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November 18, 2017

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NFR Blog Day 3: Results from Friday night’s NFR action


Courtesy photo/ Spin to Win Rodeo Magazine

A foul was called on team ropers Spencer Mitchell and Dakota Kirchenschlager as they began their run Friday night during the second go-round at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. The judges did not allow a rerun.

Updated Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012 | 2:25 p.m.

Editor’s note: This blog is a compilation of posts from Chelsea Toy of "Spin to Win Rodeo Magazine" to the magazine's Facebook page.

(Posted at 12:07 p.m.)

Here are Friday's full Round 2 results from

Bareback riding: 1. (tie) Kaycee Feild, Payson, Utah, on Carr Pro Rodeo's Riverboat Annie, and Will Lowe, Canyon, Texas, on Classic Pro Rodeo's Bi Polar, 86.5 points, $16,343 each; 3. J.R. Vezain, Cowley, Wyo., 85.5, $10,895; 4. Brian Bain, Culver, Ore., 83.5, $7,656; 5. Jessy Davis, Power, Mont., 83, $4,712; 6. Justin McDaniel, Porum, Okla., 81.5, $2,945; 7. Winn Ratliff, Leesville, La., 78.5; 8. Wes Stevenson, Lubbock, Texas, 77.5; 9. (tie) Steven Peebles, Redmond, Ore., and Jared Keylon, Uniontown, Kan., 77 each; 11. Bobby Mote, Stephenville, Texas, 76.5; 12. Matt Bright, Azle, Texas, 76; 13. Caleb Bennett, Morgan, Utah, 74; 14. Steven Dent, Mullen, Neb., 73; 15. Casey Colletti, Pueblo, Colo., NS.

Steer wrestling: 1. Billy Bugenig, Ferndale, Calif., 3.6 seconds, $18,257; 2. Dean Gorsuch, Gering, Neb., 3.9, $14,429; 3. Casey Martin, Sulphur, La., 4.0, $10,895; 4. Trevor Knowles, Mount Vernon, Ore., 4.1, $7,656; 5. (tie) Luke Branquinho, Los Alamos, Calif., and Tom Lewis, Lehi, Utah, 4.2, $3,828 each; 7. Les Shepperson, Midwest, Wyo., 4.3; 8. Todd Suhn, Hermosa, S.D., 4.4; 9. Wade Sumpter, Fowler, Colo., 4.6; 10. K.C. Jones, Decatur, Texas, 4.8; 11. Gabe Ledoux, Kaplan, La., 5.1; 12. Matt Reeves, Cross Plains, Texas, 5.2; 13. Beau Clark, Belgrade, Mont., 7.5; 14. Bray Armes, Gruver, Texas, 16.0; 15. Ethen Thouvenell, Napa, Calif., NT.

Team roping: 1. Luke Brown, Stephenville, Texas/Martin Lucero, Stephenville, Texas, 4.0 seconds, $18,257 each; 2. Derrick Begay, Seba Dalkai, Ariz./Cesar de la Cruz, Tucson, Ariz., 4.6, $14,429; 3. Dustin Bird, Cut Bank, Mont./Paul Eaves, Millsap, Texas, 5.2, $10,895; 4. Travis Tryan, Billings, Mont./Jake Long, Coffeyville, Kan., 5.3, $7,656; 5. Charly Crawford, Prineville, Ore./Jim Ross Cooper, Monument, N.M., 5.4, $4,712; 6. Keven Daniel, Franklin, Tenn./Chase Tryan, Helena, Mont., 9.5, $2,945; 7. Chad Masters, Cedar Hill, Tenn./Clay O'Brien Cooper, Gardnerville, Nev., 9.6; 8. Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Ariz./Kory Koontz, Sudan, Texas, 10.7; 9. Brock Hanson, Casa Grande, Ariz./Ryan Motes, Weatherford, Texas, 12.8; 10. Colby Lovell, Madisonville, Texas/Russell Cardoza, Terrebonne, Ore., 14.0; 11. (tie) Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas/Patrick Smith, Lipan, Texas; Kaleb Driggers, Albany, Ga./Jade Corkill, Fallon, Nev.; Clay Tryan, Billings, Mont./Travis Graves, Jay, Okla.; Spencer Mitchell, Colusa, Calif./Dakota Kirchenschlager, Stephenville, Texas, and Turtle Powell, Stephenville, Texas/Dugan Kelly, Paso Robles, Calif., NT.

Saddle bronc riding: 1. (tie) Wade Sundell, Boxholm, Iowa, on Calgary Stampede's Mad Money; Jake Wright, Milford, Utah, on Mo Betta Rodeo's Shasta, and Cort Scheer, Elsmere, Neb., on Three Hills Rodeo''s Big Jet, 84.5 points, $14,527 each; 4. Cole Elshere, Faith, S.D., 83.5, $7,656; 5. (tie) Taos Muncy, Corona, N.M., and Tyrell Smith, Cascade, Mont., 82.5, $3,828 each; 7. Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, 82; 8. Isaac Diaz, Davie, Fla., 80.5; 9. Chad Ferley, Oelrichs, S.D., 77; 10. (tie) Cody Taton, Corona, N.M., and Bradley Harter, Weatherford, Texas, 75 each; 12. Cody DeMoss, Heflin, La., 71; 13. (tie) Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah; Jacobs Crawley, College Station, Texas, and Sterling Crawley, College Station, Texas, NS.

Tie-down roping: 1. Clif Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 7.3 seconds, $18,257; 2. (tie) Tuf Cooper, Decatur, Texas, and Monty Lewis, Hereford, Texas, 7.5, $12,662 each; 4. Adam Gray, Seymour, Texas, 7.7, $7,656; 5. Hunter Herrin, Apache, Okla., 7.8, $4,712; 6. Fred Whitfield, Hockley, Texas, 8.0, $2,945; 7. Ryan Jarrett, Comanche, Okla., 8.1; 8. Cory Solomon, Prairie View, Texas, 8.2; 9. Houston Hutto, Tomball, Texas, 8.7; 10. Bradley Bynum, Sterling City, Texas, 8.8; 11. Justin Maass, Giddings, Texas, 9.5; 12. Shane Hanchey, Sulphur, La., 9.6; 13. Cody Ohl, Hico, Texas, 15.4; 14. (tie) Clint Robinson, Spanish Fork, Utah, and Matt Shiozawa, Chubbuck, Idaho, NT.

Barrel racing: 1. Mary Walker, Ennis, Texas, 13.80 seconds, $18,257; 2. Benette Barrington-Little, Ardmore, Okla., 13.82, $14,429; 3. (tie) Lindsay Sears, Nanton, Alberta, and Lee Ann Rust, Stephenville, Texas, 13.91, $9,276 each; 5. Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, Texas, 14.00, $4,712; 6. Nikki Steffes, Vale, S.D., 14.09, $2,945; 7. Kaley Bass, Kissimmee, Fla., 14.12; 8. Brenda Mays, Terrebonne, Ore., 14.27; 9. Trula Churchill, Valentine, Neb., 14.28; 10. Christy Loflin, Franktown, Colo., 14.39; 11. Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., 14.41; 12. Christina Richman, Glendora, Calif., 14.98; 13. Kelli Tolbert, Hooper, Utah, 18.92; 14. Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, S.D., 19.01; 15. Carlee Pierce, Stephenville, Texas, 19.02.

Bull riding: 1. Cody Whitney, Sayre, Okla., 89 points on Wild Card Rodeo's The Grinch, $18,257; 2. J.W. Harris, Mullin, Texas, 88, $14,429; 3. Beau Schroeder, China, Texas, 87, $10,895; 4. Seth Glause, Cheyenne, Wyo., 86.5, $7,656; 5. Trevor Kastner, Ardmore, Okla., 83.5, $4,712; 6. Clayton Savage, Casper, Wyo., 80.5, $2,945; 7. Cody Teel, Kountze, Texas, 60; 8. (tie) Trey Benton III, Rock Island, Texas; Ardie Maier, Timber Lake, S.D.; Tate Stratton, Kellyville, Okla.; Cody Samora, Cortez, Colo.; Shane Proctor, Grand Coulee, Wash.; Kanin Asay, Powell, Wyo., Tag Elliott, Thatcher, Utah, and Brett Stall, Detroit Lakes, Minn., NS.

Team ropers Mitchell, Kirchenschlager denied rerun

(Posted Saturday, 7:26 a.m.)

Just got this photo of Spencer Mitchell and Dakota Kirchenschlager from Hubbell Rodeo Photos. Dangit!:

Click to enlarge photo

A foul was called on team ropers Spencer Mitchell and Dakota Kirchenschlager as they began their run Friday night during the second go-round at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. The judges did not allow a rerun.

See a video of Patrick Smith getting bucked off in Round 1

(Posted Saturday, 9:30 a.m.)

You've been asking for this, so here's the video of Fast Back Ropes' and Cactus Gear's Patrick Smith getting bucked off in the opening of Round 1 (Thursday). Thanks for being an awesome sport, Patrick.

See video by Kristen Daniel at

Luke Brown and Martin Lucero discuss their Round 2 team roping win

(Posted Friday, 7:30 p.m.)

They're usually a quiet crew, but Luke Brown and Martin Lucero were all smiles and laughs tonight after their 4.0-second run and Round 2 win.

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