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January 16, 2018

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Letter to the editor:

GOP got nation into this mess

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The American people don’t want hot air. We are all searching for the facts. There is a reasonable question I’d like to have answered with facts in one of the presidential debates.

The eight-year Clinton administration handed the George W. Bush administration a multitrillion-dollar surplus and a booming economy to work with. The eight-year Bush administration handed the Obama administration a multitrillion-dollar deficit, two unpaid wars, a looming depression, a financial system near collapse, a crumbling national housing industry, a skyrocketing unemployment percentage, a sick auto industry about to go under and a commitment to do nothing for the American people to help fix it all.

All of this would make certain the Obama administration, along with the American people who voted for it, would fail, and not in eight years but in four.

In the face of that mindless resistance, the Obama administration succeeded in rescuing the auto industry, ending a war, bringing troops home, eliminating our most dangerous enemy, turning advancing unemployment into decreasing unemployment, passing a health care bill, and presenting a bill that would dramatically increase jobs by stimulating repairs to our sad, crumbling national infrastructure, only to have it blocked by the party of the former administration.

My three-part question is: Why should a citizen vote to toss our country back into the sinkhole from which it is slowly emerging by hiring back the administration that caused it? How does that make any sense? Where is the logic in that?

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