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December 16, 2017

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Tea Party has plenty of steam

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Regarding Robert Blanner’s letter, “Tea Party cost GOP in elections”:

The Tea Party will keep up the good work. The Tea Party is the reason the Republicans control the House. It is a great accomplishment to keep people like Nancy Pelosi on the outside looking in.

I agree that some of our picks are not always winners, but a lot are. When Richard Mourdock beat Sen. Richard Lugar in Indiana in the Republican primary, we got rid of a longtime RINO who had sold out the conservatives more times than I can count.

When Mourdock lost his Senate bid, the Tea Party didn’t lose anything. Indiana just replaced him with another Lugar and with a D instead of an R.

This nation is never going to get its fiscal house in order with a so-called “balanced” approach, like President Barack Obama talks about now. We did not get $16 trillion debt using a so-called balanced approach of spending.

At some point, we are going to be forced to reduce the size of this bloated government. You can bet the Tea Party will play a big role in that. Meanwhile, we just chip away a little at a time, putting Tea Party candidates in office such as Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Mark Rubio and newly elected Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. So you’re right to say, “Hooray for the Tea Party.” It’s the only chance to bring this country back from this fiscal nightmare we are in now.

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