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November 22, 2017

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Republicans off their rocker again

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In December 2009, the Las Vegas Sun published a letter of mine entitled “GOP has gone off the deep end.” The letter was basically about how the party became polarized and unwilling to compromise regardless of the nation’s problems. Now, the re-election of President Barack Obama has truly brought the crazies out of the woodwork. Elected politicians threaten to secede from the United States and some are calling for the impeachment of the president. These actions are based on hate and nothing else.

They lost the election because rational people went to the polls and rejected the GOP stance on the economy and social issues. The people have spoken, and I believe many of them were Republicans who voted for Obama because they didn’t trust Mitt Romney due to his flip-flopping on almost every issue.

Many in the GOP seem to have lost their minds entirely. They deny the results of this election, insisting that magically it was fixed. Even as sane Republican leaders are speaking out, many of their party continue on the path of self-destruction. I have little doubt the GOP brand is poisonous and it will affect the party for years to come.

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