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January 20, 2018

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Locks would solve many gun issues

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After yet another horrendous tragedy, we find ourselves once again arguing over gun control and Second Amendment protections. I believe there is a simple and effective measure that can be taken now: trigger locks.

We need a federal law requiring that every firearm in the U.S. have a trigger lock installed and used. Violation of the law would result in a lengthy prison sentence for the firearm’s owner. The lock would be required whenever the gun’s owner is not available to supervise the weapons.

The lock should be engineered so that tampering with it would render the weapon useless.

Using trigger locks would stop senseless accidents when children find weapons at home and hurt themselves or others. Locks would have prevented the deranged individual in Connecticut from using his mother’s weapons. They would also make stolen weapons useless, thereby reducing the numbers of weapons our streets.

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