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September 23, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Congress in dire need of reform

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From age 18 on, I’ve always voted. In college, I learned how our system really works from a great political science professor. After taking his class, I understood that Congress is the most consequential branch of government and that lobbying and the money needed to win election and be re-elected had totally corrupted Congress.

I later figured out that unless we change the way members of Congress are elected and re-elected, and find a way to reduce the influence of lobbyists, our Congresses will never do what is best for the country but instead do what is best for their chances of re-election.

Being a House member or senator is extremely lucrative. There are no term limits, so the financial possibilities for each member are unlimited, as long as they are re-elected.

No matter who you vote for as president or what party you support, the truth overrides everything else.

If we don’t reform Congress, we are going down financially. It’s time to pay attention to Congress and to reform Congress.

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