he plans to dress up as a woman this Halloween. “Any time I get a chance to dress like a chick, I’m on it,” he said.

In a town that indulges in dress and dining, Halloween gives us license to really play with our costumes and endure sugar rushes reminiscent of our days in junior high school. And it’s a holiday that is celebrated by most all of us, including our celebrity neighbors and our neighborly celebrities. Here’s to a safe evening, macabre makeup, a bottle of antacids.

And in Las Vegas, you never know who might be behind the mask shouting, “Trick or treat!”

    • Mac King

      Mac King - Harrah’s magician

      The master comic-magician has long said that he has the best gig in town, performing daily afternoon shows (dark Sundays and Mondays) and having nights free for his family. So, on Halloween, he’s performing his traditional role as daddy and helping his daughter make candy disappear at neighbors’ houses.

    • Wayne Newton at Opportunity Village
      Photo by Scott Harrison/Retna/

      Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas

      Wayne and his wife, Kat, are taking their 9-year-old daughter, Lauren, trick-or-treating. They will all be in costume, but those costumes are a secret. Suffice to say, if you happen to hear a family humming, “Danke Shoen,” they are probably the Newtons.

    • First Day of School
      Photo by Mona Shield Payne/Special to the Sun

      Dwight Jones, Clark County schools superintendent

      Schools boss Dwight Jones will be taking his 8-year-old son trick-or-treating. Back home, they will be giving out full-size candy bars. Jones likes Snicker bars, and his son favors milk chocolate Hershey bars.

    • Jim Livengood
      Photo by Tiffany Brown

      Jim Livengood, UNLV Athletic Director

      UNLV Athletic Director Jim Livengood and his wife, Linda, will spend the evening at home giving out candy — Linda distributing Almond Joy candy bars and bags of Skittles, Jim disbursing M & M’s and Sour Patch Kids. While Linda hopes all of the candy is gone by evening’s end and the home is free of temptation, Jim is hoping for a quiet evening so he can indulge in leftovers for the rest of the week.

    • 5/26/11: Nikki Beach White Party Grand Opening
      Photo by Erik Kabik/Retna/

      Jeff Timmons, Entertainer

      98 Degrees founder and singer Jeff Timmons is a family guy and is planning on taking his kids around the neighborhood “Ol skool style!” They’re putting the usual suspects in the trick-or-treat bags: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Whoppers, Kit Kats ...“You know the drill!”

    • 'CSI' Viewing Party at the Plaza
      Photo by Steve Marcus

      The Mayors Goodman, Carolyn and Oscar

      Says Oscar of his wife: “The mayor is guarding the fort, selectively handing out her ‘Good Luck Mayor’ gambling chips. The former mayor will be down on Fourth Street as grand marshal of the Halloween parade, and my Halloween costume is that I’m going as the mayor.”

    • Frankie Moreno  @ Golden Nugget

      Frank Moreno, Stratosphere headliner

      To tie into a song inspired by a drink made by RM Seafood Chef Rick Moonen, titled “Tangerine Honey,” Moreno says he plans to hand out Bit-O-Honey candies and tangerine Jolly Ranchers.

    • Andrew Ragone
      /Kirvin Doak Communications

      Andrew Ragone, Raoul in “Phantom — the Las Vegas Spectacular” at the Venetian

      Ragone celebrated Halloween on Saturday night at Studio 54 with Holly Madison and Josh Strickland at their party. Tonight, he will be performing in Phantom and scaring people with a falling chandelier.

    • Black and White Party
      Photo by Tonya Harvey

      Frank Marino, impersonator and star of “Divas Las Vegas”

      “Actually, I’m going to be in New York, to a big pumpkin festival in Hudson Valley in upstate New York. It’s a big, big thing — I had to get tickets in August. They do a thing where the ride of the headless horseman is re-enacted. But I’m having someone babysit my house here in Vegas and handing out candy. We have a big thing of candy with a lot of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which is my favorite.”

    • Carlos Enriquez

      Carlos Enriquez, Corporate pastry chef for Block 16 Hospitality

      Carlos Enriquez, a top finalist of Bravo’s “Top Chef Just Desserts” is going trick-or-treating with his “munchkins” and hitting Fright Dome at Circus Circus one last time. He joked that back home, trick-or-treaters would get his PBJ macaroons and Cap’n Crunch lollipops. Those are the items he made on “Top Chef Just Desserts,” and they’re on the menu at Holsteins in Cosmopolitan.

    • Rebel Fan Fest
      Photo by Sam Morris

      Dave Rice - UNLV Rebels head basketball coach

      It’ll be a full-court press for candy in the neighborhood with his 9-year-old son, Dylan, while 14-year-old Travis plays candy host back home.

    • Steve Ross
      Photo by Christopher DeVargas

      Steve Ross, Las Vegas city councilman

      Councilman Steve Ross will be celebrating Halloween and Nevada Day today with his family — including eight grandchildren under the age of 4. “Our house becomes a giant toy box when the whole family gets together,” Steve said. The adults will pass out candy while the little ones parade around in their costumes. Ross’ favorite candy? He’s been addicted to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups since he attended Gibson Middle School.

    • Rick Faugno at the Las Vegas Hilton
      Photo by Steve Marcus

      Rick Faugno, Las Vegas Hilton Shimmer Cabaret headliner

      For Rick Faugno, Halloween will play out more like Valentine’s Day — his wife, Joyce, returns today from her lengthy Broadway stint in “Anything Goes.”

    • Carrot Top: The Taming of the Do
      Photo by Christopher DeVargas

      Carrot Top - Luxor prop comic

      Carrot Top (real name: Scott Thompson) will be attending a private party held by pop artist Michael Godard. Carrot Top’s girlfriend, Amanda Hogan, is dressing as the bandana-, tattoo- and jewelry-decorated painter. Carrot Top is dressing as Godard’s girlfriend, saying, “Any time I get a chance to dress like a chick, I’m on it.”

    • Jaymes Vaughan
      /Courtesy of Chippendales

      Jaymes Vaughan, lead singer/host of Chippendales at the Rio

      Jaymes Vaughan said that because he has just released his first radio single, “Vampire,” he’ll perform it today at the Beaux Arts Ball at Studio 54, where proceeds will benefit Golden Rainbow. At his home tonight, the trick-or-treaters will get the proceeds — bags of candy with the admonition, “take as many as you want.” “I’m pretty popular on Halloween,” he said.

      Next to the candy will be a stack of Chippendales calendars “so the moms don’t hate me as much for the nasty dentist bills.”

    • Penny Pibbets-<em>Absinthe</em>
      Photo by Erik Kabik/Retna/

      Penny Pibbets, "Absinthe" at Caesars Palace

      Penny says she’ll spend tonight “watching a scary movie alone with my dog. Probably “House of 1,000 Corpses” or “Yentl.” And what is she giving out when the doorbell rings? “Insulin.”

    • Criss Angel Launches
      Photo by Tom Donoghue/

      Criss Angel, Luxor headliner

      Aside from celebrating the third anniversary of “Believe,” Halloween is also Angel’s taped appearance with Rosie O’Donnell’s “The Rosie Show” on OWN. He also promises, “I’ll be doing a little trick-or-treating.”


      Robin Leach, Celebrity journalist

      After celebrating in the Dominican Republic with a host of Hollywood stars, Leach is returning to Las Vegas in time for the Oct. 31 wrap-up. First up, dinner at Nove Italiano in the Palms with two female magic assistants from Hogwarts, and Robin will be dressed as Professor Dumbledore. He’ll hit every Halloween party at the Palms so that he can write about it Tuesday morning! For trick-or-treat goodies, Leach plans to hand-out traditional grab bags and an assortment of British candy and chocolate. One bag only also will contain an English Christmas pudding made last Dec. 26 that includes silver trinkets.

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