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October 23, 2017

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Questions for secessionists

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Regarding the recent talk of secession, I wonder how many of the idea’s supporters have actually thought this through.

Let’s assume Nevada actually achieves the “independence” they crave. There are myriad issues that need to be addressed.

First, given that Nevada will be its own nation, who will protect the borders from U.S. citizens attempting to enter or merely pass through? Or, from those who want to move here? Will prospective new citizens be required to wait in line for the nation to approve their application? Will the millions of tourists who visit our new nation be required to show a legal passport before being allowed to come spend their money? Will each conventioneer be issued a visa to attend?

Will Nevada issue its own money? How much would it cost to establish a Nevada mint for printing the new currency? What would that money be based upon?

Of course, we will need to raise an army to protect our borders. Who will pay for that? Where will Nevada get the funding for materiel necessary to outfit the new Nevada military?

How about law? Since the U.S. Constitution will no longer be relevant, what will take its place? Will a full-time Legislature be necessary to create the new laws and guidelines for our new nation?

Come on, Nevada secessionists. Grow up. While some are unhappy with the results of the last election, running away is not the answer.

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