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October 20, 2017

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The problem with Republican logic

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For some time, Republican leaders have been wanting me to replace the word “fact” with the word “excuse.”

I can get tired of hearing an excuse, but that doesn’t mean that I will just push everything out of my mind when I need to make a decision. Today, Republicans think that they are being generous when they attack President Barack Obama by starting with the words “Yes, President Obama inherited a problem, but ...” Problem? Really? Should I forget the words they used when Washington was pushing to bail out Wall Street? I remember words like “Our economy is on the verge of a total collapse” or “We are heading toward another Great Depression.” I heard adjectives like “dire” and “disastrous.” Those were the words that described the situation that existed when Obama was handed a checkbook with a negative balance and told to pay our bills while cleaning up our mess.

Since the Bush era, our businesses have been paying the lowest tax rate in more than 40 years. Also, it seems that at the end of every quarter, I hear about one company or another recording record profits. Everything has been in place for the Republican ideology to work. The only thing that is missing is that darn “trickle down” part. Think back to when the Bush tax cuts were due to expire and the Republicans’ main argument against letting them expire was that it would hurt the job creators. The cuts were extended. What happened? Where are the jobs?

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