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January 19, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

Your vote is needed in this election

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You may say you “do not care about politics” or “it does not matter who is in office,” “whatever happens will not affect me” or “all politicians are crooks anyway.”

None of the above is a legitimate excuse for not voting. Think of the bigger picture, not just your individual situation or experiences.

Why are so many wealthy people contributing enormous amounts of money anonymously to political candidates? Why do they want to remain anonymous? Do they expect something in return? Apparently, they do not want you to know who they support and what they expect. Billions are being spent on advertising designed to be misleading and derogatory rather than stating the candidates’ positions on issues and plans for America.

Why has the Republican Party gone to such enormous lengths to make it extremely difficult for select groups of people to vote? Ostensibly, voter restrictions are designed to affect minorities, the poor, elderly, disabled, college students and first-time voters. One could speculate that they are likely Democratic Party voters.

Obviously, some people think this election and your vote is that important. The Republican Party will try to make it difficult for you to exercise your right, saying it’s a privilege, not a right. It’s both. Your vote is important; stand up and speak up. Be proud that you stood up for your beliefs. Do not think it’s only one vote and it does not matter. Every single vote counts. Every single vote matters.

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