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December 12, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Don’t let U.S. be bullied by others

Earle Malkin’s Oct. 17 letter, “Looking back to plan ahead,” contains an interesting analysis. Basically, Mr. Malkin berates Gov. Romney as being a bully for his “proposed foreign policy to use the strength of the U.S., economic and military, to influence other nations.”

Any individual with even the slightest knowledge of history must concede that there have always been dominant and subservient countries in the world (i.e., leaders and followers).

Where there is weakness, someone or something will always step in to fill the dominant void.

Fortunately, and with few exceptions, the U.S. has been around to fill that leadership void by using its foreign policy to counter others who sought/seek that dominant role for ill will (Japan, Nazi Germany, Russia, terrorists, etc.).

Mr. Malkin labels this status as being a “bully on the playground.” I must then assume Mr. Malkin prefers that the U.S. assume the Obama “nonconfrontational” approach and relegate ourselves to the one dominated on the world playground by whatever “bully” fills the void. I hope Mr. Malkin has plenty of Band-Aids.

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