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July 20, 2017

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We have enough gun regulations

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Regarding Jerry Perchesky’s Dec. 26 letter, “Some ideas to reform gun laws”:

While in many ways I can agree with Mr. Perchesky, there are some issues to address.

I cannot agree with the idea that a single gun with a five-round capacity should be sufficient for self-protection. Suppose you are upstairs and your gun is downstairs when someone invades your home.

There are all sorts of scenarios that would support the notion that controlling the number of guns owned is not really the answer. There might be a possibility for how many guns you can carry at any given time, but even that is weak.

The second point I had difficulty with was that five-round capacity idea. I think there is some validity in trying to control high-capacity magazines, but many of these magazines have a tendency to jam and as such could provide the opportunity to clobber a rogue shooter. Another thought: Anyone walking around with a 50-round banana clip sticking out of any kind of weapon would most certainly generate some calls to 911.

In my opinion, the single most important factor is public awareness and the willingness to call in suspicious behavior. The 911 people could help by rolling a unit the minute they hear the word “gun.” There are already enough laws on the books to control illegal gun behavior — we really don’t need a police state to assure our safety.

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