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July 22, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

It’s too late for Bush to change his legacy

In his Monday column, “George W. Bush’s legacy as a humanitarian,” Bob Ray Sanders completely disregards what Bush did and did not do. Let me count some of the ways:

1. Two unjust wars in which tens of thousands of young men and women were disabled and we, the taxpayers, will spend billions of dollars for their continued care. There are also the thousands of unnecessary deaths prosecuting the wars. Let us not forget that it was paid for with borrowed money.

2. The complete failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform with a Republican Congress.

3. The financial gift to the medical insurance industry in the “reform” of Medicare, which put my mother and tens of thousands of other seniors in the donut hole that cost each of them thousands of dollars in uncovered medical costs.

4. Reorganizing the government into a near police state where with a simple letter, investigative authorities acquire access to personal records, including library usage, cellphone use, etc. Part of the reorganization are the changes at the airports, which are a new way to irritate the traveling public.

5. Creating a climate of fear among the population that gives rise to many religious prejudices concerning our Muslim friends.

6. A massive federal intrusion into education, which has been a state issue since the founding of the country.

7. The inability to produce a balanced budget and peddling the same false economic ideas former President Ronald Reagan.

Sanders’ article is showing us Bush’s attempt to produce fire insurance.

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