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UNLV basketball offers scholarship to Bishop Gorman sophomore forward

Chase Jeter, listed at 6-foot-8 and 200 pounds, is the son of former Rebel Chris Jeter, who played with UNLV coaches Dave Rice and Stacey Augmon


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

UNLV coaches Heath Schroyer and Dave Rice talk during the Rebels first official practice Friday, Oct. 12, 2012.

UNLV has made a scholarship offer to Bishop Gorman sophomore Chase Jeter, a source confirmed Thursday. Jeter is listed at 6-foot-8 and about 200 pounds, and he already holds offers from UCLA and Missouri, according to Scout.com.

Jeter attended Thursday’s UNLV practice at the Mendenhall Center with his father, former Rebel Chris Jeter, and his high school coach, Grant Rice. Grant is UNLV coach Dave Rice’s brother.

Chris Jeter was in the same class at UNLV as Rice, Rebels assistant coach Stacey Augmon, Larry Johnson and Greg Anthony.

Recently Jeter attended the Fullcourt Press All Frosh/Soph Camp in California for the top 150 or so freshman and sophomores from California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. He took co-MVP honors at the event, sharing the award with Gorman teammate and fellow UNLV target Stephen Zimmerman, who is also in the class of 2015.

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  1. Hope UNLV can end up getting this kid. Sounds like a real good recruit.

  2. Gotta believe we got the inside track on this guy, with the UNLV connections (both his dad and his coach).

  3. Rice has absolutely no excuse for not landing this kid.....Brother coaches him, Father played with Rice, local standout.....no excuses!

  4. Sinatra711 - Give me a break. Maybe he wants to play elsewhere. You never know.

  5. yeah, sinatra is evidently still under the delusion that the only way for a college coach to lose out on a player who plays high school ball for his brother is through sheer incompetence. you know, rather than the free will of the player.

  6. Ummm....sorry guys, when you have an "in" like say....YOUR BROTHER....coaching D1 level high school players, I would say yes you have a HUGE ADVANTAGE over 99.9% of the coaches out there......unless you're incompetent.....if you took off your homer-hat and looked at it objectively, you'd come to that conclusion. But alas, homers will be homers.

  7. oh my yes, because of allll the objectivity you bring. of course, and syllogism is an airtight logical construct.

    advantage, yes. guarantee, (gross incompetence notwithstanding) no. but blah blah homer blah blah blah shabazz blah.

  8. @adrock - so what's your point? My point is clear, if Rice can't land this recruit with the advantages I've pointed out above, then it shows he's no better than any other coach in terms of recruiting....If he can't recruit hometown talent with his Brother and former teammate (Father of the recruit).

  9. my point? it's really that difficult for you to divine? okay, here it is, with sarcasm removed, spelled out and converted to spoon-feedable form: your logic is faulty. you have stated on numerous occasions that rice is somehow a grossly inept recruiter if he can't secure a commitment from whatever player he fancies from gorman simply because his brother is the coach, and evidently no other factors come into play. you said this repeatedly last season regarding shabazz mohammad, as if the #1 ranked player in the country would have no other criterion for making his choice. you went beyond saying he has a clear advantage, which would be a true statement, to say that if that alone didn't win him the players he sought, that he was derelict. your back-pedaling of your position to say that simply means "he's no better than any other coach in terms of recruiting" notwithstanding, you've made this claim before and it's no truer now than it was then. there is my point, rendered in as obvious a form as i'm capable of. if further clarification is needed, consult someone with sixth grade or above reading comprehension skills.

  10. I am frankly glad Shabazz went to UCLA. The last thing any program needs, especially a new one, is a prima donna problem child who expects someone to spoon-feed him adulation after every move. Let Howland deal with it. In a related matter, will we get to know how the scrimmage with UCLA went?

  11. @adrock - so you're point was to say that my logic is faulty (your opinion)? LMAO Ok, fine. I'm not backpedaling....I still think Rice is inept because he didn't land Shabazz....but that was last year...no backpedaling here, still believe that. Now for current news....he better land this kid because this kid has even more of a reason (his father, former Rice teammate) to influence him.

    I'm sorry if my logic is "faulty" to you, this isn't a debate or philosophical argument. All I care about is the UNLV Basketball team and recruiting the MOST TALENTED, TOP RANKED prospects out there to make this team an ELITE team. ...so you can take your academia approach to breaking down comments on a news website to the bank and feel comfortable about it. I find it extremely entertaining to say the least. *golf clap*

  12. that's funny, it sure SEEMS like a debate.....you know, that part where you said something, and then i said something expressing disagreement, and then YOU said something back, and so on and so forth. but fine, you don't want a debate....cool. however, in the future, if you want to avoid having the flaws in your thought process exposed, you should probably refrain from making specious comments on websites where other people are not only allowed to read them but post responses. or you could always develop more defensible arguments.

  13. LMFAO - aye aye captain, there's no debate....just an expression of opinion. If you disagree, fine but my logic is MY logic, not yours....based on life experience and perspective. If you want a debate, you can watch politics....there are plenty of willing participants. If you want a philosophical argument, there are plenty of those to be found on college campus clubs. This is sports....

  14. okay, tell you what....i'll leave you alone if you stop calling the manner in which you reach your conclusions "logic". logic is like facts, you aren't entitled to your own.

  15. Height alone doesn't make a ballplayer. This kid was an early bloomer, and let UNLV make the foolish mistake of going after him. After what just happened with Shabazz, I wouldn't want any kid coming out of that high school.