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At UNLV basketball games, they call him Tiny, and that big kid can dance


Christopher DeVargas

Gil Revolorio, the 19-year-old dancing fan better known as “Tiny,” can be seen busting moves in the stands at Rebel games. Feb. 6, 2012.

Tiny: UNLV's dancing fan

Gil Revolorio, the 19-year-old dancing fan better known as Launch slideshow »

On game day at Thomas & Mack, he’s the standout, coming in at 6-foot-1 and 400 pounds and collecting some of the loudest cheers by the final buzzer.

He can’t dunk like Mike Moser or drain 3-pointers like Chace Stanback.

But man, can that guy up in the student section dance.

They call him Tiny: 19-year-old Gil Revolorio, a UNLV junior majoring in criminal justice with a 3.4 GPA while serving on the student senate.

And on game days, when the courtside band starts playing and the camera trains on him, his image filling the overhead video screen, Tiny moves as smoothly as any pole dancer in town.

The crowd erupts. Always does. It’s hard to tell if everyone is cheering for him, amazed that a guy this big has the wind — and confidence — to dance, or if they’re laughing at him for making such a scene.

Either reason makes no matter to Tiny, as long as everyone’s got smiles on their faces.

“I like to dance. I’m not very good at it, but I’m a comedian and I like to make people laugh,” Tiny says. “Dancing makes people laugh and brings joy. That’s what I’m trying to get people to do — to laugh and smile, and I think I do a pretty good job at that.”

Tiny found this calling at the Apple store at Town Square. He wanted to create a clip for YouTube and thought that rather than sit in front of his computer at home and do some stand-up shtick in an empty living room, he would do something unusual and awkward, in public.

Like dance.

“A comedian has to try out different types of comedy,” he says. “Stand-up, sketch comedy, improv, something nobody expects.”

And nobody anticipates a 400-pound teenager dancing.

So he entered the store, located a demo iMac, and gave one more cautious thought about his plan to cue up music and break out in dance.

“I was really nervous,” he says. “It’s much easier said than done. I thought I might screw it up. Then I decided I might as well do it.”

So he blasted the music, swallowed hard and began gyrating. Then he edited it on the spot, using the video to brand himself as “MexicanFatMan.”

He plays like a one-man flash mob.

Shoppers in the background turn to him and watch, a couple of guys start dancing with him, and at the end, there is laughter among shoppers out of camera view. He grins broadly.

The experience sold him, and he took his dancing on the road. Well, to Thomas & Mack, for Rebels basketball games. That was in the spring of 2011. Of course he’ll be at the Saturday game against San Diego State.

Tiny is flattered people think he’s dancing effortlessly.

“It’s a workout,” he says. “By the time the camera turns away, I’m out of breath.”

He recovers by the next commercial break.

Tiny, who aspires to become a lawyer, goes to the gym for aerobic exercises, and then he plays, of all things, racquetball.

“If I don’t win on my serve, I don’t win the point,” he says. “Luckily, I’m a good server.”

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  1. Go for it!!! :)

  2. As the kids would text: OMG!

  3. Don't show this to MO.

  4. Great story Sun. It's about time this city not only supports its basketball team, but also ITS FANS. Something MollyM and 4Obama most likely do neither of.

  5. For a big guy, he can sure get after it! Keep it coming!

  6. ...Because they missed the whole point of this article.

  7. Gil I love it and you know I LOVE you! To all the negative comments, I guess you missed the part of Gil going to the gym... Yes Gil is Obese and he is aware of this. Gil is taking steps to address it. I can't tell you how encouraging he is on campus to myself and other students. Some students hide out and feel they can't fit in. Gil not only comes out, he shows out!! Keep it coming Gil and keep giving it to us!

    Like momma Karla always says... It's a GREAT DAY TO BE A REBEL!!

  8. United_727,

    After reading your comment I realized I forgot to mention in the story -- I've now added it -- that Tiny wants to be a lawyer.

  9. I've seen the Big Man dance and the kid got moves!

  10. WOW, people really amaze me with their comments. I guess its true though haters gonna hate! And Gil, you know how this part goes, "You just do you."

    I for one think this is one of the coolest things ever, and its good to see an amazing, funny, and sweetheart like yourself accomplishing not only your serious life goals, but your fun ones too. There's going to be a mexicanfatman revolution after this! :P

  11. I looked (for three hours) on YouTube for a clip from the game with him dancing. If anybody finds one from the game post it so I can find it.

  12. It is hard not to be negative about Gil's weight. Calling himself "MexicanFatMan", he reminds me of comedians like John Belushi, Louie Anderson, Gabriel Iglesias, Chris Farley, Ralphie May, list goes on...being obese is/was part of their act. Gil is doing all this as a desperate cry for attention, all of you who call him friend should help and encourage this youngster to lose the weight asap.

    As Mr. Chow once said "It's Funny 'Cause He's Fat"

  13. He dances and is on his feet the entire game. That is good exercise

  14. Please don't let your prejudice against fat people miss out on knowing what an awesome young man Gil Revolorio is. He currently is a Senator on at UNLV, previously he served a CSN as a Campus Senator. He volunteers many different places including 4 Square. He has received scholarships from The Harris Foundation and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He also carries a 3.4 grade average. He doesn't drink, do drugs or smoke.

    Yes he is a big boy but that isn't what makes him special. His heart and passion for life is what make him special. If you choose to miss this because you can't see past his weight then that's really too bad.

  15. My seats are close to his and we absolutely love his routines. For some reason most Americans cannot laugh at themselves anymore. Gil is not among that type and is refreshing to watch. I wish him well in life and I hope he succeeds in all his future endeavors.

    Glad to learn more about him, great story.

  16. Love seeing this kid at the games. He gets EVERYONE pumped up, and in such a positive way (as opposed to the classless "flippin the bird" as the opposing team is announced). Of course, I hope he's working to get healthy, but he has great energy.

    Keep it up, my man. You add a lot to the atmosphere.

  17. Get after it Gil, keep on dancing! Reminds me of the Utah St guy, Wild Bill...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV8rfNpZitw

  18. Who needs scrawny little cheerleaders? Tiny is a one man pep squad! I love seeing him go all out at the games. He gets the crowd all pumped up.
    GO TINY!

  19. Good for him. Keep it up!

  20. Fellow commenters, Tiny knows he is a big guy, no need to be Captain Obvious.

    I love watching him dance. He brings a great Rebel attitude to the games.

    Can't wait to see him tomorrow when we take on SDSU.

  21. So if Gil was an enthusiastic skinny fan it would be ok if he got his picture in the paper ? But because he doesn't fit the model in your head he should be ignored. Is that what you are saying depeche878 ?

    This story is about a guy who loves life, the Rebels and cheering them on, yep he is fat. Yes he knows it. Yes he is going to the gym and working on it. Take it for what it is. A story of an enthusiastic fan.

  22. Like x1000!!!

  23. Good to see someone making people laugh and feel good while having fun doing something that is not harmful to himself or others. Keep dancing big guy. Keep dancing.

  24. Y'all need to go back to elementary school and take the great advice from the movie Bambi. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Gil isn't blind and he is a real person with hopes dreams and feelings. Maybe you guys should learn to have a little bit more fun with your lives, rather than sitting behind a computer screen and tearing down somebody else who is bringing joy through his current circumstances.

  25. I Love it! UNLV needs more enthusiastic people like Gil behind the programs.

  26. Funny...in high school they call it spirit.

    Dance big man, dance!

    GO REBS!

  27. Funny, 77% of America is obesed as is! You guys are grilling a guy because he's overweight, but then there's an excellent (percentile speaking) chance that you're fat or overweight for your height or age yourself! Especially in Vegas where everyone is pretty fat! Get over yourselves, this isn't high school anymore where u make fun of someone because their weight, smile or color of their skin. He dances and pumps up the crowd and student section. Rather than u obesed hags sitting on your arses and not cheering.

  28. You are awesome! I look forward to your dance every game!

  29. Awesome...He's got the moobs like Jagger

  30. You go, Gil.

  31. Oh Gil, he's aware that he's overweight but that it's a cry for attention as others have said.

    Everyone should ask him about the comedy show he put on at CSN? It was a huge, sold out show with some YouTube stars. On his flyer, he said all proceeds went to Three Square.

    He made about $3,000 from his show but it's funny...its almost a year and the money hasn't been turned in.

    Gil, when are you going to submit the money?