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October 18, 2017

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Letter to the editor:

Revenue-neutral plan is a myth

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Romney/Ryan attempt to explain their revenue-neutral plan, hoping people will believe their story. If elected, they will have to admit the truth of the $5 trillion deficit they will create. Then they will have to sell the reduction or elimination of income tax deductions primarily on the wealthy that they claim will lower the tax rate by 20 percent.

That’s “revenue-neutral”? That could mean the loopholes that allowed Romney to create a tax-free $100 million IRA would go away, or the loophole that allowed Romney to set up a $100 million trust for his sons that will be tax-free to them would go away. Maybe he doesn’t care about those changes, as he already has his.

Do you think that the wealthy people who gave hundreds of millions to his campaign will let him take away their tax deductions? Who will be vulnerable to put up all the tax deductions for the tax-rate cuts? That would be us, the common people who don’t have a lobbyist to represent us. Our elected representatives are certainly not going to lobby for us. They only want our vote on a regular basis while being paid by other people to vote against us when legislation comes up.

Romney/Ryan will continue to sell us the revenue-neutral myth through Election Day, but it is what it is, a myth.

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